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Winning in Election

Winning in Election

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Published by Pt Akaash
KP Astrology www.ptakash.com
KP Astrology www.ptakash.com

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Published by: Pt Akaash on Aug 19, 2013
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Pt Akash ( BE Electronics )( Jyotish Shiromani ) www.ptakash.

com Nakshatra Jyotish Kendra Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrologer Mob: 9827374626 , 9329265779 akash2311@gmail.com , Winning an Election Om Gan Ganapataye Namah Election is an integral and most essential part of democracy. In our country there are so many organizations and members cast their vote to decide the winning candidature. One of my friends who himself is an astrologer had some doubts regarding his election , so he asked me whether filing a nomination for election will give him success or not ? Let us see what the future beholds for him following the KP Astrology system according to my knowledge of astrology. Query Horary No ( 1 –249) Date Time Place Ayanamsa : Should I file nomination for election of Secretary post ? : 91 : 15-03-2013 : 17:36 : Nakshatra Jyotish BHOPAL 77E26 , 23N07 ( Geocentric ) : KP Original 23:56:52

HINTS As for filing of nomination is required , 3rd cusp is the primary house and supporting house are 10th for power and status , and 11th for fulfillment of desires. So the 3rd cuspal sublord must signify 3rd , 10th and 11th house for winning in an election. MOON & ASCENDANT SUBLORD Before proceeding to analyse any horary chart one must check whether the Moon supports the query being put up by anybody . Also the ascendant sublord must be considered for further confirmation. Let us check Moon first. Moon is placed in 9th house , Moon is in the star of Venus which is placed in 7th house ( House of opponents ) so Moon does not clearly indicates the query. Check out the sublord of the Moon which is Venus , Now if Moon is in the Star and Sub of Venus , then its Sub Sublord will be its Sublord , which is Saturn. Saturn is the Sublord of the ascendant and is itself placed in the 3rd house and it is in the star of Rahu which is placed in 3rd house. So both Moon and Ascendant Sublord Saturn are thus connected to primary cusp 3rd. Now we can proceed to solve the query .


. So Mercury signifies 3rd house strongly which is our primary house to consider.Primary Cusp : 3rd Cusp --Libra –07:13:57 ( Ve – Ra-.Taurus – 08:51:55 ( Ve – Su – Ve ) Venus is the cuspal sublord of the 10th house. RULING PLANETS Lagna Star Lord : Venus Lagna Sign Lord : Sun Moon Star Lord : Mars Moon Sign Lord : Venus Daylord : Venus Looking at the Ruling Planets . So Rahu signifies 10th house and 3rd house strongly.Ra ) Rahu is the cuspal sublord of the 3rd house. So Venus is signifying 7th and 10th house strongly. My pranams to Lord Ganesha and Guruji. most RPs are signifying 10th and 3rd house. It is in his own sub . It is in its own Sub. So it becomes strong significator both at star and sub level. It is in the star of Jupiter which is placed in 10th house. So it is signifying 10th house strongly both at star and sub level. It is placed in 10th house . Rahu’s Sublord is Mercury which is placed in 7th house and it is in the star of Rahu which is placed in 3rd . In april 2013 the client informed me that he had won the election. So it is indicating favourable for the querist. 11th Cusp – Gemini – ( Me –Ra—Ju ) Jupiter is the cuspal sublord of the 10th house. It is placed in 3rd house . Supporting Cusp : 10th Cusp -. Proof of this result is shown in image. It is placed in 7th house and it is in the star of Jupiter which is placed in 10th house. It is in the star of Moon which is placed in 9th house. So Rahu is signifying 3rd and 10th at star level and 3rd at sub level also. PREDICTION As per the analysis shown above it is predicted that the querist will win the election. So Jupiter is signifying 9th and 10th house strongly.

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