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English 9 Honors Mrs. Corsetti, Instructor 415-897-5517 ex 522 @Mrs.Corsetti On a personal note Welcome to Freshman English! There was a popular quote some years ago that suggested that attitude determines 95% of our happiness and success in life. Although Im not sure I always agree with that, I do think it is very true about your education. The attitudes of the teacher and the students determine at least 95% of the class atmosphere and of the students ability to learn and enjoy. You should expect me to be fully prepared and sincerely happy to teach each day of the class. You should expect me to see you not as a grade point average, nor as a member of any group, but as an individual with real strengths and occasional problems. You can also expect that I will return your written work with thoughtful comments as quickly as possible, and that I will be open to your comments, questions, and suggestions. I will do my best to make this a class you enjoy. In turn, I will expect much the same from you: that you are in your seats ready to work at the bell, with all your materials with you and negativity left at the door, that you treat one another and me with respect and good humor, and that you approach all your assignments with a positive attitude, completing them on time and to the best of your ability. Your attitude toward your classmates is especially important to me. I expect this to be a thoughtful classroom in both senses of the word: filled with thought, and kind and considerate. Course Content The curriculum is based on the California State Standards for ELA 9. For access to the full text of the standards, go to Throughout the year, we will be working on enhancing your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. As an English 9 Honors student, you are expected to have a desire to learn, a willingness to actively participate, a natural capacity to comprehend and analyze complex texts, and an aptitude for writing. The key difference between the English College Prep classes and Honors class is that the Honors classes move at an accelerated pace and the students are required to process more of the material and instruction on their own.

All of the works of literature are adult level reading in theme, plot, complexity and length. You will be encouraged to read between the lines using critical thinking skills to analyze an authors purpose and point of view. Vocabulary will be assigned to accompany each class reading assignment. The vocabulary is taken from the literature and will aid you in reading comprehension. You will be expected to know how to spell each word, and to be able to use it a sentence. The writing process will be fully explored in narrative, persuasive and expository essays. Essays will analyze literature in reference to style, point of view, tone, characterization and theme. Extra help sessions for writing essays will be available, as needed. All writing assignments, except as noted, need to be word processed. If you do not have access to a computer at home, the school and public libraries have available computers. All writing is expected to be well constructed, full sentences which follow standard spelling and grammar conventions, use high level vocabulary, and stretch your writing abilities. Analyzing nonfiction pieces will also be stressed this year. It is crucial that you learn how to paraphrase, synthesize (combine ideas from different sources), organize, and appropriately cite nonfiction texts. During the second semester you will be completing a research project that teaches you how to combine all these techniques. Course Overview Texts A Lesson Before Dying Ernest Gaines Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck A Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry To Kill a Mocking Bird Harper Lee Lord of the Flies William Golding Bless Me Ultima Rudolfo A. Anaya *selected short stories/articles Fall Semester Novels/Units will include: Of Mice and Men, A Raisin in the Sun, Lord of the Flies, A Lesson Before Dying and selected articles Emphasis: reading comprehension, analysis of the text in terms of character development, themes, and, literary devices (imagery, symbolism, metaphors, motifs, etc.); expository essays with a focus on defined thesis statements and evidential support Spring Semester Novels/Units will include: Romeo and Juliet, Freshman Research Project (FRP), To Kill a Mockingbird, Bless Me Ultima

Emphasis: expository and persuasive essays with a focus on sophisticated thesis statements, analysis/synthesis of primary documents, paraphrasing of authors claims, and MLA format/documentation Progress Reporting Grades shall be reported at the end of each progress reporting period for all students. Progress reports will be mailed home and/or accessible to parents online approximately every five/six weeks. Whenever a student falls below a C- after the second Progress Report for either semester, the teacher shall arrange a conference with the students parent/guardian and/or send a written report. (Board Policy 5121) Classroom Policies Grading Grading will be done on a point system similar to the following: Homework/Drafts 10-25 points Quiz 25-50 points Essays 100 points Projects 50-150 points Notebook/Journal 125-150 points Final Exam 200-250 points *I will accept late essays and projects for up to one day after the due date. You will be marked down one full grade for late work. I will not accept nightly homework assignments late. Final Grading: Please note that I DO NOT round grades. For example, a 89.4% is a B+ not an A-

The Grading Scale is as follows: 95-100 A 94-90 A87-89 B+ 84-86 B 80-83 B77-79 C+ 74-76 C 70-73 C67-69 D+ 64-66 D 60-63 D** I will tolerate absolutely no cheating or plagiarism. Homework You can expect nightly homework assignments and reading. Generally speaking, you will be required to read 25-35 pages on a nightly basis as well as annotate and answer study questions as required. (I do check homework and annotations regularly!) Typically

vocabulary activities will also be assigned for homework as well. Ultimately, your nightly preparation will guarantee your success on quizzes and allow you to participate in class discussion. You will have more than one day to complete drafts, essays and projects. Extra Credit The teacher is under no obligation to offer extra credit assignments. They are not a substitute for regular assignments and activities. However, from time to time, students may be offered extra credit opportunities. Classroom Tardiness Do not be late; to do so is irresponsible. When the bell rings, be in your seat, ready to write on the journal topic. Dont be in the process of sharpening your pencil, borrowing paper, or socializing. If you are not ready at the bell you will lose credit from your participation grade. Novato High School policy will be followed in regard to consequences for tardiness. Keys to Success 1. Come to class prepared notebook, pen, required text 2. Check class website daily for calendar, class updates, handouts and more 3. Always have a positive attitude and initiate contact with me as needed Questions I am here to help you. If you have any questions about assignments or would like help with anything we are studying, come see me. I will be available at lunch and by appointment after school. Dont wait until the last minute if you have a problem I am confident that we can work together. My email is, and you can message me via the class website or twitter. Sincerely,

Mrs. Corsetti

In order for me to know that you have read this information and have shared it with those responsible for you, please complete and return this page to me, and keep the others for your reference. THIS SHEET DUEfor pointsby Friday, August 23, 2013 Information: Your name: __________________________________________Period_____________ Address: ______________________________________________ Zip_____________ Parent or Guardians name: ______________________________________________ At what phone number can s/he be reached? (_____)____________________ What time? _________ Alternate number: (_____)__________________ What time? ____________________ Students e-mail address: __________________________________________________ Parent/Guardians e-mail address: ________________________________________ Please sign the following: I have read, and I understand the information contained in this entire packet: Student: ______________________________________________Date:_____________

Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________Date:_____________