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Lesson on Task 1 writing - how to organise the report This is part of an interactive lesson on how to approach task 1 writing. The complete lesson is to be found on Dominic Coleʼs IELTS Blog

The chart below shows the comparison of internet access through broadband and dial up connections around the world. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Percentage of households with broadband or dial up connection in nine countries in 2009
60 45 30 15 0











Dial up

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A sample answer This chart shows the relative popularity of broadband and dial up internet access in 10 countries from Europe, Asia and North America. It is evident that broadband tends to be more common than dial up. In Japan approximately four times as many houses have broadband (40%) rather than dial up (10%). A similar pattern can be seen in the USA, Malaysia and Italy. In contrast, in France and Germany broadband is only 3-4% more popular, while in Australia they are equally used at 20 %. The major exceptions are the United Kingdom and India where more houses have dial up access. The other major point to note is that not all countries have the same level of internet access. In the USA over 65% of households have internet access, while in India only 20% do. In Australia, most of the European countries and Japan just over half of the people have internet at home. Only about 40% of Italians, however, can use the internet at home. The country with the lowest figure is India at less than 20%. In summary we can see that there are a variety of differences in internet access through out the world.

Notes There are clearly more ways of organising this report. Another possibility would be to write one main paragraph about broadband and another about dial up. The main point to note about this task is the organisation of the answer, Each paragraph focusses on one main point. This point is then developed and explained with supporting details.