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Follow up questions: 1) In your response of 7/19 you wrote that the incident occurred "on a few occasions (4-6). Did you mean annually? Not annually. We didn't use this strategy at all in 2009-2010. The total for my first two years combined at Kemp Mill , (2007-2008 and 2008-2009) is between four and six. . How long was the student in the room with a staff member? There were one or two occasions where it may have taken 30 minutes for the student to calm down and for us to process and problem solve. Thirty minutes total was the maximum for anyone incident. The student Was never atone in the room. Who complaint to you about it? It was never brought to my attention that anyone complained about the use of this strategy. 2) There was a second incident that occurred in 2008, with a student in a closet witnessed by ms Amanda Yanes. How many times did this occur· Once. A teacher had called the office, requesting an administrator to remove a student from her room. When I arrived, J found the student hjghly agitated and disruptive, hitting, kicking, and yelling. He was clearly a danger to himself and others. As I was moving him to the office so that he could calm down, he became more unruly. I was passlnq a small classroom and decided to take the student fn there to calm down, as the office was far away and his behavior was escalating. Upon entering this classroom, I noticed that there was a group of students working with a focus teacher in the room. I noticed the door to a textbook closet open and decided to bring the student in there for Hie calming down. As soon as we entered that space.and I closed the door, I realized that there was no window on the door and that the space was really not adequate. I and the student left immediately and went to the office. And how long was the student In the text room? 15-20 seconds. thanks Ann L. Bauman Kamenstein Compliance Specialist, Office of Human Resources




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