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Leadenhall Press [etc.]; New York: Scribner & Welford [1884]. [4], 35, 11 p. 29 cm. T.p.

printed in black and red. Introduction, p. 15. Hints to Dickens Collectors, p. 735. Dark blue vertical fine rib cloth, blocked in blind.

xiii, 466 p. 19 cm. Unwin Brothers, the Gresham Press, Chilworth and London. Moderate brown pebble cloth, front cover and spine blocked in black. Floriated endpapers, white on grayish green. 800.Field, Kate. Pen Photographs of Charles Dickenss Readings. Taken from Life.... Boston: Loring [c1868]. 38 p. 24 cm. Light brown wrappers. At head of outside front wrapper: Lorings Tales of the Day. Adverts. on inside front and inside and outside back wrappers.

797.Dickens Fellowship, Philadelphia. Trial of John Jasper for the Murder of Edwin Drood in aid of Samaritan, Childrens Homeo pathic, St. Agnes and Mt. Sinai Hospitals. April 29, 1914. Academy of Music, Philadelphia, U.S.A. [Philadelphia]: Philadelphia Branch Dickens Fellowship [1916]. 801.Gads Hill Place, Higham, by Rochester. Cat151, [1] p. Plates. 23.5 cm. alogue of the Household Furniture, Linen, about Introduction, by John M. Patterson, p. 2739. 200 Dozen of Superior Wines and Liquors, China, No. 65 of a Limited Edition of 500 numbered Glass, Horse, Carriages, Green-House Plants, and and registered copies, signed by John M. PatOther Effects, Of the late Charles Dickens. Which terson, President and Editor. Will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Thomas Dark blue fine diaper cloth. Paper label on & Homan On Wednesday, August 10th, and spine. T.e.g. Three Succeeding Days, At One oclock pre798.Dinner to Mr. Charles Dickens. Freemasons cisely, at the Above Residence.... Rochester: Tavern. Saturday, November 2nd, 1867. Glees and W. T. Wildish, Machine Printer, Journal OfMadrigals.... [London: Printed by Novello, fice [1870]. Ewer and Co., at the London Sacred Music [2], 40 p. 24 cm. Warehouse], [1867.] White glazed wrappers. [12] p. 23.5 cm. Tipped in on t.p. is a printed slip, dated Aug. Cover title. 9th 1870, authorizing Mr Galloway to view The text on each page is framed by a single Gads Hill Place. red rule. 802.Glasgow. University. Without the music. To the Students of the University. Gentlemen, Wilkie Collins was a member of the Dinner Lord Glencorse and Sir E. B. Lytton were col Committee; The Lord Lytton was Chairman; leagues in the present government, and they among the Stewards were Wilkie Collins, were known to be on terms of private friendCharles Reade, Anthony Trollope, and T. A. ship.... Glasgow College, 10th Nov., 1858. Trollope. George Richardson, Printer to the University. No wrappers; stitched. Broadside. 28.5 by 22.5 cm. 799.Dolby, George. The Committee resolved to bring forward, Charles Dickens as I Knew Him. The Story of the as a Candidate, the accomplished, patriotic, Reading Tours in Great Britain and America and generous litterateur, Charles Dickens as (1866 1870).... Second Thousand. Philadel the Candidate of the Independent Students. phia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1885. For an account of these broadsides issued by