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Archangel Ariel ? Lion/Lioness of God..

caretaker of Mother Earth nature and heal ing, Ariel works closely with AA Raphael in physical healing...Virtues of awaken ing, healing and courage..Air and Earth elements, best day of the week Friday, t he numbers 6 and 4, the gemstones Jade, emerald and rose quartz..the colors pale pink and purple..Our third eye ? Plants of Ivy and Sage..the Planet Venus, the ...dwarf Planet Pluto ? ~The Lion~ If one appears, Ariel is with you.. *if your energy is low, she would refill you with energy from the sun.. *she may ignite you with courage so you may stand in truth *Ask that she cleanse you with the air and have the earth sustain you.. Love to the Angelic Realm, Mother Earth, all of the Animals and all of you..? Je ri