August 18, 2013 Esteemed. Tails are never ending is not true.

Each sea has head not is not true. Here is the gather. The tail that flash. The tail that sting. The tail that wound. Recompense. I Want the lion lay down. When I pan World sea change if I wanted to dry tears I would have to get rid of Myself and My beast of burden. That’s not all. The folklore. The bob. The maniacal. The merchant that weigh unjust. I Will pan Africa. It’s tail I keep heading not. I would waste nothing. It is squandered. Stolen. Raped. I Have it never. It is bitter. Nothing and I mean nothing save. You note. Connote. The American African American creates jobs not. They don’t ever enrich their home. I have raised time and time again. Beast of burden scream and whine at Me never! I Am not your servant. This tail is not sharp but cut time and time and over time and ball and flag over and over and over again. This is not a learning curve.

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