I L E N *-*


wesome! a beauty in simplicity that casts a spell to anyone; whether passer-by, stranger, admirer or fool, one never ignores, no one never desires. f for some reasons trials would beset her very life to no end… her innate tenacity to subsist could always emerge, no mess, not even tribulation that comes could prevail. ovely lass, you give life to lethargic spirit of mine; borne by old, fallen dreams so aspired… invigorates my weary heart, now that you have come. nchanting, enthralling scent from thousand flowers; extracted from the wild , unaltered for purity’s sake, never been explored, no, not even touched with sinful hands. pitome of a woman so desired by great men and fools alike; not because she possesses what other lovely women have, but because she has distinct power to enslave and captivate the heart.


eed not live in pain or fear o dear; the time has come to be merry and gay,

.one knight in shining armor will pave the way.

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