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7 Ifa & Ogbe Irosun

7 Ifa & Ogbe Irosun

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Published by: Babajide Akinsemoyin on Aug 18, 2013
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MANTRA TO BE USED UNDER OGBE IROSUN IS IFA JEBO NAA O FIN ELA JE BO NAA O RODE ORUN GBURE ---GBURE NKAN NLA NRO LONGEGE- LONGEGE A DIFA FUN YINNI -YINNI O NSAWO LO SODE IGBESA YINNI -YINNI AWON WON LODE IGBESA A DIFA FUN WON LODE IGBESA NIGBATI AYE WON NGBONA GIRIGIRI BI OMI INU AJERE AYE IFA TUTU JU OYIN LO AYE IFA TUTU JU IWOPEN AYE IFA TUTU JU OYIN LO AWO YINNI -YINNI PELE DE RUBO GBEDE LARA O MA DE WA O GBEDE MUJE MELERO AKOKO ELA PERO SIMMI NILE ELA PERO SIMMI LONA ELA KI O WA PERO SIMI LAWO TEMI IFA NI O ON MA PERO SAYE ONITOHUN TRANSLATION OF OGBE IROSUN IFA, let the sacrifice and my desire go up unto you oh GOD ELA, let all my supplication ascend to the heaven above This divine IFA oracle for YINNI -YINNI When he was to take his divine trade to the land of IGBESA YINNI - YINNI The diviner of the city of IGBESA Thus divine IFA oracle for them at the city of IGBESA When their lives were in hurry The people were impatient Like the water inside AJERE pot They were advised to be calm and patience To offer necessary sacrifice to overcome such an evil habit

Esu advised them that no one repeats the sacrifice immediately after ward. on a large quantity . bitter kola in surplus. LET MY SUPPLICATION GO UP TO THE HEAVEN ABOVE ELA LET ME ENJOY DIVINE SUPPORT FROM HEAVEN ABOVE A HUGE MATERIAL IS HANGING THAT IS ABOUT TO FALL AND HAVE DEVASTATING EFFECT ON THE LIFE OF THE PEOPLE THIS DIVINE IFA ORACLE FOR YINNI . CALMNESS INTO MY HOUSE ELA . patience and victory . into enviable lives of success . WE CAN DO IT SEVEN TIMES BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH IFA A GBE WA OOO. a huge amount of Shea butter . PEACE . MUST TAKE IYEREOSUN AND THEIR IFA TRAY (OPON IFA) WITH ONE COWRIES AND RECITE THE IFA VERSE FOR BLESSING AND SUCCESS IN ALL THEIR VARIOUS ENDEAVOR. HARMONY . kolanuts. calm. The only way for further spiritual support after a huge sacrifice had been accepted by divinities . saying they wanted to repeat the same sacrifice for better life fulfillment . DECREE . (IFA WILL LIFT US) ORUNMILA A BA WA SE . the people of IGBESA asked IFA that there lives could be as good . THIS MONTH ALL IFA DEVOTEES THROUGH OUT THE WORLD AND THE BELIEVER OF GOD SHALL WITNESS ENORMOUS SUCCESS AND HAPINESS. a large quantity of banana plantain. Immediately . HAPINESS AND WISDOM ASE HENCE . a lot snail . is to give thank to ones diviner( IFA priest) and the diviner will subsequently give obeisance to the divinities most especially IFA oracle saying IFA . sweet and calm like an early water drawn from the river bank. excitement . DECREE PEACE AND COOLNESS INTO MY LIFE WHOEVER IS BLESSED WITH THE VIBRATION OF OGBE-IROSUN WOULD BE ATTRACTED TO CALMNESS . a lot of honey. YINNI WHEN HE WAS TAKING HIS DIVINE TRADE TO THE CITY OF IGBESA YINNI YINNI THE DIVINER OF THE CITY OF IGBESA DIVINE IFA ORACLE FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE LAND OF IGBESA WHEN THEIR LIFE IS IN JEOPARDY AND TENSE LIKE THE WATER IN THE AJERE JAR THE LIFE OF IFA IS AS COOL AS HONEY THE WAY OF IFA IS AS CALM AS THE HONEY INSIDE THE HONEY JAR THE DIVINER YINNI YINNI OFFER PIG AS A SACRIFICE HENCE THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE OF IGBESA BECOME CALM .the people of IGBESA witnessed divine relief and peace that transformed their lives in the physical plain of existence . after the sacrifice . KNOWLEDGE . IFA responded and advised them to bring the whole meat of pig . that was the major reason for consulting IFA oracle. peace.According to the story . happiness . COOL AND PATIENCE THE LAND BRING FORTH HER CALMNESS TO THE PEOPLE OF IGBESA THE LAND BRING FORTH HER CALMNESS TO THE PEOPLE OF IGBESA ELA. ALL IFA DEVOTEES. The people were filled with joy.

Water. Iyereosun. You take one by one these materials and pray Ifa ko jebo naa o fin Owon owo Nni won inawo mini Owon omi Nna laa besun Opo ebi Nna laa peniyan Dia fun eyi owon Omoba leyo ajori Ajomi gbara Ajerese yokun nisale .(ORUNMILA WILL PROSPER OUR WAY) OLODUMARE A MU IRE WA PADE WA OOO (GOD WILL ATTRACT TO US ALL OUR BLESSING) ASE Category: Lessons of Odu 0 comentários Owonrin meji By Osatura II II II II II II Obi 7. Atare7. Owo Eyo (the cowries). Orogbo 7. Gin and sacrificial pot.

Esare wa . cooks made do with shea butter Present hardship not withstanding. added the oracle You will enjoy health and prosperity Come one. ewa raja omoba Orunmila jeko Dara fun gbogbo wa Ase Translation Make the sacrifice go up to the highest heaven and bring back its fulfillment When money is scarce Resort to parsimony When water is scarce Search for new springs When food is scarce Prepare against famine Thus declare ifa oracle to eyi owon. Where. for want of palm oil . come all Come buy from eyi owon Our right royal merchant prince Come old. prince of ancient oyo . come young Come sample the princely ware . ewa raja omoba Atewe atagba Ewa raja eyin owon Esare wa .

7 agbe . Ase! Ifa je bo na o je Ela je bo naa o rode orun gbure Iba rere awo ina Lodifa fun ina Won ni ko rubo ko baa lee lase Maje ki nku . During the seven days of ritual you must avoid sexual intercourse. fights. If some of the soap is left unused in the period of seven days leave it close to Esu or in your Ase room (ase room is where you have your ifa materials and other initiation pots or it can be a room set aside for your spiritual activities. You will then let the soap rest for seven days close to the Esu stone or Esu shrine. If you do not have an Ase room place the soap in a room where it will be free from disturbance. Before using the soap you will get seven sponges and distribute the totality of the soap on these seven pieces of sponge. abstain from alcohol. 7 okin alade . 7 lekeleke . 7 aparo . and 7 awodi feathers . one for each day. 7 akalamagbo . You shall in this period always hope for the best and the best shall manifest in your life as long as there is an appearance of the sun. rancor. Take it and pray one by one and put all the material on esu stone or esu shrine Alafia Category: Lessons of Odu 0 comentários Ika Meji By Qelimath II II II II II II II You will take 7 obi. grudges. 7 ataare and you will mark Ika meji in the iyereosun collected on the opon Ifa and recite the “mantra” below 7 times upon the obi. gossip and all negative feelings and situations. You will then take the following feathers and insert them in the soap: 7 ikodide . erigi alo Jenkelewi Difa fun ojigolo Ti nlo o dena daje . You will then take a small quantity of black soap (ose dudu) and mix the charged iyerosun with the soap.Let the enterprise of mine and my family be fruitful Ase. tobacco. 7 aluko . 7 orogbo . orogbo and ataare.

let my ritual go to the heaven ELA. safety. wealth.Aje ki I pa omo ese je Ifa golo nmo se yun Ifa golo nmo se bo Fife ire ni I foju jo ina Difa fun olokun eseri Inaki sekun dale Ifa giyan ni mo se yun Ifa giyan ni mo se bo Ki ajinde ara ma je fun gbogbo wa bayi ifa Ase Translation IFA. ifa Some flowers flourish and bloom Like wondrous flames of fire And so will you Thus declared ifa oracle to Olokun Worshipped in the city of Esiri As our lady of oceans Monkey too is far more clever Than leopards and tiger added the oracle Softly to go Safely to return Grant my beloved ones and my household good health. progress Long life and happiness Ase! . success . added the oracle So your sovereignty can be everlasting Let not the members of my house hold and me die before our time. Men will pay obeisance to you Even from afar Thus declared the ifa oracle to Fire But you must offer sacrifice. protection. let all my supplication be at the presence of GOD . the great master Do this gently So declared ifa oracle to the stealthy one. which is another name for the divine cat On setting forth to ambush witches Witches do not devour cats For it is like to like (feathers of the same bird fits together) Such as this witches are towards cat Gently I went Safely I returned Just as you foretold.

When the month is ending take the feeding materials. You will then mix the charged iyerosun with black soap and use if for bathing three times in this month of June. The 9 items used as feeding materials must be passed all over your body while you pray that you attract all good things. With Iyerosun you will mark Osa meji on your Ifa tray and say the mantra (afose) on it. obi. orogbo and ataare and throw it away in the forest or in a bush. ALAFIA KEREJE OWINRIN OWINRIN KEREJE A DIFA FUN OPE YEKETE TI NWON SAWO RODE IWERE WON NI EBO NI KI O SE KI O LE BAA LAJU JU EGBE RE LO NJE A O LAAJE LAJE BI ARA ODE IWERE KEREJE OWINRIN OWINRIN NAA KEREJE A O LOOMO LOMO BI ARA ODE IWERE KEREJE OWINRIN OWINRIN NAA KEREJE A O LOHUN GBOGBO BI ARA ODE IWERE KEREJE OWINRIN OWINRIN NAA KEREJI Translation Kereje Owinrin Owinrin Kereje This was divined for the short palm tree .Category: Lessons of Odu 0 comentários Osa meji By Qelimath II II II II II You will take 3 obi. protection and happiness. 3 orogbo and 3 ataare. success.

When he was seeking wisdom and knowledge in the city of Iwere He was instructed to do sacrifice So that he could be attracted to prosperity. more blessed and most blessed Like the people of the city of Iwere Kereje Owinrin Owinrin Kereje We shall be have a good wife. ataare and orogbo to ESU LALU at the crossroad or to ESU ODARA at the forest. three orogbo. three okin alade feathers and three akalamagbo feathers. Take also three agbe feathers. You will then add the iyerosun and cowries to the black soap and put all the feathers on the black soap. in greater measure than his contemporaries He would be blessed. You will then use the soap every day for nine days. a most cherished partner Like the people in the city of Iwere Kereje Owinrin Owinrin Kereje We shall be blessed with children Like the people of the city of Iwere Kereje Owinrin Owinrin Kereje We will be blessed with all good things Like the people who dwell in the city of Iwere Kereje Owinrin Owinrin Kereje ASE Category: Lessons of Odu 0 comentários Ogunda meji By Qelimath II II II II II Get three obi. This being done you will take your opon Ifa (Ifa tray) and mark Ogunda meji on the iyereosun. 3 bags of iyereosun and owo eyo (nine cowries). three aluko feathers. three pods of ataare. blessings and wealth. You will then give the obi. ataare and cowries on the tray and recite the stanza/adura from Ogunda meji three times. You will use these materials and make ebo (ritual/offering) to Ogun. a better husband. You will recite the stanza on the soap before using it for nine days and use it together with a sponge for nine consecutive days. Gather the obi. black soap and your ifa tray. If you do not have a shrine for Ogun. . place it in a clean and quiet place where sex and social activities is not taking place for a period of nine days. orogbo. You will then put the black soap near the shrine of Ogun.

ikodide. okin alade. losun yi. ataare.Adura Ogunda Meji Kanranjangbon awo inu igbo Ijokun woroworo awo odan Maawo maawo awo ojola A dia fun egiri alo Ti yio jagbo obi Ki egiri alo O too jagbo obi tan Ifa nire gbogbo A maa wole to ni Ase Kanranjangbo awo inu igbo Ijokun woro woro awo odan Maawo maawo awo ojola A dia fun egiri alo Ti yoo jagbo orogbo. iyereosun. expand my territory. agbe. iyereosun. odidere. Ire gbogbo ko ma wole tomi loni. let all blessing. harmony Intelligences and peace be my lot and the fortune of my household Kanranjangbo (what is focused and wise) is the wisdom of the forest Ijokun woro woro (what is calm and brave) is the wisdom of the deep forest To be crawling is the secret wisdom of the python This divine ifa oracle to the most powerful master (erigi alo) Who discover the secret of orogbo. aluko. opon ifa. agbe.aluko. give me a place of rest and peace. ataare. ikodide. prosperity. long life. opon ifa. okin olade and akalamagbo Let me live long. okin alade Ki erigi alo O too jagbon gbogbo nkan wonyi Ifa ni ire gbogbo A maa wole to ni. let my life be radiant. good health. strength. lodun yi Ki ogun ma o maa dowo fun gbogbo wa Ase Translation Kanranjangbon (what is focused and wise) is the wisdom of the forest Ijokun woro woro (what is calm and brave) is the wisdom of the deep forest To be crawling is the secret intelligence of the python This divined ifa oracle for the most powerful divinity (erigi alo) Who discover the secret of the obi ( the kolanuts) When the most powerful divinity discovered the secret of obi Then ifa said. lekeleke. lekeleke. akamalagbo lekeleke. aluko. atare. attract to me the blessing of nature . akalamagbo After the most powerful master learned the secrets of orogbo. agbe.

ko je ebo o da. ko je ebo naa orede orun bure bure Sokoto mo jalawa Adi ifa fun aluko ogogoro Nijo ti n lo re saroji fun n ife oodaye Ojo p aluko Are idi e d odi O d asure Jeki asibi dasure fun mi ati gbogbo ololufe gbogbo ifa Ase Ifa ko o jebo naa fin ko je ebo o da . and you will recite the same prayer. Ase! OKANRAN MEJI Ifa ko o je ebo. 3 ataare (alligator pepper pods) and cover the opon ifa with iyeroson and mark Okanran meji and chant the mantra below eight times. mercy. peace and success”. especially for women this is good. naa o fin. You will use this soap for bathing in eight consecutive days.Ase You mark the odu Ogunda meji on the iyerosun and pray with all the materials before inserting it in the black soap while the obis. ataares and orogbos will be given to the Esu lalu at the crossroad or Esu Odara at the forest. You will then take between half and one kilo of ose dudu (black soap) and mix the charged iyerosun with the soap. wealth. You can also use the Ori for rubbing the legs. Alafia! Category: Lessons of Odu 1 comentários Okanran meji By Qelimath II II II II II II II Take 3 obi (kola nut).koje ebo naa orede orun burebure . 3 orogbo (bitter kola nut). asking for the legs to bring you to places of good fortune and peace. After the bath you will take some ori in your hand and rub your head gently saying: “My head will always lead me to where I will find good luck.

The configuration result in Okanran meji. my family member. Is fraught with grave consequences Thus declare ifa oracle to LAALU mighty lord of the cross roads Whom we call ESU May all my well wishers. Ase Make our sacrifice auspicious. the diviner Came to Ifá for advice As the set out for ancient Ife To make rain for the drought struck city When tall cock succeeded It rained and rained Till he was soaked Wings and tail Soaked and confused Wishing to bless Instead he cursed May evil intents turn to good deeds for me and my well wishers. Ifá Let the ritual be accepted. and let my undertaking go up to the place of divine realm If Okanran is cast on the right And Okanran is cast on the left. ASE.Okanran kan nihin Okanran kan lohun Okanran mejeji pakun kale oju won kpon Kanrin kanrin di fa fun LAALU Tii somo kunrin ode Oruko ti a i pe ESU Ase! Translation: Make my sacrifice auspicious. friends and relatives live long Ifá May we live to a ripe and old age. let the ritual be accepted And let my undertaking go up to the place of divine realm My mission will succeed Thus declared Ifá oracle When the tall cock. .

If you don’t have Esu in the house. Upon catching some of the dew take the soap in and adorn it with the feathers. 3 feathers of akalamagbo and a quantity of black soap. 3 feathers of lekeleke. The mantra of Obara meji is as follows: Ifa jeki ebo na o gba gbure gbure Egun gogoro Abijo logba logba Adifa fun orunmila Oka omoelerin atan Eyin aseni Mo mo yin. 7 orogbo. 3 feathers of aluko. place the soap in a secluded and dark place in your house. Mo mo yin e dabo Eyin aseni Ogan peteki Omo olu odan Eyin aseni Mo mo yin e dabo Eyin aseni . With exception of the feathers. You will then place the soap beside Esu Odara and mark obara meji and then osetura amukeke. 7 atare.Category: Lessons of Odu 0 comentários Obara meji By Qelimath II II II II II Obara meji and its mantra for the month of March You will take 7 obi. you will grind the ingredients together. 3 feathers of agbe. You will then recite the mantra below for seven times and leave the mixed soap outside to catch the dew of the night. Then take your opon ifa or a white plate and mark the odu obara meji in iyereosun. e dabo Eyin aseni Ere Omo won ilabata Eyin aseni Mo mo yin e dabo Yaya sugudu Omo olu igbo Eyin aseni . iyereosun. 3 feathers of ikodide.

I know his enmity now And I will propitiate him Next is the python of the marshes I know him. Next is the short one of the plains. if this is not the case.Araba pataki nii somo won ileepo Eyin aseni Mo moyin e dabo Eyin aseni Okere fefe ni mo ti mo yin laseni Maje ki aseni o se ebi mi ati gbogbo ololufe me . you can make a new one and using the same feathers. protect me. whose real name is ENVY I know him now And will propitiate him Next is the silk Cotton tree. and my loved one from enemies within and without Ase Upon finishing the soap. I know his enmity now And I will propitiate him. Ase Translation: Make our sacrifice be gracious and go to the heaven above The graceful dance of the tall masquerade Whom we call IGUNNUKO Conceals mortal danger Thus declared the ifa oracle to Orunmila I will reveal to you on the divining board. the feathers can be left in the bushes or the forest. I know his enmity now And I will propitiate him Next is the tall one of the forest whose real name is WICKEDNESS I know him. your arch enemy from the city of IPO I know him now. Ire O! . my household. said ifa Your concealed enemies who masquerade as friend. and I will propitiate him I know them all now And even from afar I feel their enmity And I will propitiate them all Ifa. because of dual personality First is the cobra in the field I know him. ifa . whose real name is JEALOUSY I know him now and I propitiate him Next is the ancient oak.

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