Carrum Downs Library Customer feedback from July 2013 Your Feedback Our Response

Amongst the books I take out each month, I try to take 6 western books. Could we get some new ones as I have read those that are here at least 3 times. I take out large print. Thank you. Can you please clean your public internet keyboards as they are absolutely filthy. Thank you. We are members of both Frankston and Kingston Libraries and we wanted to say that the service Carrum Downs Library provides is fabulous! The staff are always so welcoming and the online service where I can reserve books and pick them up from a bench for free is an impeccable service. Thank you!! ☺ So much appreciated!! Frankston City libraries have many large print westerns across both libraries. Please speak with our staff at either Library or by phone and they will make free reservations for you to collect at your preferred location. Thank you for your feedback. We do our best to ensure the keyboards are kept as clean as possible. Please let staff know if there is a problem with the keyboard you are using, when you next notice it needs cleaning. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the services from Carrum Downs and Frankston Libraries. Our staff are very dedicated to their customers and community so it is lovely for them to be appreciated! Many thanks for your feedback! We are sorry that you were unable to borrow a sixth movie but at that time, the limit for movies was 5. You will be happy to know that you may borrow unlimited DVDs now. The loan period of two weeks will remain the same. The library will limit borrowing if fines reach over $10, therefore an amount does need to be paid to continue using our service. As Council ASU members are currently taking protected work bans in support of their pay claims, it means sometimes there are no staff on duty who can take your money, however we are endeavouring to have at least one cashier who can take payments each day.

I attempted to borrow a movie at the desk today and was advised I could not owing to my owing $10 on my account. I wished to pay this amount 2 weeks ago but was advised by staff members that they were not accepting money at that time and to pay it in future. I was able to borrow other items at the self checkout but this movie exceeded the quota (other movies were returned and awaiting a staff member to clear them.

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