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MAX FILTER - MATLAB CODE Posted: 22 Apr 2013 10:56 AM PDT MAX FILTER: · · · · To find the brightest points in an image

. Finds the maximum value in the area encompassed by the filter. Reduces the pepper noise as a result of the max operation. The 100th percentile filter is max filter. Check the 50th percentile filter i.e the median filter.

MATLAB CODE: %READ AN IMAGE A = imread('board.tif'); A = rgb2gray(A(1:300,1:300,:)); figure,imshow(A),title('ORIGINAL IMAGE');


%PAD THE MATRIX A WITH ZEROS modifyA=padarray(A,[1 1]); x=[1:3]'; y=[1:3]'; for i= 1:size(modifyA,1)-2 for j=1:size(modifyA,2)-2 %VECTORIZED METHOD window=reshape(modifyA(i+x-1,j+y-1),[],1); %FIND THE MAXIMUM VALUE IN THE SELECTED WINDOW B(i,j)=max(window);

end end %CONVERT THE OUTPUT MATRIX TO 0-255 RANGE IMAGE TYPE B=uint8(B).title('IMAGE AFTER MAX FILTERING').imshow(B). figure. .