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Music of Greece

Music of Greece

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Published by: duesotey8591 on Aug 19, 2013
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Music of Greece Orfeu-atenas.

jpg General topics Ancient music Byzantine music Opera Greek musical system Greek musical instrumen ts Greek dances Worldwide Genres Church music (Byzantine) Classical music Ionian School Greek folk Laïko Rock Hip H op Punk Greek New Wave (Neo kyma) Specific forms Contemporary Entehno Nisiotika Rebetiko Skiladiko Media and performance Music awardsinto two parts: Greek traditional music and Byzantine music, with mo re eastern sounds.[1] These compositions have existed for millennia: they origin ated in the Byzantine period and Greek antiquity, where there is a continuous de velopment which appears in the language, the rhythm, the structure and the melod y.[2] Greek music has many similarities with the music of Cyprus, their modern p opular music scenes remaining well-integrated with one another. Music is a signi ficant aspect of Hellenic culture, both within Greece and in the diaspora.

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