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Installing various software packages 1. Open New Terminal. 2.

Service Cups Status This displays the status of the cups.

3. Open the browser and enter the address in the address bar

4. click on Adding Printers and Classes

5. Click on Add Printer

6. User Name Password 7. Click on ok

root admin123

8. Choose the option Windows Printer via SAMBA

9. Click on continue

10. Enter address as smb:// Here is the address of system which was connected by printer. Here hpLaser is name of printer.

11. Click on continue

12. Name:


13. Description: HP laserjet printer Location: computing center And click on Share this Printer

13. Click on continue

14. In Make choose HP

15.choose HP LaserJet 1010, hpcups 3.10.6 (en)

16. Click on Set Default Options 17.Open the Text Editor and give print. Installing various software packages 1. Check the drive is in shared or not.

2. Open the drive.

3. Create a folder CUPS

4. Open the Terminal 5. service smb status

This displays the status of samba.

6. Enter the command as ctrl+L 7. Enter the IP address of windows system

8. Enter the address as smb://

9. Click on open

10.Open the c drive

11. That we notice the CUPS folder which was shared.