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Quarterly Fitness Chart Upper Body

Ups, Modified a
Yellow Pull-ups, Push
DUE 5/1 Weight Lifting
Lower Body Red Squats, Lunges,
In part with our ideas and beliefs about exercise Weight Lifting
and activity, we would like to see a continuous activity
being pursued outside of school. The objective of this PARENT SIGNATURE ___________________________________
assignment is to make students aware of the NAME Scott Reid Period 1
importance of the concept of F.I.T.T (Frequency, DATE FITNESS ACTIVITY COLOR DURATION
Intensity, Type and Time), to build exercise goals, habits COMPONENT
and participate in activities that will last a lifetime. 4-17 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
4-19 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
4-24 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
GOAL: Eight and a half on the fitness run
4-24 Flexibility Stretching Green 15
Directions: Write the date, fitness component, activity and 4-26 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
amount of time spent exercising outside of PE class. A 5-3 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
minimum of 4 colors must be used for the quarter. Each 5-5 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
block represents 15 minutes of an activity. A maximum of 2 5-10 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
hours or (8 squares) may be used in a day. COLOR EACH 5-12 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
SQUARE based on the exercises fitness component. Use the 5-17 Aerobic Swimming Orange 60
key below. 4-15 Aerobic Run Orange 45
5-18 Aerobic Power Walk Orange 60
Fitness Component Color Activities in
5-12 Aerobic Power Walk Orange 60
class/outside class
5-10 Aerobic Power Walk Orange 60
Aerobic Capacity Orange Pacer, Mile Run,
5-3 Aerobic Power Walk Orange 60
Fitness a Walk/Run,
5-19 Abdominal Sit-ups Blue 15
Cycling, Power a Walking,
Explosive a 4-4 Aerobic Jog Orange 30
Performance, Interval Training 4-9 Lower Body Squats Red 15

Flexibility Green Back Saver Sit &
Reach, Yoga,
A Pilates, Martial Arts

Muscular Strength/Endurance
Abdominal Blue Curl-ups, Trunk Lifts,
Crunches, a Planks, and
Flutter Kicks