Why should we preserve all of this land in its natural state in perpetuity?

Recreation, Quality of Life, Water, Animal Habitat and Ecotourism
1. Much of this area is currently used recreationally by mountain bikers, hikers, joggers and others. It is an easy way to get outdoors and enjoy nature first hand without any strenuous climbing or special skills. 2. Along with recreation which is important to meet the City of El Paso’s goals to reduce obesity and diabetes, preserving the scenic beauty is also a quality of life issue especially now that Transmountain Road has been greatly expanded as part of the larger freeway loop around the city. 3. The lowland desert areas surrounding Franklin Mountains State Park provide habitat for many species of animals and plants. To survive in this part of the Chihuahuan Desert eco-region many species require these lower elevations for food and protection. Other species require habitat at both low and high elevations. 4. Species such as Golden Eagles and other raptors, Mule Deer, the Texas Horned Lizard, and Javelina are already losing critical range and habitat needs. Future opportunities to re-introduce other species such as the Mexican Wolf will be impaired by more urban sprawl developments. 5. More urban sprawl means a further demand on our already severely limited water supply. Preserving this land means sustaining our City for future generations. 6. Finally more and more people are visiting El Paso to hike, rock climb and mountain bike in the Franklins. Preserving this land means increasing eco-tourism which means millions of dollars flowing into the City every year thus lessening the burden on homeowners and small businesses.