OMR, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Email ID:, Web: Cell: 9952749533 Date: 12 – 12 - 2012 From R.SENTHIL KUMAR, B.E, M.E, (Ph.D). Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), Technical Advisor ESS, cell: 9952749533, Email:,, web: HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATION OF THREE LEVEL INVERTER REDUCED SWITCHES

S. No

Details- specifications
Microcontroller 89S51 dev board Software – Evalution copy, Power supply for Microcontroller


Rs 3,000

Micro controller programming for Gating pulse

Rs 3,000

Mosfet Isolated gating circuit with Separate Power supplies

Rs 2,000

Mosfet based Inverter with resistive load + Snubber + Heat sinks

Rs 3,000

2 Total

Consultation Fees and tutorials Fourteen thousand only -

Rs3,000 Rs 14,000

Please make the above mentioned payment as soon as possible, so that we can start your project. Results will be delivered only after 90 days from the date of payment of full amount.

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