DATE: August 18, 2013 I, Jarred Thacker, knowing that false statements on this form are punishable by law, state that the facts contained herein are true. 1. I have probable cause to believe that Darryl Demetrius Sain, a Black Male DOB: XX/XX/86 Age: 27, committed one or more criminal offense(s). Count 1: Unlawful Use Of Weapon (Class D FELONY) RSMo 571.030 ON 8/18/2013 Time: Place: 31XX OLIVE ST (SCC 31020) 2. The facts supporting this belief are as follows: I was informed that the defendant was involved in an incident that left multiple people shot. When I approached the defendant, I found him in possession of a fully concealed 9mm handgun that was loaded and readily capable of lethal use. The defendant does not have a carry conceal permit.

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