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How To Make A Mini

How To Make A Mini

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earth work
earth work

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Published by: Andre Beaureau on Aug 20, 2013
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How To Make A Mini-Earthwork

(Print this page) 1. Do a mini earthwork art piece outside, in your backyard, go to a park, do it in the street, go to the beach, to any part of the earth. 2. Move rocks around, draw with twigs, pile things up, have fun. 3. You can use other objects or things in your photos however make the work outdoors. 4. When making your Mini-Earthwork consider design principles (such as unity, contrast, balance, movement, direction, emphasis, and center of interest). 5. Photograph it in your camera's Landscape Orientation (Longest side is the Horizontal side. Shoot it horizontal.) Points will be taken off if the Horizon/Horizontal Landscape Orientation is not used. Long side vertical is unacceptable. 6. Upload an image on the Homepage> CREATE> Advanced Forum for Mini-Earthwork 7. Include the following written responses along with your own photograph:
    What were you thinking about when you started the piece? What are you thinking now that the piece is finished? Name 3-5 things that inspired you and why (this can be another art piece, a person, nature, a feeling, etc.) Talk about the time it took you to make. When would you start the clock on the process? (Art is remembered for the image it leaves, not how long it took to create)

Peer Review Rubric      Open several of your peer’s Mini-Earthworks in the advanced forum before you choose one to Reserve for review. Choose one that has not been reserved. Open it and write the word Reserve, denoting you will return to reply. So you have time to reflect on the image you are reviewing, use a word editor such as MS Word or Google Docs to compose your review analysis. Identify examples for each numeral below in your peer review. Clearly address each item. Return to the image you reserved in EOL, open it and Copy/paste from your word editor your Design Analysis: Design Analysis
1. Design and Composition Denote in your Design Analysis the Design Principles* seen in the work (unity, contrast, balance, movement, direction, emphasis, rhythm, repetition, center of interest, etc.) 2. Originality

How and Where to Turn it in Technical How-to  Save your photograph of the Mini-Earthwork as a jpg file for attaching to a message (EOL does not accept .    .Is this photograph unlike any other in our class? Why is it original.tiff) Scale it 500 pixels on the longest side at 72 ppi (1MB maximum) Save the image on your desktop Return to EOL Homepage> central column> Create Module> Mini-Earthwork Image Forum where you can begin the upload process to the Advanced Forum. Realism and Abstraction* Denote the objects in the work that are realistic. or why not? 3. What are the materials? Where does the horizon line* rest on the picture plane*? 4. Content What do you think the artist is trying to say? What Essential Elements of Art* are used to support what you think the artist is saying? 5. Discuss the abstract quality you see in the landscape. Description Describe the shapes in the work.

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