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Personal Data

Name: Harryanne E. Flores Grade and Section: VI-Faraday Address: 243 Purok 6 Brgy. San Agustin Trece Martires City, Cavite Birthday: February 4,2002 Age: 11 Place of Birth: Evangelista, Makati City Order of Birth: Fourth (4th) Religion: Catholic Ambition: Become a CEO in Level Up Company Special ability or talent: Singing Height: 144cm Weight: 64kg Vision: Dental: Mother: Myraluz E. Flores Educational Attainment of Mother: College Undergrad Occupation of Mother: Self-Employed Father: Dervin M. Flores Educational Attainment of Father: College Undergrad Occupation of Father: Self-Employed Bestfriend(s): Aila Marie B. Silan, Princess Dei P. Federoso and Kim Althea Austria Motto in Life: It is better to take hardship of education than to taste the bitterness of ignorance

Proverbs: Empty vessels make the most noise.