A person I´ve recently met.

EDUARDO, my classmate.

Eduardo is my new classmate german course. He started the course a week after me. He’s a bit quiet, only when needed; jokes a lot with professor. He’s tall, has light skin, has short hair, has brown eyes and doesn’t like to get too. He loves to wear accessories, such (encontré ésta palabra para decir cómo, en especificación de dar un ejemplo de alguna cosa) as sunglasses and shirts of desing. He’s very popular with the girls. He´s very good for the logistics, is very analytical; but a think it is hopeless when it comes to long he expected result. He´s a little hesitant and need most of the time and you are given advice. He is good fun to be with, because it makes a lot of jokes and funny faces. I think that Eduardo has a much potential just that afraid to do some things with the result that they may have.

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