The 3 Pillars of an Extraordinary Life

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An extraordinary life: a life of meaning, a magnificent life, a life of joy, happiness, love, passion, success, fulfillment…whatever it means to you. Life experienced on your terms.

We’ve all known or witnessed someone who seems to have mastered an ability to grab life by the horns and realize the completion of their most cherished desires. You may even feel that pure joy at least occasionally if not consistently. However, experiencing the things you want to happen is one thing; being conscious of how you’re doing it is another. So the question is: What creates an extraordinary quality of life? What are the forces that shape the direction of our lives and determine our destiny? Most importantly, how can we harness these forces to create a life of happiness, joy, success, fulfillment, and meaning? The details of what we really want in life are going to be different from person to person, but we’re all after a certain quality of life that will truly make us feel alive. This is not dependant on the economy or any other outside factor. What’s most important is living life on your terms. We all have a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Success and happiness knows no limits. This mini action book is intended to help you bridge that gap. Whether you are wildly successful or facing tough times right now, it is crucial to know where you stand in the areas that matter to you most. These overarching lessons and exercises will help you think about and ultimately define what you want your life to be, and how to maximize your inner resources to manifest that vision—not by anyone else’s standards, but by yours and yours alone.


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. As we travel on the journey of life. All rights reserved. but still be internally bankrupt? Can you have the perfect body. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. 2 © 2007 Robbins Research International. but still feel empty on the inside? Absolutely! Fulfillment is an art form. you will be able to achieve the results you desire. The Science of Achievement is the experience of achieving the things you really want in your life. . the unbridled joy of feeling truly alive.. stepping up as a leader and breaking through barriers. Living an extraordinary life means mastering two skills: 1. The Science of Achievement: Achievement is based on scientific laws. This comes from mastering the skills necessary to produce extraordinary results and maximize peak performance in all the areas of life that matter most. appreciate. unleashing the power to understand. The Science of Achievement is the destination and the Art of Fulfillment are the experiences along the way that make the journey feel worth it. and enjoy our lives at the deepest level. if you understand and master these laws. Lasting fulfillment is attained only through gaining insight into the core of our human nature.The 2 Master Lessons of Life While achieving can provide many wonderful things. Inc. (RRI). background. or experience in life. unbelievable friends and be in the ideal relationship. 2. but also the magic of the moment. taking the invisible and making it visible. race. The Art of Fulfillment: Can you have all the money and success in the world. Regardless of your age. The Art of Fulfillment is the ability to experience not only the thrill of the chase. the true measure of an extraordinary life is its level of absolute fulfillment: success without fulfillment is failure.

Emotions & Meaning 1. Inc. if you don’t master your body—your capacity to maximize your health. finances can seem like the most important area to concentrate on. But having all the money in the world is not going to matter if you’re neglecting your physical and mental health—those inner resources that are always within your control and are essential for a life of enjoying love. it shows the importance and hierarchy of the core areas of life that are necessary to create a magnificent experience of life. there are Seven Areas that you have to master. Relationships 2. Physical Body 3 © 2007 Robbins Research International. Work/Career/Mission 4. Given the times. Fulfillment will not happen by doing okay in some. Time 3. but you haven’t even mastered your emotions. you can create a plan to grow your wealth. material abundance. This is not to say that a person can’t work on their finances and transform their body at the same time. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. Without mastering meaning and emotion. if you spend your time trying to solve all your relationship problems. (RRI).The Pyramid of Mastery: 7 Areas of Constant Growth for an Extraordinary Life If you want an Extraordinary Life. . For example. or contribution in the world will be worthless. Having a firm grasp of your emotions frees you to be proactive rather than reactive to changes you face. Similarly. All rights reserved. meaningful accomplishment. Or. giving and celebrating. While all seven areas of life are important. you will always be at the mercy of life’s challenges. You can’t experience an extraordinary quality of life without the vehicle that’s going to help you create it. you must determine how you focus and spend your time in order to create a successful career. They are all interwoven. and letting the others go by the wayside. doing what you want to do when you want to do it. Rather. 7. Though there are times when we might need to focus on one or two. career success. Celebrate & Contribute: Spiritual Sense 6. great in another. Finances 5. it’s a recipe for disaster. each area is never less important than another. energy and vitality—all the money. there is a hierarchy that creates peak performance and fulfillment. Spiritual growth and your capacity to celebrate and contribute is at the top because you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor until you’ve sowed the right seeds. Once you’ve discovered how to add value in your work/career/mission. Mastering these seven areas means living life to its complete fullest.

(RRI). Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited.Notes “Be thee. . Inc. a light unto thyself. All rights reserved.” —Buddha 4 © 2007 Robbins Research International.

Inc. Work/Career/Mission 4. Time 3. Relationships 2. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. and a ‘7’ in your physical health. grade yourself on a scale of ‘0 to 10’ of where you are today vs. Physical Body 2. a ‘6’ in your spirituality. where you really want to be (‘10’ is where you ultimately want to be). Physical Body/Health: __________ Emotions/Meaning: __________ Relationships: __________ Time: __________ Work/Career/Mission: __________ Finances: __________ Celebrate & Contribute: A Spiritual Sense: __________ 7. (RRI). In each of the 7 areas of Mastery. Celebrate & Contribute: Spiritual Sense 6. Finances 5. Emotions & Meaning 1. All rights reserved. an ‘8’ in your finances. . For example.Exercise: Get Honest Where Are You in the 7 Areas of Mastery? 1. a ‘9’ in your career. What did you learn from doing this exercise? 5 © 2007 Robbins Research International. you might rate yourself at a ‘7’ in your family life. a ‘5’ in your emotional life.

All rights reserved. (RRI).Notes “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. .” —Mother Teresa 6 © 2007 Robbins Research International. Inc. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited.

your work/career/mission. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. (RRI). Simply draw a line across the section that represents the number you currently rate yourself at in that section. The middle of the circle corresponds to ‘0’ and the outside ring of the circle corresponds to ‘10’. color in each section to get a true picture of where you really are in each area. a ‘9’ in your career. Now. your time. and a ‘7’ in your physical health. an ‘8’ in your ability to manage time.Creating Your Life Map Now. a ‘5’ in your emotional life. taking one area at a time. taking the scores you just identified for each of the 7 Areas of Mastery let’s convert this pyramid to the Wheel of Life. where you really want to be. and your spiritual sense. once you’ve drawn the lines across each section rating yourself on a scale of 0-10. an ‘8’ in your finances. you might rate yourself at a ‘7’ in your family life. Re lat io ns hi ps . All rights reserved. 7 © 2007 Robbins Research International. For example. your relationships. Inc. your emotions/meaning. Look at the wheel below and notice that it’s divided up into different sections corresponding to some of the typical areas of a person’s life: your physical body. grade yourself on a scale of ‘0 to 10’ of where you are today vs. e rat te b u le Ce ntrib o &C 10 10 Ph ys Bo ical dy 10 ns Emotio ing & Mean Financ es 0 10 W er re Ca k/ on or issi M / 10 10 Time 10 Now. your finances. a ‘6’ in your spirituality.

how would your car run? How would you do even at 10 mph? How would you do as an achiever going 100 mph? If you are like most people.Answer This Question. Inc.. you should at least have an idea of some areas you might not be maximizing as well as some areas where you really are doing well. If this wheel were a tire on your car called life. but also deserve to have. and it’s going to be one heck of a bumpy ride! The same is true of your life. there is no right or wrong answer—this exercise is simply designed for you to get a general look at your life and where you might not be experiencing the results. are happy and where you should truly be acknowledged. joy and happiness you not only desire. All rights reserved. you tend to experience more bumps in the road. your car is a little out of balance. You can still achieve your desired destination.. When certain areas of your life are out of balance. congratulations for taking a moment to really follow through and be honest with yourself! What did you learn about yourself in the process? At a minimum level. Re lat io ns hi ps W er re Ca k/ on or issi M / . Remember. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. 10 ns Emotio ing & Mean Financ es 0 10 10 10 Time 10 8 © 2007 Robbins Research International. but it’s going to take you longer and the ride isn’t going to be as smooth or fun! te bra ute e l Ce ntrib o &C 10 10 Ph ys Bo ical dy What did you learn? First of all. (RRI).

something that may not be as evident when acknowledging past achievements is that you fully aligned your intentions with your actions. Get Aligned. Anything that you’ve ever accomplished. Get Integrated and Get Results II. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. What were the common elements? The answers are as simple as they are profound. No thoughts. Get the Best Tools for Success I. Inc. and then you developed a strategy to get there. This kind of progress did not happen by accident alone.The 3 Pillars of an Extraordinary Life: The Fast Track to Results: The Path of Personal Mastery Chances are that you’ve experienced some level of growth and improvement in at least one of the Seven Areas of Mastery. or will accomplish. Think about those things you wanted to accomplish. Get Focused and Clear & Make it Compelling The Power of Psychology Unlock What’s Stopping You And Unleash Your Power The Power of Activated Resources The Power of Clear and Compelling Vision What – Why – The Truth 9 © 2007 Robbins Research International. . However. feelings. First of all. or obstacles stopped you. Therein lays the key to reaching any goal. All rights reserved. comes from implementing these 3 Pillars… III. (RRI). build upon. contradictions. or change for the better—and succeeded at. you knew what you wanted.

All rights reserved. depends on how honest you can be with yourself. 2. The Second Pillar: The Power of Activated Resources Once you’ve defined your target. but learn how to create lasting change and fulfillment. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. Armed with proven tools. Your chances of knowing what your bull’s eye looks like. Integration & Action However. we have great motives for change. By understanding your personal blueprint—how you create meaning and emotion and what causes you to think.1. you are able to channel them so that you naturally move in the direction you desire more—a direction that serves not only you. . and training to drive you to take action. The First Pillar: The Power of Clarity The first step is to clarify the results you desire in your life: what do you want most in the areas of life that are important to you? What is your definition of an extraordinary quality of life for you? What do you need to take your life to the next level? Without a clear and compelling vision for what you want today. Why is it that sometimes we know what to do. 10 © 2007 Robbins Research International. In order to close the “gap” between where you are and where you want to be. and behave the way you do—you can not only gain the answers to these questions. you need a proven map. however. Alignment. you need an effective and efficient game plan to hit it. you will discover the path to where you want to be. an effective coach to constantly measure your progress and an empowering community to hold you to a higher standard. but also all those you care about. let alone hit it. feel. you won’t be able to even find the target of lasting happiness. we make changes in the moment. there is no way that you won’t get the results that you deserve! 3. Through the process of discovering. Inc. The Third Pillar: The Power of Discovery. but they do not last long-term? What’s missing is a practical understanding of human psychology: why we do what we do and how to change it. (RRI). understanding and aligning your internal drives. and yet we fail to follow through? Or. If you have the courage to face the truth of where you are. an effective mentor. sometimes tools are not enough: you need to unlock what’s blocking you and unleash your power. high quality skills.

write down answers to the following questions: i. All rights reserved.Steps to Completing Your Personal Mastery Plan Grab your Gap Map on Page 13 and complete the following: Step One: Write Down Your Scores 1. Ask yourself: Is your vision specific. six months. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. simultaneous progress in all areas to prevent burn out and ensure momentum!) ii. Inc. Select a time frame of 30 days. Proven Map: Who or what can you study/learn from that has seen results in this area? What book can you buy? What class can you enroll in? ii. and indicate where you want to be. Daily Action/Constant Measurement: How will you measure your results each day? What’s your daily action plan? 11 © 2007 Robbins Research International. Tools/Skills: Do you have some strong skills or tools now that you can use in that area? Can you gain some skills? iv. (Thought it may be tempting to focus on all of these areas. clear and compelling to you? If not. what score would make you feel truly fulfilled in that area? Step Two: Create Your Checklist to Close the Gap 1. then revise until it is all of these elements! iii. Get Focused and Clear and Make it Compelling i. Give yourself compelling reasons to follow through and make the change. Don’t automatically assume that you want a ‘10’ for each area. Get Trained: Have you trained some of those skills today? Have you practiced them today? Have you found them to be effective? Could you train someone else using these tools? vi. 2. (RRI). Peer Group/Community: Do you feel you have a community that supports this emotionally? Who specifically? vii. Effective Guide/Mentor: Who can offer you a unique and effective perspective/coaching? Who can you team up with whose been down this road before? iii. For one or two of these areas write a short description of you’re your vision would look like. iv. Standards/Rituals: What ritual can you immediately implement to make a difference in this area? v. Get the Best Tools for Results Now determine the strategies you’ll use to get results. First take the scores you wrote down for each area of the Mastery Pyramid and transfer them to the bottom of the Gap Map where it asks “Where are you now?” 2. Now take a few minutes to fill out your scores on top. . 90 days. focus on one or two vs. whichever is more compelling to you.

Who else will you touch with these changes? iv. . Get Integrated and Get Results Finally. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. Put your Map in a place that you can come back to with ease as positive reinforcement. Get Aligned. values or goals? ii. Have you found any conflicts in your old beliefs. How will you reward yourself? Step Three: Share with Someone Who Will Hold You Accountable 1. Share your action plan with someone you know who will hold you to a higher standard. 3.3. Inc. And don’t forget to celebrate—no win is too small! Gap Map Example: Emotions & Meaning 12 © 2007 Robbins Research International. All rights reserved. 2. What might you need to shift in these beliefs or values to get the results you desire? iii. think about anything that may be holding you back: i. (RRI).

Where do you want to be? 1. Where are you now? © 2007 Robbins Research International. Get Focused & Clear III. Physical Body 2. Time 5. Relationships SCORE SCORE SCORE SCORE 4. Work/Career/ Mission 6. Finances 7. *Rate yourself from 0–10 (10 being absolutely where you want to be in this category) . Get Integrated & Get Results 1) Do you have beliefs. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. values and goals in conflict? Do you have conflicts with other people about getting results in this area of your life? 2) What’s your plan to transform these conflicts? Update your BP . 3) How will you celebrate? What will you do for yourself and others when you achieve? Who will you touch with your improvement? SCORE Description: SCORE SCORE Description: SCORE Description: SCORE Description: SCORE Description: SCORE Description: Description: I. Get Aligned. a Flexible Approach & Constant Measurement 3. Emotions & Meaning SCORE Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: 3. All rights reserved. (RRI). integrate. Inc. align and achieve. Celebrate & Contribute SCORE Description: SCORE* Description: II.My Personal Mastery Plan: The Gap Map 1. Get the Best Tools for Success 13 1) 2) 3) 4) Get a Proven Map Get an Expert/Effective Guide/Mentor Principles & Skills Standards/Rituals/Schedule Critical for Success 5) System for Training & Conditioning for Results 6) Get a Team/Peer Group/Community to Call You to a Higher Level 7) Daily Action. Checklist to Close the Gap 1) Clear & Compelling Vision 2) Strong Reasons to Follow Through 3) Total Honesty about Where You Really Are (the Gap) 2.

(RRI). . All rights reserved.” —Paulo Coelho 14 © 2007 Robbins Research International. Inc. all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited.Notes “When you want something.

and serving all that is important to you in life. Strong reasons to follow through Why do you want it? What emotional juice is going to drive you to achieve your vision.Closing the Gap: Your Master Checklist to Fast Track Your Results I. Wanting to drop 30 pounds is a specific result that can be measured. Only when creating a change becomes a ‘must’ for you. will the change last long-term. you need someone to interpret that map for you and guide you to follow it. 3. no matter what? 3. 2. success leaves clues. Get a team / peer group / community to call you to a higher level You need to become part of a community that constantly calls you to a higher level and that you truly want to serve. Daily action. you cannot manage what you don’t measure. Get the Best Tools for Success 1. This community is necessary to not only reinforce your new identity. Get an expert/effective guide/mentor Once you have a map. 2. Find an effective and extraordinary mentor who has already achieved the result you desire. 6. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. rituals make it real. Step up and have the courage to admit you’re fat! The more honest you can be about where you are. Measure your progress daily to keep yourself on track. 7. All rights reserved. Get a proven map Progress is only possible when you have a map that details how to get from where you are to where you want to be. growing. (RRI). achievable outcomes do you want for that area of your life? Wanting to be thin is vague. 5. Total honesty about where you really are (the gap) Don’t say you are big-boned. mastering a set of skills requires training and practice to become proficient in applying them. appreciating. Clear & compelling vision What specific. Inc. Get Focused & Clear 1. Learn from it and move on to the next one! Also. II. when you make it a daily discipline to condition the changes and follow through. and when you raise your standards so that the changes become part of your identity. Principles and skills Principles show you what to focus on. Standards/rituals/schedule critical for success Standards make change possible. The skills teach you how to do something. If one plan doesn’t work. System for training & conditioning for results In any area of life. 15 © 2007 Robbins Research International. Remember. the clearer you can be about where you want to be. don’t worry. but to keep you focused on giving. You need a system that will condition your mind and body for peak performance. 4. a flexible approach & constant measurement Take daily action on your massive action plan and be flexible in your approach. .

Only when you are aligned. celebrate & pay it forward Once you’ve achieved your outcome. . Uncover conflicts in your blueprint Could you have the tools to achieve what you want. (RRI). 16 © 2007 Robbins Research International. Update. Get Integrated & Get Results 1. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. will you have the fire to go after what you want. All rights reserved. align and achieve a new blueprint Install a new blueprint for yourself that is in sync with your goal. but still fail? Absolutely.III. Succeed. but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. integrate. 3. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience.” —Martin Luther King Jr. There may be conflicting values in your blueprint that hold you back. Get Aligned. 2. Inc. inspire those who you love to have the courage to create the life that they deserve.

Life is a paradox. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right depending on the… a. In the spring. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. In the fall. All of us human beings fight with the illusion that things are always the same. Inc. The quality of your life is found in meaning. Is your glass of fulfillment half empty or half full? 2. Life is constant change. in the winter. (RRI). their passing makes the next spring possible. In the summer. Finally. Time Frame d. Unlike the world. But. The degree of love. weeks. happiness and joy are available right now in this moment…and are always available. Every human being needs to feel like they are making constant progress. . 7. Emotions are the fuel of life. everything reaches its peak and begins to fall. All aspects of your life go through seasons. Culture b. appreciate and believe…in this moment. Life is constant growth. Our nervous system tricks us into believing that the room is still when everyone knows that the earth is constantly moving. How many emotions do you experience on a day-to-day basis? How many of those emotions serve you? How many sabotage you? The quality of your experiences depends on the quality of your emotions. but the meaning that you give to those challenges. Context c. it dies. 17 © 2007 Robbins Research International. Just know that you need to go through all of the seasons to truly grow. All rights reserved. because we have a need for certainty. your seasons can occur over the course of months. 5. 4. Life is not the challenges that you face. So. Love. things continue to grow and mature. If something doesn’t grow. things stagnate and pass on. anticipate fluctuating seasons and embrace and learn from the changes that they bring. 3. The only thing you can be sure of is change.The 7 Master Principles of Life: Key Beliefs to Help You on Your Journey 1. Life is an experience of seasons. things are born and begin to grow. days or even hours. Perception 6. joy and happiness that you experience in this moment is a direct result of what you notice.

782. 2. Until then. ask the millions of people that received his gift. Tony Robbins is looking forward to connecting with you during the UPW Webinar on Wednesday. Reproduction in any form without the express permission of RRI is prohibited. Sounds impossible right? Like how could I affect the lives of millions of people? You can! If you share your transformation. (RRI). making nine people. the long-lasting cure for pain is service. In the movie.969 people! Your gift has traveled all over the world. The day after that.187. use the extraordinary joy and happiness that you create to serve the world. live with passion! “My message is my life.Pay It Forward Perhaps the best definition of a truly happy and fulfilled person is someone who gives more than they take. Does it work? Just ask the parents of the young boy.” —Mahatma Gandhi 18 © 2007 Robbins Research International. then 729. etc. Pay it forward to three people and they will pay it on to three more people each. This spreads to 81 people. All rights reserved. . In two weeks that’s 4. Be the change that you want to see in the world. And each day. but with new good deeds done to three new people. integrate it into your world and ensure that the people around you are holding themselves to a higher standard. Better still. “Pay it Forward”. Inc. February 18. then 243. a young boy creates a revolutionary way of life—repaying good deeds not with payback. As you transform your life. you will be serving them. everyone will pay it forward to three more. 27 people will pay it forward to another three. The antidote to stress is gratitude.

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