` From, Ummer Mohd. Sabi, Employee # 288, Lamprell – MIS Kuwait Division.

To The General Manager, Lamprell – MIS Kuwait Division, Kuwait. Respected Sir, Sub: Designation & Salary Revision – reg Presently I am working as hydrotest technician in Lamprell- MIS Kuwait. I was employed in as a Helper assisting hydrotesting during July2009 for salary 70+55 KD(basic+allowance). Through my hardwork , I started working individually performing all hydro testing upto pressures of 22500psi in-house as well as Onsite (RIGS 776,870&871) also all kinds of Valve dismantling maintenance ,etc. My hardwork can be referred from the past and present managers under whom I work. At this juncture, I wish to recall My personal request made to you orally during one of your visit(AugSept) to our premises. I would like to highlight with deep regret that, though my hardwork has earned considerable revenue to the company, my salary and designation remained the same till date. In between this 3yrs , the Managers assured me of my eligible Designation as Hydrotesting Technician and Salary equal to its Standard. But everything turned out to be an eyewash to escape the situation and get the works done by me. Due to repeated disappointments at their level, I have finally come to you through this letter requesting your consideration on my subject request. Looking forward for a favorable reply in this regards.

Thanking you. Yours Sincerely Date: Place: Kuwait Ummer Mohd. Sabi (+965-60651079)

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