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Buku Skrap Koleksi Gambar

Buku Skrap Koleksi Gambar

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Koleksi gambar stok alat bahan PSV kekal dan tidak kekal
Koleksi gambar stok alat bahan PSV kekal dan tidak kekal

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Published by: dilasif on Aug 21, 2013
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Bil . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


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Koleksi gambar peralatan kekal Koleksi gambar peralatan tidak kekal Koleksi gambar susun atur alat dan bahan Konsep pertumbuhan dan perkembangan kanak-kanak Ciri-ciri pertumbuhan dan perkembangan kanak-kanak Persamaan dan perbezaan antaran pertumbuhan

1-2 3 4 5-7 8-9 dan 10

perkembangan kanak-kanak. 7. Prinsip-prinsip perkembangan kanak-kanak 11-14

1. SUMBER KOLEKSI Kesemua koleksi gambar peralatan kekal di bawah di ambil daripada Multifilla Snd. Bhd. Terdapat pelbagai jenis alatan kekal yang boleh digunakan untuk aktiviti-aktiviti seni visual.




1 Set angle for the correct sharpness and roll tool forward and backward. Useful guide for tool sharpening Sharpening Tool Guide


Strong and stable mini vice. 5cm in length X 5cm in height. Wobble free clamping jaw with three securing bars. Complete with anvil and screw holes to fixing onto work bench. Ideal for fine jewelery work & micro carving. Also available: mini hammer, chasing hammer, micro engraver. Mini Vice


Single AA battery operated clock mechanism in a variety of hands design and numerals to make poster, CD, ceramic and acrylic clocks. Clock Mechanism/numerals

4 Hard-to-find mini 3mm detailing tool to clean up wax. plastic with durable sharp tungsten carbide tool bit.3mm. Hook Knife 8 Coarse or fine. 12mm. polymer clay or industrial styling clay sculptures. Scrapper Set 7 For hollowing deep forms such as bowls. 90 x 25 x 5mm Diamond sharpener . radius of curvature approx. Thickness:0. spoons etc. Profiled Router Bits 6 3-piece set made of top quality English tool steel. To sharpen. rectangular 125 x 45mm through 50 x 110mm. Shaft diameter> 6. use DMT diamond sharpener. Profile hardwood.8mm. Detailing Tool 5 12 piece set in sturdy wooden display box. Blade length 50 mm. overall 160mm. chipboard.

Width 33mm. 8 mm bent skew chisel. blade width 65mm. The blade cuts when pulled across the surface of a piece. 7mm #5mm gouge. Z.9 Pencil-like sanding tool for precision work.. 12 Carving Tool Set 13 Metal Forming Pliers . The set will make loops. Set bends strip stock up to 1/32" thick and wire up to 3/32". Aluminum body with brass roller. 9mm straight chicel. 5mm bent V-parting tool. etc. The strange looking plier at the top of the photo will even bend hardened music wire. 11 Scorp Compact English gouges for carving reliefs. length: 160mm. Blade length 60-70mm.5mm. 1Universal Honing Guide For roughing-out bowls and other hollow forms.180mm. C. Sanding Sticks 10 The wide roller preserves the surface of the stone while keeping the blade from tilting. figurines. The blades are made of hardened carbon steel. max. rings. max. L and just about any other shape. overall 1. fitted with stained beech handles and brass ferrules. S. Can be used as an angle jig with grinding machines which have a tool rest. overall length approx. 9mm spoon chisel. lettering. Set includes 5mm #gouge. Width: 6. Made of polished stainless steel with box joints that keep jaws in alignment. 180mm. blade thickness 10mm. Roller width: 40mm.

hand building. Mini size glass vial in aluminum.14 Tool Holder Plastic suction cap that hold tools securely for convenient working. foil etc to apply on to stamping art. Carbon steel serrated hole opener for greenwares Pouring hole opener . Turn Table 17 Ideal for a leveled mold cast. banding. Micro Spirit Level 18 Pouring hole opener for plaster mold making. mold making and spraying. and card making. 15 Decorative punch designs using paper. candle decoration. Punched Art 16 Heavy duty dual work top surface 30cm+12cm smooth spinning with 2 sealed bearings for sculpting.

11cm. It is possible to reach areas that were not accessible before the introduction of the Micro brush. Micro brushes bend easily to any angle for the placement of small controlled amounts of material in areas of limited access. Microbrush Hand set speed control or variable foot control speed 0-35. Good design with blade storage within tool handle.000 RPM 110/220V 50Hz-60Hz. Lino Cutter 20 Rounded tip. Glaze Sieve 23 . Smaller and finer than cotton buds.35mm bits.19 5 pieces safety cutter set for pull back cutting of lino sheet. Vibrating platform. 220V. slip clay and colors. Suited for small volume sieving of glazes. Complete with flexible plastic scrapper. Micro sculpting or carving use for master and mold making. 21 22 Investment Vibrator Rust free wooden frame 15cm X 15cm with stainless steel mesh #100 or #200. Complete with hand piece holder. Micromotor Variable speed vibrator for mold making to eliminate airbubbles. Hand piece accepts 2. Practical for glass etching and engraving.

Model turning on 300 RPM modification. Length. spray painting. Mini Clay Extruder . Wheelhead : 33cm/13" -adjustable angle.27cm. Length. Profiles approx 3-4cm. Maximum loading : 50kg AC/DC electric turntable Applications: Display. Firm locking.10 RPM. cutting. Carbon Steel Rakes Control:Stop-start foot peddle control. RPM : 1. welding. Profiles approx 3-4cm. Turning Tools 25 Set of 6 piece carbon steel sharpened turning tools for plaster of Paris or leather hard clay. 26 27 Extrudes colored wax in candle decoration or polymer clay and bread dough craft.24 Set of 6 piece carbon steel sharpened turning tools for plaster of Paris or leather hard clay.27cm. Variable speed. Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

aluminum. rubber.50. Without masking or overspray.28 The perfect portable die cutting tool for prototyping. zinc. 31 Flow Pencil . Work in well ventilated area. brass sheets and much more. Just a change of saw blade cuts many materials even in stacks precisely clean and neat to eliminate sanding and finishing twice. Model : K11. The cut is so close. sign making and model making. 29 Flexible thick gauge rubber comb used by folk artist in duplicating tree bark and other decorative effects. the operator can stripe models. point of purchase display. metal parts and other surfaces needing decorative trim. leather. plywood. wood products. Materials cut : Any plastic. Saw blades do not require a pilot hole and cutting can begin anywhere.60 Hz Cutawl. the work is punched out and fit back into place like a jigsaw puzzle. box making. USA original. Rubber Comb 30 Melt & cast sinkers from scrap lead. Sinker Molds The FP-1/23" Flow Pencil is an ideal instrument to flow lines onto a horizontal surface. particle boards. acrylic foam boards. Wide blade selection. Quick and fun. 48" diameter. Nib size determines width of stripe. Motor : 230V AC. These are hard to find quality molds. The cutting tool Optional : Circle cutting attachment cut from 3/4" to for professionals. Spray mold silicon release for perfect cast. metal products. Weight : 16 lbs Blades : 360 degree swivel operation.

Pearl Brand. rating C. Round plier. Knotting Needle. Glass Edging & Polishing - 34 File for wax work.C. Rating. 220/230 volts. Tweezer. A. Brush Cleaning Pad . C Water Tank on top.1440 RPM. Glass Edging and Polishing Machine 33 Glass polishing Machine Double disc. Use with brush cleaner to keep brushes clean and prolong expensive brush lifespan. set of 6pcs. Direct Motor drive 1/6 H. Fine Point Scissor.32 Glass Edging and polishing machine. Half Round Plier.5 AMP. Anchor brand. 220/230 Volts. 0. Pearl brand Single phase. 80mm Brass Gauge. Contains Plastic Bead Board. Size: 14cm in Plastic wallet. 1440RPM. Beading Kit 36 Practical scrub pad that allows dirt to sink to the bottom . Side Cutting Plier.15 H. 100 watts 0.p.P . Ideal for amateur beaders. File for Wax 35 Beading tool kit. Durable and sturdy with emery stone.

37 Extendable Micro Sculpture Tool Holder Unique hollow tool holder that clamp with sliding locking device. Complete with transparent safety cover for easy identification of blades profile. Adjustable diamond cutter makes scoring easy for amateur on first attempt Affordable student's kit venturing into creative field of airbrushing. Single action. Kit contents: 1 light weight airbrush.4 designs. oil and varnishing. Holder sold without tool. Tool are hand forged from high carbon steel to lengths of 8cm for the extra reach in sculpting hard to reach area. 1 wrench. one 1/4 reducer connector. 1 airhose (1m). Adjustable to 5 speed control for fine polishing to suit material size. external mix gun operates on 15-50psi with adjustable spray patterns from 3/4" to 2". two 30ml glass paint jars. mirror and ceramics to cut perfect circles in diameters ranging from 6cm to 40cm. 39 Circular Glass Cutter Score glass. 40 Air Brush Kit 41 Rotary Tumbler . 38 Quick Change Micro surgery blades are easily clamped firmly to 10cm holder. 1 pipette. 1 adjustable value pressure cap. Lightweight airbrush for water. Seethrough tumbler for inspection. Set tumbling time 0-120 minutes with auto reverse function for through tumbling.

AC and battery operated. Length: 65mm. Display Turntable 44 4 mouth pin tong for delicate drilling with fine drill bits. Design punches 43 Slow revolving display turntable for your masterpieces. See item 48 in the product highlights. wood and leather embossing. Beads drilling and model making easy with swivel head. metal stamping. tools marking and keys.42 Assorted design punches. Swivel Head Pin Tong 45 Curved end pry silicon and PU molds away from model for safe cutting. Diameter: 2mm.63 pieces in copper tooling. Turntable diameter: 13cm. Mold Maker's Spatula 46 Mine 2 mm Carbon steel punches for metal stamping of sheet. Alphabet/number punches . industrial styling clay. battery operated and 31cm. Recommended use German surgical craft blade for precise mold splitting.

Adjustable length gauge and long leverage handle makes repetitive cutting less taxing. Wire Cutter 48 Tungsten bits sizes 1mm and below for engraving or 3D carving / routing. Micro End Mill/Router Bit 49 Ever tried drilling round beads. Tool Set Hard to find micro tools for miniature sculpturing of Industrial Styling Clay. classic stamps with appropriate heat treatment and tempering.47 Mighty and sturdy bolted to work bench for shear cutting standard lengths wire up to 5mm diameter. Makes fine craft tools for miniature wood turning. A useful and hard to find gadget for jewellers. Individually hand forged from high carbon steel or stainless steel. Hundreds of designs to suit project requirements. 51 Micro Tools . Drilling Vice 50 4" Blue wire steel 2mm to 5mm diameter for tool making. wax or paper clay. pearl without accidents? Drilling vice with different hole sizes for quick clamping and release ensures accurate hole drilling of round objects. polymer clay. metal sculptors and modellers.

5cm x 15cm. Plane to smoothness with surform planner. Cast rugged square or rectangular candles. 53 PVC Pneumatic pressure demolding cylindrical candle mold 54 Flat on one side and contour on the other to cut and separate polymer cane cleanly. Cut Throat Razor Blade Surgical high carbon steel micro super sharp knife.2cm x 7. Sharp cutting edges and knurled gripping surfaces give the control necessary for precision patern & model making. Width blade 1. Wooden Candle Molds 2 part screw fixed candle mold complete with base. polymer clay. 55 56 Wax / clay sculpting tool .52 Handy craft knife cuts. 7.5 mm to 3mm set in slip resistant knurled metal handle. tear-drop and needle-point tips.28mm x 25cm. Sizes: 4cm x 4cm x 20cm. 6cm x 8. square. carve and other craft use. 28mm x 30cm. triangular. Mini Craft Knife Optional pouring stand. Options:1)Candle pouring stand-38 cava ties.2) pneumatic foot pump. Mold sixes. Sharp thin high carbon steel razor blade with strong leather tong handle.2cm x 15cm. shaves. Many uses in polyurethane & silicon mold dissection Micro Surgical Knife Carving set includes five double-ended stainlesssteel carvers with round. Micro Surgical knife carves wood. Milliput epoxy putty or paper clay.

57 Micro Carving Set Micro carving tools made of the finest quality tool steel. Pintong 60 Antique balance scale used by the general post office. EVA pad and transparent modeling glue. plastics or polymer clay. Need not invest in art punches. Weighs up to 2kg with counter balancing weight. Pack sufficient to create over 50 cards. Forged and machined from solid one piece steel fitted with a comfortable plastic handle. Pack complete with decorative background card. Plain card and envelope optional. A durable scale. wood. 58 Sturdy tool for Industrial Styling Clay modeling or copper tooling. Accurate unlike spring scale. These Pintongs manually. wooden tool. Over 30 designs to choose.3mm to 1mm breakage if using power drilling. Balance Scale 61 Assorted pre punched colored designs for creative card designing. Pre punched designs . Stainless Steel 59 Solves micro drill bits of 0. No spring failure. fully sharpened and honed to an incredibly sharp edge. shivel or spring operated mounted with micro bits enable slow hand drilling in metal.

Scoop diameters 3. it holds firmly without splitting the wooden handle. 4mm. 5mm & 7mm. Honed polished ready to use. Like an inverted cone. 66 Stainless steel double ended scoops. Wooden handle with brass ferrule is optional as factory ground socket chisels are without handles. Hole Opener Extremely hard to find socket chisels are no longer produced. Double scoop .62 Splits wood into dowel size splints.5mm. Chisels often made from cast steel or high carbon steel are proven in performance with hard timber species. 10cm blade hand forged to taper from 1cm shank to sharpness straight grind functioning as a wedge. Wood Chopper 63 Metal Christmas tree like step up hole sizes from 9mm to 20mm for opening holes in green wares/clay sculptures. Tap with wood mallet to split boards along grain. Handy heavy carbon steel 23cm length. socket chisels are available in factory ground or sharpened and honed. Wide selection of crescent or straight edge in various widths. Edges sharpened for easy gauge of polymer clay or wax sculptures. 64 Socket Chisels 65 Cloth peg Miniature wooden peg to fulfill your fantasies.

Polished & waxed surfaces. Sharpened and polish for immediate use. Size : 13. Axe Head Chinese hardwood dowel tapered turned both ends for ergonomic grip. framing saw can be fixed firmly onto wood table. tapered end maximizes drum surface contact. Length: 12mm Stainless steel cutter / scrapper for dough and clay work.5cm width X 10cm height Dough cutter 70 Dowel 71 . Unlimited craft applications. Thick gauge stainless steel dressed edge is perfect for two hands wood scrapping. Length : 30cm Centre diameter : 25cm Optional Brass Ferrule : OD 26mm ID 23mm. this portable hand saw cuts perfect angles for DIY framing and boxes. Adjustable fret saw optional. Fix with G clamp provided as a complete set. As wind chimes for soothing wood harmony sound. As drumsticks. Framing Saw 69 These antique axe head used by wood craftsmen available with or without handles. Saw Frame 68 Sets length + width with lockable angle setting. Sawn half to fit socket chisel and with brass ferrule makes perfect handle. Cast iron body.67 Pinewood frame to hold work piece for intricate sawing.

or punch art. beads and accessories. quilling. Sharp carbon tool steel in various profiles. Made in Europe. 2-3mm & 3mm Bead size. Strike punch lightly to create surface design. Bead crimping pliers This 5 piece high quality assortment from Peddington Germany has the right hammers to meet your metal forming needs. Dapping cutter 74 50pcs in double layer storage case for stone engraving or wood carving. a) Gold smith's hammer b) Raising hammer c) Planishing hammer d) Bordering hammer e) Nylon head mallet 75 76 Peddinghaus 5 piece forming Hammer. Carving / Engraving Set Available crimping pliers for 1mm. Dual duty jaws to crease crimp tube and final rounding of tube.72 Compact 17cm X 7.8mm to 22. Strong sturdy base with 4 screw holes to stabilize cutter on worktable. Crimp tubes into rounded crimps to hold securely cord. Strike hard to punch out disc from soft metal up to 28 gauge. .2mm in wood display stand. Profile guillotine 73 22 piece set cutter set of hardened tool steel 2. A hard to find decorative cutter with many uses in scrape booking.5cm pattern cutter used in past photo shops for the decorative fringes.

industrial styling clay or natural clay sculpting. Knurled at both ends for better grip. polymer clay. Carver .77 Set of 5 piece each with different profile at each end totaling 10 profiles. these carvers are suited for wax carving. This house brand tool set profiles are the Multifilla Stainless Steel preferred choice for professionals and beginners at student price.

Japan  4cm/ 1.Japan Round Tiles-Unglazed 10cm/ 3¾ inch X 5mm thick.5 inch X 3mm thick.Japan 4. Ideal for press flowers setting as well.Japan 2 Oval tile-Glazed  5. Terdapat pelbagai jenis alatan tidak kekal yang boleh digunakan untuk aktiviti-aktiviti seni visual. BIL ITEM (PERALATAN TIDAK KEKAL) HURAIAN    1 Porceline tiles Round Tiles-Glazed 9cm / 3.03 inch X 4mm thick.5 inch X 3mm thick. SUMBER KOLEKSI Kesemua koleksi gambar peralatan tidak kekal di bawah di ambil daripada Multifilla Snd.England 5.5cm/ 1.2cm/2 inch X 3mm thick.1. Square: 10cm X 10cm . Bhd.USA 3 Square Chamfered polished edge glass tiles in various sizes for stain glass painting.5cm/ 2 inch X 3mm thick.

5cm X 12. grouting and wall patching. 4 Reusable Rubber Mold 5 Slow drying white cement for sculptures.5cm Triangle Glass Tiles Melt and cast own molds with Gelfex reusable rubber. Available in soft and hard grades. mix with sufficient water for a stiff paste.Rectangle Round: 15.5cm X 15cm Triangle 10cm X 10cm X 10cm 12.5cm X 12. tiling.K. A product of the U.8cm Rectangle: 7. Accepts non-fired colors and super gloss as decorative wares. Multi-purpose Sculptural Cement 6 Cast from fine American slip clay. Larger sculptural use with cellulose fibers or fiberglass strands. To use. Ceramic functional wares paint with velvet under glazes and transparent gloss glaze fired to recommended cone temperature Ceramic/ Bisque Ware .

Card crafting. Milliput Epoxy Putty 9 Lining tape This ultra-thin white tape easily dispenses from an ergonomic dispenser and have many craft applications. Fix with transparent modeling glue. Mends molds. radiators. Wonder Water (tm) 8 The epoxy putty that sets rock hard within 3 hours even under water. Width: 5mm. miniature masters. models. scrap book. Grout if necessary with Multifilla Multi-purpose cement filler. compliment folk art painting. card making or mosaic lamp shade. patches water tanks. Decorate ceramic wares. Mini mosaics 11 Mold making simplified. fixes ceramics adhere to plastic. Press soft pliable Sculpey over intricate detail. jewelry fittings. metal. set tool handles. Tape removable with alcohol but accepts aerosol spray paint or acrylics. Elasticlay is also a polymer clay softener when kneaded with stiff clay. 10 Attractively colored mini glass like mosaic in transparent and opaque colors. length: 12meter.7 Melt to shape clear polymer pallet in conventional oven at 195 degree Celsius for permanent water clear or bubbled ice cubes. As organizational chart tape it can be marker colored. and waterfall. After baking to 130°C the elasticlay mold is permanent and flexible. Easily bridges hairline cracks. takes drilling and sanding as well. wood or glass. Parchment art and stenciling. Mold Maker . pinholes or mask seam lines.

Adds bulk to polymer clay without color change. USA origin . Mix Quick 15 Wide selection of Americana Acrylics gloss enamels. Preferred folk Art painting. This white silk like substitutive bead cord knots well. Seal wood base with melt sealer and allow to dry before applying base. Americana Acrylics 16 Novus Plastic Polish N0. Restores faded & discolored plastics. haziness & abrasions from most plastic surfaces like CD. . Mix & knead to softness. sag and stretch resistant. no preparation metal paints and more. Pearl silk do not absorb moisture.12 Beads conform naturally over body contour when strung with Pearlsilk. model ship Pearlsilk Bead Cord 13 Soft spread able paper clay base for background decoration.2 Removes fine scratches. windshield plastic.237ml. Color with acrylic craft paint. Jewellery. head lamp cover. Paper Clay Base 14 A soft. decoupage & craftworks. aeroplane modelling. neutral mixing compound for blending and reconstitute hard and crumpy polymer clay. fiberglass.

Color Tissue Paper 18 Cement Sculpture Tools 5pcs flexible tool steel with profiles best suited for cement sculpture with Multifilla pre=mix mortar.17 Attractive assorted 12 colors X 2 each soft card craft tissue paper 20" X 30" as packaging or window display decorations. mounting board. SUMBER KOLEKSI Kesemua koleksi gambar peralatan tidak kekal di bawah merupakan antara bahan yang terdapat di Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Baiduri sewaktu saya menjalankan Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS) selama seminggu di sana . Kertas Malilakat. Terdapat pelbagai jenis alatan tidak kekal yang boleh digunakan oleh para pelajar untuk aktiviti-aktiviti seni visual. 2. sugar paper dan Kertas Warna Kertas Lukisan .

bullet stapler.Pensel Warna Pelet. oil pastel Gam UHU Poster colour Dakwat Lino Fabric Dye .

Thinner Span Straw Surat khabar Pelaka (cat mural) Palet dan berus pelbagai saiz .

SUMBER KOLEKSI Koleksi gambar di bawah merupakan gambar-gambar yang diambil semasa saya menjalankan PBS di Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Baiduri pada 30hb 8 sehingga 3hb 8 lepas. Kesemua gambar di bawah diambil di dalam bilik seni sekolah tersebut yang juga merupakan setor seni. .1.





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