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KELAS : VII WAKTU : 90 menit

1. Nina : Hi, Icha. How do you do today?
Icha : ……
a. Nice to meet you, Nina. c. I am fine, thank you and how are you?
b. Pretty well, thanks. d. How do you do?
2. Budi : What are you doing here, Ayu?
Ayu : .....
a. I do my homework. c. I helped my mother.
b. My name is Ayu Wantirah. d. I’m waiting for the school bus.
3. Seller : ...........
Buyer : Of course. I need an ounce of chillies and a sack of salt.
a. What can I do for you? c. Can I help you, madam?
b. Do you want to buy anything? d. Oh, nice to meet you here.
4. Budi is my friend and he is smart. He can do very difficult math exercises in a short time. He uses his
break time in the library. He .........there.
a. has little snack and soft drink c. has a test
b. talks and makes a gossip d. reads lesson books or student magazine
5. Mrs. Anne wants to buy carrots, tomatoes, chillies, and cabbage in the market so she must go to the .....
a. drugstore c. library
b. greengrocer d. butcher
6. Look at the picture below!
What is Fajar doing in Sunday morning?
a. He goes to the swimming pool
b. He is swimming
c. He is wearing sun glasses
d. He is not swimming in the swimmingpool but he is studying in the
7. Learn the picture carefully!
Where are Lydia and Megan?
a. In the forest
b. In the mountain
c. At the beach
d. At the zoo

8. Many people like to keep this animal at home. They keep it as a pet. People like it because of its soft fur
and funny. It likes to eat fish and hunts mice at home.
What is the animal?
a. dog c. cat
b. fish d. bird
9. Mr. Yasin ...... Math at our school.
a. teacher c. teaches
b. teach d. teaching
10. Diran : Ok, Vida! You and I must go to the teacher’s room now. And ......... have to meet Miss Eva.
Vida : Allright. Let’s go now.
a. we c. they
b. you d. she
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TEXT 1 : Read the text for no. 11 – 14 !
Some people like taking pictures and have lots of photo collections. They usually put the pictures in an
album. Sometimes, they also put the pictures in frames. In this way, they can put their pictures on the wall or on
their desks for decoration. Do you also have a collection of photographs? Do you want to put your pictures in
frames too? Why don’t you make your own frames for the photos? It is very simple to make your own photo
There are five things you need to make this photo frame. They are a styrofoam, some origami paper, a
photograph, a glue stick and some varnish. These materials are easy to get. Maybe they are even found in your
These are the steps to make a photo fish frame. First, draw a fish on the styrofoam tray. The fish should be
a little smaller than the photograph you want to frame. Then, cut the origami paper into small pieces. Next, glue
the pieces of origami paper to the tray and to the fish cut-out. This fish cut-out will serve as the frame’s stand.
After that varnish the frame and the fish and let them dry. Then glue the fish to the back of the frame and use it
to hold the frame. Finally attach your picture to the back of the frame with sellotape. And your photo fish frame
is ready.
(Adapted from Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII, Depdiknas,
Dikdasmen, Direktorat Pendidikan Lanjutan Pertama, 2004.)
11. What do some people like to do based on the text above?
a. They like taking pictures and buy camera to take photos.
b. They like taking pictures and have lots of photo collections.
c. They put pictures in an album.
d. They make some photo collections and frames in their photo album.
12. Where do some people put their photo collections?
a. On an album. c. In an album
b. In a frame d. In a camera
13. What is the second (2) paragraph talking about?
a. How to make a photo frame c. The materials to make photo frame
b. A hobby of photography d. Steps how to make a photo frame
14. How many materials do we need to make a photo frame based on the text?
a. 3 c. 5
b. 4 d. 6
TEXT 2 : Read the text for no. 15 – 18 !
There is a new department store in our town. It is at the end of the main road. I buy a newspper there
everyday. This big store is open everyday, even Sunday. It is always busy on Sunday. A lot of people like to
go shopping on Sunday.
They sell milk, eggs, biscuits, tea, sugar, and coffee. You can get aspirin, toothpaste, or a writing pad
there. You can also get other things such as clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. You can even buy fruits and
Although there are many things in the store, you can find the things you need easily. You can find
shoes in the shoe department and vegetables at the vegetable stalls. You can use a trolley when you need
to carry too many things. It is really a very big store in our town.
Adapted from: Starting English

15. Where is the new department store located in the writer’s town?
a. In the center of city c. In the village near the city
b. At the end of the main road d. At a busy main road in the city
16. The second paragraph is about .....
a. things we can sell in the store c. things we can buy in the store
b. things we can sell and buy in the store d. daily needs we can buy in the store
17. The following are the things we buy in the store, except......
a. toothpaste and coffee c. writing pad and drugs
b. rice and TV sets d. clothes and vegetables
18. If we shop many things in the store we can use a trolley.
Which picture is a trolley?


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TEXT 3 : Read the text for no. 19 – 22 !

ONCE UPON a time there was a mousedeer. One day, Mousedeer went for a walk along the bank of a
river. He saw Crocodile in the water and said to him, "Good morning, Mr. Crocodile. I hope you are well
this morning."
Mr. Crocodile snapped at Mousedeer. Luckily, Mousedeer was not near him.
"It would be a good morning if I could catch you and have you for my breakfast," said Crocodile.
Mousedeer laughed, "My dear Friend, you are too weak to catch me; you do not know how strong I
Crocodile looked at little Mousedeer and laughed loudly. Mousedeer said, "Do not laugh at me. I may
be small but I can show you that I am stronger than you." Then Mousedeer showed him a piece of rope and
"I will take one end of this rope and you can take the other end. Then we will pull. We will pull as hard
as we can. We will see which one of us is the stronger. If you can pull me into the water, then you can eat
Mousedeer threw one end of the rope to Crocodile. Crocodile took the end of the rope.
When Crocodile was not looking, Mousedeer quickly climbed up a tree. He tied his end of the rope to a
big branch at the top of the tree. Then he came down and sat behind the tree.
Crocodile now held his end of the rope. He thought that Mousedeer was holding the other end. He did
not know that Mousedeer was just sitting behind the tree.
"Are you ready. Mr. Crocodile?" called Mousedeer. "One, two, three, P-U-L-L!"
Crocodile pulled as hard as he could.
The tree bent a little towards the river. Crocodile stopped to take a breath. At once the tree went back and
became straight. As it went back and became straight. As it went back the rope pulled Mr. Crocodile. He
was afraid. He began to think that Mousedeer was pulling him out of the river.
So Crocodile pulled againvery, very hard. Again the tree bent a little. Crocodile was very tired. He
stopeed to take a breath once more. At once the tree went back again. Crocodile thought the Mousedeer
was really going to pull him out of the water this time!
Mousedeer saw that the Crocodile was afraid. He shouted to him, "You look tired Mr. Crocodile. Do
you want to rest?" Crocodile agreed and gladly let go of the rope.
Mousedeer rdan happily along the bank. He did not look tired at all. He said to Crocodile, "Did you like
the pull, Mr. Crocodile? It was a good pull. You pulled very well, but I am sure that next time I shall pull you
out of the river. Come, let us try again."
Crocodile looked at mousedeer. He saw that Mousedeer did not look tired at all. He was afraid that if
he tried again, Mousedeer would win. Mousedeer was small but he must be very, very strong. Crocodile
said, "No, no, Mousedeer. I cannot pull any more. You are stronger than I am," and he swam slowly away,
down the river.

19. What did the crocodile think about the mouse deer first?
a. very strong b. weak c. smart d. stupid
20. Why did the mouse deer shouted to crocodile and asked him to take a rest?
a. Because the mouse deer saw the crocodile was afraid
b. Because the mouse deer was sure that he could beat the crocodile
c. Because the crocodile was tired
d. Because the crocodile was a strong animal
21. What happened with the crocodile at last?
a. He swam slowly away c. He swam down the river very quickly
b. He said that he was stronger than mouse deer d. He won
22. What is the best title for the text?
a. Stupid and Smart c. The stupid Crocodile
b. The smart Mouse deer d. The Mouse deer and Crocodile
23. Look at the picture!
Choose the correct sentence to describe the picture!
a. The monkey eats fruit
b. The monkey climbs on a tree
c. The monkey picks the fruit
d. The monkey isn’t on a tree

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24. many – there – table – books – are – the – on
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Rearrange the words into a good sentence!
a. 7-6-3-1-4-2-5 c. 2-5-1-4-7-6-3
b. 7-6-5-4-1-2-5 d. 2-5-1-3-6-7-4

TEXT 4 : Read the text for no. 25 – 28 !
Last week my parents, sister, brother and I went to the zoo. We went there for recreation. We left at
6.00 a.m. and arrived there at 8.00 a.m. It is about a hundred kilometers to go to the zoo from my house.
There were a lot of people watching a giant snake. The snake was there for about a week. It was 9 metres
long. I thought it was the biggest snake I had ever seen. After going around and watching various animals,
we went home. On the way home, we stopped at the Borobudur temple for half an hour.
25. Which is the most suitable title for the text above ........
a. Going to The Zoo c. Going to Borobudur
b. Having Recreation d. Watching a Giant Snake
26. How many people were looking at the giant snake ........
a. several c. a few
b. some d. many
27. How many persons did the writer go to the zoo with ........
a. two c. four
b. three d. five
28. How long did the writer’s family stop at the Borobudur temple?
a. On the way home c. for half an hour
b. At 8.00 a.m d. 9 metres long
29. Kate always .....sandwiches for her lunch.
a. have c. eats
b. eat d. eating
30. Find out the best sentence for the picture!
a. The monkeys are at the mountain
b. The monkeys are eating bananas
c. The monkeys have long tails
d. The monkeys need a help

TEXT 5 : Read the letter carefully for no. 31 – 35 !

Dear Enny,
Thank you for your letter of 15 May. Sorry I did not reply your letter sooner. I’ve been very busy
Every school holiday I have to visit my grandmother in Pakujati, a village at the foot of Mount
Slamet in Central Java. Sometimes I go there with my parents.
Last holiday we visited them again. We went there by train. Let me tell you something about it.
The landscape looks beautiful. The terraces of large paddy fields with their colourful scarecrows and tall
bamboo trees at certain corner seem magnificent. It is different from our crowded city, isn’t it? The
people, most of them are farmers, are very kind. They spend most of their time in the paddy fields. They
really like to work hard.
To me, going to Pakujati is interesting. Don’t you want to join me one day? I hope you will.

Warmly yours,
31. When did Enny write the letter to Denny?
a. On May 15 c. Before May 15
b. After May 15 d. During May 15
32. What did Denny tell Enny in the third paragraph?
a. His grandmother’s village. c. His visit to his grandmother.
b. The people of the village. d. His job in the city.

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33. “The landscape looks beautiful. ... look magnificent.”
a. The landscape c. The scarecrows
b. The bamboo trees d. The terraces of paddy fields
34. Most of the people in Pakujati ....
a. work on the farm c. make scarecrows
b. help their relatives d. work on the the train
35. “I go there with my parents”
The word “there” refers to ....
a. Pakujati c. Mount Slamet
b. Central Java d. the city

TEXT 5 : Complete the blank with suitable words or phrases!
I am a hairdresser. I call my hairdressing .........(36) ”Hair and Beauty”. My job is to make my
customers’ ..........(37) look beautiful. I open the shop at 10 o’clock and ...........(38) the shop at seven o’clock.
We’re closed on Sundays. My customers are all women. They come to me to have a new hair style. I wash
their hair and then I ..........(39) it into a style. I am very good at my work. I want to be the best .............(40) in

36. a. shop b. school c. cafetaria d. stall
37. a. hand b. hair c. head d. nails
38. a. sell b. serve c. close d. lock
39. scissors b. paint c. rebond d. cut
40. cutter b. barber c. hairdresser d. people
41. 1. I live in Jombang.
2. My nick name is Rahmad. So you can call me Rahmad.
3. Hello, my friends!
4. My complete name is Rahmad Andika.
5. I am twelve years old.
Rearrange the sentences into a good order to make introduction!
a. 3-4-2-1-5 c. 3-4-2-5-1
b. 3-1-5-2-4 d. 3-2-4-1-5
42. Dawi : Hi, what did you do last night?
Sari : Oh, I ........TV and I was alone at the moment because y parents went to Surabaya.
a. see b. saw c. watch d. watched
43. Look at the traffic sign below and choose the correct instruction!
a. Minimum legal speed is 50 mph in all weather conditions.
b. Maximum legal speed is 50 mph in all weather conditions.
c. Maximum legal speed is 50 mph in ideal conditions.
d. Minimum legal speed is 50 mph in ideal conditions.

44. Look at the short info below!
The Big Banana is located just north of Coffs harbour,
NSW. Because of its enormous size and eye catching
colour it has become a popular place to visit. People can
walk around the Big Banana's own banana plantation, go
to the cafe or gift shops where they can find so many
banana-related gifts and souvenirs.

What information does we get from the information above?
a. A fruit’s name c. A big Banana
b. A place name called a Big Banana d. A big banana souvenir
45. Which animal can live both in land and water?

score max=67,5
5 mbito 1 / 2009/ VII-khitdhys

46. Observe the picture and make a short descriptive composition (karangan) of it! (12,5)

47. Fill in the the crossword correctly! (8)

1 2 5
1. Mita …….. my sister.
3. There are 24 ……in a day.
4. ……..! The cat is funny.
7. Jono ….not write a letter
4 6
2. We have lesson at …….
5. The sky has …..colour.
6. You
I am….I are classmates
twelve years ........
8. We wear ……in our foot

48. Change the sentence into negative form (-)! (4)
Miss Alvana tells the students a short story.
(-) ............................................................... .

49. PRESENTMr. Fatah goes to Solo by train. (4)

PAST ..................................................... .

50. Complete the dialogue! (4)
Dono : Hi, Dini! How are you today?
Dini : Oh, I’m well and you?
Dono : Pretty well.
Dini : Why do you often come late to school?
Dono : My bicycle is broken. It has had a flat tire.
And you always come to school earlier. How do you go to school?
Dini : ........................................................... .

---------good luck and hope you’ll be success---------

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