"The false concept of 'being' acts as a word virus, scrambling our thoughts, for nothing consists of other than what it does. I think, therefore I think that I think, nothing more!" -- Peter Carroll, PsyberMagick.

"E-Prime and Chaos Magic": an article on the Whys and Hows of using EPrime (English Prime) as a language medium for those operating in Chaos magic by Su Leybourn (Sor. Wile_e_Chaote).

1) CONSIDERING E-PRIME: In the convoluted, cascading memes of Chaos magic, you might come across the occasional mention of the term "E-Prime", or English-Prime. A quick use of ye olde arte of Googlemancy reveals that E-Prime relates to language and some manipulation of grammar where the verb "to be" gets tossed out the proverbial door. Boring! We hear you say. Why bother? You might well ask. Do you want to exploit the nature of your mind to the max? Do you want to boldly go where you have never gone before? Do you want to DO magic with a flexible, fluid mind that can warp speed, or turn to tango? Well … settle back, make yourselves comfortable, and let us take you on a magical ride that just might shift your thinking into warp drive. Consider the following quote by Peter Carroll from his "PsyberMagick": "Some philosophers and psychologists bemoan the disintegration or fragmentation of the self in the contemporary world. We celebrate this development. The belief in a single self stems from religious monotheisms having only a single god. Let us throw the baby out with the bath water. If you consider yourself an 'individual', in the sense of 'indivisible', you have

One hypothesis. eccentricity. Given the premise that a change in language can alter our perception of Life. Bizarre.not lived. we use a form of English that excludes the verb "to be". been" and their contractions. Now some folk have noticed that we write in a very particular (some might say peculiar) form of English language known as E-Prime or English-Prime. known as the Sapir-Whorf-Korzybski Hypothesis. do we hear you say? Why on Earth would anyone do this? Ignoring such flash thoughts as lunacy. D. to eventually create this new form.... we feel that E-Prime must have more to it than meets the eye. He proposed the exclusion of the verb "to be" in an attempt to remove vague and misleading concepts from our language. and we wait on other disciplines to get the picture. shades of Star Trek's Mr Spock and Vulcan logic in the making." Does this message from Pete Carroll resonate with you? IF you want to explore the meta-selves potential within . Universe et al. is. David Bourland. are.. If you merely consider yourself as a single being capable of playing various roles. .. we suspect. IF you have yet to explore the multiple aspects of the selves in extremis . was.. which basically means "am. Jr. The selfs must allow each self a shot at its goals in life. masochism. a significant number of physicists have adopted this medium for written communication... Academic papers and theses would improve for getting written in E-Prime. In the simplest of terms. let us first explain a little about E-Prime: 2) A POTTED HISTORY OF E-PRIME: The idea for E-Prime started back in the 1930's by Alfred Korzybski who felt that our language structures often led to muddied thinking . if you wish to achieve any sense of fulfillment and remain sane. then you have yet to play them in extremis. However it got left to Korzybski's student. were. be. then E-Prime might just hold the key. as powerfully as some hallucinogens. wanting to stand out from the crowd or a sadistic bent to torture folk with ripples of subliminal content . might come in handy to keep at the back of your mind. To date. then E-Prime might just place you on the fast track.

We. quietly. enter R. and able to move. and then decide whether you want what they have. 3. glory. produces a new shiver to the hairs on the back of the neck. written using (you guessed it) . Problem solving seems easier when the mind flips into E-Prime. perceive. we muse. negotiate and change. removes the stultifying little box/prison that we could call I AM i. in all its fiery. E-Prime. NOW the field goes for warp drive. Here. 6.. think. E-Prime seems to activate a wide-angled lens to mind.. 2. raising their arms to the sun. Imagine "Coke is it" (Coca-Cola) and "A diamond is forever" (De Beers Consolidated) re-written as "Coke seems it" or "A diamond equates to forever" and selling so well! 4. deduce and theorise. observe. expanding. 8. A.. on the other hand. or convert someone does not happen so easily. 7. This means that no way in hell would marketing companies want to write their slogans in this format.. Perhaps we could even say. the Chaoist's anathema. In space/time.In magic terms. deceive. that E-Prime equates to an ethical stance in language usage.. the old adage. as in fluid. Enter . When operating in this language medium.. 5. E-Prime. stage left . the ability to cheat. The use of E-Prime brings us back to what we do best i. we refer to "ethical" as "balanced". Wilson with articles like "Quantum Psychology" and "Towards Understanding E-Prime". "I am my own worst enemy". who bypass . Peter Carroll writes an enigmatic magical work called “PsyberMagick” .e. when used to the max.e. E-Prime. metaphorically speaking.. impress. 3) WHY E-PRIME: Consider whether any of the following statements interests/intrigues you.. We find that we can use the expression "Eureka!" more often. Many people get caught up in the glamour of "Being" and end up seemingly encased in glass houses of their own devise. 1. Read these works. manoeuvre.

. have the power to use diversity of role to its nth degree.> Doing-IN Interested? Want to learn more in just three easy lessons? Now if you stay focused in the next ten minutes. fortress-bound.S. in front of you. and beliefs. E-Prime takes you more and more into the scientific model of actual experience..e. We shall leave such antiquated responses where they belong i. we shall send to you. you can experience levels hitherto unimagined to your thoughts. we shall start with the writing aspect. albeit with gargantuan effect.this snare. rather than permitting you to wander off into New Age fluffy thinking. Please note: The following exercises do NOT require you to punish yourself if you slip up. . You can talk using E-Prime. and all this for the amazing low cost of your current attention! 4) MASTERING E-PRIME IN 3 EASY STAGES: Contrary to what you might expect. that you shall do so to examine its potential advantages. We anticipate that if you take up the challenge to explore E-Prime. This would seem a far cry from the old well-worn. id of self. in the capable hands of the ceremonial magicians with a bias for Aleister Crowley. One word of warning though . Operating in chaos magic. the emerging E-Prime form. solitary. we shall avoid getting down deep and dark into linguistics and go for the K. a reading list for additional information. Theoretically. treatment (Keep It Simple Stupid). and probably useless as pick-up lines at the local pub. These aspects can. you can write virtually anything in E-Prime.S. where you can see. You can even think in E-Prime. or so. with a lot of practice and determination thrown in. Once connected. and because you know your own determination. ABSOLUTELY FREE. This would make doing research easier. connect. Given that adopting E-Prime only equates to a slight alteration in language. It might just come down to exploring and using a little magical formula that looks like this: Being-OUT < -. and do. we might find that useful in the achievement of results to the nth degree.I.> E-Prime < -. in a somewhat dot-to-dot fashion. your perceptions.

We found that the words "seems" and "equates". Decide that you shall remove the following words from your vocabulary: a) be. aren't. b) am. and keep that list handy when you type or write. when reading. isn't. c) I'm. A. Make a list of these words. 8. e) ain't 2. is. Read articles on E-Prime to gain familiarity of the basic concepts. Note that an effective choice of wording for magical Intent. appeared very frequently in our early efforts. in this first level of exploring E-Prime. weren't. we're. for starters. 3. you're. 7. could look like this: "We Do Now Will to …" (insert your specific target/goal). for example. You might also notice that your writings have a tone of authority about them. chat-rooms etc. Use E-Prime for all your journal and/or dream diary entries. it's ("it is"). Observe and make notes of words that you might overuse. Why? The language chunks generally remain very short and therefore manageable. 5. she's. try this format in e-mail and whenever participating on electronic discussion forums. In 6-12 months you should hardly need to think about the words that you use at all. been. Messenger. R. You also get repeated practice to develop speed and fluency. using E-Prime. are. was.4a) STAGE 1 – WRITING: 1. wasn't. d) he's. One of the most efficient ways to practice E-Prime happens when one starts engaging others in electronic chat via typing messages i. to pencil in quotation marks around any use of the word "is" so that you can examine the confusion that such a word can cause. . We would estimate that you should feel reasonably proficient in the rudiments of E-Prime within 3 months or so. See the Bibliography at the end of this document. 6. Construct rituals and guided meditations in E-Prime. for reference purposes. were. Wilson suggests. 4. Likewise.e. being. they're.

from short essays to stories. we're. 1. 4c) STAGE 3 – MINDSET: 1. Continue with the writing and speaking as given in the earlier two levels. c) I'm. my. mine" from your vocabulary. Retain the same word list as per Stage 1. it's ("it is"). e) ain't 3. For anyone working alone on these practices. weren't. being. Extend your list of omissions with the removal of the words "I. aren't. Switch to E-Prime when you have a problem to solve and see what happens. people conversed with do not seem to notice when it gets used. It seems interesting to note that the brevity of speech allows for effective nonverbal communications to happen at the same time. but now begin the task of speaking without these same words: a) be. Additional studies in auric magic and the eight magics (see Peter . talking whilst you type etc. or not. me. Continue writing in E-Prime. 2. is. been. wherever possible. you're.4b) STAGE 2 – SPEAKING: 1. 8. 4. Now we begin the task of raising the metaselves aspect. talking monologues. "Slow and steady" makes the best maxim. they're. Start with 20-60 minutes daily allotted to speaking in E-Prime and increase as you feel more confident. Curiously enough. anecdotes to humour etc. Attempt a variety of styles. are. This means that you can stop worrying now about whether you appear. were. b) am. 6. she's. Communicating in E-Prime conveys meaning and intent more readily. chatting with the cat (or any other available creature). isn't. was. 7. wasn't. d) he's. Keeping the language chunks short helps. 3. to others. as some blithering idiot. 5. you could utilise telephone calls.

owes a debt to the catalyst that opened our eyes to the wondrous hidden potencies of language for . Look at what happens when you use E-Prime to negotiate. We find problem solving easier. What and How of anything. with EPrime at our command. If you have not worked with this already. even the movement of evolution! When things change. Frank Herbert. 7. "By your belief in singularities. Where has all the Paradox gone? 5. check out the modern magical language. This document. This has an E-Prime base and function. We can analyse more effectively. 4.The Atreides Manifesto. Underneath the words came the challenge. The universe has moved beyond you. at this point. Consider quietly translating the speech of other people and exploring the nuances of what they attempted to communicate. Now. it has taken a quantum leap. for starters) would come in handy. "E-Prime and Chaos Magic". Part 2 The Psychonomicon. We would learn that Chaoists generally used E-Prime for writing out their Intent and when working with Ouranic-Barbaric. 5) LAST WORDS: When we started using E-Prime we took this up as a challenge. Examine the Who. Dune series. Why does E-Prime seem to heighten empathy? 6. or arbitrate. 8.Carroll's "Liber Kaos"." -. A very seasoned operator in Chaos Magic pushed all the right buttons. If we thought that our thinking seemed fluid before. your absolute universe vanishes no longer accessible to your self-limiting perceptions. Start thinking in terms of probabilities instead of identified facts or certainties. but that very few actually communicated in this medium. It actually impacted at a deeper level than we envisaged. you deny movement. Ouranic-Barbaric. in granular absolutes. our thoughts seem faster than a speeding bullet. more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap anything we set our mind to do.

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One of the best language experiments we made was of not saying anything pointless but saving up words for whatever was necessary or meaningful. Still stumble over words as communicate with others who like selves. but havent quite got the head for working on it. found that easy as was only one thing to think about and lots of peoepl trying it out. R. Some years ago my partner was studying philosophy and we both got caught up by Gilbert Ryle and I guess what is called e-prime we thought about it a gret deal and made a lot of experiments with changing languageMostly with using adverbs rather than nouns . When I have more time i'll have a closer look and see if I can get my head round this more. . A while ago lived in a commune where we tried to combat gender assumptions by using the new pronoun 'co' instead of she he it.htm "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Case -Su. Su .showing that things were actively beingness The problems we found were mainly of inelegance.com/eprime. Clarke Medusa161 -This is great.as in Lovingkindnesses? Catingness mattingness.Wilson. have multiple systems so personal pronouns are useless. Towards Understanding E-Prime http://www.nobeliefs. the language we first leared has a sense of (false?) rightness about it which we negotiate I guess in terms of rythm and flow. A. There is a staccato quality to change which needs some seasoning to make it feel right so have often thought that there needs to be some inclusions in order to maintain a sense of rhythm.having done an Enlish degree at university this stuff really interests me.

laura . Mewe theewe Uswe .The best have found is using a system of different pronouns which are inclusive.soemthing needs to happen about the fixation with nouns as well.The feel of the words sometimess makes alluswe start to write in gemanic/archaic form .hast theewe? Thinking that language really is important but that maybe e-prime for mewe doesnt reach critical mass in terms of change .ie.