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Cargo Handling Operator: Bunkering and Porterage Watering Services Vessels Buenaflor Arrastre & Stevedoring Services Buenaflor Arrastre & Stevedoring Services Kalamansig Water District Vessels Destination/ Route Gen San Cebu Davao-Cebu Gen San Cagayan Destination/ Route Cebu Cebu Iligan Cebu Gen San MV Jan Dean MV Janet XIV Laurice Mae Monica Suzzatte Alfie Angelo I MV Seamaster Erica Suzzane Queen of Peace Euro Dos MV Vito

TARIFF RATES: PPA Memorandum Circular No. 17-2006 A. DOMESTIC PORT CHARGES Domestic Port Charges A.

Effective Jan, 2009

Domestic Dockage Fee (Usage Fee) at a Government 6 to 100 GRT per calendar P 82.00 day or fraction thereof Over 100 GRT per GRT per calendar day or 0.80 fraction thereof A1. Domestic vessels calling at officially registered private ports shall be charged at half (1/2) of the Domestic Dockage Fee at a government port. A2. Registered bay and river trade vessels shall also be charged one half (1/2) of the required Domestic Dockage Fee but in no case less than or more than the following: charges for calendar day or fraction thereof: Effective Jan, 2009 Not less than P 82.00 Not more than 413.00 A3. Lay-up Fee for domestic vessels shall be one-half (1/2) of the applicable Domestic Dockage Fee. B. DOMESTIC WHARFAGE FEE A. Domestic Wharfage Fee B. 1 Non-Containerized Cargoes - Cargoes in sacks/ bags/bulk/uncrated live animals/steel products/logs and lumber/heavy lift Per Metric Ton - Others Per revenue ton

Effective Jan, 2009

P 9.00 7.00

C. STORAGE FEE A storage shall be charged on cargoes that remain in the port beyond the free storage period of two days for domestic cargoes = P 5.65 per revenue ton per calendar day or fraction thereof.

Cargo Handling/ Cotabato City Mooring and Unmooring Sittie Janezah Arrastre & Stevedoring Services (SJASS) Porterage/ Tel No. (064) 421-28-58 Alonto M. Kader Manager Rajah Tabunaway Boulevard, Port Area, OTHER PORT RELATED SERVICES: Bunkering: Water Supply: Garbage Collection & Disposal: Caltex, Petron, Shell Loyola Water Supply LGU Cotabato City


Interisland Shipping Lines operating the port: 1. Biruar Shipping Lines 2. Datu Karon Shipping Lines