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Place of delivery


.Main point 1. Translating contracts‟ confusing problem. 2.Definition. Place of delivery‟s group 3.

Distinguish the concept The place of delivery‟s importance The place of delivery „s principle The model contract .

DDU. DES. CIF. FAS. Group D DAF. Nơi đi Nơi đi Nơi đi N ơ i đ ến .CFR. How to identify the place of delivery according to Incoterm Group E EXW Group F FCA. CIP. DEQ.2. FOB Group C CPT. DDP.

DAF* FAS FOB SEA transport DES DEQ EXW FCA CPT CIP CFR DDU DDP CIF Destination port Importing country Loading port Exporting country .

Rules for sea and inland waterway transport . DEQ and DDU. DES.Diferences between incoterm 2000&2010 Reclassification of Rules Rules for any modes of transport New term replaced DAP (Delivered at Place) replaces DAF. DAT (Delivered at Terminal) replaces DEQ (Delivered ex Quay).

” . it asks for a CIF contract under Incoterms 1990. Bangladesh Steel Exporting agrees with All Africa Metal to deliver goods to Lagos on or before 13th August 1995. Case • “In preliminary talks.13th August 1995. When the contract is drafted. Because the Nigerian company has no shipping agent in Bangladesh.Translating contracts‟ confusing problem. it mentions the date as agreed. The delivery terms are accordingly agreed in the contract as follows: • Delivery CIF (Lagos) on or before 13th August 1995.

CIF CFR FOB Transport & insurance paid Transport paid DES FAS EXW FCA CPT CIP Transport paid Transport & insurance paid DEQ DDU DDP .