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Give me an example of your creativity.
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Ajay Sharma said: (Sun, Mar 27, 2011 01:17:07 PM)

I formed a group of 4 persons. The aim of the group is to provide information and knowledge to each other person in the group.We came up in group with a lot of creative ideas about how to progress our discussion with entertainment so that no body felt bored.someone prepared script of a scene.There are some characters in that scene ane we play the role of that characters with a lot of fun which also makes our communications better.
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Siddharth said: (Thu, Mar 17, 2011 11:14:01 PM)

Creativity comes out when you take risk and experiment. By risk I mean taking calculated risk. I sing, I draw and with this I take calculated risk when required to enhance my creativity.
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Ritesh Tarwani said: (Thu, Mar 17, 2011 07:52:31 PM)

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25-Apr-11 8:27 PM

planes from a piece of paper. | +16 -1 Uma said: (Fri. | +3 -8 Sundar said: (Mon. 2011 02:40:04 PM) I was working on my project on its last date and all were about to submit there projects and i got jealous-ed of their work and through the LAN connections i have spread a virus into all the systems and got others work get undone and unluckily only 2 of them had the copies of their projects.. Mar 7. I don't loose my patience until I satisfied.Themaestro said: (Sun. No comments yet | Your comments please . 2011 05:28:31 PM) Creativity is nothing but EXPERIMENTS. | +3 -9 Nithish said: (Tue.. No comments yet | Your comments please ... | +3 -3 Himanshu K said: (Sun. http://www. No comments yet | Your comments please .indiabix..i am creative as i can read human behaviour. Feb 11. | +3 -42 Abhishank Bhatnagar said: (Fri. 2011 10:48:02 AM) I used to write codings for my academic project.. If anyone want to develop my project further.. Mar 6. Either you have it or not. Feb 8. And in preparing of word documents. I usually avoids clashes by changing my satement accoeding to the person infort of me... It's looking at something in such a way that no ever has ever looked before. No comments yet | Your comments please . "it's something that cant be taught. Feb 11. | +4 -2 Bala Krishna said: (Tue..connecting my theoratical knowledge with real life examples makes me a creative and smart thinker. 2011 10:52:00 AM) I am very good at rangoli.. View Comments(3) | Your comments please . | +1 -1 Saurav. All the coding that I have writeup can be easily be understandable by others even-though if they having minimum knowledge in programming..HR Interview Questions and An.. View Comments(2) | Your comments please . Mar 7. This is creativity. Feb 22. And mehandi cones. " ({see that rhymes} this is not included in the answer =D) but yet it can be attained and developed by practising. After he/she claim down then I try to make them understand my veiw points. I love to write. definitely it will be more helpful. 2011 07:42:32 PM) 2 of 7 25-Apr-11 8:27 PM . 2011 01:46:13 PM) THINKING OUT OF THE BOX the best possible way so he can cherish it at last. Its depends on individual that how he apply his intellectaul to solve real life issues. As far I'm concern I'm a singer..Give me an example of your creativity... | +1 -9 Sharief said: (Mon. 2011 06:15:00 PM) Creativity means finding out the new ideas to solve the problem or to came out from the problamatic situations. So I like do the programs in different No comments yet | Your comments please . .e SMART THINKING.. In my childhood I used to make boats. paper presentations.... and thus is my creativity has saved me from getting scoldings and gave me an extension for my work View Comments(6) | Your comments please . 2011 12:24:28 AM) Creativity is nothing but doing things in a different manner and also it should be the best one like you write a program in your own way thats your creativity and I write in my style my creativity the one which is having more complexity is the best program. Though I know not a big deal but yaa I satisfied. I love to draw and most importantly I love to do experiments.. Mar 6.

. | +2 -6 Jagadeesh S said: (Mon.. You should enjoy your works also this are the only way to be a creative http://www.. Like if you are reading a lesson. example if many people write 100lines of code to achieve the task and if you can do it in 25lines and if many people applaud you with WOW! how do you did it?then that thing is creativity... Jan 19. It means doing something extraordinary work along with your daily work. 2011 09:42:11 PM) Creating solutions from out of the box or an unimaginable manners is know as creativity. View Comments(1) | Your comments please .. go to work. No comments yet | Your comments please . study and everything that all others do. 2011 02:31:18 PM) 3 of 7 25-Apr-11 8:27 PM . | +2 -5 Manojit Pusty said: (Wed.. | +3 -2 Pradeep Kumar said: (Tue. Feb 1. 2011 11:48:51 PM) "Winners are not doing the greatest things but smallest things in greatest way". Jan 4. appreciated or benefits. 2011 01:04:49 PM) creativity is based on success of a thing that you done according to real world needs. No comments yet | Your comments please . Creativity means simply your thinking ability how much open minded you are? how you able to create new ideas and applied it in your life. Jan 10... Feb 4. Jan 25. The way to follow to remember that lesson is called creativity. . Think about your childhood time at that time how much we are creative ? because at that time there is no tension no stress or any superior or inferior complexity is not there in our mind... View Comments(3) | Your comments please . | +3 -1 Netravati said: (Tue.indiabix. Making of useful using useless. | +6 -2 Harish said: (Fri.. Jan 17. Understanding the concept and giving a resolution for the problem. 2011 10:06:50 PM) In our everyday life we eat. 2011 10:17:14 AM) Creative thinking involves imagining familiar things in a new light. | +2 -2 Arijit said: (Sat. there are two ways First one is to be bookish and read that lesson and second one is to find a way to remember that lesson in your mind for forever. Because what we love to do most we can do it better than any one. someone that is creativity. Feb 5. 2011 02:11:37 PM) creativity means how u aclemetize with the dimanding situation and give the best result by using smart thinging... | +2 -3 Ravi Dixit said: (Tue. No comments yet | Your comments please . No comments yet | Your comments please . It is small example for every one No comments yet | Your comments please . | +3 -1 Kamala Kannan said: (Tue... You should find your passion first do and only do what you love to do.. digging below the surface to find previously undetected patterns No comments yet | Your comments please . 2011 09:51:22 PM) we can say that creativity is our imagination for that we do try more and get the positive outcome and anyone person says to us wow that is wonderful how did you do that so that is our creativity..HR Interview Questions and An. Then automatically new ideas can be generated by you. 2011 12:41:55 PM) Creativity is a different thing at all. No comments yet | Your comments please .Give me an example of your creativity.. drink. | +8 -2 Kamal said: (Mon. But if we create or do something that is liked... Feb 8..

View Comments(1) | Your comments please .. | +7 -13 Bhuwana Parthasarathy said: (Fri.. From me many junior body-builders follow the same exercise and they feel also good like mine. Rather I have alot of work. I imagine that I will finish all successfully. | +3 -43 Trpr said: (Thu. I am good at understanding others behaviour and I am good at painting. View Comments(3) | Your comments please . | +20 -5 Shalvi Singh said: (Thu..HR Interview Questions and An.. Every one wil be thinking to finish work as soon as possible. | +3 -40 Maya said: (Tue. Ba sically i am creative person..when ever any one describes a situation.. | +11 -2 Xyz said: (Tue... Oct 2.Basically I have a good sense of humor. Its never absolute. View Comments(3) | Your comments please . I do write poems on real 2010 12:33:42 AM) Creativity depends on one's own imagination about the things or situations. | +4 -12 Ashu said: (Sun. I am creative in the sense I am keen observer. View Comments(3) | Your comments please . everyday I think about routine of my day.. First I modified it and then include it in my exercise list and I felt that it is effectively working. 2010 10:28:02 AM) Doing a job differently and successfully is an example of a creativity .. View Comments(2) | Your comments please . as how you can do somethinh in different way and thus making others tell "wow that is a wonderful way to do it and even the outcome is fantastic". | +70 -6 4 of 7 25-Apr-11 8:27 PM .. View Comments(3) | Your comments please . 2010 04:10:25 PM) My living style is different. It's nothing but acting in a really smart and imaginative way liked and impressed by others. . Sep 23. No comments yet | Your comments please .place or a person i built an image of it in my mind. 2010 03:13:25 PM) Creativity is all about the imagination in you... creativity means doing normal work in diffeent unique manner. Nov 7. View Comments(2) | Your comments please ...I have this creative style of making funny statements out of even the simplest thing in life.. I always try to do the work which are good for others.. in night I already list my schedule for next day and in morning when I wake up I try to do my work according to schedule. | +4 -8 Ashok Kumar said: (Sun. but i think to finish work done with perfection in respective field where results are near to 100%. 2010 08:50:09 PM) Creativity means some thing done differently and effectively too. it varies and its very difficult to measure. I write poems.... | +17 -6 Depankar said: (Sat.. Nov 19.indiabix.. Oct 19.. Dec 9. creativity is some what imagination. http://www.. 2010 11:11:19 PM) When I wake up at morning. 2010 02:40:31 PM) Beside an engineering student I am also a simple body-builder.this helps me to recall and understand things well. Dec 21..thoughts WHICH MAKE PERSON LIVE IN DIFFERENT WAY View Comments(2) | Your comments please .. and I act well too:). 2010 10:40:10 PM) I have a creative imagination. I have derived some exercises from different old process. Dec 26..Give me an example of your creativity.

| +7 -6 Sneha Awasthi said: (Wed. Aug 27.... like datagrams with letters. That's my creativity. Sep 18.. Aug 22. 2010 03:40:05 PM) I am creative in decorating my house. 2010 09:30:49 PM) Creativity is outcome of our imagination and during my lectures I try to connect things with real life examples and other than this I can design good web templates and cards using various software tools. View Comments(2) | Your comments please ... during lecture. 2010 11:24:58 AM) I have creativity in poem and script writing for dramas. By the way i have a creativity in cooking also. I visualize anything I read and I'm interested in choreography also. View Comments(1) | Your comments please ... | +7 -4 Praveenkumar said: (Fri..... Aug 17.. Aug 25. I can show a positive side of anything. http://www. | +9 -5 5 of 7 25-Apr-11 8:27 PM .Give me an example of your creativity... Aug 28... | +2 -11 Pooja said: (Tue. Aug 20. I was a part of dance performances at School. | +3 -18 Ravindra Nath said: (Sun. For example.g. Sep 18. Shub said: (Sat. No comments yet | Your comments please . View Comments(1) | Your comments please . No comments yet | Your comments please . its only the arrangements of the households that makes the difference. | +58 -2 Dwarikanath Choudhury said: (Sat. 2010 10:22:02 PM) I can create cartoons on any topic.indiabix. | +16 -4 Preeti Ajgaonkar said: (Sun. 2010 11:09:37 PM) I can randomly generate dance moves for any music and synchronise that effectively.. | +26 -4 Rani said: (Thu. I've also written a few poems.. 2010 05:45:57 PM) My characters are the best creativity of mine... View Comments(1) | Your comments please . 2010 09:36:20 PM) I have a creativity of thinking both positive and negative site of any situation. View Comments(1) | Your comments please . i related topics that my lecturer taught to real world objects. Sep 5. 2010 07:32:07 PM) I think creativity is our imagination which we can make true.. View Comments(1) | Your comments please .. Jul 29.. Play me one and i'll show you now.. 2010 10:12:54 PM) Creativity is the outcome of your own imagination. View Comments(3) | Your comments please .com/hr-interview/give-me-an-example-of-your-creati.I used to relate computer networks with existing post office system..HR Interview Questions and An. | +6 -13 Ravi Kiran said: (Sat. 2010 04:02:49 PM) I try to study the mentality of persons whom i meet in my daily life which makes me convenient with any kind of situation as well as environment. | +4 -22 Bijayalaxmi Biswal said: (Fri. e. receiver names with IP addresses and so on.. I've done a few of them in my college magazine. . View Comments(5) | Your comments please .

View Comments(2) | Your comments please . Jun 27.. Jul 16.. View Comments(1) | Your comments please . No comments yet | Your comments please .. 2010 12:15:07 AM) If there is a long queue then worry that queue is long . Jun 23. View Comments(1) | Your comments please . ..we all know that imagination is a cumulative effects of whatever we have ever familiar with... | +1 -7 Hima said: (Wed.I am a kind of them. View Comments(19) | Your comments please . 2010 11:23:25 AM) 6 of 7 25-Apr-11 8:27 PM . 2010 12:31:24 PM) creativity is inherent in nature.. | +4 -6 Jatt said: (Fri.One the other hand one of my friend is a keen observer of surroundings and he portrayed a unique painting. View Comments(2) | Your comments please . 2010 02:45:00 PM) For this i want to tell you about my minor project in which first we thought to use Dijkstra Algorithm and tell the distance between source and destination to the user. i am creative in cooking. Jul 3.indiabix. my work style and thinking is different View Comments(4) | Your comments please .. Often I did many experiments like this at my school and intermediate level.pray to god that a beautiful girl should stand next to you....... Jul 11.. this make our project creative. 2010 10:53:36 PM) I have think differently. Jul 26.. http://www... 2010 04:02:54 PM) I define creativity as the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. In me there are so many things but for an example everybody like to do readymade project for submission and i always think to do something different that nobody can ever think. | +1 -9 Sravani said: (Tue.HR Interview Questions and An. then Producing. | +6 -5 Priya said: (Thu. Jul 14.. Jul 15. Jul 6... But then an idea comes in our mind to use Google maps and provide services according to maps.Give me an example of your creativity.. | +1 -11 Faizu said: (Sun. When I was listened to the physics lecture about amplifier I think about it and I produced an voice amplifier using two transformers and five resistors and its absolutely succeeded. 2010 04:32:13 PM) creativity is a secondary language to the Jul 19. | +8 -21 Reshma said: (Mon. | +3 -5 Braj said: (Wed. And we able to provide more services. but me good creativity in designing No comments yet | Your comments please .. thats our own imagination..!! i try different dishes with slight variations in their recipes. 2010 07:07:20 PM) Creativity means some how may not happen in real life... One of my friend is very much influenced by electronics and he designed a different amplifier. Ragunath said: (Mon. Creativity involves two processes: Thinking. | +1 -10 Damodar said: (Sat. like i creat electronics dictionary. | +3 -4 Hardik Shah said: (Sun. 2010 09:33:29 PM) to be frank. 2010 12:30:59 AM) Creativity is the son of imagination then it's positive or negative depends on the inference of that creation.... View Comments(2) | Your comments please .

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