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ITC105 Practice Exam Questions Short Answer Questions

Question 1 A) For each of the examples below, explain whether it is good news, bad news, routine or persuasive message. i. ii. iii. iv. A memo to staff reminding them about correct phone greeting A letter to a former work colleague selling your skills as a manager for his new business An apology for an error you made in a customer order A resignation letter from your current position

B) For each of the above examples, state which model you would use and explain how it would be used to structure the message (you can use bullet points).

Question 2 A) Why is an inductive approach used for a bad news message? What is main purpose of the inductive approach? B) Explain two techniques you can use to soften a bad news message.

Question 3 A) What background information should we find out when we are preparing to do a presentation? B) Explain 3 techniques for creating an effective presentation C) Give some tips for how can a speaker can do the following: i. ii. iii. iv. be persuasive be credible communicate with culturally diverse audiences Adapt presentation for distance delivery?

D) If your audience is from a culturally diverse background, what are two (2) additional techniques you should use?

Question 4 A) How can we make our reports more credible?

B) Give an example of a procedural message. How should it be structured?

C) What is constructive criticism and why is it important in a business situation? (give 3 reasons)