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Published by: Mauro Miguel Melo on Jun 06, 2009
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The Internet, computer bulletin boards, news
groups, and commercial on-line services help
family history researchers:

•Locate other researchers.
•Post queries.
•Send and receive e-mail.
•Search large databases.
•Search directories.
•Search library catalogs.
•Join in computer chat and lecture sessions.

Researching by computer can be very rewarding, but
it also has its limitations.

Finding Resources on the Internet

It takes time and practice to learn how to navigate the
Internet. Local genealogical societies often have
computer interest groups or members who are
familiar with computer genealogical research.

Following are some general Internet sites that will
lead you to other interesting Internet resources for

•Cyndi’s List of Hispanic Genealogical Sites is a
catalog of genealogical sites on the Internet by
topic and country. It includes references to other
Internet sites, mailing lists, people and families,
news groups, publications, transcriptions of
records, societies, villages, and colonies.


•The LDS Church Genealogical Home Page
gives you access to the Family History Library
Catalog, Ancestral File, International
Genealogical Index
, SourceGuide, a list of
Family History Center locations worldwide,
links to family history related web sites, and lists
of researchers interested in similar genealogical
topics. You can also order Family History
Library publications.


•America Online (AOL) Hispanic Genealogy—
Chile contains tools for researching in Chile.


•LatinoLinks.net includes links to libraries,
archives, museums, and other interesting sites
for Chile.


•A direct site to libraries archives and museums
in Chile is:


Other useful sites on specific topics such as census
records, directories, and so on, are discussed in this
outline under those sections. For more information
on using the Internet for genealogical research, see
the Family History and the Internet Resource Guide


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