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Lynsey Stevens - The return of Ryan - 1 The return of Ryan

The return of Ryan

Lynsey Stevens

1 The return of Ryan

The return of Ryan (1982) Original title: Ryan's return (1981) Series: 1 The return of Ryan Publisher: Harlequin Label / Collection: Jasmine 142 Genre: Contemporary Starring: Ryan Denison and Denison Liv

"Did the flames of passion, not involving danger of being burned?" Thought Liv. After separating from her husband, Liv Denison succeeded in establishing a pleasant and satisfying life for herself and her two children ... alone.

True, he lived outside any feeling of love., As Liv had already been wounded and not let it happen again. The last thing I wanted was to appear again her husband, Ryan, to disturb your peace of mind achieved with much effort. But Ryan had said, "what's mine, remains mine" and deep down inside of Liv, a small flame still burning ...
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Chapter 1
Liv flexed his muscles aching, leaned back in his chair and smiled with satisfaction at seeing the porcelain vase with the miniature, which had just finished, painted with great delicacy.He added his signature to the bottom of it, with a decorative feature: Liv Denison.He was now ready for the oven. Once you have cooked, add the other pieces of porcelain, painted by her, that was accumulating in a box and had such a good market in the gift shop of Airlie Beach, but preferred his oil paintings. The success we had, both in oils and in porcelain at Liv still producing a sense of disbelief, even after five years. It all started when he worked in his spare time, attending a local shop for souvenirs.The owner of it had been impressed by a painting she had been to the store, because I thought sending it to frame.He suggested, to put on display two pictures with scenes of the sea, she had painted too.The pictures were sold almost immediately and since then, Liv had been living in very comfortable with the sale of his oil paintings.At a later date, he began painting porcelain and they also sold very well, especially in the tourism season. Now I had a small room in his house with three bedrooms, dedicated to study. All I needed for this activity, was there.On an easel rested a "marina" and over, while another, holding a canvas, which was in the first stage of realization.On the floor were several canvases. Your tubes of paint and several palettes, were on the table nearby. Liv cleaned his brushes and placed on a shelf and, consulting his watch, slipped into the bathroom in a hurry to take a shower. Twenty minutes later I was in the kitchen with an apron. The twins come to the house within half an hour and Joel would at any time. He put the three plates of chicken and salad on the table, and covered them with individual pieces of transparent plastic, carefully before storing in the refrigerator. - Hello, Liv! Now comes your last nanny-model cheerful voice called from the front door when she was washing her hands. 'Come, Joel, I'm in the kitchen, smiled to see his brother cross the aisle, always calm air.Do you feel strong enough, to withstand a full evening with the twins? 'Actually, I'm anxious to be with them.You know, you never give me any problem, he said, smiling.

At twenty-nine, Joel Denison, was one of the most eligible bachelors of the district and was always amazed to Liv, who at that age had not married already. It was wonderful with the twins and knew Liv, who was one of the most good, he could still be in the world. 'Actually, had agreed to care for a room full of seven-Aryans, provided out of the house,' he said. - What is wrong? -Liv handed him a cup of tea and sat in front of the small kitchen table. The problem is DJ. What else could it be? Joel grinned and started drinking the tea. You know what? This man makes me despair. How do you think, may have had a son like me? -He had a lucky break, or maybe you changed in the hospital's blue eyes sparkled and Liv dimples appeared in her cheeks. -That is a possibility, Joel laughed with her. 'Anyway, what happens to DJ this time? -I knew from experience that his father could be a very stubborn man. -It is not what happens to him, but what did Mrs. Craven. - Mrs. Craven? How Craven Island ...? -Liv Joel looked incredulous, as he realized what he wanted to say.Do not tell me he has sold the island, after all this time! - Yes, that's what he's done! And DJ is equivalent to the start of World War III. But she vowed to never sell. He has been family owned for three generations and has always refused any offer. -For what is seen has changed my mind.And not only sold the island, Joel placed the cup in the saucer, but also sold that piece of land that is at the top of the hill overlooking the bay.I guess that should have sold it all at once. - Good heavens! Is rightly furious DJ-Liv could imagine the anger of his father. It was common knowledge that, DJ Denison, had years of wanting to buy both properties and the old woman, had refused to sell him.He and everyone else who tried to acquire them. - Do you know who bought them? -That's the problem, Liv. Nobody seems to know. DJ has turned every stone imaginable, trying to find out, to no avail. Personally, I do not think anyone is around. Who would have all that much money, that Mrs. Craven should have received?A DJ has been put into his head, which is a union thugs and, over time, the state government changed its policy and end up with a casino or some other den of vice, either in the hill, or across the island. - O h, Joel, no!Would not that!

- Who can tell? I do not think that Mrs. Craven has done such a thing, but you know how you plan to DJ At least on the idea of a resort on the island, keeping it as natural as possible. -Surely someone must know something about the operation. I mean, you had to be done in legal terms. Lawyers should be involved and that means, Mr. Willis.He manages all affairs of Mrs. Craven. -If the old Willis intervened in the matter, it is showing very discreet. DJ went to see him before anyone else. A little word "confidential" does not mean much to DJ Anyway, not learned anything.And boy was furious! I thought you would have a fit. Then phoned Mrs. Craven and her screams could be heard from every corner of the house.Had not seen him so angry from those that ... She stopped and blushed a little, well, for many years. An awkward silence fell between the two for a while.It looked, though they were thinking, as Joel had not finished saying."Since that time between Ryan and you ..." - What time the twins come home? Asked Joel and annoyance happened. -At any time. Mary Costello picked them up at school and have been playing with Dino and little Sophy in the afternoon.He said he would bring to the house at five. -With a little luck, get as tired of running all afternoon, they will accept something so peaceful, like playing snakes and ladders or something.The last time I cared, I ran out playing soccer with them in the yard ... -You have to manage them more firmly, you're too soft with them, Liv smiled. - Who needs an ogre of uncle? And they are really great guys. 'I know, but I guess I say this because I'm his mother. Oh, and speaking of my little demons, here they come! Liv crossed the hall and reached the front door in time to say goodbye to Mary Costello with a sign in hand, before running the twins go up the ladder to fall into his arms. - Hi, Mom! What's for dinner? -Luke dropped the backpack, on the little table beside the door.I'm starving! - Have you got Uncle Joe? -Melly put his suitcase on the table, with less force. He's in the kitchen. Go talk to him while I finish dressing.And no cookies, Luke, or lose your appetite for dinner, said the mother, while the boy ran into the kitchen, more calmly followed by his sister. Liv wore a little blue shadow on the eyelids and eyelashes touched up. He finished with the application of lipstick pink. He released the clasp that held her long hair and brushed until it shone.She thought about taking him down, but then with an impatient gesture, he returned to pick it back and stopped him to clasp.

He watched his figure. Big blue eyes fringed with thick lashes, within a reasonably attractive face, stared from the mirror.It was not beautiful, he thought, but not bad for someone who was coming to the twenty-five years.He folded his lips in a gesture of disappointment, thinking it was not a fashionable figure. Through her rounded bust, small waist, her hips well contoured. It measured nearly six feet tall. I could hear the laughter coming from the kitchen.Whenever Joel was out there, there was joy in the house. If she had a brother, there would be no meaning in his life as he. Liv did not know how could resist all those early years, his brother.Whenever she needed was there, since it all started ... and even though he knew that he had hurt and disappointed, as he had done with all the people that surrounded her and Ryan. Ryanair? He closed his eyes, trying to erase from his mind the name.What had made evoke that night? He blinked and turned firmly toward the door.He would not think of him now, he said decisively. Martin, would at any time.Were out for dinner and then attend a meeting of parents and teachers, which was to take place in the school attended by the twins. -Dinner is ready in the refrigerator, Joel Liv said, meeting them in the kitchen. Are you sure you do not mind having to bathe them too? She frowned. "Of course not!" I brought my raincoat, especially for the occasion, winked at the twins, making them laugh again.Stop worrying, Liv, have some fun. You do not go far enough. -We will be very good, mama - Melly said solemnly, Liv wrapping the waist with his arms.Hum, You smell good! He withdrew his hand dark hair that had fallen on the girl's forehead and looking down at the blue eyes of his daughter, he felt something oppressing his heart.It was incredible, Melly, could resemble both their father and have a nature so gentle and so kind.Ryan, however, had been one hundred percent steel. -Even I'll be good Luke said, touching his chest with the thumb and opening his blue eyes very large, with an air of innocence.Luke was blonde, while her sister was dark.He had inherited the color of Liv, was so outgoing, as Melly was shy and reserved.They were different in physique and character, but seeing them, the heart of Liv s and contracted, simple love for them.For the hundredth time he wondered, how something as beautiful as her children from that marriage could be so vulgar and sordid. -Here comes your companion Joel said, indicating the door with the head, the doorbell rang.At the exact time. I want you to go to something more exciting, have dinner and attend a school board.I have to talk to Martin Wilson. Yes ... okay, not be late, Joel.

-Liv, stay till dawn if you want, as long as you have fun. Doctor's orders, Joel Denison pushed slightly to the door with a sigh of exasperation. If you do not open the door soon, I think you have to stay for dinner with us. Before I knew what was happening, Liv was sitting in his car Martin Holden, and headed to Airlie Beach. I hope you like the food in this place, Olivia. It is actually the first time I try, Martin Wilson, glanced at the pale face of Liv. -I am sure that like me, Martin. I've heard good things about the place, tried to answer in a cheerful voice and was relieved to see that concern disappeared from the face of Martin.I did not want to ask him what was wrong. Martin was a teacher of the school attended by the twins and had known one of the parent-teacher meetings last year, he had been transferred to the school.Their friendship began without complications, and neither seemed to be in a hurry, to acquire any more committed relationship.Liv, at least, did not want. I did not think to reestablish, no more intimate relationship with anyone. The fact that Martin had suggested to go to dinner, left Liv a little perplexed.There used to invite her to lunch or dinner. He preferred to meet her in meetings that both attended and that Liv seemed fine.Martin never did anything in a rush, she thought. He planned his life with clinical estimates, at thirty, her red hair was beginning to dwindle significantly. Though not a handsome man, his air of confidence and calm character, made him a suitable mate, but not exciting. It took a half hour and dinner and a little more on the school board before taking the coastal road towards her house. Liv had felt a little depressed and almost materialized to listen, but as Martin loved to talk, did not seem to notice you anything strange. In fact, at that time, he wore an air of pleased that, during the meeting, had won a trivial discussion with a parent. Looking at his hands, driving the car with confidence on the road to the bay, Liv experienced a fit of irritation and mind recalled other night, I had traveled this same road, clinging, in a mixture of terror and happiness, leather seat of a Jaguar E-type, while a pair of strong hands, driving the car breaking all the rules and regulations imaginable, defying gravity itself, while very white teeth shone in a face bronzed by the sun. That face came before her, so real in every detail, which was launched almost a gasp, but limited himself to shake hands in her lap.He remembered his jaw firm and square, but i hend hard on the chin.The sensual lips ... straight, aristocratic nose.The groove is formed in each of her cheeks as she laughed. And the most amazing deep blue eyes of the world, bordered by long, dark lashes. Eyes were so deep, that she often felt lost in them.He always wore long hair covering her neck with a rebellious lock of dark hair falling over his forehead, which made him look attractive piracy.

Martin mentioned the name of Luke, brought her back abruptly to the present. I'm sorry, Martin ... You were saying? -I knew that Luke had gotten in trouble again. - Luke? He said nothing What'd he do? -Liv frowned. -I know the whole story. Something about a fight, in which she starred the young Costello. - Oh, that! Liv sighed with relief.I know everything. In fact, Luke tried to stop the fight. The other child was much older than Dino Costello. - You know, Olivia? A boy needs a steady hand, a father to guide him. - Think you do not know, Martin? I love my children and am trying to educate them as best I can, Liv was upset. I'm sorry, Olivia. Show was not picky.I understand the problems, which you have to face Martin paused a moment.Have you thought about getting your divorce? - Divorce? -Liv repeated the word, as if it were foreign to her. No, he said softly and then added a little harder, 'No, I have not thought of that, Martin. - What about your husband?Have you ever approached you to dissolve the marriage? -No, never write, for some inexplicable reason, a cold hand seemed to oppress his heart. Never. 'No. There was silence between them, as they approached the beach, heading to the cottage of Liv.They passed a car parked on the road and Liv, was the brightness of the tip of a cigarette.Once, she and Ryan had stopped the car at that place ... 'I've never asked, but what happened between you and your husband?Not long lived together right? Liv almost willingly received, the interrupt that Martin had made his thoughts.On estarla seemed overwhelming, so insistent tonight and she had the impression that the past was as painful as it had always been. How could I answer the question for Martin? What could I say? Nothing, Nothing had happened between Ryan and her, because nothing had actually begun among them, except a brief marriage that neither could ... Nothing!Just nothing! I felt hysterical laughter that shook her inside. -No need to talk about it, if you alter, but I thought we were friends ... good friends, stopped behind the car Holden Joel, parked outside the house.He killed the engine, turned to her and took her hands. Olivia, before we go, I've been thinking about

this with you, for some time.I feel that I am already well established in my career, I have a steady income and some of money saved.I need a wife, and I think you and I, we could build a good life together. Liv panicked. He was not yet ready for this type of complication with Martin, or anyone else. Martin, please, I've never thought of that. I mean, I ... 'I know I have not selected the best time to discuss such a serious matter and you do not want to pressure you, but I would like you to think.That's all I ask of you ... think about it a little.Will you? He raised a hand to her, to her lips. 'All right, Martin was able to do anything, so to end the evening.Had shuddered, disgusted by the mere touch of his lips on his hand. Martin smiled, feeling very happy, without the slightest suspicion of the tumult of emotions that shook Liv. Got out and walked around to open the door. The porch light came on and Joel opened the door before she had had the opportunity to remove the key.The smiling face of his brother, it was strangely calm, his mere presence seemed to straighten out the world, for Liv, had been reeling all night. Hello., Will have a good time? Arrive in time for coffee Joel said, smiling quietly. Yes, we had a lovely evening, thank you, Martin replied, very formal. - Have you slept the twins? Hope you do not have as much problem-Liv Joel followed down the hall, throwing his light jacket over the back of a chair, while his brother took two jars over for coffee. He behaved very well and are sleeping like two angels. Melly almost fell asleep on Joel finished dinner drink from his cup. I'm going. Tomorrow I have a day a little agitated winked at Liv. Do not forget to go to dinner at the house tomorrow. DJ told me to remember him. 'll Pick you up at seven, as usual. that is ok! Yes Joel, I'll see you then, Liv had to make an effort, not to beg him to stay.I did not want to spend more time with Martin, tonight.If that was cowardice on his part, did not care. -Do not get up, Liv. I know the way. See you soon, Joel Martin walked hastily into the hall. - Denison takes care of children often? Asked Martin, with some hint of criticism in his voice. -Yes. Not that I need I care for them often, but Joel's almost always do, if not leave the twins with Mick and Mary Costello Why? Liv whispered, quietly. - Oh, no! Martin turned the coffee jar twice, watching the dark liquid.I thought you would not want to have anything to do with Denison, after your husband and you were separated.

-Nothing happened, had nothing to do with Joel said Liv, a high voice. -I do not say that had to do, Martin raised his hand. Of course, you know what you do. He seems like a great person. 'It's very, very good. If there were more men like Joel Denison in the world, this would be a better place to live. I suppose that Mr. Denison, likes to see their grandchildren from time to time, as Liv did not make any comment, Martin finished his coffee. It's getting late. I too must go. On Saturday is the day I do my chores, smiled and stood up. Outside, on the porch, turned around and embraced her, with uncharacteristic firmness in it. 'Thanks for the evening, Olivia. -Thanks for having me, Martin-she felt that her words sounded stiff, expressionless.Had wanted his body to relax tense, but without success. He shivered a little, feeling a strange thrill, as if someone invisible was watching. Martin was released into the act. -Are you cold. The breeze, it can be very cool by the sea.Do not want you to catch cold. Yes, it's cold. You'd better come. Martin leaned over and she turned her face, so he kissed her cheek. 'Good night, then. I'll call you next week, if not seen you before in school. Will you think of what I said? She stood, watching the lights of the car away from Martin.The light-colored car pass shortly before, was still parked by the roadside and was lit for a moment, by the lights of Martin. Liv shivered again and went inside, closing the door. He went to check on Luke. He pulled the blankets, the boy had thrown aside.Liv and Melly, shared the other bedroom.He undressed quietly and put on a cotton nightgown, short. Hair came loose and began to brush in the dark, with a distracted air, trying to stay calm. It was useless, could not sleep. Returned to the kitchen, closing the bedroom door, where her daughter was fast asleep.The depression that invaded the afternoon, continued to weigh on her and realized that would not let her sleep.It looked that continued besieging, memories of the past.After eight years, meant that everything had been in the back of his mind, was something that had happened, she had managed to escape and leave behind.His hands stopped a moment, in the task of washing the empty jars of coffee.What had been reminded to Ryan?

He always made a point of not thinking about him and believed he had achieved in eight years, completely erase from his mind. He smiled bitterly. His memories of that night, showed that this was a lie and that he remembered, as clearly as ever. The kitchen light was reflected in the outer court, and Liv stepped onto the porch, smiling when the breeze freshened up the hair and body, through the thin nightgown she wore.She put her elbows on the railing and took a deep breath, the air with the salty taste of the sea. Her house was about thirty yards from the white sand beach.The sky, illuminated by moonlight, was a mass of stars, the only signs of human life, were the lights of distant houses that were near the wharf, on the left side of the bay.The nearest house to the right, was nearly half a mile away. He sighed at the beauty of the night, wrapped an arm around the pole of the yard and laid her head against him, enjoying its freshness. She loved this place, peace and tranquility, the beauty of the crystal clear waters, white sand, nature is not yet affected by civilization. He frowned and turned his thoughts to what Joel had told him about the sale of property of Mrs. Craven.The thought that there could build a modern resort or a casino, you froze his heart. She realized that part of Australia, the Whitsunday Islands, had the unique appeal of its natural beauty. Incredibly, this was the only point where, DJ Denison and his father had agreed: the need to oppose any attempt to build skyscrapers and resorts.Charles Jansen had been a fisherman, proud of belonging to the working class.The fact that DJ Denison were a rich man's father had filled a natural distrust Liv. Not that DJ would not have worked to get where I was. He loved to tell everyone that he had made himself, who had built his company with their own hands. It started with a small ferry and now had a fleet, which monopolized the passenger service, they were going to the various recreation centers of the Whitsunday Islands.And, of course, had dreamed DJ Ryan took the reins of the empire, when DJ decides to retire. Liv's lips are pressed into a thin line.That was not enough for Ryan. True, he had graduated in engineering, with honors, University of Queensland and had taken several courses in business administration. But nothing seemed to satisfy him. He worked with his father for nearly a year, until that night, when everything seemed to explode around them. Who could tell when things started, what time their lives were focused on a particular address? It was long before those few weeks, which started as a snowball became an avalanche, which was to culminate in marriage. With a sigh, Liv sat on top of the small staircase and walked around his knees with his arms. It was useless to try to dispel memories. Crowded tonight, to pursue it and alter it. Liv realize what he was fighting against the inevitable, maybe if I let out their

thoughts altered, could re-place them on the site that belonged to the past, where they should not move.In addition, eight years was a long time. If I could think now, rationally, in the event, see it in its proper perspective, I would not ever. He remembered the first time I saw Ryan Denison, as clearly as if it happened that afternoon.But it had been nineteen years before, on a summer afternoon. At that time she was six.For three days, going to school in her new bike.He was very big and very important. On that particular evening, was to cross the park for a shortcut, which shortened the journey from school to his house near the beach, when four men jumped a fence and forced to stop.He had to make an effort not to fall off the bicycle. The kids started running around her, laughing and mocking, pushing the bike side to side, without letting go his way. Tears began to fall down her cheeks. For a girl of six years, men and boys were almost, but not supposed to have more than ten or twelve years. Shaken by a growing fear and fury, began to shout to be left alone, not realizing that another cyclist had stopped next to them.Two of his executioners were prostrate on the ground before any of them knew it, of what was happening.The oldest boy, he faced the newcomer, trying to hit and when, the four rascals started running, her rescuer was bleeding from the nose and had broken his shirt. Looking at him, tears still running down her cheeks, Liv thought he looked like the rulers of all fairy tales, she had read.At age twelve, he already showed signs of manly good looks that would have. He ran a hand over his nose, disdainfully dismissing the trail of blood left in her, and began to shake, dust and dry leaves of the pants. -Thanks for making them run away, 'she said, her voice trembling. -It was nothing, took out a nearly clean handkerchief and offered it.Here, wipe your eyes. -Thanks, did what he said and returned his handkerchief, adding: 'Are not you better wipe the blood? He lightly wiped the blood from his nose and fell back, the handkerchief in his pocket.Rose again to his bicycle, which was very bright and had all kinds of accessories and decorations. I do not think those fools back, but you better go with the park until it ends. What is your name? -Liv. Olivia Jansen-up the bike and began to move next to him, swaying. 'I'm Ryan Denison, he noted, the way she was driving the bike.How long have you ride? -He reduced the speed to stay with her. -No. My dad let me use it to go to school since Monday. It's new. It was my birthday last week, 'he said, very proudly.Have a lot of time with yours?

-Years, but all a bit wobbly at first. My brother, took him for months learning to walk in his. Liv's heart, was filled with pride.She managed to keep his balance, almost from the start. Soon they were at the park gate, he stopped and smiled again, saying: -We will see. 'Thank you Liv smiled and looked at him with eyes of worship. For her it was like his father, the brother who always wanted and Santa Claus all rolled into one. He laughed happily. -Better give me a thank you kiss, when you're sixteen, it's laughter followed her as she walked away, blushing, on his bicycle.See you in ten years, Liv Jansen shouted. Her lips moved in a bitter smile.Ryan had been a precocious boy. I had seen him from afar throughout his school years. Often heard his father grumble and complain, the follies of the "possessed" oldest son DJ Ryan Denison, seemed not to notice the existence of Liv.Instead, she felt an indescribable longing, a deep emotion, every time I saw him coming out of school, on the dock or beach. Feelings were, he could not understand. However, she did not talk to him until the night he attended the birthday party of a friend, three months before, which she fulfilled seventeen.Most of his school friends were there and Liv had no idea that the brothers Denison, had been invited too.The party was at its height, when Joel and Ryan arrived.Liv saw when he finished the piece that was dancing.At least he saw Ryan, to anyone else. She knew, never forget that moment.He felt that he stopped breathing and the beating of his heart, became more rapid.He was the handsomest man she had seen Liv. At twenty-three, Ryan Denison seemed to have everything. He was tall, dark and very handsome, his family was very rich and well known in the community. Many young partygoers, as she thought and soon, a large group of girls, had surrounded. Shyly, Liv was on the sidelines, watching in disguised form, how Ryan moved between them. I knew when I was dancing, if you sit and talk and compared it with all the other boys present.He had to admit that there was no comparison, was above all. He had been so absorbed in her thoughts shuddered, surprised, when Joel Denison sat beside her and asked if I would dance with him.Almost automatically accepted and after a few minutes, the frank and natural young, had overcome her shyness, laughed and joked with him, as if he were ever to meet him. That was the kind of person he was and she wanted to Joel, for the millionth time, falling in love with him, rather than play the fool in front of his brother.

At that time, so that Liv was concerned, Joel Denison, though it was a nice guy and reasonably attractive in its way, was only a pale replica of his brother. It was not so high or so wide, nor so dark as he, or could never be as handsome as Ryan. But the saying that there is beauty ... and she had but could prove very well. He spent just over an hour talking and dancing with him at one point, when they were on the dance floor, Ryan seemed to fix his attention on them. His eyes had diminished, with speculative expression, before the light back away. The atmosphere was becoming annoying, full of smoke and heat. Liv and Joel walked to the terrace and that's when Ryan found them when he came out to see if Joel was ready to go home. Both were sitting on the railing overlooking the courtyard and the presence of Ryan, was enough for Liv was about to lose balance and fall down a floor on the lawn. - Hey, watch out! Ryan exclaimed, extending his hand to see that she was staggering.He helped her regain balance and off the rail. Liv felt his mouth went dry and it burned the flesh, in the spot he had touched her.Ryan's eyes traveled from head to toe, smiling. 'Well, well. This is the reason why I have not seen all night, eh, Joel?Will not you introduce us? -I know I'll regret it, he replied, sadly. Well, Liv Jansen, this is my brother Ryan smiled on both, in a good mood. Jansen-Liv-he took the hand she stretched and pressed firmly, as he frowned. I seem to remember that name, his white teeth gleamed in a smile.I remember ... the bike! Her eyes swept over again with admiration.You've changed a bit since then ... for the better, of course. The dark blue eyes, they stopped at the roundness of her breasts and she felt herself blushing. -I also remember something else ... a little pact we made.You owe me a kiss, Liv Jansen, and I think it's time to collect it. -Hey, what are you talking about? 'Said Joel. -Once Liv saved a group of guys, that was bothering her and she promised me a kiss, when she turned sixteen, raised an amused eyebrow.Already have sixteen? Yes, I'll be seventeen, but I did not promise anything, began to protest Liv, her face on. -Liv Jansen, tell me you're not the women who deny what they promise!So I guess I'll have to steal a kiss. Before she realized what was happening, he took her in his arms and kissed her lips.

From that moment was his, as if the kiss had been a hallmark of his property.Looking back, Liv had the distinct suspicion that Ryan had noticed that, too.Joel knew. I could see in his eyes and realized he was disappointed.But she could not do anything to change the situation. Ryan's body against his, for those few seconds they were together, was enough to awaken a longing that she had never dreamed, lying dormant within. Denison's brothers had come together in Joel's car, as the sports car was being repaired Ryan.So out of the party, the two were to leave home Liv. Had been squeezed between the two in the front seat and the short drive to his house, was an exquisite pleasure for her.I could feel the strength of Ryan's thigh, pressed against his and his outstretched arm on the seat. The tip of thumb he moved, with the softness of a feather on her bare shoulder. She turned toward him, her astonished blue eyes.The eyes of both met and it seemed to envelop her, hers stopped at Ryan's lips and a shudder shook her. He must feel his involuntary movement, he smiled, amused, almost satisfied. They stopped at the house, Ryan went down, and helped her down. -I'll walk to the door she said calmly, and took his elbow so that it barely had time to leave a hurry to Joel, with a brief "good night". His father had forgotten to leave the porch light on, so she stopped and turned to Ryan, at the foot of the stairs. -I am very grateful that I have brought home she said, breathlessly. -The pleasure was definitely mine. And Joel, of course. 'Good evening, she turned, full of confusion, and began climbing the stairs in a hurry. 'Soon we will, Liv, is a promise,' he said gently. Recalling those times, Liv squeezed his eyes tightly, closed trying to erase the images that came to his memory. Heavens, how she had been gullible and naive back then!he thought bitterly, was very young and was in love for the first time. In love for the first time, he asked mockingly.Love for the first and last time, he said, as a sore oppressed his heart, avoiding the heavy defenses he had built around him, to avoid vulnerability. The fact that Ryan Denison had shown interest in her, the young heart was jumping for joy Liv clouds rose in the midst of indescribable ecstasy. But what if I had to remember all that? What good could do? Now all that was ancient history. Sitting under the cool breeze coming from the sea, with eyes closed, Liv felt the first signs of fatigue. He was awakened to go to bed now beginning to feel sleepy.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide.That noise! It sounded like someone had stepped on a dry leaf. He stood up in haste, when a figure appeared at the side of the house, as if turned, from the patio. - Who is it? Who's there? Shouted scared. He stepped back, up the stairs. The figure stopped to listen to the voice, advanced firmly, until the light from the open kitchen door, fell on his face, causing instant recognition. Liv clutched his chest as if to stop his heart beating rapidly and shouted: - You!

Chapter 2
For the first time in his life, Liv thought he was going to faint. His body leaned against the pole yard and swallowed hard. For a moment, thought it was an apparition, but soon found I was wrong. -Forgive me for scare-the voice was the same, the sound opened old wounds healed and she believed.Liv has been a long time. He was looking in the same way once daring and yet was not the exact look then.His eyes were in the shadows, but she could feel the traveled. It seemed that his hands touched. Realizing that was little cover, with short cotton nightgown, folded his arms across his body defensively. - Is not it too late for a visit? His voice was almost calm and she was astonished at his composure, the normality of his words. - Do all you have to say after eight years? He shook his head from side to side. Nice welcome, Mrs. Denison! - What kind of welcome you expect after eight years?What threw me in your arms? Bitterly asked, not believing what he saw. There was a time that would have done just that Ryan smiled and stepped into the first step. Liv made an involuntary movement, backwards. - Do not you invite me to go? - No! -The word left his lips, like an explosion. Not repeated, recovering a little composure. I do not think it's a good idea. I mean he looked at her in silence for a moment and with a nimble movement, stood beside her.Liv was not a petite girl, but had to tilt his head backward to look at him.

Feeling disgusted with herself, she realized that her body had become tense and seemed to crave contact him. Almost had extended a hand to touch him, when inhaled deeply and held a deep breath. Ryan, I think you should go. - Just like that? His lips made a face. It's late. Maybe tomorrow morning, would go to see the people Are you going to be ... a long time? I mean he put his hands in the pockets of his dark pants.He turned to look toward the sea. She noted his strong profile, trying to decide if he had changed. His dark hair was shorter. His shoulders were wider still, his face had lost the traces of youth she remembered, but in general, had to admit that was as attractive as ever. 'You've changed a lot,' he said at last, but I guess all we have.Could you give me something to drink, to remember old times. 'I said ... okay, almost against his will, and stepped into the kitchen.Wait here. I'll get dressed and bring you a beer. 'I've seen a lot less of what you are wearing now, said, his eyes fixed on the firm roundness of her breasts. He was hurt. His eyes flashed. Would have liked to pounce on him, scratching, hitting, but only moved his lips in a gesture of contempt. You have not changed anything, Ryan. He took two big steps to reach out and dug his fingers into the forearms of Liv. 'And you, yes you've changed a lot.How could this happen? Let me go! You're hurting me! That's nothing new for you, tried to break out of the hands that imprisoned. -Liv, do not provoke me too ...-for a second, his hands the oppressed, then dropped her away.He turned, shrugged and took a deep breath. Liv looked at him, rubbing his aching arms. - Who were the men who came here tonight? He asked casually. Men How did you know? 'I'm here since nine, parked next to the beach. I wanted to see you alone, turned and stared. If you ended up alone ... 'You're a ... a ... Still, you keep judging others by yourself, Liv felt his breathing fluttered and his face burning.So was Ryan, who was in the silver car that had been passed.And you were parked on the beach alone? He asked, with apparent sweetness.That must be a new experience for the great Ryan Denison.

Look, Liv, I do not think you're creating the right atmosphere for the children, my children. Sales with a man, while taking care of them-let to another was furious. - Do your children? -Had paled. Yes, my children. I know all about them. I've known, since they were eighteen months.Although no thanks to you, 'he added, sarcastically. - How did you know? She asked in a choked voice. - Do you mind? Suffice to say that I knew. You could have told me. Did not he have a right to know? She took a step forward, leaving a few inches from her. He looked as if he hated. - Right? Right? Liv's voice rose, while their fury.You did not have rights.You did not want ties with me, at first, and I wanted them to you later. Now, I'm tired ... I go to bed. He reached out, grabbed her and forced her to face him. - You think you can fix everything with simple words? Try to be honest with yourself for once, Liv. You were only sixteen years old ... too young to bonds. -But not too young for the other things you wanted. She tried to wiggle out of his hands, but failed. -So you think you have me very well and weighed, calculated and carefully marked in your mind, is not it? I am the villain of the piece. Well, it would be a great pity to disappoint, Mrs. Denison. No, I have not changed as much as I thought. Maybe I need to see how much you've changed ... His lips descended on hers, with furious intensity, eager to hurt, to punish and to provoke.His strong arms around her, his hands fell to her hips and drew closer to his muscular body.Liv's hands, were imprisoned between the two bodies, with fingers extended Ryan's chest. Neither seemed to notice, in that moment of passion replaced the anger, but Liv suddenly found his arms had encircled the neck of Ryan, the fingers of one hand entwined in her thick hair.When he moved a hand to the roundness of her breast, almost moaned his name. How was it possible to respond in this way, after all that had happened?She felt her stomach turn. But while his mind loudly declared his disgust, the body still yielding to the touch. He slid his hands back toward the chest and although Ryan. desperate beat of his heart belied his actions, he gathered what little strength he had left and pushed him. - "Great! It seems you have not changed. We were always a perfect match, his tone was scornful. - Go, Ryan!And leave me alone!

I mean he bowed his head.His smile was wry, while their eyes were cold.And on the steps turned toward her. 'I wondered how long I will stay. You'll get used to meet at every turn, because I will stay here. For an indefinite period! He disappeared, turning the house. Liv locked the back door and locked it. Standing Together Ornament or at the table, touched the cheeks and found they were wet with tears.They are removed by hand, disgusted with herself. It must have been a premonition, which had worried that afternoon, a form of mental telepathy, which Ryan had returned to his thoughts.Why had he returned, to alter its ordered life?It had taken many years to place their lives to normal and now he came to make her falter in a whirlpool of emotional turmoil. Fresh tears started rolling down her cheeks. -Mommy, what's wrong? The voice of the child, suddenly appeared beside her and took her hand, looking sleepy and worried eyes.Why are you crying? It doesn't suit you well. - Oh, Luke ...! He laughed. I'm fine, really, he wiped his face with a paper towel.Is that ... could not sleep. 'You can come and lay on my bed with me, if you like, patted the arm, comforting attitude. - Oh, boy! -He knelt beside the boy and hugged him tightly, trying to suppress the new tears threatening to pour forth.I'm sorry I woke you. Do not you want a glass of water before going back to bed? -Looked at the little face, with his cloak of freckles across her nose upturned. Yes, please, Mom. I thought I heard voices. - Oh! -Liv handed him the glass of water. 'Maybe I was dreaming ... He drank the water, put the glass in the sink and went to Liv down the hall. - Are you sure it does not hurt anything, Mommy? He asked, when she lay down and wrapped again. I'm all right, son. Until tomorrow, she kissed his nose.

The telephone woke Liv, near dawn.With a groan, he turned and pulled the bedclothes. The shrill bell stopped ringing, when she stood up.He realized that Melly's bed was empty.He walked into the room where he could hear the voice of Luke. -He is still asleep, Uncle Joel.I think I was sick last night, so Melly and I are going to take breakfast in bed.

'I'm awake, Luke, Liv ran a hand through her tousled hair. I was stunned. Joel said into the phone, talk Liv. 'I'm sorry I woke you, but it is important. What happened last night? Luke says that you were not right, Joel seemed upset. She was not sick ... just could not sleep.What was it you wanted me? -Wow, Liv, I do not know how to say this ... Look, I think I'd better go. -Stop worrying, Joel. I know. - Did you know? Who told you? -The bad news, coming soon. 'But if he just arrived. -He came last night. "Last night?" How do you know ...?You mean, you phoned after I left?Was Martin still there? -No. Martin was gone and actually came to the house. - You went to the house? How did you know you were there? I have no idea. Are you living with you? I do not know, really. Came to see me in the office. As far as I know, I went to see DJ ..., who must be now.So if you hear an explosion, you know what it is ...-Joel tried to laugh.Liv ? - Yes, Joel? "I'm sorry. Never thought it would appear so, so quiet, and I think I understand how you estarte feeling, but I think he has changed a lot. - What do you think? He asked skeptically. Yes. Do not you? -No ... yes ... Joel, I do not know!It was a shock and was ... well, we do not behave in a very rational.I think we both said things ... Joel, I would not have returned.I think I can handle it. 'Come on, calm down, Liv. You must not let this ruin your life. We are in a free country do not have to see it, if you want. I can talk to him, his voice was comforting. - Can you imagine Ryan ignoring someone? -Laughed. 'Perhaps ... no, she heard him sigh. And has found out about the twins, too. He said he had years of knowing about them, but did not say who revealed it. - What will you say about Ryan? Children, I mean.

'That's one of the things that I was awake.I guess I'll have to tell you something. Me that is going to stay a while and no doubt there will be rumors.I would not want the twins learn of the truth through other people. I am the one who should say them. Oh, Joel! I thought the past was behind him. Ara est always here, to overwhelm us, though we try to bury it. - Come, come. Do not let this get you down. Let's see how things unfold. It may all be for good. 'In that sense, I can not follow your reasoning. Guess what, Joel? You never said a word against him. I mean he does not deserve your loyalty.It deserved it then, now, does not deserve chuckled bitterly. Well, I have no right to speak. I just had to look at me and I ... 'Her voice broke. -Liv, fret not, please, begged Joel. I'm sorry, seems to be becoming a habit of mine, mourn on your shoulder.I do not know why they endure. You should give me a good tug on the ear and order me to grow. You're too good and I took advantage of you. 'I'll tell you when you had enough. Look, this paperwork can wait until Monday. I'll get you and witness the football game, where Luke is going to participate. Both can release some of our strains contained, yelling at our team to victory. 'That seems like a cowardly way out, but maybe you're right. -May not always be right, but at least I'm never wrong.See you in three quarters of an hour, Joel smiled.

Chapter 3
Joel kept open the doors of your car, come down to Liv and the twins.She looked up at the home of Denison, with the same awe as always, after eight years of going there.He had seen the house nearby, for the first time, the night that Joel fulfilled twenty-one. Her beauty had taken away the breath. And they still could. Was built on a hill overlooking its own private beach, a beach that had many memories to Liv. DJ Denison indeed had reason to be proud of himself.He who truly love the area and cared for her, was something that had won strong support from other personalities of the district, although he was a man somewhat intransigent. All admired his almost obsessive protection of the area, I did not want to be exposed to commercial exploitation. Liv and children went to dinner with him every Saturday, which had become something like a ritual. It was not that he disliked Liv go home to his father. DJ sincerely loved his grandchildren and, apart from a little despotic tendencies, was an

interesting man, of pleasant conversation, and could become a charming guy if he wanted. When the twins were born, had insisted that they and Liv to go and live with him, but she had stood firm, saying he preferred to live in his house with his father. At the time, wanted nothing to do with Denison.Her pain was still very fresh, very new. But the love of DJ at twins, had made it impossible for her to be denied access to them.When his father died three years ago, DJ renewed their pressure for her to sell the house and went to live with him and Joel. Liv took all the willpower and all the strength he possessed, to resist the urging of DJ, and even now, not an evening passed without a reference to his proposal.Joel almost always came to her rescue, turning the conversation to other subjects, because he understood very well, their need for independence. Tonight, Liv faced the evening with great reluctance, almost with a certain foreboding. When you got into the car, his eyes had asked Joel if Ryan was going to be there, but he shook his head. Even the usual affability of Joel seemed off, when they made the short drive. Thomas opened the door, with his usual smile and stepped back so that twins run toward the room, to greet the grandfather.Liv's servant gave their jackets, because the night was cool after the heat of the day. Joel stayed with her, admiring the beauty of her sister. - Do you know DJ that has become his son? I mean, Ryan came to see him this morning? - Do you think DJ might not know? Yes I thought Ryan came over here to see a DJ, but apparently phoned him. I do not know what they said. - How did the news? -Quite calm, which surprised me. DJ was confined to move the head up and down and went into his study to work, put a hand on Liv's arm to stop the advance of this to the room.Liv ? What about you? Do you feel as good about this? He asked and looked at her. She felt the rush of pain, which overshadowed his eyes for a moment, before he could hide it.Do you still care? - Oh, Joel! The only thing that matters is that the twins did not go hurt and will do anything to protect them.If that means having a duel with Ryan, do not hesitate, and I will do with all the decision that I can. Look, Liv, I think he's changed, Joel said, when his father opened the door of the room. - Olivia? Joel? What are they up to, who have stayed there in the lobby?Pass. Serve drinks, Joel. They sat in the room and Joel gave Liv a dry Martini.

-Luke was telling me that his team won the football game this morning.I feel that I was unable to see, 'said DJ. -Yes, it was a very exciting match. Liv began to drink from his glass. Part of his mind was spinning in conversation with Joel.He wondered at what point, mention the name of DJ Ryan during the meeting, because everyone was awaiting his arrival. DJ Ryan did not mention when they reached the main course dinner, a sudden influx of Thomas, took everyone by surprise.Liv considered it almost a relief to the growing tension had been feeling, but this feeling did not last long. The butler was a little upset when the dining room door closed behind him and went to DJ. - I can talk you out, sir? DJ frowned, but before he could answer, the door opened and a figure filled the doorway. For a moment that seemed eternal, no one spoke, not even children, and all eyes were fixed on the newcomer. Liv's heart, jumped erratic. Ryan had never been more handsome, which at that time. Liv felt a terrible urgency, to run to him and hug him.Emotional equilibrium prevailed and tried to put a stop to these spontaneous reactions to push into the past to which they belonged, along with other gifts to their loving nature had given him generously and he had shattered, in his need to take what they wanted, without stopping to think about the cost of it. Now he was standing there as the focus of attention. He was wearing cream jeans, which stuck to her thighs. The short-sleeved shirt was in the same fabric and color of the pants. Was ajar until the middle of the chest, showing some dark hair. Artificial light, gleamed the gold watch on his wrist. His face was expressionless. Her eyes barely flickered when crossed to each of the diners.Joel glanced anxiously at his father and stood up. -Sit, DJ Joel made a motion with his hand, forcing his young son to sit down, without looking back at him: Yes, Ryan, as unconventional as usual.Will you join us, or you will be standing there all night? Ryan nodded and let the door close behind him. 'Put another place, he ordered Thomas DJ, telling Ryan that occupy the empty chair next to Joel, opposite Liv. -I ate, thanks, but I'll take some coffee. 'Yes, sir Thomas Ryan went to the coffee machine, placed in a cupboard. The twins watched with interest the newcomer question, as they had perceived the tension fills the air.DJ looked at Liv and children and then Ryan.

-The return of the prodigal son. You should have warned us you were coming, rather than take everyone by surprise-his voice was expressionless. - Come on, DJ! It amazes me that coming from you ... the master of shock tacticsRyan raised an eyebrow before returning to Liv.Are not we going to present? Her eyes seemed to challenge her, telling the two boys. Both DJ Joel stood up in their chairs, while Liv joined hands in her lap, in a convulsive gesture. -Children, this is Ryan's brother, Uncle Joel. Ryan, meet Luke and Melanie was Liv expression of supplication, as he turned to Ryan. Melly smiled shyly. You never had seen. Where have you been? He asked, while Luke Ryan looked solemn. Liv could almost see his mind working, analyzing the unknown, dissecting a problem that he knew existed but could not understand. 'I've been working away here in Fiji and New Zealand,' said Ryan. -We know where New Zealand, right, Luke? The new guy in our group is there and the teacher showed us where his country, said Melly. -Fiji is New Zealand's north and east of here, said Ryan. -Looks like you have done well, 'said DJ. I can not complain. Scarcely had they reached the room, DJ was called to the phone and Joel took the kids to play. Liv walked to the window overlooking the sea. He felt instinctively that Ryan had quietly crossed the room to stand behind her. The girl's heart pounding. -Never forget this view ... the way the moonlight played on the sand and water, said Ryan, as if he really felt what he was saying. -Yes, very beautiful, 'she said. Liv tried to stay calm. Should treat it as if it were a casual acquaintance.But he was not in any sense, cried a little voice inside her. Liv looked toward the beach. Could mark the exact spot where they had been together. I wanted his eyes away from it, but seemed hypnotized, as her body burned with a mixture of shame and desire. 'Of course, we have special reason to remember this view, do you, Liv? Her voice flowed around her like honey, smooth as silk.She turned to him and then regretted doing so because he was too close to his muscular body. -I would rather forget, Ryan, and I consider it distasteful and rude, you've remembered she said with a tone of contempt.

- Can you forget it, Liv? She slid a finger from her shoulder to the elbow, making her shiver. Not me, I remember with absolute clarity. -I am surprised, you've been sober enough to remember something at that moment, the door opened and DJ. Ryan's jaw had been contracted in a gesture of anger, but when he turned to his father, his face betrayed no emotion.The two men began to talk about many different topics, all impersonal, while Liv felt I was ready to scream. He stood up and spoke: 'You'd better go home. It is past time, that children should lie.I'll look and Joel. DJ and Ryan are also erected. 'I think that I'm leaving. I'll leave at home, Liv said Ryan. There is no need. Joel brings us always, Liv came to the door, eager to escape him. -It's no bother to me. Joel does not need to take your car, when I have mine at the door looked at her firmly. - Where are you staying, Ryan? You can come back here if you like DJ said hoarsely, amazing Liv. 'Thanks anyway, I feel good where I am, at the moment. Addressed a DJ, look at Liv and this, to understand what his father was imagining, blushed.Was it possible to think that was staying at her house? - Why do not you take us to the house as usual, Uncle Joel? Luke asked, looking at the silver Mercedes Ryan in disgust. You always do. Liv blushed, before the bad manners of his son, while agreeing with the sentiments expressed by him. 'Mr Den ... Ryan has very kindly offered to save you the trip to your uncle explained Liv. Without showing any concern, or make any comment, Ryan opened the rear door of the car and went inside Melly. Ryan leaned on it, to putting on the belt and then pulled back to let Luke.It stared at him, before boarding the car. He hastily put the belt, that Ryan did not have to help. Liv slid into the front seat, not looking Ryan.Silent in the short run along the edge of the bays and nerves were tense Liv, when the car stopped in front of the house. -Thanks for bringing us home, 'said Luke, with some contempt for Ryan. -I'll go with you. I have to talk to your mother, do you allow? -His steady gaze, made Luke show undecided.All entered the cas a. Liv Ryan left the room, while he was going to see that the boys put on pajamas, brush their teeth and went to bed, after saying good night to Ryan visible shyness. A Melly is closed and eyes, when Liv tucked her in bed.

-Good night, Mommy. Is not that cute guy's brother Joel? It's so nice! Liv locked the room door Melly, thinking wryly that Ryan had not lost its appeal among women.He crossed the hall to the bedroom of Luke. This was lying very straight, very tense and serious. - What do you want to talk to you, Mommy?You know you do not have to talk to him, if you want. - W hy should not he want to talk to him?Stop worrying and go to sleep, leaned over and kissed him. Well ... I do not like it, Mommy said, frowning. -Luke!Liv ... 'he began. I don't like them.. ...! So, cry me if you want to go with you 'he said, solemnly, his face serious, he briefly resemblance to Ryan. 'All right, I'll call if I need you. Everything will be alright, sleep, my love, hugged him tightly. -Good night, Mommy, 'said the boy, almost against his will. The kitchen light was on and Ryan had two jars of instant coffee on the table and was about pouring boiling water on them, when Liv met him without much enthusiasm. -With milk and sugar, right? See? There are many things I remember, spoke without looking up. Ryan, I start to get tired of all these little hints. She looked at him coldly, wondering who exercised control over itself. -I can understand, sat at the table, gesturing to invite her to imitate it. His attitude was taken by surprise and dropped into the chair. He drank coffee in silence. -Boys are stunning, you did a good job with them. 'Thank you, could not entirely clear, the note of sarcasm in his voice. Ryan got up, washed his jar and Liv felt a moment of relief, thinking he was going.But he stood with his hands resting on the back of the chair, staring without blinking. I do not remember that you were sarcastic, but I guess I deserve it. I left you alone, that you will face the full consequences of what happened, but I did not know how serious they were, but at that time, I had my reasons for leaving. He turned, and thrust his hands into his pockets. -I want to start making amends, Liv.

She stood before him, while a crowd of thoughts accumulated in his mind. A whirlwind of emotions shook her, was a mixture of anger, uncertainty, fear. 'I had a good time, Ryan, do not need anything, should remain calm. He turned with fury on her face painted and a muscle in his jaw tensed. - Damn, Liv! I do not mean that. I realize, that you have not touched a penny of the money that I sent to the b ank.You're a stubborn, walked back and forth exasperated, then paused and breathed deeply.What I meant is that I love me ... all three, I want to compensate the eight-year absence. A wave of nostalgia, of longing for him, she felt, but fell back, revealing her pain and sense of rejection. - Compensate? Doing amendments? What? Well you're arrogant and conceited ...!Do you think you really need? -Almost spat the words. -Liv, for heaven's sake, think rationally, he turned to the table, so as to face her.I'm out of money. I can give children the kind of life they should have ... education, placed a hand on her arm, but Liv took it from a blow. - I put a hand on! My children are happy, well maintained and well loved. Whatever you need, I can provide it, inhaled deeply. - Including a parent? -His eyes, stared penetrating her face. Liv realized, that was his anger under strict control. A father-Au n she repeated and continued, eager to hurt him, as he had done with her.Martin Wilson, a good friend of mine has asked me to marry him, and I may decide to accept it. So, you see, not having made the effort needed to return. Your journey has been a complete waste of time. - Really? You're a married woman, Liv, remember? You can not marry anyone unless you try to commit the crime of bigamy. -There is a divorce. 've Been away long enough, so you can get it on the basis of leaving home. -But you're forgetting one thing, Mrs. Denison, his hands lightly leaned on his arms. I do not want a divorce, especially now that I've realized what I've been missing.We have plenty of time to replenish the lost years.You are mine, Liv, and what's mine, remains mine. I'll recover ... you and the twins. - RECOVER? -She pushed his hands. You may not retrieve something that was not yours to begin with, moved into the hall.I'll walk to the door, Ryan. We have nothing more to say. - What do you mean? -Stopped her and pulled her toward him. Liv tried to escape, but found the strength of the wall behind her and Ryan's muscle tone in front of her.

-Let go, Ryan said softly, remembering the proximity of children, especially Luke, who had perceived the antagonism that existed between them. He smiled maliciously, pulled her to his chest and felt Liv, a spark of desire began to fire into it. 'Your body tells me not to talk seriously, Liv-the closeness of her thighs, was warm through the thin fabric of her dress.Ryan's lips touched his temple, he nibbled the lobe of his ear, trying to awaken the desire in every fiber of your body. The tightly against each other, putting pressure inviting. Ryan's hand slid down her neck, to take away, impatient, the clasp that held him back his hair. -Do not tie it back. I like loose, so you can put my finger on it, drew a handful of hair to his face, to suck the delicious aroma.Or memory does that smell.In eight years, never faded from my mind. Both his hands, held her head down and his lips, to take possession of the mouth of Liv, with a passion that seemed to set fire to both. The girl's lips parted, to react without thinking.Liv's hands began to open the buttons of his shirt Ryan, to expose her breast and she could feel the firmness of the male skin.Her fingers slid down the soft hair that covered him and felt that the blood pulsing in his ears.With an urgency that seemed to be as powerful as hers, Ryan stroked the curve of the breasts.As he breaks one of the thin straps of her dress, Liv seemed to regain consciousness of what was happening. - Ryan! He pushed his hands on his chest, putting some distance between the upper body of both. Liv did not need to be told that he was physically as excited as her, and had to fight an almost uncontrollable urge, to throw all rational thought to the winds and let sink in the ecstasy of mutual physical excitement, seek satisfaction that she knew he could provide. Once it had happened and was about to ruin his own life and to some extent, it also. Ryan, please let me go. I think you should go, I wanna go to bed. 'Me too, said, caressing voice.But you. You do not know how I want to make love! Pulled-back to his arms and ran his lips, facial contours.Delicious delicious smell ... you know ... you are a delight.What is your room? Ryan, I want to sleep with you, but spoke firmly, could not control the quivering of her body suggestively. - Liar! You want me as much as I love you. Eight years is a long time ... too, had been leading to the first door on the left, which gave the room she shared with Melly.Is this? -Ryan's hand slid the latch.

I share this room with Melly, Ryan said softly, his hand and stopped, hesitating. You do not want to risk it, you can wake up at an inopportune time. - Cheating! Muttered angrily and walked away. He walked to the door. Remember what I told you, Liv. You're mine, his words were soft, but so plain that seemed to resound throughout the hall. You were always mine. And I have intentions to keep it that way. T he morning dawned bright and clear, just a little warm.For the first time in his life, Liv cursed the sunshine, when she was so gray, so sad, so desolate, it seemed an injustice. While preparing breakfast for three, was walking and moving like a robot, driven by some external force that kept her body functioning, when his heart and his mind had stopped. Melly chatted happily as she spread jelly on your toast, and Luke ate grumpy, his cornflakes with milk. 'You're eating like a snail, Luke.I'm going to win r, 'said Melly. I'm not racing with you throwing the brother replied with a grunt, looking at his sister with a frown. - What nag you today! Melly-turned to his mother. Luke got out of bed the wrong side, Mom. - Shut up, Melly! Why do girls have to be always talking and laughing like fools? -I do not speak or laugh like a fool-Melly was offended. 'Now, now ... no fights' said Liv. Take your breakfast, Luke. I have no very hungry, indeed, pushed his plate, without seeing his mother. - Do not you feel good? -Liv looked worried. -No ... yes.I'm fine, Mom, took his glass of orange juice and his eyes met those of her mother over the edge of glass. - Uncle Joel has other siblings? He asked suddenly, while Liv turned to get a slice of bread from the toaster. His hand froze on the hot slice.I could not lie to your child, but ... what could I say? - Mom? Luke-pressed, while Melly looked at both, eyes puzzled by the question of Luke. -No. Simply butter the bread-applied calmly and put it on the table. Two pairs of eyes stared at her. The Melly, with an innocent expression. The Luke, with the expression of an adult. What the seven years? Liv asked. He was letting his imagination fly. Should be the result of a guilty conscience, she told herself.

-It is attractive, right? Much more than Uncle Joel Melly said. But guy is cute too, 'he added hastily, as though he was being unfair to Joel. The phone rang at the time and Liv became jumped up to answer it. I never received so willingly interrupted. 'Good morning, Olivia Martin's voice said, after she had answered breathlessly. - Oh, Martin! What's up? You're an early riser, I see. -A long time ago I got up. I usually run around the park before breakfast.I do it as often as I can. -A very healthy habit, said Liv, having something to say. Yes, it is. Are you free this afternoon? I thought maybe the kids and you, want a ride in the car.That is, if you have nothing better to do. Suddenly the idea of moving away from the house, seemed to Liv best thing that could happen. Maybe that, Luke postpone questions and give opportunity to prepare their answers, knowing that would ask. The kids come home from church at eleven. Would not you like us to do a picnic on the beach? -A picnic ... hey, that's fine.I'm not a picnic, since childhood.They would like. I'll pick them up at eleven-thirty. Is that okay? -Was surprised. 'All right, give me time to prepare lunch. He returned to tell the children about the picnic.Melly was excited, even though Martin was going. However, Luke was less enthusiastic. His eyes seemed to say, who had kept their questions for another time. Liv was closing the lid of the basket of lunch, when Martin arrived. Soon they were all in the car. She and the kids wore their bathing suit under shorts and blouses.Liv looked at the dress of Martin, with a bit of fun.He wondered if this man will never cease to be serious and hard, if not ever relax. - Do you have any idea, what place can we go? He asked.I have not left much of the population. 'I know the perfect place. It is our favorite place. There are many trees whose shade we eat and the beach is quite safe for swimming, said Liv. The twins were playing in the water's edge, after lunch, while Liv and Martin were lying on towels on the sand in the shade of a palm tree. The eyes of the teacher, toured the beautiful image she offered lying beside him. - Have you considered my proposal, Olivia? He asked gently. For a moment, Liv could not remember what proposition was talking about.Experienced a fit of remorse, seeing the intense expression of his face.

-No, I could not do it, Martin.I have not had a free moment, since Friday.And I do not make a decision without weighing things very well. Sure. Olivia-I ... took her hand.Am I pushing? I know you have to think about the decision, and then not have to repent.You need a husband, and I know I could ... Martin, please do not talk about that this afternoon. Enjoy the day without serious discussion, Liv tried to withdraw her hand and squeezed Martin still for a moment before releasing it with some reluctance. that is ok! But I will not give up, you know, they sat silent for a moment, but it was Martin who broke the silence. - Did you spend a pleasant evening with your father last night? -Very nice-to Liv was glad to hide his face, after sunglasses.Pleasant ? Devastating it would have been a more apt description.She understood that this was the time to talk to Ryan Martin's return, but did not find the courage to mention it.It would have meant an interrogation, he would delve into his own feelings. And she tried to avoid it. He felt he was beginning to get hysterical and rose to his feet. - Did you bring a bathing suit? -Yes. It is in the car, Martin sat down. - How about if we swam a bit, now that enough time has passed for lunch? -If you want to. I have to wear a bathing suit in the car-Martin stood up, without much enthusiasm. -See you in the water. Liv took off her pants and blouse, and left with the clothes of the twins.He ran to the water and felt very nice, the freshness of it on your skin glowing. Martin joined them, a little shy with their antiquated bathing shorts, with white skin who rarely touched the sun. He was a little bent and Liv body was found in an unconscious comparison with another body, tall, slim, muscular and ... oh, so familiar! In a sudden fit of rage, he turned and took to the blue waters. It was almost dark when they returned. The afternoon had been a success, although both twins Martin preferred to keep a distance. The day out, I did well at three and slept soundly that night, again without mentioning Ryan. He, meanwhile, was not the house or phoned, as Liv expected. It took almost a week before heard from him again.

Chapter 4

Every Thursday and Friday, Liv worked in the store until five in the afternoon. Mary Costello had made the arrangement, that will pick up the twins from school and take them home with their two children.Liv was going to look at children, he left work. At half past four on Friday, looked up from the shelf that was shaking, when Joel came. I had not seen or heard from his brother, from Saturday, it was strange because he always called or visited her once or twice a week. - Hello! He exclaimed, smiling a little shyly. - Hi, Joel! What did you do all week? -DJ sent me to Brisbane for a few days. Just got back. -Oh, la la!Was it a sudden trip? He nodded and sat on a bench near the counter. -DJ still has me, poking their noses into the affairs of Mrs. Craven.I'm sick of this, Liv! I'm almost glad if it had not been able to discover anything, but DJ is angry with me. 'Maybe DJ, has found his match.Mrs. Craven discuss the buyer, at your convenience. -You do not seem disturbed. I mean, your father would be so mad as a DJ, for any commercial proposition in Craven or anywhere else in the area. 'I know, Joel. And I confess, I do not like to see built here a large resort, but, after all, the property of Mrs. Craven and has every right to dispose of it as suits you.It's a great lady and I do not think anyone has deceived about the purpose for which they want the property. -I think just like you. DJ going to have to calm down, but do not want. Anyway, enough of that. What about you? How are things? I suppose you're referring to Ryan. 'Yes,' he shrugged. -I have not seen since Saturday night and I do not care if I never see him, said in a toneless voice. - Come on, Liv! Give it a try ... - Opportunity? So I ask you, Joel, after all we have done to you, me, a DJ? He asked, his voice rising in anger. - What did really, Liv? Nothing, except, perhaps, wanting to live his own life as he wished. We are different. He knows exactly, what he wants from life.He has known since childhood, always. I can give me, bow to the passage of wind. But Ryan ... he does not have a flexible cell in his body.For him, it's all or nothing.I guess a lot like DJ So they

could be together a long time.Did he say anything when you took home on Saturday night?'About your plans? -Speak, if you can call it what we did-Liv, felt himself blushing at the memory and turned his face away. -I think he wants to come back with him. - Oh, Joel! It's too late. Do not you see? Whatever you felt about Ryan ... well, died eight years ago, Liv walked back and forth. "Are you sure?" I think you should give it a second chance.For the twins, at least, looked at her breast. -This is emotional blackmail. No, Joel, could not happen again for all that ... She stopped, seeing that a customer entered the store. Joel was quiet, until they were alone. 'I'm hanging in an abyss, with you on one side and the other with Ryan, I love them both, his words were sincere. - How can you be so ... so ...?Heavens, I thought you would be the last person in the world to defend him or receive him with open arms! I mean he never thought about your feelings.What he wants, snatches and does not care who hurt. 'People like him, just snatch what others allow them smiled, twisting a little mouth and Liv saw him, a momentary resemblance to Ryan.However, he never took anything totally mine. He looked very intently into his eyes and Liv, was the first to look away. Joel stood up and shrugged. - I think I'm going.You are about to close in a few minutes. Liv looked at his watch. Aha? After the twins gather. -See you soon. Give my monsters to be returned when he was at the door. By the way, Ryan will not mention where he was staying? -No, I said nothing. I figured it would be in a hotel, since it was not at home with you. I do not know where you are registered, Joel frowned. I guess I'll find somewhere. Goodbye, Liv. She closed the store, trying to get the words of Joel, did not return again to the turmoil of the past.Soon, he was on his way to the house of Costello.Mary and Liv had become good friends, when they reunited in kindergarten children who attended.Mary was a little older than Liv, but had been in the same school. Mary's son, Dino, was the best friend of Luke.

The daughter of Italian parents, Mary was a girl short and plump, dark eyes and hair, who adored her husband and two young children.Her husband, Mike, had come to Australia from Italy, as a child, and worked as a captain of one of the passenger ferry fleet, as his father did. The fact that Mike and Ryan were close friends fu, was another reason for discussion between Ryan and his father.Not that Mike will be unfriendly to DJ knew it was a competent worker and trustworthy, but accept as friend Mike Ryan, had been too much to ask DJ, who had a rooted class consciousness. Maria sat on the steps of his house, stripping herself peas grown in a small vegetable garden, watching four children playing in the front yard. When Liv stopped outside, Mary went to the entrance, smiling. - How's it going, Maria? Have you removed the cold to Sophy? Liv asked, while the twins were running to collect their bags. -It is well, yes, thanks, would have been a shame it was wrong for her birthday. I've been very excited, knowing that you three come to lunch with us. -We are also excited about the idea.Is it okay to come at eleven-thirty? -Would be nice, Mary smiled tenderly seeing Sophy. I can hardly believe, who will be five years tomorrow. -When you go to a school next year, we really feel is already growing.Thank you for caring for the twins.

They reached the house of Costello, the next day and as soon as Sophy finished opening their gifts, Mike took the kids to play, while Mary, somewhat worried, Liv led to the kitchen. I do not know how to say this, Liv, indeed, raised his hands in the air-men are so obtuse sometimes!I wanted to slap Mike, when he told me. - Poor Mike! What did? -Liv, I do not know how you are going to take it. Actually, I do not know ... He paused and inhaled deeply. Liv, it's about ... well, about Ryan and Mary saw the smile disappear from the face of her friend.He approached her and put a comforting hand on the arm of Liv. "I'm sorry." I did not want to be me, which I told you was back. 'All right, Mary. I know. It was to me. Mary sighed, still uneasy. It's all very good. I worried a lot, having to tell you.I did not want to give you that terrible impression. Mike found it on the bay this morning and to make matters worse,

my husband invited him to lunch ... imagine, just today!Believe me, we do not want to give you reason to feel bad ... and did not want him to come and surprise you. 'Please, do not worry. I ... I have to get used to the fact that Ryan walks around here, it was not easy to say his name.Mike and him were very good friends.It was natural that I would like to invite to your home. 'But,' the face of Mary, he returned to darken, 'what about the twins? 'I met at the home of DJ-Liv last week swallowed. I ... I have not mentioned anything to the children, Ryan and ...-ended rather abruptly when he saw that Mike went into the kitchen. - Did you say to Liv? He asked suddenly, trying to hide the embarrassment, when Mary made an affirmative sign with his head, seemed to alleviate it. Sorry, Liv. Just did not think. I was so surprised to see you here ... you know? -If you prefer not to see, Liv, Mike can ask him to come another day ... he began to suggest Mary. -No, no ... you can not do that, at the bottom of his heart, Liv wanted to they could do.There is no reason not to live our lives in a civilized manner. Liv was about to laugh at his own words, but stopped the fear that if he started, he could not stop. - You put the beer in the refrigerator, my love? - When have I forgotten your beer? Asked Mary. -Never, it's true, his wife smiled and turned to Liv. I do not know how I could do without it. Do not you think there is any possibility that you and Ryan back together? He asked gravely. Liv blanched first and then blushed. - Mike! Maria, Liv turned to a look of apology."I'm sorry." Do not listen. Mike, what are unsubtle! Go to babysit, you big fool, husband pushed her to the door and started again justified. Ryan arrived ten minutes later.Liv was tense. His appearance was almost a relief, he feared the time of arrival. To the amusement of the children took Mary in his arms, gave him a ride in the air and kissed her, while she laughed a little timid, not daring to look at Liv. Mike approached his sons Ryan, very proud. And, meanwhile, Liv stood still, waiting for him to realize his presence. Finally, he turned, his eyes crossed, without omitting the smallest part of your body. He felt his eyes, touched her and made her skin burn on contact with the simple look. -Liv-smiled. What's up?

His deep voice made her shiver. I'm fine, thanks, said he felt very formal and Luke, stood beside her and looked straight at Ryan. 'Hello Melly smiled without a trace of his usual shyness. Liv was felt his breath, noticing the similarity between them, as they smile, how they placed the head in his expression.She felt the tension of Mike and Mary, and this Aument or her own. - Hello, Melly! -First smiled to his daughter after the child. Hi, Luke. 'Hello,' he said, unsmiling. - Do not you want a cold beer Ryan? Mike asked. He went into the kitchen and returned with two cold cans in hand. He handed one to the friend. Let's sit outside, while women end up preparing food. Liv looked at the back of Ryan, was several inches taller than Mike. His dark pants emphasized his thinness, while his pale blue knit shirt, his hair seemed to dark bluish gloss. Melly, Sophy and Dino followed the men. As Luke stay behind, Dino turned to him. - Are not you coming, Luke? -Come, go with them, Liv son gave him a light shove. The food and will be ready, she bit her lip, seeing that the child walked without enthusiasm behind the others. - When are you going to tell Liv? Mary asked softly, when they returned to the kitchen. I do not know, Liv seemed give full attention to the salad that was stirring.I'm worried about Luke. It seems that perceived antagonism between Ryan and me.And because they do not understand, it makes you feel uneasy. I have to tell him soon, before someone else does. - How do you think it will? Liv shrugged and shook his head. - "I do not know. We talked about ... his father on occasion.They know that I am no widow, only that we are separate. So hopefully, they may accept that his father and Ryan are the same person.I know I'm a coward to postpone the time to do, but ... just like not having returned, he said, almost desperately.We were good and now ... I do not understand why she returned. - No, Liv? As a spectator, I used to think that you cared about him more than anything else in this crazy life that his father wanted to take. Perhaps to see you again, you and the children.

- You're kidding! Liv's smile was very skeptical.If we had imported something, it would have taken eight years to find out.And if I was not thinking only of himself, would not have gone. Mary opened her mouth to answer, but he did, his eyes widened when he saw that Ryan went into the kitchen. -Mike sent me some more beer and tell them, to hurry up with food, her smile was addressed to Mary and exuded charm. Had he listened to his conversation, he asked Liv. He turned toward her, saw the complete coldness of his eyes.Judging by the momentary burst of anger he saw in his expression, he thought he had heard everything. Liv shivered a little. What mattered to her what I think? Lunch, to celebrate the birthday of the little Sophy, passed without incident.Not looking in the direction of Ryan, unless you could not help, Liv managed to eat the delicious dishes that Mary had prepared the children laugh and almost convinced, that he was not there.But I knew it was there. The senses could not overlook its proximity, it is recalled with throbbing heart hurried, trembling all over his body, with a strange emptiness in his stomach, until he began to think that she would go crazy, if not played .He managed to hide it all, after his face and eyes to calm down the bowl often. When I suggested, Ryan might be the most charming man on earth. He soon had the children laughing with stories of his life in Fiji and even Luke listened with deep interest that could not hide.Liv only refrained from asking questions, but all the information stored for meditation later. She did not know that Ryan was living in Fiji.If Joel knew not what he had said. - How long, you have the Midnight Blue? Liv asked Mike and frowned.I did not know if he had lost part of the conversation. - Who or what is the Midnight Blue? He asked Mary. -The yacht, 'said Mike Ryan. Did not I tell you? This fifty-foot yacht, which is in the bay.The blue. Liv's eyes, they met with Ryan.I was surprised. How could it afford, to have a yacht of such proportions?Maybe he was a member of the crew. Surely there could be yours! No wonder Joel, could not find his brother, no doubt was living aboard the yacht. -I did build the suit last year and Sydney.By the way, expected to come with me one of these days, Mike. Although I know this area well, it's been eight years.I would like to review the maps with you ... to refresh your memory. -Of course, Ryan. I'd love to handle the helm of that beauty.When we go? -When you can. Bring to Mary and the children.

'I have free this weekend and Monday. It is the first holiday that I had available for years.And then I do not return to be free until Wednesday and Thursday of next week. 'Then why not tomorrow? We could spend the night on the yacht and not return until Monday afternoon, Ryan looked at Mike. -Hey, that would be great! What say you, my love? He turned to Mary. -Sounds like fun, 'she said, smiling at them. - Heavens! -Dino's black eyes seemed to widen with excitement.Can not we bring Luke? Mike and Maria suddenly seemed to feel uncomfortable, but Ryan went peacefully to Liv. -I love that you and the twins came too.We would do a party for the occasion, his face was expressionless. -Oh, I know ... 'began Liv. - Yes mommy, please! Can we go? Melly asked, surprising her mother. It would be fun and you know how much you like Luke, go sailing with Uncle Joel. Luke was undecided. On the one hand, felt he had to hold off this stranger, for reasons he could not understand, on the other, he felt like surf, in what should be the bigger boat ... I had seen fifty feet!Uncle Joel's yacht, was quite large and measured only twelve feet long. -I also like to go, mama-was overcome, a sense of guilt. 'Then we agree, Mike, rubbed his hands with enthusiasm.What time you want us to be in the bay? -Will study how the tide is and let you know. It is likely to be around seven and a half.I will wait on the pier, which is in Shute Bay. - Magnificent!Picked up at the car, Liv and the twins, so she will not have to take your car Mike seemed as excited as the children themselves. - Will there be enough room for everyone? I mean, we are seven, eight with you. -More than two crew-Ryan said. Yes, there is enough space. Anyway, I almost always sleep on the deck. Just bring your bathing suits. I have equipment for diving and fishing. Maybe want to bring a couple of extra blankets for cold weather. - And what about food? Asked Mary. Could cook a couple of chickens, this afternoon. 'Do not worry. I'm well stocked and if food is scarce, we can catch Ryan Luke and Dino smiled. Everything was settled.

Liv and Mary washed the dishes while the men drank coffee. And alone in the kitchen, Mary Liv looked and shook his head. -Has changed, do you, Liv? As it has grown ... is the only way I can think of to describe it, but not so accurately.Ryan was always very sure of himself. Now it seems more ... well, more human.I'm not very good at expressing myself, but when I met him, before Mike and I were married, I sympathize very much. It was always mocking, skeptical and arrogant, as though everything bored. Now you do not. -Maybe you've learned to get better results, concealing everything with a good dose of personal charm Liv said dryly. - Do you believe Liv? You have to admit, that is as handsome as ever.I'm a fool to say such things about him before you.I guess it's hard for you ... see you again, Mary wiped her hands on her apron, after flushing the last plate.We could stay at home. Mike can go only if ... - Oh, no ...! Mary, do not be silly. Rarely have a weekend off, I can not ruin the ride. In addition, the twins are eager to go.Try not to cross paths on their way. It is only when we are alone, we started to argue. -Mary, where are those old photos, when Ryan and I played football? Mike's voice came through the hall, accompanied by sounds of registration of drawers and fruitless search. 'You'd better go and find them rather than take down the room Mike sighed Mary. Back in a minute. Liv took a plate and began to dry slowly, absently. What trouble have you been? Two days on the boat with Ryan, would submit their strength to the limit.He felt now wishes to undo the commitment made, would be more sensible. How long have acted wisely, when Ryan was present?he asked, full of contempt. The twins would feel disappointed if she said she could not go.Either alone would permit. He frowns. If she will explain ... Liv sighed.Perhaps the mutual love of the sea, would overcome the antagonism toward his father Luke.Not that I want, Luke, Ryan encariara too.Oh, what a mess ...! -You have dried the dish three times, a deep voice, drew sharply from his tortured thoughts.You are about to delete the design, if you keep well. Liv put the plate on the table and picked up another. 'Please, Liv-said quietly, but violently, you could recognize that I'm here, look at me, at least. I've been ignoring all afternoon. - Does that satisfy you? -Her voice was expressionless and his eyebrows were arched, in a gesture of coolness.

- No, I am not satisfied! She took a step toward her and Liv back, turning the table. Provoke and insist you will ever exceed. Then, I assure you I will not be responsible for my actions. - Did you ever went? -She placed the dish on the table, somewhat sharply.Look, Ryan, we are both guests of Mike and Mary and I would not make a scene at home, so leave me alone. He made a mock bow. 'As you wish, Mrs. Denison said sarcastically, but I beg, do not discuss our relationship with Mary, or anyone else, his air was insolent. So I had heard the conversation with Mary, before lunch. -I have not discussed anything with Mary, which is not common knowledge throughout the district, Liv smiled bitterly.It's a shame you missed the speculation that caused your departure.I do not think you've forgotten, how often proporcionabas interesting material for gossip.You used to have all people, eager to know the details of your past misdeeds and our little feat ... the best of all yours, sparked speculation that higher doses of all others, but our respective parents tried to cover it up and put it under the carpet all the pain and humiliation of those days turned to her and urged her to keep saying: 'Or perhaps better described by saying that he was put on a shelf and left to decompose, to be agreed in the skeleton family. 'You're a ... Ryan turned to the table, to approach her with eyes flashing with rage. - Oh, Ryan! -Mary stood in the doorway of the kitchen. Mike took the scrapbook to the backyard, you're looking for. He paused, hearing the voice of Mary and saw Liv gradually relaxed. Yes, better go with him. Nothing like going back to the past, to laugh a little, he said quietly and left the room. Mary turned toward the face on Liv. - What angered him that way? I'm sorry, Mary. I guess it's a classic case of irresistible force which faces the immovable object.

Chapter 5
Liv went to the back of the truck the next morning Costello, with a feeling that could be described as "numb acceptance."On the way to the dock, the kids were talking full of excitement, while adults were silent, deep in thought.Liv felt exhausted. More or less half an hour before the pick up Joel to go to dinner with DJ, Martin had phoned to invite you to walk the next day.As Liv refused, saying that he had

another commitment, Martin asked where and with whom would come. Annoyed, he had said what they were going to sail with Costello. Liv realized that this was the time to explain all about the return of Ryan.And now despised for having once again missed the opportunity. As always, Joel had picked them up last night and spent several hours having dinner with DJ. Ryan was not mentioned, until they were about to leave.Surprisingly, it was Luke who mentioned it when he spoke to his grandfather's journey by boat for two days, they would start the next day. Although glanced slyly at Liv, DJ said nothing about her son she wanted to know what he was thinking of them. It was impossible to talk with his brother Ryan on the way back home, with two children in the back seat, but Joel said he had seen in the bay, when I spoke with, Mike, and his yacht was a beauty. The van stopped at the pier and look of Liv, went to the yacht, which rose and fell gently rocked by the light waves.It took all the courage he possessed, to get out of the car and collect her things.He felt suddenly vulnerable and all his fighting spirit, seemed to have deserted her. Mike parked the van and closed and locked. When he met the other three people had appeared on the deck of the yacht. Ryan walked to the railing. With his denim shorts, his bare chest, gleaming in the sunlight and hair tossed by the breeze, had the same effect on the senses of Liv that years ago, at that party, when he had so boldly claimed a kiss. For moments on end, she remained motionless, staring, with the pain that was inside escalate to the point that it was almost unbearable. How long he remained there, paralyzed, did not know, but preparations for Luke to jump from the pier to the yacht, out of his immobility.He trembled noticeably, when stopped by placing a hand on his arm.He overcame his desire blamed him for the folly I wanted.That would have given exit, contained emotions bubbling inside.But it was not fair to retaliate with his son. 'Wait a moment, Luke, will now go up the ramp so that shouted Ryan. A young native of Fiji advanced. He took one end of the small ramp and jumped down quickly. He held firm, as the group climbed aboard. Another figure, was leaning against the railing on the opposite side of the cover.He was a young girl, dressed in a microscopic bright red bikini.After all rose, the young up the ramp and put it back in place. Ryan reached out and took the canvas bag, in which Liv was all they would need. -I'll show where they go to sleep, he told them. I present my crew: Alesi and Roko Sukuna. After the introductions, followed Ryan to the master stateroom, wealthy enough to merit the name of living.

Mike sighed and made a gesture of admiration. 'Very nice, man. It really is very cute. There was a small dining room and two-bedroom cabins, complete and independent, one fore and one aft, and a small alcove containing two beds. -You and Mary can take the bow stateroom, which has four beds, Mike. Liv and the twins can take the aft cabin. Alesi has the room for it, 'said Ryan. -When I sleep on the deck, and Roko-Ryan smiled at Ryan, with familiarity. Liv observed that Mary glance at him, turned and stuck his head into the room, pretending an interest that did not feel. If Ryan wanted to comfort the young native of Fiji, she's not interested. -Watch your step, said Ryan's voice, behind her. Liv crossed the room and went down to the aft cabin. I was even more richly decorated than the master stateroom. Melly Luke and jumped on one of the beds and Liv turned to take the bag and blankets that Ryan had.He stood watching her, closer than she expected, aware of the attraction of both.Liv turned away from him quickly and put the blankets on the bed near you. -You and Melly can occupy the two beds in here. Luke can take the upper bunk of the bedroom. A Alesi not mind, 'said Ryan. Thank You! Melly can sleep with me and Luke can take the other bed. So we need not take anyone Liv replied, calmly. 'No one will bail Alesi rarely sleeps in his cot. He likes to sleep under the stars. I do not doubt Liv replied dryly, before he could stop. Ryan looked at her for a moment. He then went to the door. -Get on the deck, to put all the kids life jackets before levemos anchors-was all he said. - Mommy! Is not it beautiful? -Melly was stroking the bedspread, purple. She's too smart-Luke looked with disdain throughout the room.I bet you can not enter here, with wet suits. Liv gave her a reproachful look very happy and he smiled. -Okay, I guess he must be very rich. I mean, Uncle Joe is rich ... one of the kids at school said.And this ship is still bigger than yours. 'Come, let's get on the cover-Liv sent the boys ahead of her. The four children were soon after, their life jackets.Ryan told them they should not run for cover and explained why they would have to put them straps if the sea was chopped.The possibility that any child could fall into the sea, was in the mind of Liv

and Mary, as they sat in a place where not hindered maneuvers to observe how men away the boat dock, with Ryan in charge rudder. They left the bay using the engines, but then hoisted the sails and once they were blown by the wind, Ryan turned off the machines, and tremor of the engines, was replaced by the creaking of the sails.They slipped driven by the wind. Liv looked back at the helm, where Ryan and Mike were instructing Luke and Dino, how it is maneuvered the yacht.After a while, Roko took over the helm, with children still very interested in handling the boat, and Mike and Ryan gone down, to see maps. Alesi sat in front of Mary and Liv. The enigmatic expression looked and then said: I never thought there was in Australia, a place that could be as beautiful as where I live in Fiji, but it gets too close, smiled and Liv had to admit it was a very attractive girl.Ryan always said it was a very beautiful, and did not believe him. Yes, it's beautiful, 'said Mary, with happy expression.I am delighted that Mike has not migrate dear, when we married. Many young couples do. -How did the girl Ryan nodded. How long have you and Mike married? Eight years, although it makes me feel old to admit laughed Mary. Alesi was re-Liv. - And what about you ... Liv?A very uncommon name. 'It's short for Olivia Liv explained, trying to turn the conversation to less dangerous topics. - Oh, yes. Olivia. Very nice, Alesi smiled. And I suppose you must have married around the same time, because your kids are of the same age.Your husband also works in the sea? No answer It was obvious that Ryan had said nothing to his friends about her and the twins.My husband and I are separated, avoided looking towards Mary and was again a coward. - Oh, what a shame! -The look that went to Liv Alesi was sharper, almost calculator.Art thou a friend of Mary? Yes, for many years. 'We were friends before Ryan left. Alesi's eyes turned to look at Liv, who smiled at him wishing he could tell the truth, saying that the relationship may have with Ryan was in no danger, he could stay with him. -Mommy, I have thirst. I can drink, please?-Interruption Melly, was most timely.

Liv stood up, took the hand of his daughter and went down the narrow steps to the cabin. Mike and Ryan, looked up the maps that were watching. Melly want to drink something, he explained. -There are bottled drinks in the refrigerator, compared to high-Ryan said, and turned to the study of maps. Suddenly, Liv had a clear picture of Ryan with his arms around the young native and felt a tightness in the chest. Certainly, I could be jealous, she thought, as I watched Melly drinking what they had served. The corner of my eye, saw Ryan's head bent over maps spread on the table. From the angle she was able to observe, that the muscles of her bare shoulders highlighted when it moved to signal something to Mike, while his other hand absently rubbed the mass of dark hair covering his chest. Liv's eyes were upon him. I felt that something excited and extended heat throughout your body. As if he had felt his eyes on him, Ryan turned his head and his eyes met hers. The years fell at that time and were again two kids on bikes, crossing the park, a pair of bold eyes, mature beyond his years, the other pair full of visible worship. Then his eyes were looking through the dance floor and they approached to join in a kiss.Now there were two young men running down the sand, swimming in blue waters, strolling along the coast road in a sports car, walking holding hands, sharing a look that would make the earth tremble at a dinner intimate.And there were two bodies, with their skins moist sea bathed in moonlight, lying on a beach, intertwined, oblivious to the passage of time and the consequences of their actions. "Oh, my God! Why things had to end in disaster? " Liv asked. She felt tears crowded into her eyes and at that time, he thought he saw reflected his own anguish in the eyes of Ryan. - Mommy! -Realized, that Melly had put his hand on his arm.Mommy, I'm done. Looked away from her husband and turned around to wash the glass of Melly.Ryan's attention had turned to concentrate on the maps and did not look up when Liv went with him.Once back on deck, his thoughts seemed to float, as she struggled to erase from the mind that emotionally charged meeting. I was so absorbed in this fight that had almost reached the island Graven, and she had not noticed. Ryan and Mike were back at the helm and Roko was standing at the bow. Approaching the island, Alesi was also included in the forward deck where he had been sunning. Graven Island looked like it might be expected from a tropical island. Emerged from the blue waters, covered with lush green foliage, with a wide strip of white sand.

As one of the islands was above the group of Cumberland, was protected from the ravages of the Pacific Ocean on the larger islands. The channel leading to the dock was deep, making the island was easily accessible by boat. A flock of birds flew out of the trees when the boat came to their domains.Roko and candles Ryan had fallen, while Mike, who had taken over the helm, put to work the engines as they approached the dock. The yacht, crashed into the tires protecting the posts of the pier.Then, Roko jumped and tied the ropes to stop the boat. Was it possible that Ryan tried to land there? I knew that Mrs. Craven was not the owner of the island. A new sign, placed in the dock, saying PRIVATE PROPERTY. NO ADMITTANCE. Mike was going children into the arms of Ryan.Then he turned to Liv and Mary, to help them down too. Now standing on the dock, Liv turned to Ryan. - Do you think we should go down? I mean, indicated by the sign -, we're invading private property. I do not see anyone who can enforce the law here. In addition, Mrs. Craven never cared for me to come for years. -But the island is not it. The sold. Joel told me. And your father was ... She stopped, seeing that everyone was watching and that perhaps she had just given information was confidential. - DJ was furious? -Ryan finished for her, imperturbable -.I imagine him, turned and walked down the pier, heading the group. You can swim here, near the pier where the water is shallow for children. He walked in front of the sign, with absolute indifference. Standing on the beach, Liv looked at Mary, who shrugged and began to remove his pants and blouse to reveal her black swimsuit, one piece. Sounds like a great idea. The water looks divine here ... seems to invite us to swim, 'said Mary. They helped the children to undress and Liv followed them towards the water.Her blue bikini was quite circumspect, but he was almost naked, when Ryan's eyes watched her. While the others dived in deeper water, Liv and Mary walked along the beach with the children, gathering shells. At the other end of that stretch of beach in a small clearing, there was a rustic cabin, now closed with planks, another sign of "Private Property".Liv said aloud, but actually talking to herself: -I wonder who the new owners of the island.

I have no idea. What makes you think that there are several? Maybe someone bought it, which hit the jackpot.Mike says that your father was like a madman when he learned about the sale. -A DJ does not cost a lot of work and get laughed Liv. Did you kno This place brings back fond memories murmured Mary. We used to come here to do beach parties, before Mike and I commit ourselves.Ryan used to bring in his boat, as it did today and what we sent to ask permission to Mrs. Craven.On one occasion, brought the lady as his partner.He must have been then sixty-odd years. Ryan made him an unforgettable evening.He swam and helped to roast meat. We had also caught a little, he taught us how her husband used to cook the fish wrapped in leaves on fire. So we danced the twist, in the sand.Can you imagine? That was one of the best parties we had here.I believe that day, Mrs. Craven stole our hearts to all.Not really, the old curmudgeon that everyone imagines. -No. I think only a woman who speaks her mind, Liv accepted.However, igo conm always been very friendly. -Me too. After that weekend, said we could come to the island whenever we wanted.Would not surprise me if Mrs. Craven, also lost the heart that day and gave it to Ryan.I think every woman, from six to seventy, in the district, did it ever. Forgive me, Liv. I think I talk too much. 'All this happened long ago. Ryan was too handsome, Liv tried to give a sense of humor to the subject. -Yeah ... still is ... I bet, I mean Maria Liv looked closely.Perhaps more so even now, is not it? It seems he was well over the years, continued Mary, judging from the yacht and everything else.DJ Mike says disinherited him when he left. He had a little money left him by his mother's family Liv said, absently. 'I wonder, what has been working all these years.Anyway, seems to have had great success in what he undertook. 'I think we must return. It's almost lunchtime Liv said. After eating, the men, accompanied by Alesi, went across the island to a place where Mike and Ryan, recalled that there was good fishing.Liv and Maria did not have to push hard for children to sleep the siesta, were sleepy. No Liv managed to relax completely.When he saw that Mary was also asleep, she put the bikini, which had dried up and spread your towel on the upper deck for sunbathing. The boat barely moved and the only sound heard was the Sail collected, shaken by the wind and the occasional cry of a seagull. After a few moments, Liv was upside down and untied the bikini top to tan your back even handle. There was no one to see

her, but Mary, if you wake up. The men would take a long time to return from his fishing trip.And would in time, when they appeared in the dock. He rested his head on his arms and the sun's heat, accompanied by the rhythmic swaying of the yacht, had a magical effect on her. His eyelids drooped and fell into a light sleep. A touch so soft com or a pen, walked slowly to his back, up and down, made her open her eyes.Over his shoulder, his eyes flashing met with Ryan, who smiled mockingly. Liv was shot, trying to get away from him and, too late, remembered that he had dropped the bikini top. Her fingers trembling, sought to re-tie.Ryan helped with firm fingers. He paused a moment before putting it in place. 'You can stay without it, if you want, he said softly. She pursed her lips and glared at him. 'All right, it was only an idea, Ryan smiled sadly and tied the ends in place. - What are you doing here so early? -Spoke quietly to not wake Mary or the children. -I went the other rod. Alesi entangled his. Liv raised his eyebrows and tried to keep my eyes away from his muscular body. I mean he was squatting beside her, for peace of mind.I wanted to get away again, put more space between them. I knew he would notice, and could imagine the mocking expression, that this movement would cause. - Would not it be better that you were already fishing rod?Alesi not have to wait ... now that the fish are biting, 'she said, unable to avoid the tone of sarcasm. - What's that supposed to mean? He asked, his eyes fixed on her jaw and a little tense. "Nothing. What could it mean? Liv's eyes blinked, turned the other way, but not take long to get back at him. 'You're not jealous, are you, Liv? On second thought, your eyes have taken a greenish tint. I'm not jealous of anybody or anything, so you're concerned, Ryan. And the sooner you put that on the head, the better for both! -Was furious. Liv tried to sit at such times, but he moved faster. He forced her to lie still on deck. - Me! She growled through clenched teeth, as his eyes scanned the dark hairy chest, muscles tense, abdomen flat and thin line of hair, disappearing into his shorts. 'Your face tells me to go, but your eyes ask me to stay.

His lips moved with deliberate slowness on her shoulder, warm and salty from the sun and the sea. The fire flowed through the body of Liv, calcining was felt that, while his lips ran over her skin, shoulder to ear lobe of it by the chin line.She was eager for his kisses. It started as a kiss that was a mixture of play and punishment, but even Ryan was dragged without noticing, for the passion that arose between them, wrapped them beyond repair.They clung tightly to each other, and both hands were moving, as if to touch every inch and nothing will be enough. Held her so tightly, which caused a profound response in Liv, it seemed that formed a whole. - Ryan? -Gave that name, while his lips were gliding over the smooth skin of Liv, to the beginning of the bikini top.He lifted a little and let the bra again -.Ryan, this is crazy, his words ended in a soft moan when his lips caressed her intimately. Liv began to move his head from side to side. - No, Ryan! We can not ... Mary ... children might ... Low ground-me-spoke, his voice barely audible.His lips returned to disturb her, gently persuasive. Liv resistance disappeared. Ryan was up on one elbow, was about to stand up and lift it, when Mary's head appeared from the lower deck. - Liv? He asked gently, but stopped when he saw Ryan, whose body was almost covered with Liv. Horror of what had been about to do, how close they had been fully delivered, Liv was quick to tie your bikini. His face paled, realizing their inability to resist the attack of Ryan to their senses vulnerable.His body remained in tension, while Liv was incorporated. 'Here I am, Mary said breathlessly, while blushing. - Oh! -Mary seemed to be assessing the scene, saw the flushed face and mouth tense Liv Ryan. -Liv, come with me, whispered in his ear, so that Mary could not hear.His fingers gently stroked her hand resting on the deck between the bodies of both. She looked down, still excited, and her heartbeat quickened again. But he restrained himself contracted the mouth in a gesture of disgust, stood up and walked to Mary without looking back. Ryan is going right now. He came for a fishing rod for Liv said Alesi, nervous voice. I was thinking of making some tea, 'said Mary, looking at the pale face of Liv, Ryan's jaw set and his fists tightly closed.Do not you want a cup, Ryan?

For a moment it seemed that he would not do any case of question, but sighed and stood up suddenly. 'No thanks, Mary. I have to go back to the other. Annoyed, he took the pole and jumped to the dock, and without looking in the direction of Liv. Her eyes, followed his figure for a moment, then looked away, away, as he followed Mary to the kitchen. -Liv, sorry. Hope I did not interrupt anything murmured Mary, once they were alone. -Of course not, Mary. Where is that cup of tea, you were just talking about? 'You do not have to hide me, Liv said, softly.You're still in love with him. Liv turned furiously towards Mary, but the full expression of sympathy from the other drowned in his throat the answer was going to give you sharp, dropped into a chair and shook his head. -You could not be more wrong, Mary said, his voice expressionless. - No? I thought, that the above was a beautiful love scene. - Love? -Liv turned her face to hide the color that had risen to her cheeks.It was not love, Mary. Rather, it was lust. - That sounds like fun! He laughed delighted. Liv made a gesture of despair. As Mary Gulnara eye with bold expression, Liv could not help smiling. -I knew I should not have come on this trip, 'said Mary, full of misery.I had a hunch, that something would happen, took a trembling hand to his head.I have not had a moment's peace since he returned. 'I think you knew he would come back, sooner or later, Mary sat opposite her. 'I never thought about it. I wish ..., Liv stopped and squeezed his eyes tightly, trying to erase the memory of those moments in his arms. - Do not think you could try to reconcile, Liv? If you still love each other, it pays to be given another chance. 'No,' Liv shook his head from side to side. I ... he ... the Ryan Denison who fell in love, only existed in my imagination.I realized that eight years ago, it became almost a god and was not entirely his fault, which was unable to respond to that image, but do not even try ... never wanted to marry me. -But he did 'said Mary. -Just because DJ and my father pressed him to do it Liv replied, bitterly.

-He would not have married you if I had not wanted.Heaven! Ryan would have been the last person who had forced someone to do something, if I had not wanted him as Liv did not make any comment, Mary stood up.I think I'll do that famous tea ta za. For a moment, Liv sat at the table and sighed, stood up to get the cups.He tripped over a roll of paper, which looked like a map and had fallen without a doubt, under the table, accidentally.He bent to pick it up. He must be one of the maps had been studying and Mike Ryan. Driven by curiosity, he unfurled a tip, expecting to see a marine chart, but looked more like a plane. Spread it on the table. The large print was in a corner of it, seemed to jump to it!Ryan Companies Denison.Residing in Auckland, New Zealand. It seemed the plane of a group of buildings, very detailed, as a string of small buildings together. - What is that? -Mary appeared above the shoulder of Liv. I have no idea Liv leaned more to the document. I found him under the table. It looks like a set type houses. And here is a pool and tennis court. Looks like some kind of resort. Do you think ...? -Unroll some more, Mary took one end of the roll and Liv helped to extend fully on the table.His finger crossed the boundary of the property. Craven could be the island, except that there is a part, at the end where it seems cut off, there is a house. Browsing the map, Liv found she wanted. 'It's the island. He said, in disbelief.But what Ryan had plans for a resort here in the Island Craven?Would have to be owner of the island-Liv ... stopped. -Liv, is it possible? Mary asked, incredulously. I don't think so. Where would she get enough money to buy the island?And how could convince Mrs. Craven to sell, when she rejected offer much his father has done? Ryan has always been a favorite of Mrs. Craven. For my part, I would not be out there at the time that DJ gets to know what happened.Unless, that he too is in the business. -No. I'm pretty sure he knows nothing, Liv dropped the end of the roll and when he returned to take its cylindrical shape, almost wished he had not found anything as revealing as that.

Chapter 6
When the children woke up, all down to the island to gather firewood and light the fire that Ryan had suggested, to prepare dinner, which were to enjoy the beach that night.When picked up enough dead branches, leaves and pieces of bark, came the

fishermen. His expedition had been successful and Roko showed a row of good-sized fish, which they proceeded to clean and prepare to be roasted. Liv's eyes sought the face of Ryan and a slight blush rose to her cheeks as her eyes reflected the memories of the caresses which had shared in the deck that evening.Ryan came back with some sharply, to go to a fire in a small ravine that had been made in the sand.A thousand questions trembling on the lips of Liv, of their intention to remain there permanently, about his relationship with the plans for the island Graven, questions ... but did not express any of them. The fish was delicious and all were laid to rest in the sand dinner as the sun crept over the horizon. Mike added more fuel to the fire and then sat around the fire, to enjoy its mild heat in friendly company. Roko returned to the ship to bring his guitar and everyone started to sing with him, until the child's eyelids began to close and Liv and Mary decided to take them to bed.Melly and Sophy had fallen asleep. -Back here, when you lie to children, my dear, 'said Mike. Liv managed to stand with Melly, also asleep in the arms. A long shadow appeared before them. -I'll take Ryan said, his hands slipped under the still form of the girl and lifted her effortlessly, Liv's arms.Is Luke awake enough to go walking? -Yes. Come, come, Luke, Liv put an arm around the shoulders of his son, to guide him, and took Dino with his other hand. Ryan Melly deposited on the bed carefully. The lovingly wrapped.He paused for a split second, before turning to Liv beginning to prepare the other bed for Luke. -Luke can sleep in the upper bunk of the bedroom. No need to squeeze you here with Melly ... I told you-led Luke, now shuffled, into the next room.He rose to the top bunk and helped him fit under the bed.There is a ladder here, at the foot of the bed, if you want to lose overnight. I'll leave the light on the corridor. Until tomorrow, son Ryan patted on the shoulder and Luke nodded sleepily. 'Good night, Luke said Liv, and a little pain came upon his heart as he turned toward the cabin, with Ryan's footsteps close behind. 'I think I'll stay on board Liv said when Mary met them in the living, for if the children wake up. The kids are fast asleep, 'said Ryan. I would not like to get up asleep, not knowing where they are, said Liv, but I did not want was to go back to the beach, especially with Ryan at his side ... 'No, Mary shuddered. I'm staying with you, Liv. 'All right, if they prefer. Put out the fire and all come on board and sit on the deck.

-There is no need to do that ... 'began Mary. - What joke would sit around a romantic campfire, without our women? -He turned and disappeared into the dock. It was quite late when they decided to go to bed.None seemed to like the idea of ending the evening. The pleasant songs of Roko and the romantic sound of his guitar, giving an impression of unreality, this island paradise. Catching an eloquent look that passed between Mary and Mike, Liv almost felt envious of the happiness they enjoyed.Mary was resting her head on Mike's shoulder, his arm around him, his hand gently stroked her husband's knee. Liv was sitting alone, and would have liked Ryan approached him, even if he did retire elsewhere. But he did not approach him, he sat alone, like her. I could see, with the corner of his eye as he stood leaning against a part of the structure of the cabins, with one leg bent and the arm resting on his raised knee, watching Roko who played guitar. Ryan had an almost classic profile, straight nose, full lips and firm chin. The soft breeze played with the inevitable shock of dark hair that had fallen on his face.This covert scrutiny, could make sense of Liv react as crazy.His heart beat faster, his breathing was difficult and felt a deep longing for what might have been.He had always been attracted to him, on a physical level, but eight years before had been the worship of a teenager. Now, she knew very well, his reactions were deeper, more mature. The force of attraction which he exercised over her, filled her with fear.Afraid of him and still more afraid of herself. It was now older, more worldly, and knew the pain that Ryan could provide. Do not allow hurt again. Be kept under strict control. If Ryan thought it would be so easy to get, as it had been eight years earlier, she belonged to prove that he could not be more wrong. What about that episode on the upper deck, a few hours before, he asked a little voice. You could not blame what happened, she told herself. He was surprised, but there would be no repetition, she would try, do not approach him again. Lying in the soft comfort of your bed, his mind refused to let her rest, could not sleep. She was exhausted, and yet, his thoughts continued abrumndola. The plane was discovered by accident that afternoon was restless.Could it be Ryan the new owner of the island? Would you be able, to do a thing to his father? Ryan knew as well as all the fan who was a DJ on the island Graven.And now, his own son wrested the land would be a terrible blow to him. However, that Craven had bought the island, no matter what their reasons for it, would only serve to deepen the gulf that had opened between father and son.

Liv knew from the beginning, Ryan's father was not pleased with his relationship with her. Not that I had nothing against him, on a personal level, just seemed too young for him and his presence in the life of Ryan, was not included in the plans he had for his eldest son. Ryan's marriage should be in a much later date, the daughter of a man in his position, a girl who had the refinement and old enough to do well next to his son. The day after Liv Ryan and Joel met at the party, when the brothers Denison had gone to leave at home, the phone rang. Liv went to answer, with no inkling of who was across the line.Ryan's deep voice left her speechless. Mackay had to go on business and thought that maybe she would accompany him on the trip would mean.Could be ready in half an hour? In his mind, Liv felt again like that girl of seventeen, who hurriedly put a pair of jeans, a colorful smock, while combing his hair blond and scribbled a note to his father, to go after fifteen minutes in an agony of waiting, wondering if I should run into Ryan's car when he stopped outside the house or if I should wait quietly until he knocked on the door. These minutes had passed with feverish slowness. When he went to pick it up, had done to fix the car.He was a sports car, a Jaguar Etype, in striking red, with bright chrome fittings, ultra-modern rifles and black hood down, so the occupants could feel the caress of the air and sun. Liv opened the door, when he began to walk with firm steps the path leading to the cottage.Seeing her, his charming smile lit her face tan. He also wore jeans and a loose shirt. It had been a wonderful day. Ryan attended a few minutes, the matter was pending in Mackay and spent the rest of the afternoon walking in the car.They ate hamburgers and drank cans of Coca - Cola, watching the desert coast.They returned early. Since then, he had taken in his arms and kissed her. Liv could still remember the joy of that moment. Ryan had taught him that he had exchanged a few kisses with some kids his age were ineffective strokes.Its undeniable experience had led her and her young body responded well to teaching.In all honesty, their reactions had been surprised, so I jumped quickly from the car, thanking him for the ride, almost breathless, as he gave him a mocking smile a little satisfied. He raised a hand in farewell and left. Feeling that he would die of grief, Liv thought he would not see. He was angry with herself, by his clumsy innocence.I had to laugh at your inexperience! thought and tortured by the idea. A few days later, as she walked down the main street, the red Jaguar pulled up next to it. Ryan leaned over his seat and opened the door. He did not need to put into words the invitation for her to slip into the passenger seat.

Several weeks passed before his father discovered that he was seeing Ryan Denison. It was not that Liv would have intentionally hidden. I mean he was always working, when Ryan came to look and when he learned what was happening, had what could be considered as their first fight.His father had said out loud, all the defects of Ryan: he was too old, crazy, irresponsible.Just was having fun with her ... and much more.All these thoughts, because he had happened to Liv and only served to show that she was even more furious. After that, he had cared to meet Ryan away from the house, if he noticed, did not comment. His touch had become more and more intense as the weeks went by. One night in particular, made him realize how much they had advanced their relationship.They shared a quiet, romantic dinner in a local restaurant.Upon returning, he stopped the car on the side of the road. The outputs I did with Ryan, against the will of his father, weighed heavily on his conscience, but that made it appropriate to his kisses with fervor almost desperate, trying to allay their guilt. Ryan kisses became more intense and possessive that night. His hands slid under the loose blouse she wore to undo the bra.A torrential wave of emotion enveloped, producing an impression left that almost rigid. Instead of walking away from it, Ryan closer and Liv realized what was altered. He suddenly realized, how easily Ryan could indulge without reservation; this thought filled her with fear and walked away with all his might. For a moment she thought he would insist, he would use his strength to subdue it. However, rather abruptly released her and leaned against the back of his seat, breathing hard, his hands gripping the wheel tightly. Liv snuggled into his own seat, feeling very unhappy. Ryanair? Sorry, your voice was a whisper, broke. He turned toward her, his face pale and took her hand. No, I'm the one who should apologize. I'm sorry I scared. I think I went with my pulse and for a moment, I forgot how young and ... well ...-released her hand and started the engine.I think I'd better take you home. Not heard from him for a week and lost count of the number of times picked up the phone to call, only to back down the phone, tears streaming down her cheeks.When he called to invite her to a party, Liv almost cried with relief and happiness. After this, although he understood that he was trying to spend some time with her, alone, was so happy to be back at his side, he would have accepted any conditions you impose. A gold-edged invitation, arrived the following week.Denison DJ invited Mr. Charles Jansen and her daughter, Olivia, to celebrate the coming of age of his youngest son, Joel. His father read it slowly and then threw it on the table. -Send them a note, telling them our apologies.

- Oh, Daddy! Can not we go ... please?Joel is a very nice person. It would be churlish not to attend her party. -I thought you had told you to stay away from Denison.There are people that suits you, 'he said grimly. -All your friends will be there. The Kingston will go and also the said William Liv. -It may be appropriate to introduce myself ... there will be a surprise to the old DJ, that old convicted.Okay, go. But I will be there to make sure that no young couple with Ryan Denison! As he approached the night of the party, Liv felt almost sick with excitement. He bought a new dress, very bold, as it left her naked shoulders as he walked, turned in soft folds around her legs. His hand trembled a little, apply makeup carefully, his blond hair, wearing shoulder-length, shone like a halo around the head. His father frowned at her dress, but she hurried to that got in their car, before he had time to send her to change clothes. It was the first time, Liv, made the tour of the private road leading to the home of Denison.When the house came into view, he felt his breathing stopped. With all the lights on, the house looked like a huge floating mansion, an illusion conjured by his fertile imagination. His exclamation of pleasure had not received the support of his father, who said grumpy: Bah! There's your proof of the kind of people who are Denison, exhibitionists. Many home, a lot of money ... and lots of vanity. Thomas, Butler, opened the door and led them inside, where Joel was receiving guests. Seeing them, he advanced towards them smiling, with a sincere expression of welcome. 'Good evening, Mr. Jansen ... Liv.Thanks for coming. -Thanks for having us, happy birthday, 'she said, handing him a gift. - Do not I deserve a kiss from the prettiest girl around the district? He asked, when Liv's father left them to go to greet DJ. Liv laughed and put his hands on his shoulders, kissed him hastily on the cheek. -Just because you've reached the ripe old age of twenty-one, have no right to kiss a girl how many offers you, little brother, especially to this young lady's hand closed over Ryan Liv, when placed at his side. His eyes traveled up and down. She felt her legs trembling.He looked ecstatic. He wore a safari suit, looked so manly and so attractive that Liv seemed hard to breathe. - How are you, Mr. Jansen? Ryan offered his hand to the father of Liv, who was reunited with her daughter and the man shook it without much enthusiasm.

More guests arrived and had to be separated from Denison youth to enter the room.Mr. Jansen met with a group of men who talked to DJ, while Liv joined several young friends of both sexes. To his disappointment, Ryan did not seek, and the evening began to lose some of its appeal.However, at dinner time, when all the guests began to file into the dining room, he approached him and his arm around her waist. - Did I say because it looks sensational tonight, Miss Jansen? -She turned to him her eyes full of adoration. Look at me that way any longer and I assure you I'm going to kidnap, to take her somewhere where there are no witnesses, "Miss Blue Eyes." The dinner was splendid and delicious, served with it came in abundance. Ryan tried the glasses of both Liv were constantly filled and soon began to feel a little dizzy.The have him sitting at his side, was already quite intoxicating to her. Was provided to the health of Joel and there were speeches, before the guests return to separate into age groups.Young retired to a room that had been cleared for dancing, while older people gathered in the living room to talk. Ryan had taken off his jacket, opened a couple of buttons on his shirt. As they danced, his eyes seemed brighter and more intense than ever, every time I looked at Liv and she felt the blood burning.With deft movements, he was carried to the edge of the group of dancers and before she knew what he planned, he had removed the empty hallway. He put his arms and kissed her with despair. 'I've been wanting to do this all night, kissed her again.At that time several people left the room where they danced, laughed and joked. I mean he resisted the jokes in good humor.When they were alone, Ryan took the hand of Liv, crossed the lobby and out onto a covered patio, badly lit. - Where do we go? She murmured, holding hands. The cool night air, intensified the feeling of dizziness and rocked a little. -A where we do not bother him laughed and started down a staircase, heading to the beach.Take your shoes off Liv-she obeyed and watched Ryan, barefoot, he wrapped his expensive pants. Holding hands, ran down the steps missing and felt the pleasant feeling of warm sand under your bare feet.Like children, walked the beach, laughing. The sound of music and laughter from the party was left behind to fade into the darkness. - Ryan, wait! I can not run more-Liv stopped and pushed a side. I think I ate too much! Ryan shirt unbuttoned all and pulled his pants, letting the breeze cool his burning skin. -I had not noticed, the weather was hot in there.What we need now is to swim to cool Her eyes were shining.

I have no suit-jokingly muttered. 'Me neither, I think we have to use the one we brought when we were born. Liv Do you agree? No, I ... could not protested weakly. Come on!" Nobody here we see his white teeth gleamed-frequently, when he smiled.I challenge you to do it, Liv. -You should not ... I think you should not swim, because you've been drinking Liv said as he took off his shirt and dropped on the sand.I could give you a cramp and ahogaras. - Are you trying to tell me I'm drunk? -Undid the buckle of his belt. You'd better come after me, for you to check that I'm not drowning - he took off his pants.Stay with underwear, if you're so modest. 'Just ... just bring shorts, bikini-intense darkness hid the blush that covered her face, while keeping his eyes on his chin. -Then do not take them out, introduced a finger at the top of the waist elastic of her dress.Can I help you lose some closure? -N ... n ... no. 'All right, I wait in the water, smiled. He turned, took off her short shorts and ran into the water with the moonlight bathing his muscular back. Liv was petrified, not knowing what to do. What if he was drowning? If you stood there, trembling, would not even know what was happening, until it was too late. Maybe I should follow. There was nobody on the beach, except those two, no one could see them. With sudden boldness, without thinking, Liv took off her dress and panties. A mixture of excitement and horror emancipated, with the boldness of his conduct, he fought in it, as he ran toward the water and sank into the cold salt it.His eyes searched the area, looking for Ryan and panic began to seize it. Where was I? His name on his lips trembled when strong arms surrounded and up, only to drop again, without any consideration.When she surfaced, eager for a breath of air, as he left of his face wet strands of hair, Ryan was standing not far away, with water just above the waist. Liv was launched towards him, but this was easily the one hand, and reappeared, to re-upload it over the water.However, this time she was ready for him, he put his arms and dragged her into the water. Surfaced together, laughing and gasping for breath. Her arms were still in his shoulders and his hands around her waist. The moon seemed to shine more intensely at that time and Ryan's eyes, slipped on the wet body Liv.They stood motionless and the laughter died on his lips. Almost

involuntarily, his hands went up from the waist to cover his breast, the spark of mutual desire enveloped them. They approached each other. His hands caressed and kissed her lips anxiously. The need for full satisfaction, he had invaded. His arms around her, while their bodies were united in a mutual excitement stormy. Ryan lifted easily to walk to the beach and stopped when the water and just licked her ankles.Kissed her again. His kisses became more intense, more burning. They dropped in the sand near the shore. All thoughts of resistance, refusal, left when Ryan began to caress her.If crossed his mind that what they were doing was wrong, he did with ease to one side, saying that he loved Ryan, who had loved him always, would continue to love him and anyone else he would have in her life. Later he pressed tightly in his arms, wiping the tears ran down his cheeks. 'I hurt ... Liv, sorry.The first time, can not be otherwise, his voice was hoarse. She shook her head from side to side. that is ok! I ... I love you, Ryan touched her face.My heart was in the eyes that looked up at him. Ryan looked at her face, bathed in moonlight, a few seconds.Then helped to his feet and walked quietly to where they had left their clothes. What had gone wrong? Had he missed it somehow? Had I embarrassed? Gave a sob and he looked at her. -Liv, please. Do not cry, he said, hoarsely.You could not despise more than I despise myself right now, believe me. -I ... do not despise you, Ryan, 'she said, her voice trembling.It was not your fault. He ran his fingers through his wet hair in a distracted gesture. -I should not have lost control. I must have been drunker than I thought. Liv shuddered to hear it. Did he mean by that, that had he been sober he would not have wanted? - Do not ... mean anything to you? Murmured and turned as if to get away from him, but Ryan's hands rose up to stop it and draw it back to him, his fingers digging into the flesh of her arms.At the touch of her skin soft, press it stopped.One hand slid down one shoulder, then take the face. 'Of course that meant a lot to me, pulled her back into his chest, but I should not have let happen. I should have had more control over myself. Oh Liv, you're so young! He murmured, his lips moved over his temple, then down to the earlobe, and she felt a renewed tension in the male body. We should dress she said softly, but made no move in that direction-but suddenly that's not what I really want to do.

This time, they made love more quietly, in a way satisfactory to both, with Ryan as a teacher in art and Liv as an obedient student.Complete identification of physics, led to a satisfying close to ecstasy.Then, already satisfied, slept one another's arms, lying on the soft sand, oblivious to the passage of time, without hearing the cries, and see the ways they approached to invade his domain, his own little world filled with love, until the light of a lantern lit their naked bodies to be diverted immediately, while the voices ceased abruptly. Ryan woke up instantly and stood in one leap, dragging with him to Liv, who struggled to master the sleepiness still invaded.He blinked in horror, seeing the two rigid forms that were standing in the circle of light, which was a flashlight that had fallen.Without comment, Ryan stood tall, with apparent calm, protecting your body, while Liv is wearing.When she felt that she was already wearing the dress, she bent to take his pants and put them in peace. - Have you found them? It was the voice of the father of Liv and man, hastened to meet with the other two figures. Yes, here are DJ's voice sounded controlled, but when he looked at his son, was filled with contempt. This time you've gone too far, Ryan. A child of mine has been ... He broke off, furious. -Liv, are you okay? Joel moved toward her. 'Yes, I'm well-suddenly felt ashamed. His whole body seemed to be invaded by flushing, what before had seemed so beautiful, so right now was, before his eyes, as something degrading and sordid.We fell asleep ... said in a defensive tone. - What has been happening here? The voice of Charles Jansen, sounded agitated because of his walk along the beach.You had us worried, Liv. We found your shoes on the stairs, his gaze caught the wet hair of her daughter.Liv ? Have you been swimming? -Back to the house, Ryan said, his voice expressionless.There is no point to stay here all night. -Liv, what has been happening? 'Said his father. -Talk in there, 'said Jansen DJ, and turned around to return home. Thank God they all were now.

Chapter 7
Lying in bed wide yacht Ryan, Liv reliving scenes that followed, like lightning falling on it to torture her.He moved his arms to wrap the body with them, as if seeking some protection against the dying of memory. Liv's father had been stunned for a few moments, lost in silence, as I was beginning to understand what happened. Then he and DJ, had engaged in mutual

accusations thrown, screaming, while Ryan stood aside without a word, his face expressionless mask made of someone, oblivious to everything that was happening. Liv finally lost control when he could not endure the discussions and was Joel, who put his arms around her, comforted her and dried her tears running down her cheeks in torrents.At last the sobs died away and Liv looked up Joel compassionate eyes.The young man's face, reflected some of the misery she felt and something else, she could not clearly defined ... pain, disappointment.Liv looked away from the eyes of Joel, feeling humiliated, embarrassed. She calmed down a little in his arms. His next memories were of his father, demanding that Ryan is marrying her on the spot.Only when the marriage was mentioned, Ryan tried to enter the conversation and his words were like ice, which froze the blood in the veins of Liv.I mean he was not yet ready for marriage, he said.There were several things I wanted to do, before accepting these responsibilities. Liv's father, then turned to him, seemed ready to strike.His face was smothered with a reddish tone of ill-contained fury.DJ's voice dominated all others.Ryan would marry Liv, would meet its responsibilities for the first time. After leaving the house could, state, country, if he did not care, but would not take more than they could carry. It would receive no financial support from you.But Liv marry ... he was sure. Liv's eyes turned to Ryan, when he confronted his father, his jaw rigid, angry expression, his eyes locked in combat with those of its parent.Most unfortunate of the whole affair was, how Ryan stormy eyes had wandered from the pleading look of Liv. Their marriage was very discreet, totally opposite to any social event related to Denison. An hour after the ceremony, Ryan was gone. Liv had not seen him alone after that time on the beach, which seemed almost a dream.When their hands touched, you slip the ring Ryan on his finger, they had both retired, as if they burned each other. And she had not seen him since, until it appeared in the darkness, three weeks earlier.He did not know it until the twins were almost two years, when the bank told him that Ryan had arranged to deposit an amount in your account each month.In all those years, she had not touched a penny, wanted none of it. He turned in bed, feeling the moisture of tears fell on the pillow, while wrapping a wave of self-pity. No. I did not want anything from him anymore. However, he had given the most beautiful gift in the world: their children. Liv could no longer imagine life without them. At first, I had not felt anything toward life that was growing inside. After Ryan left, Liv locked itself. Not for nothing out of his house, except to the nearest beach. Spent hours sitting on the patio, overlooking the sea, or walked along the beach alone and isolated from those who wanted to approach it. His father. Joel. He had raised an imaginary glass cage around him, did not touch anyone or allow anyone to touch her.

The fact that I could be pregnant, went through his mind.Only when his father noticed, I felt sick in the morning and made arrangements to go and see a doctor, he discovered his condition.She had received the news without emotion. I did not want a child, but also refused to receive it. His father had been, almost mad with concern for her, but it was Joel who took matters into their hands.Liv sat with and talked to her for hours, sometimes with excessive cruelty. Some of his attacks were able to reach out to the conscience. Joel called selfish and inconsiderate, a thousand things worst, until at last she turned on him, loudly expressing pity she felt for herself. How could he know, how she felt?Did he even know what he suffered? Nobody would ever know, he shouted angrily. And Joel azuzndola continued again until she began to mourn for the first time since the night of the party.He had held her, while she crumbled into tears.Then, he had dedicated to bringing together the thousand pieces, in which she seemed to have broken, for reassembly.Joel spoke again, but now in positive terms ... about the baby, her future.Until I realized, of the little life growing inside, did not begin to understand what that meant.All the love that was given to Ryan, and he had returned with such cruel indifference, was overturned on the unborn child. Gradually, he was recovering his balance and everything went back to get the right perspective.Yes, Joel had been his salvation and only she knew how much he had done to avoid that went mad. Liv understand, how close she had come to lose all touch with reality, to take refuge in the world of indifference, but Joel had thrown her, while she was at the very edge of the abyss and forced her to set foot back on earth.It would have been easier, fall in love with Joel in those years, but they both knew that other side always stood between them. When Liv did this, he began to calm down and finally fell asleep, only to be awakened from a restless sleep, on the one hand gently touched his shoulder. She turned away, conscious of a sound that could not identify. The small lamp beside the bed had been turned on.It was a dim light, but enough to recognize who she had awakened. Is anything wrong? What are you doing here? -Bedding up to his neck in a protective attitude. 'I think I'll have to share the bed with you. Roko took over the couch in the living room there and I hate the idea of sleeping on the floor, when I can be more comfortable here. -You must be crazy if you think I'll let you ... -Lower your voice, if you do not want to wake up everyone on board. - You will not lie here! Their eyes were locked in a silent grief.

- Why can not sleep outside under the stars, as you so often? She asked sarcastically, and his heart began a mad dance. -If you stop talking long enough to hear, you would realize that it is raining, Liv saw that the hair wet and tousled, as if it had been dried with a towel. Then he understood, what he had heard: the sound of rain falling on the yacht.Her eyes scanned the muscular torso of Ryan and his mouth dried up soon. Wearing only underwear brief. Liv felt his body stiffen. - And Alesi? -She's asleep in the bunk in the bedroom, down Luke. He lay there, before it began to rain.Now, move a little.I'm tired and want to sleep a few hours, removed the covers and slipped into the bed beside her. Liv What had seemed like a large, comfortable bed, suddenly dropped to a minimum.Stuck against the wall of the cabin, his body rigid and tense. Ryan reached out to turn off the light and turned to get back to her.Liv stood motionless, his eyes wide open. - Relax! Whispered in the dark. His voice just did, she further adhere to the wall.Liv ... Ryan became a little.As you told me once, with so much opportunity, Melly is in the other bed. In addition, I had to use force, the last time we made love.If you would like to have you now, we both know that would not have to use force.So, go to sleep and be happy that I'm in the mood for those things. He gave back and soon was asleep.Liv got the tension leave your muscles and surprisingly, she fell asleep.Sometime during the night, he turned to Ryan and put his arm over, conforming to the curve of your back. When he opened his eyes, the light of day entered the cabin through the skylight on the bed, which Melly was still asleep.He remembered what happened and his eyes were directed to where Ryan had slept.She realized she was alone. Had I dreamed the incident? But no. There on the pillow, the collapse that had left his head. They knocked gently at the open door of the cabin and appeared closely followed by Ryan Luke each had two jars of tea in hand.When Luke placed his jar and Melly, at the little table between the beds, jumped with his sister, who was rubbing his eyes, still sleepy. Silently, Liv Ryan gave a jar of tea and sat at the foot of the bed. -Seems to have stopped raining, took the jar to his lips, as her eyes swept his face flushed with Liv. - Ah, so this is where they all are! -Said Alesi, who entered the cabin and sat on the cot. You're a sleepy, Liv. Ryan and I swam, looked at Ryan and both smiled. 'I think I had a restless night a little Liv said.

I guess you're not used to the movement of the yacht-suggested Alesi. I, however, I was born on a boat, sailed since childhood. - Did you have a nightmare, Mommy? Melly asked, poking his head to one side of Luke. Liv looked toward Ryan, and he smiled mockingly. 'Something like Liv replied, turning his face toward her daughter. 'Come on, Luke. We'll take on an zuelo from the boat, try to catch fish for breakfast, 'said Ryan, standing up. Luke jumped out of bed anxious. - I can go too? Melly asked. -Still not dressed Luke replied, dismissing the idea. -I I can dress very fast, really, her blouse unbuttoned pajama. Up-when you're ready, Melly. We will wait for you, 'said Ryan, who disappeared down the hall, followed by Luke and Alesi. Liv got out of bed and helped Melly to dress, thinking of the girl in Fiji. When she ran to catch up, Liv dropped into bed. Alesi who was in love with Ryan, not could deny it.Would Ryan and Alesi living an idyll? And if so, why had told him he wanted to retrieve the twins and her? A sudden fit of jealousy, made up and start gathering his things, his mind full of desolation.He turned to the bed, which were lying together and had to resist the desire to put his head in the hole left Ryan's head on the pillow. What blind and how stupid I was! I still loved now as before, as he had always loved.Maybe more, because now he was a man and not the rosy picture that she had created years ago.At this time recognized him as the person he was, with its flaws, and could love him in spite of them.That was still a rough and cruel man, determined to get what he wanted, did not doubt for a moment. If he discovered how she felt about him, would take advantage of the situation to their advantage. At all costs, should not guess. She would try to keep a distance, make sure never to be alone with him. - Mom ... breakfast is ready! Luke shouted excitedly from the cabin door.We fished all ... until Melly. Breakfast was a happy meal and if Liv spoke little, was not noticed. -I thought I heard it rained last night. Has anyone else noticed, or were my nerves? Asked Mary. -It rained hard for a long time, 'said Roko. Ryan and I had to get off at full speed, because we soaked in a minute. I fell asleep in the lounge. Where did you sleep you, Ryan?

-I found a very comfortable place, 'said the other smiling and laughed. Mary and Alesi, led the blushing face of Liv looks sharp, though each for different reasons. Liv and Maria tended to sunbathe on the beach while watching the children playing on the shore. -Mike Ryan says he bought the island Craven said Mary. They talked about it yesterday and Mike says that he has great plans for the island, great ideas to ensure a complete success.And will create many jobs for local people. 'No doubt it will be successful if Ryan has something to do with it, Liv could not help, that bitterness is reflected in his voice and Mary looked at him.Sorry, Mary, was not out on you, but I can not avoid antagonism towards him. Nothing more I hear his name and I'm defensively sighed. 'Maybe you've conditioned yourself to think so, Liv, because once you hurt. Liv shook his head side to side, refusing to even consider, if there was any truth in the words of Mary.The attitude of his father had not helped much, to overcome his grudge against Ryan.Until his dying day, never spoke a favorable word about him. DJ, meanwhile, never mentioned his eldest son. It was only when talking to children, Liv was the purpose, to say nothing against the parent who did not know. Then he thought his main problem: the twins say that Ryan was his father. -I have to tell the truth to the children and soon-spoke aloud, as distracted. - Why not say they are, while Ryan is with you?Thus, both could talk to them.After all, the responsibility is not only yours, 'said Mary, with great logic. I do not know if I could stay calm Liv frowned, seeing that Ryan was coming down the dock, coming from the yacht. We'll have to come back sooner than I thought, 'he said, sitting on the sand next to Liv. I like the look of those clouds cumulus nimbus, who are gathering on the horizon. The weather report says that the sea will be bitten in the afternoon, the better we start the return in half an hour, when the others return from fishing. It's a shame to shorten such a day. Although Liv had hoped that the tour will end as soon as he felt a great pity to see that the island is dwarfed Graven, while the yacht set out on his way back. They were at the dock of the bay Shute, before the waves were little more than moderate.Liv went down to gather his things and went on deck, ready to go ashore with Costello. 'I'll take it home, Liv Ryan said as he passed her, heading for the bow. 'I came to Mike and Mary, may take replied quietly.

-I'm taking you home, I have something to discuss with you, spoke firmly and continued walking. When Ryan and Roko had finished reviewing all the candles and pick them up, starting to get late.The Costello had left.Liv sat, deep in thought, waiting for Ryan to finish to take home.I mean he did not seem in any hurry, as she felt tense and anxious, although he tried to hide it.The twins were delighted, trying to fish around the pier stakes. Expressed their sorrow at having to leave when the fishing rods returned to Ryan, who said he was ready now.Alesi and Roko were at the same time as them, because they were going to visit friends. Liv opened the door of the house and the twins ran toward the back door, down to the beach.She crossed the hall and placed in his room, bags of clothing.With tense nerves, followed Ryan who had left the back yard. He stood with his hands in the pockets of his pants, watching Luke and Melly playing in the sand. Liv, in turn, stood looking at him, staring at his broad back, wondering what he was thinking by looking at the twins.Perhaps he regretted, having lost seven of their most formative years.He felt that a knot squeezed his throat and swallowed. - What did you want to talk? He asked sharply. For a moment he thought he had not heard, because he remained motionless where he was.After several seconds, she became fairy. 'I ask you a favor,' he said gravely. - What kind of favor? She looked at him suspiciously. 'Come in, she gestured, precede him. They had just entered the kitchen, rang the doorbell at the front.After a glance at Ryan, Liv was open, with a momentary sense of relief.However, this impression was very brief, because the porch was Martin Wilson. 'Good night, Olivia. Expect to find. I did not come at an inopportune time-he turned in the direction of Ryan Mercedes, parked outside the house. - Martin! Liv's voice sounded a bit agitated, trying to invent an excuse to get out before Martin Ryan left.I ... we just got back right now and ... - Who is it, darling? Ryan's voice sounded behind her and froze Liv, to the intimate tone he had used. Martin's eyes narrowed, to dig into the man behind Liv.When Ryan's arm, around the waist in a gesture familiar Liv, Martin looked at her incredulously.Ryan reached out to the newcomer. - How are you? I'm Ryan Denison, Liv's husband. Olivia, is it true? Martin ignored any, of the hand that Ryan stretched and he shrugged.

-Now, you must be Martin Wilson. Liv had already mentioned. - Really? Martin asked and turned to look at Liv. Ryan, please, Liv at last she could speak. Leave us alone for a minute. 'All right, I will prepare the dinner and disappeared toward the kitchen. Olivia, what does this mean? Is your husband? Did not you say no you saw before? Yes, he is, but I do not ... Oh, Martin!Things are not as you think. Sorry, I thought to tell you when you phone. - Was he in the boat, where he went for a walk? Yes, but ... - How long have you returned? Martin looked furious. -About three weeks, but ... -Three weeks, his face reddened. I see, let's leave it, his lips curled in a sneer.I think I was wrong about you, you overestimated. He turned to leave. - Martin, wait! -Liv followed him and put a hand on his arm. I mean he looked down at her hand, shrugged a shoulder to take it off and left.Liv saw him leave with some relief, though with some regret. Returned to the kitchen, determined to tell Ryan what he deserved. Melly was standing on a chair, watching the fire Ryan moved in something that smelled so delicious, while Luke seemed happy to be setting the table, but did not like it. 'Men, we're cooking dinner tonight, told Luke. Ryan's eyes met hers. The gentle innocence of her expression, made her even more furious, but held back, not wanting to discuss in front of children. -The dinner is almost ready and made of pure tin cans. Are you sure it taste good? Melly asked and opened his eyes in amazement, looking at Ryan. Secured Party I'm the king of haute cuisine of canned goods. Now, if everyone feels, we can deliver, my stew-style all-a-bit-smiled. The twins smiled and sat in their places, while Ryan was serving food. Liv sat very quietly, although he had thought he would drown if I tried to eat, the truth was that the food was delicious and finished the contents of your plate. - Was not rich, mama? Luke said, putting the fork on his plate, also empty.Now for women to do the dishes, that's the rule.

-It seems very fair, Liv said, looking at the kitchen clock. Then it's time to bathe and go to bed. They had a very hectic weekend and tomorrow is to go to school. While she slept the children, Ryan stood in the doorway, watching her. Liv knew I had to tell him what I thought of how he had treated Martin.But his anger had subsided and followed him into the room, feeling unsure of herself and him.

Chapter 9
-About this favor, Liv ... Ryan was standing by the window, staring into the darkness. - After the way you tried to Martin, you have the audacity to ask me for favors? He asked incredulously. Forget any favors. Such tasteless-no stretch could you happy before a month be dead from boredom.Also, do not say anything that was not true. 'It was not what you said, but the way you did ... and do not want, that you take powers that I have given. Do not tell me, what were you thinking seriously marry him. It would have been easy to say yes, but she knew she would never have married Martin, but Ryan had not returned. He was right, would have made of pure boredom mourn. No, do not think. Liv dropped into a chair, feeling uncomfortable. Ryan, I'm tired. Tell me what you want and then leave. He did not reply for a moment and she wondered if it was possible that he was undecided about what he would say.He dismissed the idea, Ryan was never hesitant about anything. -I bought the island Craven said at last, without preamble. I know. -Mike told Mary and Mary told you you. Liv nodded and explained what the plane. I never thought that Mrs. Craven sold the island. How did you convince her? -I arrived at the right time, with the proper amount of money. Liv's eyes, looked at him intently.He had a slight impression that its response was not consistent with the truth.

-Everything is strictly legitimate, he said, reading his thoughts. I was lucky to buy cheap goods, which soon after was in great demand and was well paid-crossed the small room, stopping in front of a seascape that hung in the center of a wall.Is one of your paintings? -Yes. 'It's very good. Thank You! I make a reasonable business with them. -I will give a dinner at the hotel in Airlie, and I wish you were there, you'll act as my host. - What will be the dinner? She looked at him incredulously. -For the launch of my new project on the island Craven.I invited everyone in the district, which could support or attack my plans for a summer resort there, so they know what to do and we try to silence any protest before it occurs.Some of the services that I offer on the island, are very new.People do not like much change and I have to convince, that the ideas are good, that will bring the area a tourist boom, which had not dreamed of decades on end. - Even when they are against the idea? -There will be, when the evening is over. - And what hosting entails, in my case? Liv asked, deadpan. I was thinking that Ryan was the most trusted man in himself, that she had known, including DJ. 'Just stay by my side, looking as attractive as I know you can be. Those who can not conquer with words, be dazzled by you. - And what do I get this ... please I'll do to you? -Maybe you can consider it as a means to an end.As soon as the summer resort up and running, perhaps, you definitely free me. The impression that his words caused him was like a physical blow, but he bore himself before he came back to her. -I thought you planned to stay here, wondered why the idea that he left, had lost its appeal for her.Of course he knew why. - Who knows? -He had a mysterious air and both looked at each other. Ryan, why come back? Was it to prove something to DJ? Because that is what he will think, what we all think. I do not care much what anybody thinks. The reason I came back, it has nothing to do with DJ. Why would he want to prove something, after all this time?Maybe at first ... but I gave up even thinking, in the opinion that DJ could have me.I mean he could never understand what I thought.I choked, I wanted to dominate even though I knew

that I would never tell a man that all "yes".What will he think now, my plans for the island Craven?Who can tell?Intent discuss with him before dinner.As for the island, DJ may have paid the same price as me, but Mrs. Craven decided to sell it, because he liked the ideas that I presented. He leaned in apparent tranquility in a chair. -Apart from the island, I returned to try to save our marriage, one thing that you seem to detest. That decision is no longer in my hands.You're the one who has to answer. -Like I said, I am very happy as I am, she said, hoping he would not notice, he said it with less conviction than before. 'That's your opinion, but I would approach the twins. - How do you expect me to let him, because I've decided now?Tomorrow, you can return them to drop as easily.No, Ryan, I do not think it's a good idea. - Are you afraid to share his love with me? He asked grimly. - It is despicable to say a thing! -No more than what you just said. Do you think e s fair to deny me access to my children?Look, Liv, I discovered that they existed, was not in a position to return ... not on an emotional level, not for financial reasons.At the time, would have done more harm than good, but things are different now.Can not we try, to be civilized about this? -And I repeat, I do not want children out injured.Your mere presence here can make them irreparable damage.If someone, perversity, they say ...-Liv could not finish. 'Then tell them we owe us and soon. 'I know, but ... 'I have to go away for a few days. I need to go to Brisbane. Come dine with me to the yacht, on Friday night and talk, where nobody can interrupt us. Liv stopped, undecided. It has to be done, Liv. As much as I dislike the idea. 'All right, sighed. -The pick up at half past six. And Liv, on the other issue-pulled out his wallet and pulled out some bills.Take this and buy a dress for the occasion. Something sensational. 'I have clothes. 'I know' said annoyed and put the money on a table-but this time let me buy the dress, in gratitude for the help you're going to pay that night. Take a Alesi you, if you want.It tastes good, looked at his watch. I have to go. I'm expecting a business call, within twenty minutes, walked to the door.See you next Friday, and left.

Liv sat, looking at the money that was on the table, not daring to touch it. It would be a good lesson for him, you would use the money to buy some taste awful, but certainly could not do that to herself.As to seek help from Alesi to select her dress, she thought angrily, that would be the last thing I would! If I needed someone's opinion, it would ask Mary. Liv thought the week was going to do forever, but, surprisingly, the days flew by.There was much movement in the store, although it was not season, on Thursday, Melly fell at school and had to give three stitches in the wound that was done in the arm.Liv managed to finish two paintings that had been responsible, since before Ryan returned. Joel went to visit on Wednesday, shaken with the news that Ryan had bought the island Graven. Both Joel and DJ, had received an invitation to dinner. -I can not believe that it was he who bought the island Joel shook his head. He used to talk about it in the old days, but, DJ, never paid attention.This infuriated my brother and ended, not to mention the matter further. - How did the news DJ? Liv asked. -Fairly quiet. He was stunned at first, now seems cool and is not to say anything about it. Are you Ryan explained what his plans? -No, not really. Wants me to be host at dinner and I wonder why. I think there must be some reason behind that. -I think we should wait and see how things are unfolding.It will be interesting to observe how they react all. On Friday afternoon, Liv headed home, after picking up the kids at home for Costello.The twins were excited with the idea of dinner at the yacht and at six-thirty, had bathed and dressed. Liv feared the time to talk with the twins. He had not yet decided how best to address the issue.Although Luke had not done more questions and attitude toward Ryan had undergone a subtle change, worried about his reaction when he learned that he was her father.As his daughter was concerned, Liv did not think could be a problem. Ryan had captured almost from the start. - I came, mama! Cried Melly, running from the room window toward the front door.Ryan smiled, waiting for it to climb the stairs. Mommy is almost ready. With a nervous gesture, Liv spent the last brush through her hair and carefully secured in the neck with a brooch.She had on a set of green denim. Ryan's eyes traveled up and down, when he met them.His eyes lingered a moment in the severe hairstyle, before moving children into the car.

I mean he was wearing gray slacks with a white terry cloth jacket, he looked too attractive.Liv turned away, not to be impressed. Should be kept quiet. The twins were not to see it as uncertainty, and antipathy. -Quiet Ryan said softly, he opened the door. They are smart guys will understand. -I have that confidence, she said, her voice trembling. Instead of being tied to the dock, the yacht was anchored in the bay and addressed him in a small boat with outboard motor.The breeze was strong and the sea was a little choppy. Liv looked anxiously toward the clouds that were in the sky. 'It may rain during the night, Ryan said, raising his voice above the noise made by the motor-boat, but, according to the weather service, the weather will be good tomorrow. Liv's thoughts, again the last time he had been aboard the Midnight Blue during a tropical downpour and shuddered involuntarily.At least tonight would only board a couple of hours. - Where are Alesi and Roko? Luke asked, seeing that Ryan claimed the boat himself.I thought maybe, Roko would like us to play a little guitar. -They went to the mainland for a visit a couple of days, 'said Ryan.So we're on our own. - Are you going to make us dinner again? Melly asked, looking up at Ryan, with something close to worship. Liv felt a wave of pain. She was younger than Melly, when I first saw him with a similar expression on his face. "Definitely!. I hope everyone likes Chinese food, opened the hatch to go down to the cabin section. The food was delicious. Ryan already had most prepared and all sat down to chat with him while he finished his culinary arrangements.At least the twins and Ryan held a lively conversation about school, about a football game in which Luke had intervened on the dance classes Melly and, of course, the accident of the girl. Liv sat quietly, listening, while his imagination conjured up all kinds of traumatic situations, as a result of the hours. Ryan accepted the compliments of the children, cooking skills and then his eyes turned to Liv interrogators. - What say you, Liv?Did you like dinner? -Yes, thank you. It was delicious. Where did you learn to cook? -A little here a little there and smiled. - While traveling around the world? Melly asked.

More or less; 'I bet you had many adventures. Ever naufragaste on an island like Robinson Crusoe? Luke asked. -No, I do not think Ryan replied, sadly. - Not even once? Luke sighed, disappointed.What was your biggest adventure, then? 'It was not exactly an adventure, but the worst I experienced was when I had to land in a small plane that was piloted on a beach not too large. It was a forced landing, because the engine had begun to fail.I could not stop the device before the sand ended and went crashing against rocks.The wheels were fixed and the aircraft remained with the top up. The hard part was leaving my seat. - What happened to the plane? Did he stay on the beach? -No. We managed to fix it and we did fly again. -So how well you fly planes? Melly asked.Hey, you know it all! -I would not say all, Melly. There are many things I can not do. How to paint as well as it does your mother-eyes, mocking, turned to Liv. -Yes. Mom look good. He even made pictures of us and gave them to Grandpa Luke said with pride.Do not you wish that you paint? 'That would be a challenge for you, do you, Liv? -The portraits are not my forte. I prefer painting landscapes, especially scenes of the sea. -Luke draws very well, like Mommy, but I do not, Melly said, disappointed. 'You're better at spelling than me,' said Luke, and Ryan Air generous smiled amused.Grandpa says, that there are things that some do and others can not, the child suddenly frowned thoughtfully.Does the Denison grandfather is your father? -The question was a surprise, both Liv and Ryan. 'Yes, my father said Ryan, naturally. - Why did you leave? You could not find work, as Danny's dad? Danny was playing with me and Dino, but had to go to Gladstone, because his dad could not get work here. 'I had a job, but wanted to try his luck working on my own. I could not do around here, the type of job I wanted.You know what I mean? - Are you married? Luke asked hurriedly, as if too much effort to ask the question. Liv felt that his face reddened and Ryan's eyes, fixed on her before answering. Yes, I'm married.

- Are you really my father? He asked quietly. -Luke, you said that we should not say anything about that-Melly's lips trembled, he could alter much mommy-turned his restless eyes Liv was to see if it was. Now that Ryan had made the question had been discussed between them, the audacity of Luke seemed exhausted. His face was sensitive and vulnerable ... it was the face of a child, who had tried to enter the world of adults. - Did you alter, if I told your mother and I are married and I'm his father? -Ryan asked, gently. -I think you would be a very nice father Melly said, smiling. - What about you, Luke? Ryan asked, looking at his son. 'I think for you is fine, if it is okay for mommy-glanced at Liv, whose throat was choked with a sob, which she refused to let go.Why did you leave us? He asked, facing Ryan. -Luke ... Liv protested, but Ryan made a silent gesture. 'That's a good question, son. I had that, then I found them very good reasons to go, but I find it a bit difficult to explain them now.Adults make mistakes too, sometimes do and say things that children can not understand. - You two had a fight ...? Melly asked. Somewhat similar. - Are you going to stay here now? Luke asked. - "I do not know. But while I'm here, I wish we were all friends, we got to know us. What? - Mommy? -Luke turned to his mother. Is that okay? "Of course. -Now you will not be in class, children have no father sighed Melly smiling and Liv, turned his eyes full of pain to her daughter.He had never noticed, the twins were affected by that aspect of his life. Luke smiled at Liv with effort and blushed a little. 'It was not that bad, really, Mommy. Some kids have parents that are very bad with them.And we always had Uncle Joel. Joel has been very good to us.It's a wonderful person, said Liv. Ryan made no comment and began to collect the dishes. - Does anyone want dessert?I guess, nobody likes ice cream. The evening passed quickly and in a friendly atmosphere. The moments of tension that arose between adults, children went unnoticed.When they began to yawn, Liv

suggested that they leave. He felt emotionally drained, now that everything was over. As if he had been waiting for her decision to leave, the rain began to fall at that time. Ryan opened the hatch, then closed in a hurry. She would soak in seconds if they wanted to leave now.I'm going up the boat and cover it, or the rain sink Liv said. He ran to the cabin to the bow and returned in a bathing suit. - Need help? She asked. -No, I can only thank you. Gonna take me a few minutes. When he seemed to be raining even harder and gave Liv a towel to dry. -It seems that it will rain for several hours, he said, rubbing his hair. Why not stay on board tonight? Liv lifted her chin and her eyes met his. -Melly and you can take the aft cabin. Luke and I share the fore-added, quizzically. - Bravo! Sounds good to me! Luke smiled. 'But we did not bring pajamas Melly exclaimed in horror. -You can sleep with her underwear and I will lend you his mom one of my shirts. - A shirt? -Melly laughed and covered her mouth with a plump little hand.You'll look so funny, Mommy. -We leave very early tomorrow, because Luke has to play football, said Liv. -Maybe you can ... well, come and watch the game, if you want ... if you're not too busy, Luke's cheeks were dyed red, when he looked toward his father.Some of the guys play well. 'I think that Luke is playing better' said Melly and the face of his brother, was still more or roj.Sometimes Uncle Joel and Grandpa come too. -I would love to go, turned around, before I could check if Liv was serious or not. -Dino plays on my computer, like a couple of other guys in my class.Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike, also almost always come to watch the game. -Looks like you love to play soccer-tousled hair Ryan Luke. -It is really very good, said Luke's sister and smiled. -Will pick up my clothes and bathe in the aft cabin, Ryan rubbed his shock of dark hair with a towel chest. I do not take to anything. 'Come on, Luke, before you tuck Melly and me we get into the bed Liv went to the cabin, down the hall opposite to that Ryan had followed.

- Was it right to ask ...? -Luke paused and lowered his voice.Do you get upset if you call daddy? -No, I'm not sure if that's what you want, Liv dealt accommodate the bedding. - Good! Do you think you've been good, that he ask my dad to come to see me play football? Luke asked, staring in the face of his mother. -Of course I do. But you must remember that your ... your father is a busy man and not always going to have time to come see you play, leaned over and kissed him.Luke, how did you find out about your father? Have you told anyone? 'Not exactly, looked timidly. Dino heard someone at school, talk about it. He asked me and we ... well we think a lot and decided it was true. I see. 'You're not angry, right, Mommy? -No, of course not. Now, to sleep, my love. See you in the morning, he smiled. Liv turned slowly towards the aft cabin. Melly heard laughter from the hallway. -Daddy chose a shirt for you and has a house in Fiji as a drawing. Is not it pretty? The spread for her to see. Thank You! Liv stared at Ryan's chin., Did not want to read, I would find expression in his eyes.The old tension of the two, seemed to fill the cabin. Don't mention it. Until tomorrow, Ryan walked past and noticed Liv tense. - Daddy? Ryan stopped and for a moment, Liv thought he saw a flash of pain in her eyes, before they came back to Melly. - Do not you give me a kiss goodnight? -Melly jumped to the bed and crawled between the sheets. Mother always kiss before we sleep. Ryan leaned over the bed and arms Melly, entwined his neck and attracted to her. 'It's nice to have a dad. And it's nice to be Dad turned to Liv, her face expressionless. What about Mom? Will not you also a goodnight kiss? -No thanks, Liv said, very seriously. Thing he wanted was to feel the touch of her nearly naked body. 'But I insist, and his cold lips, fell on her in a brief kiss and circumspect that only served to whet the appetite of Liv for a more intimate touch.See you tomorrow. Cover with the jersey of Ryan, who had a subtle scent to it to disturb your senses, Liv lay awake on the same bed in which slept during his trip to the island Craven.He

longed to lie down beside him to it, as it did that night. I wanted to feel the warmth of her strength unchallenged. In the seven years that had elapsed since the birth of the twins had never shirked the responsibilities they entailed.But it was not easy for a girl of seventeen, caring for two babies. Tonight, Liv felt that part of the weight of these responsibilities, a weight than hitherto not been realized, had been lifted from my shoulders. It felt nice, comforting, knowing that someone else was there to help if needed, to share decisions about the children, especially when they developed. Although he had relied heavily on Joel, especially after his father died, she had to bear alone all the worries and anxieties, to educate children and felt an intense desire, you can now rely on Ryan, and give him his troubles. Maybe I needed it. I just had to go with him and say he wanted ... But what he wanted Ryan? He had said at first that he wanted with him, was aware of what that meant?Are the stresses of being suddenly overwhelmed by family responsibilities, they would not run again?Last week he said that perhaps he left, once your project on the island was under way.Liv had to think about the effect that departure would have on her and the children.Having the strength of Ryan for a little while, then lose it would be almost unbearable. The break now, would be even more painful than it had been eight years earlier.No, she could not risk that. Would have to use an iron will to resist, to discipline your body traitor and remind itself constantly that he was still the same guy always spoiled and irresponsible.

Liv woke up early, when darkness barely begun to dye a little light. He looked through the skylight, the sky gray dawn.He saw that it had stopped raining. He stretched, feeling tired, because he had moved with concern much of the night.He got up and, barefooted, walked quietly to the bathroom. He washed his face with cold water to clear a bit and went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. I was rinsing and drying the glass he had used when a soft sound behind her made her turn.Ryan was standing at the door, wearing only underwear brief. His hair was tousled and beard dark shadow on his jaw. I heard noise and came to see here, in case it was Melly. -No. She is still asleep, Liv felt his heart in his mouth, seeing the firmness of the male body tan. -Ryan Luke also ran a hand through the rough cheek. 'I came to have a glass of milk.

He nodded and his eyes moved from her body, covered with large T, which reached half of her thighs, revealing her long legs. 'That shirt is definitely better on you than me, the tone of his voice was a caress. -Back to bed. I think we can sleep a couple hours. - Did you sleep well? -He had approached her. -Yes, thank you. Ryanair? - Will you not ask me how I slept? Liv's gaze, fastened his eyes red.I did ... I mean, I did not sleep.Something I was very uneasy smile, as if he despised his own weakness.I could not stop thinking about you ... you realize at that damn shirt and sleep, was not exactly what came to mind. -Ryan, said last night ...-Liv back, but he followed, but without touching it. 'I know what I said last night. I must have been mad, ran a hand through his hair. Heavens, can you imagine what was lying there, knowing you were so close, wishing like crazy? Her voice was low and thick. Hand rose to surround her cheek. Would not you want to change your mind, about the arrangements we have to sleep? He asked hoarsely. Liv's heart pounded hard. If I knew how I wanted to say yes! But if he gave, he would become clay in his hands. Could mold at will and when the time came to leave, I would without even turning his face, as he had done before. This gave strength to their resolution. No, Ryan. He took a deep breath and she saw the conflict as reflected in his eyes, the pulse under his jaw.Ryan turned sharply. 'You'd better go back to bed, before you change your mind and decide to make change.

Chapter 9
Ryan had to go to Brisbane, so I did not see during the next week.Liv was grateful, the breath that gave him.The more I looked, the more vulnerable it became and was not very eager to test his new resolve to remain inaccessible to him. However, with the help of Mary bought a new dress for dinner. He chose a very elegant building, exclusive and expensive. He had already tried half a dozen or more, before Mary saw a black and showed it to Liv, almost reverently. -This, Liv. I can not wait for you to try it!

Mary was right. The dress seemed made for her and did not need any alteration. The neckline was deep enough as to show the initiation of the curvature of her breasts, but not deep enough, to be considered in bad taste.The back was discovered to exhibit your skin smooth and tanned. The size adjusted well molded her breasts and tiny waist down to the ground, shining folds of black silk.It was a perfect setting for your blue eyes and silky blonde hair, although the price tag marking, made him stifle a cry of protest. Mary ignored him. He recalled that Ryan paid the dress and he had more than enough for such a thing. Now, as she dressed for the party, after leaving the twins in the house of Mary, was glad the elegance of dress. I knew that he looked so well, would give some degree of confidence and counteract the nervousness he felt. She was calm, because Ryan was not going to go for it.He had telephoned to say, that would be very busy with last minute details, so Joel would pick her up at seven and a half. He had applied a discreet makeup, with great care, and her hair shone like gold foam really.He decided to drop it loose over her shoulders. I knew she would be uncomfortable, trying to be statuesque and worldly.The only way I could face what lay ahead, was relaxing and trying to be just herself. By taking your boudoir clock, saw that it was almost time for Joel arrived and was nervous. I almost wished to have rejected the invitation, but had accepted it and now had to move on. Did you kno You'll leave everyone stunned tonight, 'said Joel Liv, taking her arm to enter the hotel lobby. I've never been so attractive. Not that you see less and less cute, but tonight ... Oh! -He touched his lips with his fingertips.That dress is fantastic, really fantastic! 'I bet you were rehearsing the little speech, all the way up here, joked Liv, but was pleased by the comment.The shell is sleeker and more expensive, but what's inside is as usual. I hope this is the type of suit that Ryan had in mind when I asked to act as host. -In every man thinks, at some point.Going to do wonders for my ego. They all turn green with envy when they see me escort you to the reception room, including my brother Ryan, which will not hurt.What? -That you're a hopeless romantic, Joel Denison and you put a touch of fairy tale, in everything you say. Joel laughed again. He stopped at the threshold, smoothing the lapels of his jacket and straightened his bow tie. 'Now, come on.If Ryan is up to you to sell your ideas to local people, success is sure.

He winked, patted her hand rested on his arm and entered the conference room. I had many guests. Liv recognized, the greater part of these.Here were the mayor and several councilors and their wives, owners and managers of local businesses and many different professionals in the district. They saw the emergence of Liv with Joel, with avid interest. They had only taken a few steps inside the room when they were stopped by cordial greetings. Since then, Joel was very popular in the district, but Liv is asked with some bitterness, to what extent did give them the attention that was mixed with the desire to find out if there was reconciliation between Ryan and her.The eyes moved curiously, Liv and Joel to Ryan. It was not long, but Ryan was excused from the group of people I was talking to head towards them.Since then, she had spotted when he stepped into the room. He wore a dark suit, immaculately cut, a pale shirt with a conservative tie.He looked so handsome and elegant as ever, but tonight was even more sure of himself, as triumphant as it was without a doubt and Liv could feel that most of the guests were impressed by him. While everyone watched, Ryan shook hands with Joel and Liv's hand slipped under his arm, pulling her toward him. Joel, thanks for having picked Liv. Come meet a friend and associate of mine. The quick nod to Joel went to Liv, as they walked beside Ryan, did nothing to calm the anxiety of it.The way Ryan took her arm, seemed to proclaim his possession.When Liv tried to withdraw his arm, he pressed it firmly, but his expression had changed a bit even. They met people who were with Ryan, when Joel and Liv arrived.This noted that DJ was part of the group. Roko was there with another man, a native of Fiji, standing between him and DJ. Kim, this is my brother Joel Ryan said Liv and attracted even more to him, looked down at her and smiled, so that the senses of Liv became a whirlwind.Liv, my wife. Oh, honey, this is Kim Sukuna, my partner and great friend. While men shook hands, Liv noticed that Roko was looking at Ryan, as if he had lost his mind. - Do you and Liv are married? -Yes. We have been separated for some time, but now we see ourselves much more, 'said Ryan, naturally. - Liv I can call? Asked the older man. And you should call your teeth shone Kim. Have recognized anywhere, Liv, for photography that Ryan has always with him. I feel like I know her. Liv's eyebrows enarcaron, an expression of amazement.

Ryan told me all about you, through the years, he added. Liv looked for a brief moment to Joel, who wore an expression that seemed to say, "Did not I tell you?" 'I have understood that they have two beautiful boys, continued Kim. -Yes. Yes, I ... we, we have a young couple ... a boy and a girl, 'she said breathlessly. That's great! As my wife and me. We have a girl a little younger than my son Roko, who is present-Kim laid a hand on his shoulder. Liv was the turn to express his astonishment. -You do not look old enough to be the father of Roko, Mr. Suk, say, Kim. -Thanks, Liv. My wife complains that she would have come out all the wrinkles that we obtain the two, but believe me, she looks much older than our daughter or my niece, Alesi. At the mention of Alesi, Liv looking for a quick glance to the other girl.He saw her talking to a group of young people. Alesi looked very pretty in her gown, white, printed with large flowers of beautiful colors. Would you have already said Ryan who was married to Liv, or going to let you discover as Roko?Undoubtedly, if there was any relationship between them, Ryan would find a less painful way to inform Alesi. - Is your wife with you? -Was wondering, Joel Kim. -No. His had to stay a couple of weeks. Our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild a few days ago and my wife believes that it should remain with them a little time, he turned to DJ.It's nice to have a grandson who will follow steps one through life, do not you think, Mr. Denison? -Yes-DJ looked at the glass of scotch he was drinking. Yes I am very proud of my two grandchildren, Liv smiled. Is everybody going crazy, he asked her. DJ had never seen so calm, so complacent. The dinner was superb, from every point of view.Liv estimated that there were about two hundred guests.The evening was spent in very nice.The sat between the mayor and a councilor, who was known her father. It was only after dinner that was exposed to competition, the aim of the meeting.Ryan and Kim Sukuna presented their plans to convert the island into a resort Craven recreation.The plan would be funded by Ryan and he was assisted by two assistants in business administration.Kim Sukuna, would be in charge of the rooms and food and beverage section, while a Canadian, Scott Mallory, would manage the dedicated section especially to the children.Ryan apologized for the absence of the Canadian, whose plane had been delayed. Mallory had come from Vancouver.

While setting out its objectives Ryan, Liv, who listened with great attention, had to admit I was shocked, as everyone present seemed to be pregnant.The resort focus his interest in the family would put much emphasis on providing a playground, where children could enjoy as much as their parents.And they may decide to spend the time with their children or without them if they decided for the latter, they would know that the children were in good hands, cared for by professional people. While parents were staying at the main building, the children would have opportunity to be part of camps within the island itself, where they would learn to cook outdoors, to hike and live in contact with nature, but always could share with their parents, all central tourist services. Scott Mallory came well recommended, having run summer camps in the United States and Canada.Sukuna Alesi, who was a nurse received, would be his assistant. There would be many positions available, so that occupied the local people.Overall, the resort would only bring benefits to the community and the general area. Most of the guests, was in favor of the project.Not only that, but Liv could feel their interest and excitement. However, when Ryan invited those present to put forward their views and ask questions, a small group made some objections. She was astonished to recognize that one of those who protested was Martin Wilson.Liv had not seen or heard from him since the night when Ryan was presented as safely. Ryan answered their negative views, clearly and knowingly.After some questions, gave up their attempt to oppose the project. The mayor seemed very pleased and said so to Liv. -You know, Mrs. Denison, we need more family-oriented entertainment and I think that her husband agrees with me on this.As he is a family man, is a strong recommendation for your project. While Liv watched Ryan, who argued with several town somewhere in the project, came something very unpleasant.Could it be that the real reason, that he wanted at his side?Why show a good example for your family recreation center?A cold hand clutched at his heart. Would it be so cruel as to appeal to such resources, to get what they wanted. Then everyone started to go side to side, examining maps, plans and models that had been put on display, while Ryan is mingled with the people, answering questions or pointing out something of special interest. 'Well, Liv, your husband seems to be doing a good job tonight, Martin appeared suddenly at his side, his face a little turned on. -Yes. Has put much effort into the project, 'she said, thinking of some excuse to get away from Martin.

They say that "mighty lord Is Money" and seems to bring enough to buy them all. - What are you talking about, Martin? -Liv began to suspect that the man had drunk too much. -Is promising more money for the community, more jobs for local people and, of course, more luxuries for you ... - Luxuries for ...?What are you trying to tell me? -That maybe a poor school teacher, is no longer good enough for you.Now have their eyes much higher. Do not be ridiculous. Never made any promises and you know better than anyone. - Any problem, Liv? Joel asked. He had come to them, seeing her annoyed expression and red-faced Martin. - Ah, Joel! -Liv had wanted to hug him, of pure gratitude, Martin and retired at the moment-turned.Is that glass of champagne for me? He asked, taking the cup that Joel offered. - What was I saying? He asked quietly, when Martin walked away. 'Nothing of importance, Liv took a sip of the frothy drink. It was showing envious and stupid and ... - It's good that you get rid of it! Joel smiled and turned to go to the salon look.It seems that everything is going well. - Do you doubt it, in the case of Ryan? She asked, dryly. -No. Ryan used to talk about this years ago. And ideas are very good. DJ is to m'm the right thing.It is the most quiet. Do you think that has subsided? Joel smiled. Or maybe Ryan and entered into the world of the biggest in its own right. - And what about you? Liv asked, smiling. "I." I'm still too young. Do not worry, Liv.I am very happy as I am. DJ is not as hard on me, as it was with Ryan.I guess their personalities clashed. -Joel, introduce me to this divine creature. Neither Joel nor Liv had noticed the young man who had come to them, until he spoke.Liv flushed, the eyes of frank admiration of man. - Hi, Scott! When did you get? Joel shook hands with the newcomer. He was as tall as Joel, with dark curly hair and mustache trimmed to fashion. -I arrived fifteen minutes ago. My plane was delayed and lost the connection I had to do in Sydney to speak with a slight American accent.I would have died of courage, if

I knew what I was missing, Liv turned to her and pinned her brown eyes, red from the many hours of flight. 'I see you have not changed much, Scott. Do you still do the role of playboy? Joel laughed. That's enough! Do not ruin my image, with the most beautiful girl I ever knew. Joel looked up toward the ceiling and Liv left hand, showing his wedding ring. -Sorry to be the give you the bad news. This is my sister- Liv Denison.This ladies man is Scott Mallory, Liv.Ryan and I met in Quebec, when we went there on vacation, ten or eleven. Scott went to the ring Liv, a contemptuous look and shrugged. -In love and war anything goes. I'll take advantage of the absence of her husband, to express my deep regret for not having known before him. Liv laughed. I could not feel offended, with the gallantry of Canadian humor. - How did you get into Ryan's plans for this summer camp? Joel asked. I turned to find him in the United States two years ago and convinced me to try their luck in your idea.I liked the plan and I wanted to see Australia. In addition, Ryan is a man who knows how to do things. It has always been a winner. I know this is going to be a success. -Of course, Joel recognized while. Scott again turned his attention to Liv. -Tell me, what position will occupy her husband, Liv? I guess he is also involved in this. Ce-brow or .I could have sworn that Ryan had only one brother. 'Well, Scott, I finally came, Ryan had met with them. Did I hear mention my name? -Shook hands with the Canadian. Yes, she was asking Liv, had managed to capture what Denison. Joel laughed, looking at Liv and her brother. Ryan's expression remained virtually unchanged, but his eyes turned colder, more penetrating. I'm sorry, Scott. Liv is forbidden ground, he said, cheerfully.He is married to me. - You? I do not even know you were married, Scott could not hide his surprise. They are newly married, I guess. -We have eight years now, 'said Ryan, his arm around the waist of Liv, in that same act of possession. 'Actually, she married my brother because he could not conquer laughed Joel. Right, Liv? She smiled, trying to hide his nervousness.

'My first big mistake, Joel,' she said and felt that the fingers of Ryan oppressed waist. 'I think I take her for a moment,' said Ryan. See you both later. Go featuring Scott with everyone, please, Joel. With his hand firmly on his arm, Ryan took Liv to a small little room, which had on one side of the room. - How do you think are the roses? Ryan asked, putting his hands in his pockets. "Well alright. You tell 'em." But you do not need me to tell you that, 'he added, knowing that he had not been there to ask that question. I see that Scott Mallory impressed you very well, he said, after watching a few seconds in silence. -It seems very nice. - Pleasant? -The tone of his voice, considerably changed the meaning of the word. -Yes. Nice and very cordial. I've only met him a few minutes and changed a few words with him, but that was the impression it produced. -Rather than long distance mantuvieras if you do not mind. - What if I care? -Liv lifted her chin. I do not need such complications, before the project even gets started. - Complications of what kind? He asked with deceptive calm. -You know what I mean. I have much time to meet Scott. It is a classic ladies' man. It has a girl, in every place through which it passes.Adquirieras not want a false idea of his attentions. - By God, Ryan, do not talk nonsense! You think, I have not an iota of common sense?Through the years, I learned to know the character of the people.I can recognize a womanizer when I see and I would say that your friend is one of the most friendly and harmless I know.I assure you that I have matured a lot in eight years and I'm not going to fall into his arms, or those of anyone, he felt a dull anger overcame her and that prompted her to add -: Or is it that the problem Ryan?Are you angry because I have not fallen easily in your arms? -Liv, you're forced to ... - Ah, there you are, Ryan! -Roko stuck his head into the little room.Mrs. Craven wants to see them, Liv and you, before you leave. 'All right, Roko, now we ... He retired to precede him into Liv conference room, but did not take his arm when Roko followed.

Mrs. Craven smiled wearily when Liv came and tried to calm down. 'Well, Ryan, it seems that now you have all of your hand, as you said would happen ... many years ago - his eyes, still bright and alert, they turned to Liv.Husband have a very determined. It was over ten years ago, when I talked about his plans for a family recreation center on the island r Craven, if I ever decided to sell.And I said that if one day got me enough money, and I had settled down showed that the island would be his, he turned to Ryan.You've done the first part of your dream. Now, I look forward to seeing the finished product. -Not with so much anxiety, as I hope Ryan smiled at the old woman, with that same smile he used twins and Liv's heart, sank painful.I used to smile at her like that, but it would make. -I must go home now.It's late for me and I'm not used to the sleepless.I am very happy that Ryan and you have reconciled, Liv. You take one day to children, to see them. When Ryan told me he had already settled their differences, that's what sealed our transaction.I think a good marriage makes a man good. Ryan reminds me of my late husband, and although he is not here to deny it, always needed to keep my hand firmly on track-he laughed and smiled Ryan, as he gave his arm to help her up. -'ll Walk to the taxi. Will you forgive me, Liv? His eyes, never looked for it. 'Good night, darling, Mrs. Craven, patted the arm of Liv.This boy is a handsome devil, bowed his head in the direction of Ryan. If I were forty years younger, I would give the battle-winked at Ryan. Do not forget to come see me, girl, when you have a free moment. Liv stood still, while Ryan drove the old woman's arm through the crowd. Her dark hair shone with intensity under artificial lights, as he bent to hear something that Mrs. Craven was saying. Liv body felt numb. So that was the reason that Ryan would have liked there that night.To prove the old woman, who had said was true, that they had reconciled.Had manipulated her and the children, to ensure the sale of that property speculators who had coveted for years and years.Ryan had taken advantage of her again, should have guessed. The pain that these revelations were, almost rocked. He turned to the table and poured fruit juice, to hide his agitation. Eyelet anyone noticed her pallor not withstand interrogation at the time. Although reproached herself, furiously, his credulity, that did not help to ease the pain I felt.Inside is cursed and called stupid, in all terms possible.Ryan speaks always been a cruel man, why would assume that had changed? Had not he always used others to get what he wanted?

I could not stay there a moment longer. Joel sought to take her home but could not find it. He noted that there were no Mallory Scott, nor his father. - Looking for someone, Olivia? Asked Martin, and more normal appearance. His anger seemed to have passed. I can not find Joel. Have not you seen? She frowned. She went out a couple of minutes. I think it was to leave to your father at home. He was a tall and dark. Yes, they should have gone with Scott Mallory. Joe wanted to take me home. It is ... a headache, he realized he was telling the truth.I felt a twinge behind the eyes. 'I'll take you if you want. Liv watched him carefully. Before he had drunk had suspected, but now he seemed sober. Maybe his fury, was responsible for their slight inconsistency.However, Joel decided to wait. 'Thank you, Martin. I think I can wait for Joel again. -No trouble, Olivia. I was already, anyway. 'All right, Liv hesitated before capitulating.Kim will let you know that I'm going to know that there was Joel who took me home. -I'm waiting at the door. In the crowd, Liv took several minutes to locate Kim. When moved to Martin, Ryan appeared at the door and his eyes moved from Martin to her. - Ready, Olivia? Asked Martin. 'Yes,' Liv felt that the eyes of Ryan wanted to ash and was forced to stop because he blocked them out.As he looked at her face, had to explain. I want to go home now, Ryan, I have a headache. Martin has kindly offered to take me, because Joel was to take your father home. Yes, I know. I was talking with him outside, glanced at Martin. If I wait a minute, I'll take you. -No, no, you can leave your guests, Liv tried to smile, and Martin does not mind it. "Of course not!" Now, if you allow us, Denison Martin stepped forward and for a moment, Liv thought Ryan was going to continue blocking the entrance, but stepped aside, his expression serious. -An evening of great success, 'said Martin. Without doubt, it should be very pleased, his voice did, that even Liv will gnash their teeth. Yes, very much, 'said Ryan, his mouth tight. His eyes turned to Liv. See you later, his tone was threatening.

I'm sorry I made a fool before. I can not really understand, what happened to me.I hope you'll forgive me, Martin apologized. Liv sighed, wishing he increased the speed of the car. I wanted to be home alone. Martin's more depressed than I was. 'I've forgotten what happened. 'It's very generous of you, Olivia. I would tell you, sorry it has broken our friendship. 'Thank you Liv almost heaved a sigh of relief, seeing that they had come.It was all my fault, not wanted to discuss my marriage with anyone. Yes i can understand that.. I think he came unexpectedly. -So-Liv was opened the door on his side, almost before Martin had turned off the engine.Thanks for bringing me home. I really appreciate it, hurried down the car. 'It was a pleasure, Olivia, he stopped, trying to decide whether or not to insist on entering. I think I'd better leave. Take a couple of aspirin for that headache. Liv came almost running and leaned inside the door, with a deep sigh of relief.Back in his room, took off his shoes and sank into the chair in front of his dresser. He took the cream to remove makeup. He felt he was moving too slowly, he saw that his face was pale, his eyes wide and bright. With lethargic movements, prepared the bed for bed.His head throbbed as very painful.What I needed was a cup of hot tea and if it was an effort, find the energy to prepare it.He threw cold water on your face before going into the kitchen and put the kettle on. He refused to allow his troubled mind think about what had happened, nor in the frozen expression of Ryan when she left. With the steaming cup of tea in hand, entered the room, sat in his favorite chair and began to take a sip the hot liquid. The slight noise to give a closed door, he opened his eyes again.Most clung to the hope that Martin had returned.But even before he came to the window, I knew the silver Mercedes would be there, shining in an almost mocking, in light of the moon.I knew from the moment he had left, he would follow. When he heard a knock at the door and froze.The handle was shaken vigorously and the call became stronger. - A ber! His voice had such an air of command, she ran to the hall.Liv, opens the door, if you do not want the take down! Ryan is late. I was going to cost me Liv's voice trembled, the word was spoken softly, almost against her will, she opened the door. He was leaning with one hand against the door frame.He had removed his jacket and tie, leaving the partially unbuttoned shirt. His hair fell in disarray ahead.

Liv joined and stepped aside so that he entered, before closing the door. Followed him to the room. And there, decided to take the offensive show not intimidated. - Have the goodness to say, what you are offered and then leave?I'm tired and I have no mood to exchange insults. 'I must admit one thing, Liv. Have character. Eight years ago, nobody would have believed it. 'Maybe not you bother, to know me a little. -Maybe not looked at it, squinting. Wilson hoped to find here. Or was and went? Her tone gave a different meaning to the words, seemingly innocent. Liv drowned with difficulty, the access of fury that swept over her. -Marti n brought me home and left.I knew I was tired. I suppose it must feel in the clouds, now believed to have been put back foot in the door ajar. - What's that supposed to mean? -Stop yourself silly with respect to such stretching.I know you, Liv, and he is not for you. Never in a million years. - Is that an observation, due to your brilliant mind, or is your ego hurt the speaker? He asked with disdain. He raised his head sharply and looked at her menacingly.Liv's heart trembled with fear. -I wonder if you pretend to be brave enough, Mrs. Denison. -It is despicable from you, criticize Martin. He is trustworthy, a person-Liv considered stable and wondered if he would sound the words sounded as hollow as his own ears. -In other words, all that I am not. But tell me, Liv. Did he turn on you, a spark as big as me?I mean, we have nothing but look at us and everything explodes into a thousand flames. He denies that, if you can. It has always been between us and this will continue. If you play now, prove the truth of what they say your eyes, is not it? Liv took a step backward. The same grin appeared on his mouth to disappear later. - Did you slept with him? -No, I ...-Liv's face lit up, at the audacity of his words.Why, you ... She swallowed.If he had, would not your business. If you decide to sleep with a full team of soccer, need not ask permission. As soon as the words left his lips, a sense of horror came over her, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. She felt dirty and humiliated. He could not even feel fear when he

saw Ryan's face grew pale with rage and took a menacing step toward her.He stopped and ran a hand distractedly through his dark hair. - What do you want, Liv?Passionate declarations of eternal love? Flowery phrases to satisfy your romantic heart?That's not my style. I'm not a man of words but of action. And maybe that's what you want too. 'That's why you're so good she cried, throwing discretion to the wind all. That's all that you're interested. Shares Take what you want, is your motto. Well, there are more than physical appearance, Ryan. A relationship needs more than just sex, to stay alive.And if the room is all you have in mind then, sorry for you. 'That's on my mind, believe me. Whenever you're around, I keep thinking, came to her in a single step. His hands were fitted, in the flesh of Liv's arms and dragged her toward him. Ryanair? Leave me alone! -He turned his head from side, avoiding his lips. You're driving me crazy! - What do you think you're doing to me ... at all times of day?And at night is worse. Pursue my dreams, his hand caught her jaw and face him back, to look at their frightened eyes. You're like a virus may have entered, Liv. And when I think that I've got my system back to attack me. His hand slipped through his hair to surround the neck, while the thumb of the other followed the contour of the face, cheek, ear lobe. His eyes were fixed on the curve sensual lips. -Boy, you are so beautiful, more ... Liv ...-your mouth down on hers, with a hunger that could not seem to control. Oppressed her arms tightly to him, amoldndola the hard contours of your body. The struggles of her, did little or no impression on him and felt the response he demanded she began to emerge.Ryan's hands found the shutter on the back of Liv and black dress slid to the ground, to fall in a disorderly pile of black silk. - Ryan, please! Just ... stop before you have a new reason to despise, Liv made an effort to control the passion that she had awakened in a fire and seemed ready to consume. Do you know? You'll have to wait their turn, because I'm ignoring me. But I can not stop ...-his hands slid down her body, almost in despair, and her lips traveled the softness of her hair.I could not stop, even if I fell over the sky-lifted like a feather, to go with her to the bedroom. He laid in bed, she had just prepared.Liv was motionless, watching him.She knew she should make an effort to get up and flee, while he removed his shirt and pants, but remained still, staring at him, enraptured, captured by the plea that burned in his eyes, which were now black as coal .

Ryan lay down beside him, Liv felt lost. A moment later, he had no desire to escape. It was like he had said it would be, the fire that burned within him was at the height of it.This and that night on the beach, many years ago became the only reality. And their marriage was so perfect, as it had been before.

Chapter 10
Liv moved, trying to stretch your muscles sore.It felt strange. He moved a little and suddenly awoke abruptly, seeing the tan shoulder was so close to it in that narrow bed.He looked up and found a pair of blue eyes, who looked with some suspicion.At times they seemed like forever, they looked at each other.A deep flush rose to the cheeks of Liv, remembering what happened the night before.Was it just a few hours had been lost, forgotten everything but his mutual physical satisfaction? He was angry at his own weakness. How could he let that happen? Were alleged. When Ryan raised his arms trying to attract, got jumped up and hastily placed his white terry cloth robe, tying with energy belt. He was lying in bed, without intent to be covered with bedding. 'I think you better go, she turned away from the body, which evoked memories even now made her shudder. - What? Do not you give me breakfast? He asked dryly.Even death row inmates are entitled to eat. -I just want to get dressed and go, 'Liv noticed that his voice sounded very sharp and made an effort to control himself, because he was on the verge of hysteria. I never want to see you again!" -So do not you want to see me? He repeated, his voice so calm and controlled, acute and desperate as was hers.Why did you love? - Make Love? So you call it? Whatever you call it-was a mutual thing. I had to make much effort to convince you. Be honest with yourself, Liv ... you wanted me as much as I love you.So, why is this hypocritical comedy of angry protest? He asked in a brutal way. - You are hateful! He shouted. And, for heaven's sake, get dressed! He stood and looked disdainfully, before slowly lifting his clothes and dressed. I do not remember that you have protested last night of our nakedness, Mrs. Denison. - Will you shut up about last night? I will not hear more of that! -Liv put her hands over her ears.

I mean he crossed the room toward her, his shirt unbuttoned.He raised his hands to the sides of Liv and stopped with f lexible firmly. -You are a little silly, Liv ... Her eyes swept over and stopped in the belt of her robe.For a moment she thought she was going to take but he mockingly smiled coldly. There is a piece of cloth across Australia, which could prevent me touch you, if you wish, 'he said arrogant gesture.So stop acting like a girl and act like rational adults, let go and ran a hand through his hair. - Do you think you irresistible? The great Ryan Denison! Everyone has to adjust to what you want. You and I want the same thing. He pulled her into his arms and his lips began to move on it, as exciting. Liv, pushed him trembling. Ryan let go and his smirk was the straw that broke your patience.His hand went up at full speed and crashed heavily in his cheek. Ryan tensed. The imprint of her hand, had left a red mark on her cheek. -It should give you a beating for that, but I'm starting to believe that it is not worth the effort. He turned and opened the bedroom door, which slammed into the wall so quickly, that cosmetics Liv jumped on the toilet. -You can find me on the yacht, when you retrieve your common sense. 'You'll have a long wait, because if I saw you in the next hundred years, it would still be too early for me! Her voice rose, as I followed him through the lobby. -Maybe you're right, 'he said sharply, opening the front door. I think it's time now, you leave this place ... and forever.And do not expect him back! They stopped when they saw the twins standing on top of the stairs, scared, while Mary was coming down the trail and came to see what happened. That the twins had heard the last part of his discussion, it was obvious from the look of horror in his eyes. -See you, boys, Ryan's voice became a little calmer, he passed before them.His car sped away, before any of them could even move. Melly's sobs, Liv did return to reality.The girl threw her arms around the waist and pressed her face Liv against her mother. -Liv, sorry, Mary began with a face full of worry, out of the car before I could stop them. It's not your fault, Mary. We ... I did not realize how late it was already squeezedLiv Melly against her.Do not cry, my love. There is nothing to mourn the Right Thing. All is well.

- Why were screaming like that, my dad and you?Luke and I think that you are wanted and we could be together, like a real family-Melly said, between sobs drowned. Full of compassion, Mary looked at Liv, as she explained to her daughter: Look, Melly. Sometimes adults disagree and get angry and quarrel, like you and Luke, for example. 'But, Mommy ... you looked so angry ... and I think my dad will not return the girl sobbed. - Oh, Melly! Just because your dad and I have had an argument, does not mean he is angry with you. 'But we do not want, you are not angry with you Melly's voice broke into a sob. 'Come, now no more tears. What if I give thanks to his aunt Mary, take care of last night? -Liv tried to put in his voice, all the joy that he could at that time. -Thank you, Aunt Mary said the children, but Melly was hugging Liv and Luke worried look, still fixed on her mother. -Thanks also from me, Maria, Liv said, smiling. It was a night of great success for Ryan, he added, although the words are run over a bit to say them. 'I'm glad. I can go back, if you think I need. Mike has a short shift today. Could have dinner if you like. At breakfast, the twins were silent, turning to cereals on his plate, with visible reluctance.As more time could not resist the silence, Liv got his own spoon and faced her. Melly, Luke ... sorry ... you have heard our discussion this morning.I want to try to not worry more. Both know that their father and I have not seen for many years.Take some time to know each other again.Sometimes you find one, they disagree on some things. The twins looked at her solemnly. -Our discussion has nothing to do with you two, or alter the fact that we love them both. - You two do not want? Luke asked. 'Perhaps, we do not want the same way, Liv felt something oppressing his heart. - Dad Will not you come live with us? Melly asked, trembling. - How can you come live with us, if it goes away again? -Luke looked at her sister frowned and a tear rolled down the cheek of the girl.I guess I'll be the three of us, as before he sighed. -I think so, Liv said, wishing I could let the tears roll as Melly was doing.

Liv moved and woke up looking for the twins. Played on the beach, while she sat in the back yard, watching them. But the fatigue of the night before, had dominated and had fallen asleep. - Melly? Luke? He exclaimed, with no response. He checked his clock and winced in surprise.Was it possible that he had slept an hour and a half?Way to the garden and called a little louder. There was no sign of them. He went back to the beach and stared at the shimmering sea. His heart almost stopped beating, before a horrified thought.No! No, never went into the water alone. That was an inflexible rule, enforced without exception. But where would be gone?To great view, looking at both ends of the bay, but the beach was deserted. Perhaps he had gone to biking. He ran to the garage and saw that indeed, their bikes were not there.However, their momentary relief was followed again by fear. He never went anywhere without warning.Perhaps they had not wanted to wake her. His eyes looked the way, but it looked empty, too. Trying to stay calm, think where they might be.The Costello ... that was the most logical place.She ran to the house and dialed the number. He let the phone ring for some time, before admitting that there was nobody in the house. Twenty minutes later, Liv was desperate. He had called all the friends I could remember, but it was useless. Joel. Of course! Should be with him. He picked up the phone again. I would read the riot act when kicked them off their hands on! -Family home. Denison. Thomas, speaking Liv. Is there Joel? 'No, Mrs. Liv, no one is home. Mr. Joel came out with Mr. Denison and Mr. Mallory on a tour of the area. They were a couple of hours. - Oh! -Liv felt that his heart sank again. You have not seen him around the twins? 'No, Mrs. Liv, not here. Liv down the left horn and almost panic. What can we do? What could ...?Ryanair?I would phone. If you had not already left. He ignored the tears running down his cheeks, as he dialed the dock manager. - Jim? Liv talks Denison. Is Ryan's yacht anchored in the bay yet? She asked breathlessly. -Is here in the spring, Liv. What brought you here this morning. - Do you know if Ryan is on board?

-He was here early, but went ashore after lunch and went in the car to Airlie. Want to give a message? - Oh, no, Jim! Liv does not matter, he covered his face with his hands. I had to do something. It would raise the car and go looking for them everywhere. His imagination painted terrible images of what could have happened.He ran to the front door, as if his feet had wings. Seeing Ryan was down at the time of the Mercedes, Liv lost control and threw herself into his arms, on the verge of hysteria. -Liv, calm down. Calm down and tell me what happens! -He shook it firmly. I can not find the twins. They are gone, he said, trying to master the chattering of his teeth.I called as many people you can imagine and no one has seen. Oh, Ryan! Where can they be? -Try to control you. Come in and work on your search from there ...-peace of mind made calm a little.Mike and Mary have not seen? She shook her head from side to side. 'It was the first I called, but were not home. - What's your number? Prove again. There was no answer and he hung up the horn. Do not just do it when the phone rang. Liv stood a jump, very pale. -Say, speaking Ryan Denison. -Jim Ferguson speaks of spring. Glad to find you there, Ryan. Look, one of the guys told me he had seen two heads of children in your boat, a few minutes. And I found two bicycles belonging to the twins behind the house. I thought I'd check the yacht, if they are there. -Thank you for calling, Jim. We'll go over there right now. Do not lose sight of the yacht, while we get there, will you please? -Sure, Ryan, do not worry. - Do you find it? Are they good? Liv asked. 'They're on the yacht. - In the yacht? Oh, Ryan! -Liv felt that his body lost strength, and he took her by the shoulders.Are they alone? 'So it seems. Do you feel up to join me? Yes, yes. I'm fine. Well, we then.

No sign of life on the yacht, but Jim assured them that no one had fallen from him, since the phone call.Ryan helped Liv to come on board and he went over the top cover. - Luke? Melly ? There was no response and the fear came back from Liv. Ryan-I see down-down the hall, followed closely by Liv. Wait here. He checked the cabin and returned the bow, he went to the stern section. He lingered a little longer this time and finally reappeared with the twins taken with firmness of little arms. - Thank God! -Liv dropped to his knees and hugged her tightly. Oh, Luke, Melly ... was almost crazy with worry! -Tears of relief began to roll down her cheeks and the two children burst into anguished sobs. -We were scared, Mommy whispered Melly crying. We thought my dad was coming back, but did not, so we hid. - Why not told her mother who came here, Luke? Mama was asleep, said in a choked voice, looking down embarrassed -.And we thought if we ran away ... and we hid in your boat ... when you you had gone, we would find and you should return to mommy ... and maybe not then you'd go back Luke's voice broke and he was surrounded Ryan his arms, pressing hard, until her sobs subsided.We did not want to scare you, Mommy. Ryan went into the bathroom and returned with a hand towel. - Will this be big enough, to dry all those tears? -Melly laughed a little shyly, as he wiped her face first and then Luke.And now, mommy's turn, put a hand behind the head of Liv and wiped his eyes and gently wet cheeks. Their eyes met. I mean he looked at her in a way that Liv felt faint and his heart beat quick.His hand encircled her head and pressed it against his shoulder. The well had a moment before rising again. I bet you all are hungry, turned to the twins. Do we eat here or go home? -If you go home, will you come too? Melly asked. - Are you coming? Luke asked. - What do you say, Liv? He asked hoarsely. -We would love to come he said at last, and it was as if a great weight had been lifted from his heart and bitterness of the years, suddenly crumble. Much later, when the twins were already in bed and Liv made a cup of coffee, he realized that at last they were alone. They had plenty to talk about and now that it was time to do so, she did not know how to begin. He glanced quickly toward Ryan, and found that he was watching.

-I did not ask, what came back to the house this afternoon, said to hide his embarrassment. -The excuse that he would use, I forgot when you threw in my arms.I suddenly I had come together every Christmas of my life. - Ryan, is serious! 'I assure you I'm serious. I have never been more serious. He walked to stand beside her, who handed him a cup of coffee, and put on the table. Ryan hugged Liv and rested her cheek against his wife's temple. 'Nothing has meaning for me, without you-retired head slightly to look into her eyes and smiled sadly. Last night I declared myself unable to say flowery phrases ... and now, that's what I want to do.I just do not find the right words. All I can say is that I love you ... I've always loved and never stop loving you. - Oh, Ryan! I love you, too, the tears glistened on her eyelashes, while around his waist with his arms and leaned against him. They stayed together, so for some minutes. So Ryan took her to the patio.He sat in a chair and placed it on his knees, with a sigh of satisfaction. 'I brought you dancing on a tightrope for a long time, Mrs. Denison. I hope you feel ashamed of it. "I need you?" You're the one who brought me a wing, since I was six! 'Well disimulaste well that, in recent weeks.It was only when he kissed you, that my hope was reborn a little-proceeded to test his statement, kissing passionately. Both had lost his breath, when they separated. - Was I that transparent? -Liv smiled nervously. 'No, no way. I turned green with envy and jealousy, every time you saw Joel eyes fixed on her face.Now, I can feel sure of you. Liv nodded and he pressed it against his chest. -I went this afternoon to ask you to come with me when I could go, if that was what you preferred ... I thought maybe there were too many sad memories here.After last night, I ... I've spent the day calling me names.I have called you stupid, selfish, inconsiderate, weak ... As you can imagine.Liv could not make them leave, children and you. It was pretty bad before. But now, I would have been impossible to leave without going crazy. This afternoon was going to beg, if necessary knees to let me be-finished with a voice that reflected the agony he had suffered. -You would not have needed to do that. Oh, Ryan, I was devastated when you left! I guess in the intervening years, I had bitter lot. Then, suddenly showed up and I came back the world upside down.I realized that I loved as ever, but was afraid to come back

to hurt me. I felt brave enough to return to suffer what I went through in those early months. - If only you had known how much he wanted to take you with me!Why do you think I left without seeing you, after the wedding? Because he knew that otherwise would not have had the strength to leave ...-of the old torment over his face. - Why did not you asked me to go with you? You ought to know perfectly, that I was crazy about you. -I thought you were too young and that yours was a temporary adolescent passion.It was not hard to convince DJ and your father, that was right about that.I already despised for having lost control and for having subjected to the humiliation of that night. They do not cost much to convince me, that I was irresponsible and would be better for you if you left for reconstruyeras your life without me.I already believed in much, before they started to tell me. Ryan, I wish someone had asked me what I wanted. Where did you go? Nobody ever told me. -I went to many places. I'm not proud of those first two years.I was bitter and convinced that I was all the things our parents had told me and I think I acted according to that idea.I lived with all the vices of the world in decline. Drink, play ... whatever.And desperately tried to forget, but it was impossible. I was in my blood, in every breath he breathed, his hand slid down her arm gently. -The money was slipping through my hands like water.So I had a stroke of luck.I won a considerable amount of money in a poker game.How did I do not know to date. I was pretty drunk at the time and as I headed back to my hotel, some of the losers tried to get back at me. That's how I met Kim Sukuna.Roko was happening, the alley where they were attacking me.He saved my life and money. - Are you hurt? -Was horrified. -No more than he deserved. I spent some time talking with Kim and I decided to return. - You came back here? But ... no one told me, Liv looked surprised.You did not come to see me. -You were the reason to come back. I came to take me with the idea of sharing with you my exile laughed bitterly and shook his head. Fortunately, the first person I saw when I arrived the airport was to Joel.And my first impression was read the horror in the eyes of my brother.I must have been a depressing sight ... with the rumpled suit, unshaven, long hair.Before I knew what was happening, I had taken on their own and had neat. Joel should have told Liv she began, but Ryan put a finger on his lips.

-No, Liv, should not have. You do not know how bad I was. We talked and I snapped a sermon, which would have made you feel proud to DJ. It really shook me and with good reason. At one point, he threatened to tie me and throw me to the bay rather than allow me to come to you, as I was then. -I can not believe Liv shook his head from side to side. Joel never even hinted anything. I guess it was him who told you about the twins. - Do you remember those two evenings when you left the twins with Joel, while you were accompanying Mary in the hospital, when operated for appendicitis? Liv nodded. Joel called me and introduced me to the twins. I was overwhelmed. If something made me realize all my mistakes, was to see you.I saw you come home and leave her and ... I left my heart here with you.They're cute kids, Liv said hoarsely. I know. Do you think we could try to have three next time? -That sounds like a proposition, Ryan smiled Mrs. Denison. -It is, Mr. Denison-Liv's arms round his neck. - Liv!If you follow me with those eyes looking, I'm not able to tell you all you need to be said, pressed it against his chest, before continuing: seeing the twins finally convinced me.I realized that I should leave and not return until it was worthy of you.I felt the most terrible of villains. Can you forgive me, for making you go through so many horrors? She slid a finger gently on her cheek.Will you forgive me for having let you face all alone? -I never regretted marrying nor you, nor to have twins. All I wanted was to be with you ... but having twins ... my compensation was, saw the pain in his eyes. Joel told me how upset you wore when I left and did not want to stir things again for you. So I left, in so suddenly as it had come.And from that moment, I made a promise.I remembered the island Craven and my old ideas of what should be done on it.I've worked these past six years to collect enough money and make my projects.I thought I had already taken too long. -I have been miserable, thinking that you had bought the island to get back at DJ, and imagining that we only wanted you, because you'd need that argument to convince Madame Craven.I was too afraid to let me trust you.My fear turned to anger, directed mainly toward myself. I ... I wanted you sufrieras, some of the anguish I suffered without you ... thinking I do not care anymore.My pride stood and stopped me from doing, what he really wanted desperately. - What was it? He smiled, while the better settled in his lap. Drop-rendered in your arms.

- What a coincidence! I desperately wanted, you fell on them, too, kissed the tip of the nose.That piece of land, on top of the hill, which I bought from Mrs. Craven ... do you like to live there?I was hoping we could design and build our home together, there on high, with the spectacle of the Whitsunday Islands before us. What do you say to that? -I say I do not care where I live, while you. -Those words are music to my ears, my love, touched his lips, quite soft, the palm of his hand. At last I have you in my arms, Liv, and now I never let you go. His lips claimed hers and clung to each other with great passion, both remembering how close they had lost. - Are you going to send the yacht tonight? He asked, his eyes burning with the fire growing pervading sense of both. I mean, do you think Melly feel shocked, to find myself in your bed when you wake up? -There is a couch in my study, 'he said with a smile, lifting the corners of his lips.You could sleep there. - Could it now? -Rubbed her nose against the lobe of her ear.You're a difficult woman, Liv Denison. But I think I'm gonna have fun, convincing you to share the couch with me.

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