The people of Texas deserve so much better.

This weekend, Greg Abbott went on Twitter to thank a supporter for saying that the Attorney General could beat Senator Wendy Davis in a gubernatorial race, teaching "Retard Barbie" a "life lesson." Despicable. In one comment, Attorney General Greg Abbott has insulted every Texan with a partisan attack on the senator. It's beneath the office of the Attorney General, and the office Abbott now seeks -- governor of our great state. BERNARDO -- he should be ashamed. These meanspirited remarks insult all women, members of the disability community, and a great public servant like Senator Davis. Here's the thing -- this is what Republicans think about women. They think that a Harvard law school graduate, state senator, mother of two, and a long-time fighter for Texas families deserves to be spoken to like this, in a public forum. These comments tell you all you need to know about the Republican Party of Texas and its attitude towards women and those with disabilities. We've got to stop an anti-women candidate like Greg Abbott from becoming our next Governor. Donate today to the Texas Democratic Party to help us stop Greg Abbott in 2014. The women of Texas deserve leaders who respect them as human beings. These comments don't represent Texan values. Hateful, discriminatory language has no place in Texas. Thank you demanding better than Greg Abbott -Gilberto Hinojosa Chairman, Texas Democratic Party P.S. If you haven’t already, urge Senator Davis to run for Governor and pledge to support her campaign -because Texas deserves better than the leadership of Greg Abbott. Take action right now.

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