MANGOSPAROS AND THE MONKEYS Once there was a man named Mangosparos.

He and his wife lived near a forest. Mangosparos grew bananas. You can find many kinds of bananas in his yard-such as yellow bananas, green bananas and even red bananas. His banana plantation attracted the monkeys living in the forest. They trooped to Mangosparos yard, climbed up the banana trees and ate all the ripe fruits. At first, Mangosparos and his wife were not affected by the monkeys. They could still keep some fruits for themselves. But somehow, more monkeys came and feasted upon the bananas. Soon enough, the couple could hardly have bananas for themselves. One morning, while the monkeys were eating bananas, Mangosparos approached them and politely requested them to leave some bananas for himself and his wife. But the animals laughed at him. They ignored his request by saying, “You may have planted the banana trees, but that does not mean that you should also eat their fruits.” Mangosparos pleaded with the monkeys to spare some bananas for him and his wife, but this plea was ignored all the time. In his anger, Mangosparos started setting traps for the animals; he threw stone at them; shot them using his bows and arrows. But still the monkeys came and stole bananas. Out of desperation, the couple thought of a plan on how to save the bananas and get rid of the monkeys. One morning, the monkeys were awakened from their sleep by the loud wailing of Mangosparos wife. “Ai! Mangosparos is dead! Poor Mangosparos is dead! – Gone is the planter of banana! Neighbours come and see his body, for you will never see him again – “Hu! Hu! Hu!” The monkey talked among themselves: “Listen! The old woman says that Mangosparos is dead – His wife crying over him!” Another rush of noise started within them, “Come, let’s go and see for ourselves. If he is dead, no one will ever bother us again.” They all rushed to Mangosparos place and found the windows shut bolted. They climbed up the ladder and entered through the narrow door. They the woman crying over the husband, who stiff and still on a straw mat. monkeys were overjoyed at this time never be bother by that cruel man again. now all have the bananas for ourselves.” and saw The “We

Little did they know that Mangosparos was still alive and breathing. He and his wife were just acting as if he was really dead. As soon as all the monkeys had gathered inside their house, Mangosparos wife quickly bolted the door. At that instant, Mangosparos rose and took bolo which he hid at his side. His wife brought out another bolo and in a few moments all the monkey trapped inside their house were dead. Mangosparos and his wife finally got rid of the abusive monkeys.

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