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The Sitra Ahra

(Universe B)

1. Planet: Neptune and Pluto. * Name: Thaumiel. * Gods: Moloch and Satan. * Hell: Tehom * Quality: an anti-evolution, primal-chaos, underground black flame, fire, chaos, dark wisdom, black light, the destruction of the fetters of space, going beyond the cosmos, the killing of the demiurge, the will to power, the death of weakness, the unconscious awakening of dormant powers, the spread of fanaticism, the return into chaos, nuclear weapons, sadism, knowledge of chaos, the destruction of the angels of light, the onset of the invasion and anti-cosmic Infinite Dark Aeon. * Sigil Thaumiel:

. 2.* Planet: Uranus. * Name: Ghagiel. * God Beelzebub. *Hell: Tehom. * Quality: the destruction of the old order, creating chaos, rebellion, violation of the law, the spreading of chaos and resistance to the

demiurge, lawlessness, the spread of anti-morality, the management of the masses, brainwashing, the organization of rebellion, freedom, and madness. * Sigil Ghagiel:

3. * The planet Saturn. * Name: Satariel. * God Lucifuge Rofokale. *Hell: Tehom. * Qualities: expulsion of the outer world through the power of oppression, death, fear of intimate knowledge, the spread of darkness, obscuring his own spirit, chopping, anger, coldness, "red hunting", the pain and the poisoning of the "world soul", as well as murder by magic * Sigil Satariel

: 4. * The planet Jupiter. * Name: Gha'agsheblah. * God: Astaroth * Hell: Abaddon. * Quality: misanthropy, Satanic aristocracy, intell ectual development, philosophy, wisdom, wealth, bloodlust and thirst for death, manipulation, propaganda suicide, fortune, honor, and finding new allies, as well as the direction of the sinister energies and opening of the "evil eye". * Sigil Gha'agsheblah

5. * Planet Mars. * Name: Golachab * God: Asmodeus. * Hell: Titahion. * Quality: military strength, courage, a thirst for power, destructive sexual instinct, ritual curses and destruction, inciting war, strife and bloodshed, anger, destruction by fire, fire discretion internal chaos, the opening of new gates with dark bloody rituals, art armory, male domination and killing enemies. * Sigil Golachab

6. * Planet: Black sunshine. * Name: Thagiriron * God / Goddess: Belphegor. * Hell: Barshahet. * Quality: the royal power, control over others, the will to power, arrogance, vitality,spiritual awakening, leadership, murder, the awakening of the Beast 666, vidniya, wealth and the elimination of weaknesses, the release fettered wild beast, and the deification of the spirit. * Sigil Thagiriron:

7. * The planet: Venus. * Name: Oreb Zaraq * God: Baal. * Hell: Tselmot. * Quality: art, female domination, the spread of jealousy and envy, ecstatic rituals, "love magic", war and death, the end of the cosmic order, true liberty, and sowing discord. * Sigil Oreb Zaraq :

8. * Planet: Mercury. * Name: Samael. * God Adrammelech. * Hell: Shaarimot. * Quality: arrogance, beauty, "the evil eye," a black alchemy, black magic, transmutation, spiritual transformation, insight, deification, eloquence, exposing the enemy lies, as well as the opening of the dangers and enemies. * Sigil Samael:

9. * Planet: Black Moon, an anti-opposed on the astral plane. * Name: Gamaliel. * Goddess Lilith. * Hell: Gehinnom. * Quality: bloody perversion, succubi and incubi vocation, forbidden pleasures, the transformation of the cosmic life force in the clean energy of chaos control nightmares, necromancy, deification, hidden wisdom, lycanthropy, telepathy, terror, sexual blackmagic, vampirism and the enslavement of the dead shadows. * Sigil Gamaliel:

10. * Planet: The Land, the antithesis of the physical world. * Name: Nahemoth * Goddess: Naamah. *Hell: Gehinnom. * Quality: wealth, worldly power, witchcraft, creating illusions, sexual power, cruelty, and the awakening of chthonic forces, witchcraft and black magic talis

mans and magic curses and death. * Sigil Nahemoth: