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Bingo Case
Bingo Case

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Published by: Rashmiranjan Kar on Aug 20, 2013
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Case Challenge

August 7, 2013

Instructions:     
Registered Teams will submit a case analysis/solution document comprising no more than 5 pages of single spaced, 12point font (including illustrations and excluding TOC, Cover page). Along with the word document each team must submit a 10-slide presentation of the case analysis/solution suggested. There is no pre-determined structure to analyse the case. Participants are free to use any format which best illustrates and provides convincing arguments for their idea. Wherever necessary, the participants must make references to the sources of information and data. Case presentations will be judged based on the following criteria – the originality, creativity and uniqueness of the idea will receive  the  highest  weightage;  the  implementability,  sustainability  and  scalability  of  the  idea;  its  fit  with  ITC’s  vision   and   the   manner   in   which   it   can   leverage   ITC’s   strengths;   the   thoroughness   of   research,   analytics   and   economic   logic   used to defend viability and execution of the idea. Last date for submission of case solutions is 19 th August 2013. Teams must send their entries to the email ID provided for the campus. For full details please refer to the Interrobang Season 3 Case Challenge Brochure available with your Campus Point of Contact or contact interrobang@itc.in. The eBrochure is also available at our Facebook page itchubnscope.

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because on Saturdays.   Please   God.  He  wanted  to  buy  some  chocolates. Vivek Kabra was the Marketing Director of the ITC Foods Business.  snacks  and  cola.   make   it   stop.  It  was  the  year  when  it  had  grown  from  being  a  ‘new  entrant’  to  an  aggressive  major  player. ‘Mala. Vivek was clapping the loudest yesterday when the Chief Executive called for a round of applause for Mala and her boys.  Vivek  Kabra’s  office.  all  he  asked  for  was  ‘Triangle  Chips’.  Mala…  Shall  we  get  started?’ ‘OK  Sir. felt the need to exercise her vocal chords every half an hour.   For   Mala’s   Bingo! Brand team.  I  think  it’s  time  for  a  little  introspection’ Oh my God. for some reason.  Mala’s  home Mala cradled her throbbing head in her hands. thought Mala. it was the culmination of a fantastic year. He had spent hours with Mala and her team strategizing and planning campaigns.  wondering  if  she  had  really  been  dragged  to  work  on  a  Saturday   morning  to  discuss  Vivek’s   nephew’s   shopping   list. Thursday and Friday had whizzed past in a happy haze of congratulatory messages. He looked strangely incomplete without his laptop or his Blackberry.  biscuits. checking off their KRAs with systematic efficiency.ITC Interrobang Season 3 Case Challenge: Bingo! Mad Angles BINGO! MAD ANGLES ITC Interrobang Case Challenge 20131 Saturday. Bingo! had broken new barriers in terms of market-share. ‘Morning. working you over. .  said  Vivek. Saturday morning meetings were the worst – especially if you had spent most of the previous night trying to pacify your nine month old daughter. like an expert lawyer interrogating a witness. It had been a tough but rewarding year for Mala and her minions and they had come out on top.’ Mala stared back at  her  mentor.  I  went  shopping  with  my  eight  year  old  nephew  last  week.   she   prayed. Mala stared back at her boss. Bingo! sales multiply and achieve critical mass and Bingo! distribution and penetration improve to hitherto uncharted territory.  Foods  Business  Division. This is for academic purposes only and is not intended to be copied or displayed or reproduced at any place outside the Campus. Saturday.  Bengaluru Vivek strode into the office. she told herself as she drank her third cup of coffee.  I  will  respond  on  Monday’.  Until  the  reminder  on  Mala’s  phone  that  beeped  on   Friday afternoon. reminding her that she had a meeting with Vivek Kabra on Saturday morning.  We  go  shopping  together  every  time  he  comes  over  for  a   visit.  ‘What  I  have  in  mind  for  today’s  meeting will only  take  a  few  minutes. ‘When  he  wanted  to  buy  Bingo!  Mad  Angles.  9:  30  AM.   Mala   told   herself. as she smiled weakly at Vivek. Meetings with the Director in charge of the Foods Business followed by a special congratulatory message from the Divisional Chief  Executive  on  Friday  morning  left  the  Bingo!  team  feeling  like  kings. applause and back-slapping. he had more time to probe and to prod..  I  have  put  together  a  small  presentation  and  I  have  the  data  …’ ‘Mail  it  to  me. Still. Nothing to worry about. budgets.  as  he  settled  into  his  chair.   nipping at the heels of the market leader. Saturday meetings with Vivek were dangerous. The past year had seen Bingo! ads win awards. who.   it   can’t   be   bad. Just get through this meeting and get home for a quiet weekend. wondering where he was going with this 1This Case is developed by and is the sole property of ITC Limited. brand  awareness  and  recall.   She   pressed   her   throbbing   temples   and   sipped   on   her   fourth   coffee. costs & on-ground execution during the course of the previous year.  explained  Kabra. early morning.

it was funny and irreverent. this is what leads to consumer bonding which competition cannot replicate even if they manage to replicate your products. but undeniably. What would happen then? Just remember.   she   thought.  Mala?  Bingo!  Mad  Angles  doesn’t  register  as  a  unique  brand  with  special  characteristics. This is what marketing truly is all about. to take your mind   off   your   boss   and   his   nephew’. in keeping with the Bingo! brand personality. ‘See   Mala. a mango drink which is about temptation and a lime based drink which is about quirkiness.   just pause  for  a  moment. he elucidated a few examples.  Mala’s  home As soon as she got home. Maybe. packaging or  communication. Bingo! had played an important role in this transformation. registered great recall and cut through the clutter so effectively. Sometime  in  the  early  2000’s  at  Virginia  House. ‘Before  you  get  defensive. it is expected to account for 37% of Indian population by 2025 vis-à-vis just a 26% in 2005.0% growth rate that India has seen in the last two decades.  began  Mala  in  protest. Maybe Bingo! Mad Angles was just a big triangle in the mind of the consumer. Mala collapsed into her couch and turned on the television to watch Dhoni and his boys take on South Africa.’ ‘But  Sir  . a small voice kept nagging her. reflected Mala as she watched it.’. telling her that maybe Vivek (and his nephew) were right. China & Britain. thoughts on how ITC had transformed itself to be an FMCG major crossed her mind.  I’m  not  saying  that  it is wrong that consumers associate your  brand  with  a  shape. behind US. She texted Guru just before calling it a day.’ ‘And  the  same  is  true  for  all  the  other  s ub brands in our portfolio as well. Japan.. Highlighting the product is ok to begin with. but it cannot be a sustainable long-term  strategy.  f lavours. She was jolted out of her reverie by the Bingo! Mad Angles ad playing on the TV screen. It is forecasted that Indian GDP would grow at 7. But we need a plan going forward. This is expected to make India the 5 th largest consumer market. it reinforced the triangular-ness of Mad Angles.ITC Interrobang Season 3 Case Challenge: Bingo! Mad Angles ‘Don’t  you  see  it. ‘Nothing like a good helicopter shot or two. As she lied down on her bed. all the while consoling herself by imagining a hundred different ways of torturing the nephew who was the root cause of this dreadful Saturday morning meeting.  each  sub  brand  going  beyond  the  realm  of  manufacturer’s  definition  of  the  ca tegory and entering in to the consumers definition of the category. be it Bingo! Tedhe Medhe or the more recently launched  Bingo!  Tangles’ Continuing from there.’ ‘Similarly’. Just imagine if someone else were to create a snack in the shape of a triangle. whatever we have done so far to get to where we are now has worked really well.   a n orange-based drink which is about Madness. others which stand for Health and yet others which are about fun.   the   famous   cold   drink   company  “Frizzy”   has   a   cola   brand   which   is   about   happiness.  Think  about  it. Later  that  day. And yet.  The   ad   had   done so well. .  But  your   brand  doesn’t  have  a   future  if  the  only  thing  that   registers  in  the  mind  of  the   consumer  is a shape. ‘look at our internal biscuits portfolio of Sunfeast where there are sub brands which stand for Temptation. Sure. it stressed completely on the shape of the product.  Kolkata Indian Consumers in the eyes of manufacturers are almost like   a   “Bird   of   Gold”. Maybe this was also true for the other parts of the portfolio. Something had to be done.  They  register  purely  as  a  shape  in  the  mind  of  the  consumer.  ITC  Limited  Headquarters. This is what makes them iconic. reinforcing the fact that it was a triangle. These brands have gone beyond the product to connect with the consumer at an emotional level.3% for the next two decades against the 6. Mala chuckled as she watched the man in the ad flip around an equilateral triangle tryi ng   to   find   ‘the   perfect  angle’  for   a   single   Mad   Angle   chip.’ Mala mumbled something unintelligible about doing some homework on this before responding. But for some reason. he went on to explain.   With  an   urban population growing much faster than the total population. Each sub brand occupying a distinct consumer  need  space.

Monday.ITC Interrobang Season 3 Case Challenge: Bingo! Mad Angles Keeping these perspectives in mind ITC diversified   from   being   India’s   leading   Tobacco   manufacturer   into   other   FMCG   sectors   like   “Food”   and   “Personal   Care”. 55% came from shift from unbranded to branded segment. Sometime in 2005 at ITC Foods Business Division Headquarters. To add to the Product innovation complexity. almost all of them mini-countries in themselves – distinct languages are spoken in each state.   ‘Hmmm. a need that is quite well met by packaged snacks. The category team also embarked on a detailed understanding  of  trends  from  the  experts’  perspective. specifically the branded segment composed of Potato Wafers & Bridges. Hence any product that needed to address such a large cross-section of people needed to be customized in order to offer a unique organoleptic experience to the target consumer. Prior to launch. However the evolution of adopting branded packaged snacks among unbranded users was also happening at a fast pace and the branded segment had increased from a mere 22% to 30% in just two years. 11 AM. Bengaluru However ITC was still ignoring a $214mn category of branded packaged snacks. and even consumer attitudes vary widely by state. taste preferences differ and as a consequence the food eaten is very different by state. Mala had a meeting with Guru Jayachandran from Market Research.  These   experts would be a good source of emerging trends as well help corroborate the consumer feedback by providing critical data on actual consumption. the consumer is far more mobile today and hence. be it tea time snacks (both morning and evening tea accompaniments) or mini meals which are as much huger quenchers as they are taste lures.   “Aashirvaad”   in   staples   (now   India’s   largest   Wheat   Flour   Brand). Between 2005 & 2007 at ITC Foods Division Headquarters in Bengaluru and ITC manufacturing facility at Uttaranchal India is composed of many distinct states. Delving deep into the market structure showed that there were two key segments with a significant growth prospect – Potato Wafers and Bridges. 78% of the total snacking market even in the key metros was unbranded. habits differ (almost every few miles!). the category had a huge urban skew – around 85% of the volumes came from urban areas. Foods Business Division. Out of the entire gains for branded packaged snacks. With increasing urbanization. dominated by one major player . Guru  scratched  his  chin  pensively  as  Mala  explained  Vivek’s  concerns. Mobility also means the need for convenience. To this end an extensive Usage & Attitudes study was instituted to gain an in-depth understanding of the varying preferences of taste & food and how these differed by region. Mala’ .   ITC  entered   the   Food   business   in   2002   with   brands  like   “Sunfeast”   in   biscuits   (now   India’s   third   largest   brand). Thus the first step for ITC in designing its new Snacks brand was to understand the category of snacking from the consumer perspective. and growing at a rapid 40 % CAGR.   I   think   the   old   fox   might   have   a   point.which had a monopolistic 80% market share.  the  Snacks  retailers  across  the  key  markets  across  the  country.   His   hunches   are   invariably   accurate. is in the need for mini meals prior to actual dinner times.   Let   me   go   through   some   of   our   old   consumer testing. Snacking as a habit has existed in India over generations. Bengaluru On Monday.   Minto   &   Candyman   in   confectionery   (India’s   largest   confectionery   manufacturer   in   the   operating   segment). Give me a couple of hours. Conference Room 2.Frito Lays .   Later   in   2005   ITC   successfully   ventured  into  the  wet  snacking  arena  with  India’s  first  Instant Pasta. It was also growing at around 30% (CAGR 2yrs). Despite the category being skewed towards urban India.. All of these reasons made this segment a promising one to get into for ITC. consumers across age and gender are into snack consumption by habit.

Remember what happened to a lead telecom player? Why do you think they suddenly stopped the doggy-ads?  Because  people  were  starting  to  associate  the  brand  with  ‘cute  pug  dog’. staring at an empty word document. and then we can figure out the best  way  of  getting  there’ Jasvindher Singh.  please  continue  to  show  case  them  just  like  you  do  now. This happens with most successful brands. It automatically leads   to  purchase’.  ‘See  their  communication. ‘You  have  more  to  ponder  Mala’.   but   tread   with   caution’   he   said.  Most  consumers  identified  Bingo!  as  a   brand with unique characteristics.   We need to adjust our thinking and create a strong identity for each of our sub-brands. ‘Sit  down  Mala.  said  Nari  in  a  manner  typical  to  way   his  conversations  started  always. Most consumers.   Jasvindher   had   this   unique   ability   to   look   at   things   from   multiple perspectives. when asked to come up the first thing that came  into  mind  when  they  were  shown  a  Mad  Angle  logo  was  ‘Triangle’. After all. Let us start by thinking about where we want our brands to be.   chewing   gums.  chews  and  candies. The pack design.   ‘You   have   a point   Kabs. funny.’ Singh concluded with a few examples of marketing failures account this.  People  know  who  we  are.   yours   is   an   impulse   category   and   that   too   low   involvement.  you  were  absolutely  right. There are examples all around you. the product experience is the key moment of truth and is at the heart of the communication experience. the creative agency that handled Bingo!.  Guru’s  data  backs  you  up  completely.  I  was  just  blind  to  what  was  going  on. mischievous) registered strongly with consumers. Nari was the head of planning for Asia at Burn and Shweir. ‘Mala. However.  Late  Evening. ‘Dekh   Mala.  But  we  need  to  shift  strategy  a  little.  And relax. promotion. Monday. Nari was someone she looked up to and was certain that some valuable inputs will come from him. It is very important for the positioning to be strongly rooted in this  truth.  We  are  no  longer  a  ‘new  brand’. Jasvindher. irreverent. Vivek with his child like enthusiasm explained him of his new plans to take the brand forward.  Mala  went  through  the  summary  of  Guru’s  findings.   Product   based   communication   DOES   work   when   you   have   winner   products’. In such categories the only thing you need to drive is salience.  its  only  product  led  and  they  depict  a  variety  of  innovative  products  in  a manner  which  suits  the  product  best’.  for  your  consumer  to  remember  your  brand  easily. You associate a brand with some form of mnemonic initially  for  it  to  register  with  your  consumer. What you did until now was exactly what was required to create and popularize a new brand.  don’t  even  th ink of   doing   that’. and as soon as he said that everyone in the room knew that there was a bit of marketing wizardry on offer. This happens with every brand.   That’s  what  smart  brand  management  is  about. ‘Sir. himself a marketing professional for more than 25 years listened with keen interest.   Further   all   your   past   research   has   shown   that   variety is the spice of life in this category.  I  am  so  sorry’ Vivek looked up and smiled at his protégé. TV commercials all seemed to reinforce the shape in the mind of the consumer.  We  are  established. ‘Arre  bhai’.  Nari’s  inputs  had  also  been  critical  in  devising  the  Bingo!  communication  strategy  thus   far. the Divisional Chief Executive walked in. It was Narayanan Kumar or Nari as he was affectionately called.  Bingo!  makes  some  of  the  best  and  most  innovative  products. Let’s meet again at the end of the week and brainstorm this.  ‘I  went  through  your  mail.   He   also   pointed   out   to  the   communication of a leading mobile phone and tablet manufacturer which does only product led communication.  If  you  aren’t  careful.  Mala’s  home Mala was back home. He brought with himself years of experience in brand management across the world and was regarded as the  Brand  Guru  in  industry  circles.  said  Kabra  as  he  got  up  to  enter  in  to  another  meeting  with  the  Aashirvaad  team. .   Mala   had   debriefed Nari over her conversation with Kabra on Sunday. Mad Angles. The phone rang and had Mala smiling. After all.   He   pointed   out   to  a   large   confectionary   brand   having   a   portfolio  straddling   across   bubble   gums. The characteristics of the brand (youthful.  the   brand becomes the mnemonic. Tedhe Medhe and Tangles registered largely as shapes.ITC Interrobang Season 3 Case Challenge: Bingo! Mad Angles As  she  sipped  her  earl  grey  tea.  ‘The  product  truth  has to bear itself out to whichever way a brand or sub brand is positioned.

  I   am   boarding   my   flight   to   Beijing..  what  are  the  various  ways  to  position  her  brands?   Which is the best way and why? What in each product will render it self to be true to its positioning? What will Bingo! then stand for. She tried to sleep. but the following thoughts crossed her mind 1.   Don’t   fix   it   if   it   ain’t   broke’  concluded  Nari. 5. 4.   Just   remember.. what will it provide and take from each? Mala needs your help..   need   to   turn   off   my   hand   set   now.  I  need  to  give  this  a  thought  as  well’  responded  Mala  as  she  kept  down  the  receiver more confused than she ever was. 3.ITC Interrobang Season 3 Case Challenge: Bingo! Mad Angles ‘Achcha   Mala.. Are we in a problem as Vivek Kabra  has  pointed  out  or  is  Nari’s  opinion  correct? What was her vision for each of these brands? If  Kabra’s  approach  is  the  answer. what will its relationship be with the sub brands. ‘Hmmm.  you  have  a  compelling  point. 2. 6. ...

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