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Will of James Meredith - 1790 In the name of God Amen.

I James Meredith of the County of Surry and State of No rth Carolina being at this time of perfect sence and sound memory, God be praise d for his mercies and knowing and being senceable of the uncertainty of this mor tal life and being at this time in a weak state of health do make this my last w ill and testament disannuling all other wills by me made prior to these presents buy this alone duly to be my last will and testament that is to say. I give to my beloved wife Mildred Meredith all my able and perishable property t o her use and disposal while she lives and also at her ? she first paying out of the same what debts I owe all except the debt I owe Colonel Archilaus Hughes. Item. I give to my son John Meredith five hundred and ? acres of land lying on t he waters of Mayo River refer for the courses to a deed of gift to him made said L? bearing date the twenty nine day of August in the year of our Lord One Thous and and Seven Hundred and Eighty ? Item. My will and desire is that the three hundred fourteen acres of land lying in Stokes County including the plantation whereon I formerly lived be sold by my executors and one half of the money arising therefrom to be delivered to my son Daniel Meredith to his own use and the other half be applied to the use of disc harging my debt due to Col. Hughs and the balance to be paid to my beloved wife Mildred Meredith to be at her own disposal. Item. My will and desire further is that all debts due me should be collected by my executors and applyed to the use of my beloved wife and to my son John Mered ith to be equally divided between them and I do hereby appoint my son William Me redith and my son John Meredith sole executors of this my last will and testamen t. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this fifte enth day of February Anno Domo One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety. Signed: James Meredith Present W. Meredith Wm. Cook Keziah Cook