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Last Drop : Pumping Up Till The Last Drop From The Bottom of A Bottle

The Last Drop concept derived from the inconvenience of pumping up the finishing liquid from the bottom of a shampoo or shower gel container to avoid everyday wastage. The bottom of Last Drop container is designed in a way that the finishing liquids are stored in a cone following by slopes both side where the dispenser can easily reach and let the user to have even the last drop of liquid. The container is beautifully designed to enhance the bathroom dcor and lets the user to see how much more liquids are left inside. This product is very helpful for recycling and anti-water pollution with its useful functionalities.

Designer : Seonkeun Park and Jinsun Park

Recorder Pen (Magic Pen) Published at | 2/11/2012

Recorder Pen or Magic Pen is a remarkable idea especially for writers and students. It is time for writers to get back to the traditional writing instead of sitting in a coffee shop and type novels with their laptop. Magic Pen can record your written notes and transfer them to your laptop or any storage devices. It has a USB disk, Bluetooth (for transferring data) and a Laser locator. This pen designed by Xia Xiaoqian, Renming Jun, Han Ricoeur, Liu Peng, Meng Bao, Weicheng Jie and Yang Xiao.

Tag Tech Technology

Braille Staircase Handrail to Navigate Visually Impaired People While on Walking Up or Down Stairs

Staircase handrails usually are not considered to be a great navigation, however, if we use Braille Staircase Handrail, it would be really handy for visually impaired and blind people. The system can be integrated easily with common staircase handrail, thus providing great navigation information to assist visually impaired without changing their experience of those with other people.

This Braille communication system provides information about different floors and tenants, it also informs about how many stairs left. Using cylinders to compose the Braille, they are installed onto holes on the rail.

Designers : Zhou Wenqiang, Bao Haimo, Jin Zhixun, Li Meiyan and Li Xinyi