How to Get to My House

Giving Directions - Go straight. - Go straight ahead. - Go along East Avenue. - Follow the street untill you reach a … - Go up the street untill the first road on your left. - Turn left at the crossroads. - Take the first road on the left. - When you get to … go left. - At the end of the road, turn left. - Turn right at the corssroad. - Turn right on Main Street - Take the first road on the right. - Turn right at the end of the road. - Go over the bridge. - Go through the park. - Then go … after that … - Go past the bus stop. - You'll pass a pub on your left. - You'll see a pub on your right. - You'll come to a bridge. - It'll be on your left. - It'll be straight in front of you. - It is next to the school. - It is opposite the grocer's. - It is between the pub and the school. - It is on the corner. - It's on the other side of the river. - You can't miss it!

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