Case Study | ROI/Sales Results • Facebook impacts sales: 15%* of sales resulting from the

media campaign were attributable to FB.

• Facebook complements TV: People who were exposed
to Facebook + TV produced a higher ROI than expected from each individual medium in isolation. This indicates a synergistic effect from reaching people through both TV and Facebook.

• Expansive reach: 30% (13.2m) of the online population Facebook paid advertising yielded a significant positive ROI for nutella Germany. Goals
Ferrero wanted to identify nutella with the Christmas period to: were reached by the campaign in Germany.

• Exclusive reach: 3.8m people saw the nutella Facebook
campaign that didn’t see it on TV (29%* exclusive reach).

“As well as proven incremental reach and a positive cross-media effect between TV and Facebook, we demonstrated that Facebook lifts sales for FMCGs in bricks and mortar stores.”
Angela Kim, Senior Media Manager/New Media, Ferrero

• Boost awareness and engagement with the nutella
brand and Facebook Page.

• Drive sales over the campaign period. Approach
From the 1st of December 2011, Ferrero launched its nutella Advent Calendar campaign that sought to spread the anticipation and joy of giving gifts over the festive season. To make millions of people feel part of the campaign Ferrero used Facebook Ads to drive awareness and engagement with the brand. The Facebook campaign consisted of two Premium Reach Blocks and Sustained Premium ad buys to reach as broad an audience as possible. An ongoing TV ad campaign ran independently of the Advent Calendar activity on Facebook and included a call to action to visit the nutella Deutschland Page on Facebook:

Facebook Ad Creative

• The Premium ad buys ran for a two-week period,
while the TV ads ran throughout the 6-week measurement period.

• The ad creative encouraged people to become
fans of the nutella Page and to try out its Advent Calendar custom application, where they could open calendar doors to reveal random spot prizes each day. Ferrero then partnered with GfK and Facebook to track the impact of the Facebook campaign on reach, uplift and ROI.
*Adjusted to account for demographic and usage differences between Facebook audience and GfK panel.

nutella is a hazelnut spread, which was introduced to the German market by the Italian company Ferrero in 1965. nutella has over 600,000 fans on their German Facebook Page and is now sold in over 75 countries worldwide.

Facebook: Building Essential Connections

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