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Vocabulary Worksheets
Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4th Edition

Chapter 4: Future Time Worksheet 2. Definition practice Write the letters of the correct completions in the blanks.
1. In Line 2, creed means ____. a. dream b. night 2. In Line 2, self-evident means ____. a. obvious b. selfish 3. In Line 4, judged means ____. a. scolded b. promoted 4. In Line 4, character means ____. a. physical strength b. moral strength 5. In Line 6, brotherhood means ____. a. relatives b. boys 6. In Line 7, faith means something similar to ____. a. religion b. power 7. In Line 8, hew means _____. a. run b. cut 8. In Line 8, despair is the opposite of ____. a. poverty b. wealth 9. In Line 9, transform means ____. a. cross b. change c. belief c. hidden c. evaluated c. intelligence c. a strong feeling of unity c. road c. see c. hope c. become c. poem c. get c. a punishment c. city c. document c. police officers c. science

10. In Line 9, a symphony is a type of pleasant ____. a. music b. weather 11. In Line 10, struggle means ____. a. work hard b. relax 12. In Line 11, freedom is ____. a. vacation b. a basic right 13. In Line 13, a hamlet is the opposite of a ____. a. farm b. country 14. In Line 16, a spiritual must be a ____ . a. book b. song of praise 15. In Line 18, justice means ____. a. a fair system b. fair judges 16. In Line 18, reality is the opposite of a ____. a. creed b. dream
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