Baader-Meinhof Group

AKA Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Fraktion)

• The Red Army Faction, shortened to RAF (German Rote Armee Fraktion), in its early stages commonly known as BaaderMeinhof Group or Gang • One of postwar West Germany's most violent and prominent militant left-wing terrorist groups. • The RAF described itself as a communist "urban guerrilla" group engaged in armed resistance.

To Draw A Clear Line Between Us And the Enemy: Mao “The Concept CityGuerilla” by Ulrike Meinhof

• The Red Army Faction's Urban Guerrilla Concept is not based on an optimistic view of the prevailing circumstances in the Federal Republic and West Berlin. • —The Urban Guerrilla Concept authored by RAF co-founder Ulrike Meinhof (April 1971)

Violence Against Students

Benno Ohnesorg: June 2, 1967,
shot during a peaceful demonstration against the visit of the Shah of Persia

Rudi Dutschke, leader of APO

(extra parliamentary opposition): assassination attempt in 1968 violent student responses (e.g. against the Axel Springer Corporation, owner of the Bild Zeitung)

Red Army Faction
• Dates of operation: 1968 – 1998 • Motives: Armed resistance and proletarian revolution • Active region: West Germany • Ideology: Communism, New left • Major actions Numerous bombings and assassinations • Notable attacks: West German embassy siege, German Autumn • Status: Final action and confrontations in 1993. Apparently officially disbanded on 20 April 1998.

Andreas Baader Member Baader-Meinhof Gang Born 6 May 1947 First Active April 1968 Current Status Died in prison, 18 November 1977

Ulrike Meinhof Member Baader-Meinhof Gang Born 7 October 1934 First Active May 1970 Current Status Committed suicide in prison 9 May

•Named gang partially after her.

special edition of a strike news paper FRG, May 1968

Stop the Emergency Powers Acts: Strike Resist now … … before it is too late!

German Autumn Sept. 5, 1977

Oct. 8, 1977

Oct. 15, 1977

The Red Army Faction

• • • • •

Jan-Carl Raspe (1944-1977) Ulrike Meinhof (1934-1976) Gudrun Ensslin (1940-1977) Holger Meins (1941-1974) Andreas Baader (1947-1977)

1971 - countless wanted posters appeared in store windows across the Federal Republic in an effort to find the members of the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

Sept. 15, 1981

• Many of the leading terrorists were children of socalled good families – born with a “golden spoon in the mouth” • Generation Gap in West Germany • East German aid to the terrorists – the G.D.R. was not officially supporting terrorism – and not even the New Left • International Networking of terrorism

Portrayal in the Media Today:

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