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Respondents of the Study and Sampling Procedure The respondents will be gathered from two (2) first year sections taking up the same course (BS Accountancy) at Ateneo de Davao University. With reference to school records, the researchers will ensure that the two, chosen first year BSA sections will qualify the following conditions: 1) that the two sections will be taking up the Basic Accounting Subject with the same course outline and grading system throughout the Prelims of the First Semester, 2) that they will be under the supervision of the same professor throughout the Prelims of the First Semester, and lastly 3) that these two sections will be taking up the Basic Accounting Subject at different time intervals in a day. The last condition will intend to test the two sections in their distinct, assigned Basic Accounting class schedules, in which the other section will particularly acquire a morningscheduled class while the other one will acquire a night-scheduled class. As the study will pursue an interview schedule type of survey, the researchers will use random sampling. The random sampling process will be performed by the computer through the Microsoft Excel program, and for each section the computer will randomly choose eight (8) respondents from the list of students names in the worksheet. For instance, if the researchers will assume a number of forty (40) students in each section, the names of these students will be entered into the worksheet and the top eight names that the computer will generate will be the chosen respondents per section. Thus, there will be a total of sixteen (16) respondents who will be interviewed in the study. Furthermore, as the group of researchers consist of seven (7) members, each member of the group will interview 1-2 respondents per section.