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CPS 422 Link State Routing Protocol

Computer Networks ‰Link state routing involves five steps for a router:
o Discover its neighbors and learn their network
o Measure the delay and cost to each of its neighbors
o Construct a packet telling all it has just learnt
o Send this packet to “all” other routers of the network
NETWORK LAYER o Compute the shortest path to every other router
‰In this way the complete topology and all delays
are experimentally measured and distributed to all
other routers
‰An algorithm to find the shortest path (e.g.
Dijkstra’s Algorithm) can then be used to find the
shortest path to every other router in the
Faisal Amjad CPS 422 network Faisal Amjad CPS 422

A Subnet Link State Routing Protocol
‰Computing the new routes can be done as:
‰A router accumulates the full set of link state
4 3
1 6
E 8
F ‰It can then construct the entire subnet graph
Link state Packets for the Subnet because every link is represented in the link state
A B C D E F ‰Every link is represented twice, once in each
Seq Seq Seq Seq Seq Seq direction
B 4 A 4 B 2 C 3 A 5 B 6
E 5 C 2 D 3 F 7 C 1 D 7 ‰The two values can be different and may be
F 6 E 1 F 8 E 8
averaged to get one value
‰Dijkstra’s algorithm can now be used to calculate
Faisal Amjad CPS 422 the shortest path to all possible destinations
Faisal Amjad CPS 422

Link State Routing Protocol Reading Assignment
‰The result of the algorithm can be installed in the ‰State the effect of including or excluding “load”
routing tables and normal operation resumed while measuring the line delay for link state
‰Link state routing is widely used in actual networks routing
‰OSPF is increasingly being used in the internet ‰State the differences between Distance vector
which uses link state routing routing and link state routing algorithm
‰Another variant called the Optimized Link State
Routing (OLSR) protocol has been optimized for
use within Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANets).
‰In OLSR the Flooding process is optimized by the
use of Multi-Point Relays or MPRs

Faisal Amjad CPS 422 Faisal Amjad CPS 422