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Vampire Town

Vampire Town

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Published by gurveer saini

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Published by: gurveer saini on Aug 18, 2013
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Vampire town

It needs blood. Warm blood………

Hopes its okay. still my own creation and am working on more.Another story by me. .

It was small and beautiful. Rajeev and Sanjeev.1 I looked up to my new house. . Both are ten years old. I have shifted up here with my family. I have twin brothers. It was wide and pink in color. thirteen year old teenage girl. obviously! They both are exact copy of each other. My dad is in army so we have to shift our home in every one or two years. Only mom can get on it. No one can find out which one is Rajeev and which one is Sanjeev. I am Ekta.

We came out of our car and gave a fine look to our new house. . Raj (I call their nick names) is the head of trouble institute and Sam (Sanjeev) remains behind him doing what ever he says. on payment day. Sam started laughing behind him. I just love pink color. I couldn’t find anything funny there to laugh. Rajeev said. I rolled my eyes out of them. mom and dad and finally for them when it’s their turn to get scolded.” yelled Raj.” “It would be our judgment day. Actually. Dad we need to paint our house again.” Yeeewww! What a girly color. They usually creates trouble for me. They can’t even spend one hour without creating any trouble. What ever Raj says is right according to Sam.” Sanjeev nodded behind him. Dad said. You can never find them sitting silently.” we will think about it next month.And the most horrible thing is that their middle name is trouble maker.

not stupid. And the place where we are going to live is the greenest part of this state. Dad ran behind them trying to catch them. It looked more big and beautiful from inside rather then outside. Oh! My stupid family. quite and intelligent. Calm. Now again I had to start from beginning. It’s not that easy for me.They ran out of car and started jumping around. and I had never been here before. it felt odd. I was feeling happy here but I was too missing my old friends and my old school. You won’t find sand but forest and red woods. Actually when this time I heard about our shifting. First thing is that we are shifted in here. I entered the house. I landed on sofa. Wish I could have a sister like me. . I had to make new friends and head up to my new school.

Vampire town. It is not a complete village and is developed with nice houses. Actually this place is named Vampire town because it is believed that two hundred years ago vampire used to rule this place. And the weirdest thing about it is its name. I had heard from my friends and relative and people worship vampires here. cinema halls and more. restaurants. Vampire town which is pronounced oddly in Hindi which I can’t. I won’t believe in vampires. we saw a statue of a vampire king named lord something…. parks. Not at all. Raj and Sam were jumping on the sofa. Maybe the superior king of all Vampires. . But it is not like a city too.(I can’t pronounce it well). We were checking our house. So I will use the word.And it is not a city but an old village where my dad is shifted maybe due to some kargil or protection for the villagers. When we entered here.

I hate this thing the most.” They always used to compare themselves with each other and usually with me.” I can jump this high. I knew that this notice won’t affect me. I never believed in vampires. Mom calmed them down by holding up their ears. . I went outside for a walk. They are the world’s most messed up kids. Then they stopped jumping and started wrestling. I don’t know what they do get doing all this stuffs.” Sam jumped a bit high then Raj and said. It seemed funny for an urban girl like me.” I can jump this high.” I looked at it and laughed. I saw a board on which. VAMPIRE TOWN.Raj said. it was written in big Hindi language. I like hanging out rather then sitting down at home and getting bored.” Believe in vampires.

But something happened with me which made me to. .

” Yes.” . they are. She came near to me and said. She said without looking at me. So. I went near her and tried to get a conversation.” She planted a sunflower and removed the dirty gloves out of her hand. I am Kiran.2 That evening I was sitting in my backyard when I saw a girl from neighbor around my age planting flowers in her garden. you and your family have shifted up here.” I said.” Hi. “Nice flowers.

It felt old. this morning we arrived here. this is my birthplace and here it is a tradition to believe in vampires. She was wearing a short and a cute sweater with a rabbit mark on it. and now we are good friends. But really. I am Ekta.” We shake hands and she really seemed a nice girl to me. Her hairs were loose and were all over her neck almost covering her.” We both laughed. I was happy that at least now I won’t feel lonely. “So. I mean.” I said.” Well. I am the only one in our house who doesn’t believe in vampires. do you really believe in vampires?” That was the first question I made. She smiled at me and took me a beautiful park a few blocks away from our houses talking about our lives. She said looking at the grass. .” Yes. in Rajasthan someone wearing a sweater but really in evening this place seems to be quite cold and pleasant.I said. We were sitting on a bench. it would be like believing in Peter Pan and Spiderman.” OH! Really. Nor do I believe.

I said. I feel alone all out here. “Not for so long.” I said pitiful. I live alone with my Parent. He was a treasure hunter.” I said.” Twins.” “Oh! Sorry for that.” She started laughing again. I continued the conversation. She smiled. they are Twins and trouble makers.” I said slowly. I saw a weird key locket in her neck almost covered by her hairs.And Kiran was a nice girl. It would be total fun.” So.” I would love to meet them. “That? It was gifted to me by my Dadu (Grand dad).” She said. He died five years ago.” “So you have a brother?” she asked impatiently. at least none of your brothers pull you down and freaks you out. “What is that?” She said covering it again.” No.” Lucky. do you have any brother sister?” She said. . I asked.

She asked the same. I entered and ran toward the kitchen.” That’s awesome! I too study in that school.” She said without noticing.” Quite lucky for me.” That’s good. We will walk together tomorrow to school.” Morning I finished my breakfast fastly and ran toward Kiran’s house.” So where do your dad Works?” She said.” “Cool. “Well he is an old ancient museum.” My dad is in army. that’s why we have to shift every year. Now we are very good friends and will study in same class.” So which school are you joining?” “Madhya Raj School.” I said fastly. I said half breathing. I said. Kiran. I met a very nice girl next door. I said her goodbye and raced toward my home.I asked.” She asked. She said jumping. .” I said.” Mom.

.Then we both went school together.

Then we reached our school. She was introducing all places to me. It was huge but was just like that I had never imagined. .3 We were walking on street together. School is around Twenty minutes away. It was an old historical Killa just like that of Harry Potter Series. Kiran looked at me and guessed the situation. My eyes remained wide opened and I was just staring at it.

Would never develop with these ministers.” Well yes. I entered the school with laughing sole inside. It was really big from inside. This was used to be an old castle of a king but now is been used as a school. . It looked like it wasn’t used for years. A puff of dust and smoke came out of it and filled me all out. I came near to my locker.She explained. I opened it. Ekta.” Well. I don’t know how much have they eaten out of the saved money. In India it’s not astonishing to see the greed’s work around. developing India would remain developing India. Large ancient paintings were hanging all around the walls. We were standing in the hall. Maybe they were kept to maintain the tradition or our government forgotten to remove it. Simple I would say. Our government replaced it to save money. Some of the place and some of the kings.

Mrs. then took a step back and breathe a bunch of fresh air inside. . There entered our class teacher. I settled all my stuff into my locker.First I coughed. The whole room was bluish in color and was nice. and rushed with Kiran to examine my new school. I took out all webs and wiped out the dust. It took me fifteen minutes to clean it. All the walls were filled with posters and thoughts. classmates and her friends. Although Kiran helped me too. but now I felt my decision was right. teachers. It was quite dusty and filled with spiders and insects. Even mom was scolding me. Padbhanabham. I didn’t glanced at any of my new classmate but I knew they were. She explained me about classes. I was thinking that it was better I took out for school from home earlier. We both entered the class. The bell ringed.

a long green coat maybe 200 years old. I didn’t get it what it was. her dressing sense is weird. a tall lady with straight face. . just like vampires and yellow pants or whatever gifted by her great grand parents.I don’t know why this place has such difficult words.” Everyone in class started laughing. I stood up. And you . Padbhanabham. Mrs. I am feared of literature classes of here. Kiran told me so. Really. She yelled in her deep voice. introducing my self while I heard a girl with long brown hairs saying from the back “Wolf in vampire town. chubby face and always strictness on her face. She stood in front of me and said me to introduce myself to everybody. Long hairs. Kiran and our teacher. except me. She puts purple hat. “Silence everyone.

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