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Women from Prison / On the Rise: Technology in Stalking

Elena, Sonia & Marily
6th anniversaRy issue | 2009
M e s s a g e f r o m t h e P U B L I SHER

Moving Forward to Victory… out to our API sisters to launch a do what needs to be done.
As I reflect on the V-Day new partnership – women No fanfare. No complaining.
journey of the last five years, I am working together to end violence No drama.
Th e “ V” Team humbled. I am grateful. It is like against Asian women and girls. I am grateful most especially
looking through a photo album. Jan, Fiona and Emily were the to Al – we met in 2004 when he
. . . . ♥ . . . . As you examine each photo, you first to say yes. Mitos, Jane, Hydra, rescued the playbill and
discover something that somehow Mayette, Helen, Lia….and many transformed it into something
DeVoted Publisher you missed the first time. As you others followed. Taking the V-Day beautiful. He continues to
M a r i ly M o n d e j a r flip each page through, you FWN campaign to the next level. re-invent our message on paper.
remember details as if they Time for campaign 2.0. You don’t see his photo on the
Delightful Marketing Chair occurred yesterday. The album cover but his thumbprint is
S ONIA DELEN becomes a repository of Gratefulness implanted on all that you see.
knowledge and memories and you Al + Elena + Genevieve D + Filipina Women’s Network
DiVine Editor want to close the book to keep its Sonia = 2004. Franklin + would not have been able to get
C ONNIE Z H EN G Marily Mondejar treasures intact (see pp. 18-19). Genevieve J + Ken = 2005. to its 21st performance this year
President, Filipina Women’s Network Celebrating six years of I pay tribute to these precious without the loving support and
Angel Art Director collaboration with V-Day with souls – they are the heart of V-Day the beautiful hearts of these seven
all-Filipina performances of “The FWN. Every year when V-Season brave souls.
Al S. Perez
Vagina Monologues,” we reach comes around, they show up, they Mabuhay! M.
Graphic Designers
Alberic rivera
Board Chair, Filipina Women’s Network
Copy Editors This year’s production of “The are cause and awareness-promoting the production to Washington D.C. this
F RAN K LIN RI C AR T E Vagina Monologues” is sensitive organizations like the Filipina Women’s year, there is a continuing need to sus-
K E V IN Z H AN G to the frailties of our times brought Network (FWN) who struggle to tain the programs of FWN that endow
Leila Kang about by the global economic crisis bring community theatre produc- humanity as a whole. Please take time
that affect attendance to arts events. tions like our all-Pinay “The Vagina to see our many programs by going to
. . . . ♥ . . . . Arts advocates nationwide earned Monologues” to its soapbox spotlight our FWN website. Be a member! And
victory when U.S. Congress broadened year-in and year-out. This is our sixth for those in the show tonight, please
Heart Contributors the issue of economic recovery to year! While FWN receives tremendous join our unique blessing dance to
include arts jobs through the National support for the work it does to end bring wisdom and passionate direction
A D RIENNE A G UIRRE Endowment for the Arts grants. From a violence against women and girls, to the circle of women (and even men)
Bes Yap non-traditional arts perspective, there including a warm welcome bringing who carry on the mission of FWN.
Chris Le
G a r y C r u z (Cover Photo)
G LORIA RA M O S M e s s a g e f r o m T h e w a s h i n g t o n , D . C . p r o duc e r s
N a o m i Ta c u y a n U n d e r w o o d world – the message to end domestic We were shocked by the statistics our power.
P H ILI P AN D RE S violence. Somewhere, someone out when we first heard it. It is our hope that by empowering
RA Q UEL RE D ON D E Z there would have heard that we said One in three women will suffer women, and men, to speak out, we
Teresalina Marfori
NO – NO to violence against women some form of violence in her lifetime, can begin to stop this epidemic and
and girls. The cast and crew of “The whether it’s a casual put down, in help put an end to devastation and
Vagina Monologues” in Washington, emotional and mental abuse situa- tragedy.
D.C. drew from each other’s strengths tions, mutilations or even murders.
and courage to let our voices be Unfortunately, a lot of women,
. . . . ♥ . . . . heard. and men, especially in our patriarchal
What an empowering experience, culture somehow think that “women
FWN Board an experience of a lifetime – unfor- deserve the violence” or “that’s just
gettable, challenging, unbelievably the way it is.”
Marily Monde jar
GLORIA T. CAOILE life-changing and much, much more. If we can create awareness, if we
Genevieve Jopanda We will never forget all those who can create a buzz in our community
elena mangahas So many wonderful stories performed at Washington, D.C. That and beyond, that would be a good
have come out of this very special day will live on for a very long time start. Once we speak the unspeakable
maya escudero
journey. A community of extraor- and one message will never be lost – (what our culture or upbringing has
nini alvero dinary men and women rose to the we all will never stop doing our part conditioned us to think as unspeak-
bambi lorica challenge of coming together to get to stop the violence against women able), and reveal what is happening
PEARL PARMELEE a very important message out to the and girls. in the “dark,” we regain our voice, BAMBI LORICA
Al perez
FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
M e s s a g e S f r o m t h e P RO D U C T I O N TEA M
violence against women and Ta b l e o f Co n t e n t s
detailed proofreaders and fact v-day spotlight 2009
The evolution of our annual
production, which brings FWN’s checkers, talented graphic About FWN 38
Social Justice Campaign to the designers, and those who Filipinas Against Violence 37
forefront, says it all. Six years and opened up their hearts to share About V-Day 36
some of the most powerful, V-Day Mission 36
counting, our 18th, 19th and 20th V-Day Spotlight: Women of the
performances have spanned the touching, and heartbreaking Democratic Republic of Congo 36
West and East Coasts and uniquely, stories. About Eve Ensler 36
SONIA DELEN we are involving Filipino men who CONNIE ZHENG It is our hope to create an About DVRP 4
Marketing Chair have embraced this cause and are Editor informative and insightful DC Playbill 23
publication that not only SF Playbill 28
performing with the women, side-by DC Cast & Crew Bios + Photos 24
As we celebrate our sixth year, side. For the first time in FWN’s I am honored to serve as this educates our readers, but SF Cast & Crew Bios + Photos 29
I’m continually in awe of FWN and history, the previous all-Filipina year’s V-Diaries editor and to be assists those in abuse situations SF Conocimiento 32
V-Day’s partnership in bringing Eve show now features an Asian part of the Filipina Women’s in need of help. If you know
Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” American production this year. Network’s growing movement someone in an abuse situation,
to the community. A kinship exists against domestic violence. This O N TH E COV E R
I am reaching out to everyone you can help. Let them know FWN After 5 Years 20
among the growing alumni of our to support FWN, V-Day, and other annual anti-domestic violence they can find resources and
cast and crew members since community organizations in resource guide would not be support groups from these
2004, inspiring and breathtaking. ending violence against made possible without the pages. Lastly, it is our hope V-FEATURES
A beautiful, unbreakable bond of individuals. When more global tireless efforts of our volunteers that through our words and
love and compassion permeate this Emerging Concern:
communities participate in – our editorial, production, PR performances you will join our Technology in Stalking 9
“family” that unselfishly this effort, we truly become and advertising teams, gifted movement in fighting domestic Remembering the Comfort Women 11
contributes to ending domestic ONE VOICE. writers and contributors, violence. Female Genital Mutilation 11
Language Access for DV Victims 12
Effects of DV on Children 13
DV Facts, Statistics and Myths 13
Times are tough. The financial domestic violence. This violence. The cast and crew’s Perceptions of Abuse in
markets continue their spiral production’s sole purpose is to efforts over the last few months Asian American Culture 14
downward as military conflicts engage you in first recognizing, to bring this unique and theatrical Vagina Warriors 2009 16
rage around the world. then actually doing something to experience to the stage have been Men Against Violence Interviews 18
Interview with Fiona Ma 19
Communities, families and stop or prevent the violence in our nothing short of remarkable. I am Profiles: Jane Kim, Hydra Mendoza 19
personal relationships are all homes, families, and communities. truly inspired by the talent and Free Battered Women from Prison 34
strained under the pressure to just To the men reading this, I call on dedication shown by the entire Abuse in Same Sex Relationships 35
maintain. Unfortunately, during you to join me in doing all we can team. To the audience, thank YOU
times of economic and/or political to support the women in our lives for supporting us. Now please sit
KEN MARQUIS V-court watch
unrest, women and girls are at an and to join them in their struggle back and enjoy the show.
Director increased vulnerability for to live their lives free from Salamat! Abha Appu: Indian Woman
Still in Critical Condition 10
Claire Joyce Tempongko:
Director Director Teris Casco: Man Sentenced to
layers of hidden words, isolated 18 Years in Prison 10
Nicole: Outrage over
Five years ago when I first emotions, and repressed feelings In this day and age, women Lance Corporal’s Acquittal 10
joined the cast, FWN was getting to help surface healing. It’s and girls around the world still
dirty looks and negative beyond just a theatre production suffer tremendously. They are
comments about “The Vagina and an editorial circulation, it’s beaten, sexually abused, raped, V - J O U R N ALS
Monologues.” My father got sometimes the first steps toward mutilated, infected with STDs,
Birth 5
involved in our campaign against healing and direction to and murdered. Cultures know Time Heals 5
domestic violence by defending unanswered questions. about these, yet cultures accept Have You Ever Experienced or
our production and explaining its FWN’s campaign against these. I am pained by these Washington, D.C. The Witnessed Violence? 5
purpose to Bay Area prayer domestic violence can’t be done occurrences but I am also performance not only benefits My V-Journal 13
From Darkness to Enlightenment 15
groups. in a timid approach. It’s no longer brazen with zeal to speak about our local beneficiary and V-Day Break the Silence and Educate 15
More than just encouraging the “V-word” spoken in a shy, them. It is in this end I am very globally, but it has created a I Am An Asian American Speaking
people to talk about the embarrassing voice, but grateful for the filial camaraderie among a Out Against Violence… 33
“V-word,” the show details true “VAGINA!!!!” delivered chance to direct group of strong leaders in their
with conviction and the maiden pursuit of ending violence V - R E SO U R C E S
experiences of real domestic San Francisco Bay Area 6
violence survivors. Our V-Diaries strength. I hope you walk production of against women and girls. Being Washington, D.C. 8
also shares some of those stories away watching the show FWN’s “The part of the production has Community Partners 4
of women from our cast and in and reading the V-Diaries Vagina certainly been a cathartic FWN Advertisers 4
our own network. Like an onion, speaking a little bit louder Monologues” experience that transcends time,
© 2009 The V-Diaries is a publication
we’re able to peel off layers and against domestic violence. and “MMRP” at race and gender. of the Filipina Women’s Network.
All rights reserved.

WASH IN GTON DC O u r Co m m u N i t y Pa rtNers
Anna Stuart
Annie SantoDomingo
Armand Rivera
Baby Herrera
Ben Caoile
Calvin Mata D OM ES T I C
Deanna Pineda
Gerry & Sony Florendo
Grace Clavecillas San Francisco’s
Leia Lorica recognizes the

for its work to end domestic violence.
Lilia Alba
Luis Florendo
J ustice & C ourage
Partnerships between public and
San Francisco’s
private agencies are critical to
creating community-based solutions
Muse Advertising Design
Nancy Gasper Oversight Committee STATUS OF WOMEN
to end violence against women.

Sandy Ogelvie
Sarah Gerardo
Victor Lorica, md
Virginia Hospital Center
Virginia Nephrology Group CECIVIM
S A N FR A N CISCO Asian Pacific Islander Institue on Domestic Violence
Consul Marciano A. Paynor, Jr. I F Institute for
Deputy Consul General Fred Santos Image
Consul Leah Victoria Rodriguez I M Management
Lynn Sesante

COMMISSION The Consulate General Embassy of the
Nini Alvero, Jopin Romero Outstanding
Mylene San Juan, Rosalie Say Women in the of the Philippines Philippines in
Nation’s in San Francisco Washington, DC
Stephanie Smith & John Bott Philippines M arciano A. P aynor J r . Wi l l y C . G a a
Gus Glimis & Lauren McQuade (CBO)

Chic Dabby, Yanin Senenchai

CARNELIAN ROOM fwn’s 2009 beneficiary:
Phil Ip, Manager
Marie Enriquez, Manager
Elsa Gualit, Ruby San Juan SALAMAT ADVERTISERS!
V-DAY Founded in 1995, Asian/ women have access to 39 AsianWeek
Eve Ensler Pacific Islander Domestic culturally and linguistically 34 Erick Dimalanta
Cecile Lipworth, Shael Norris Violence Resource Project responsive resources in order 39 Farmers Insurance
The Intramuros (DVRP) is a local non-profit to make their own life choices, our communities. Among its 48 Intramuros
Mark de Leon, Dr. Valerie de Leon, organization in the to raise awareness about the several programs and services,
Barry Picazo, Sonia Delen 34 Jennifer Ong, o.d.
Washington, D.C. metropolitan problem of domestic violence, DVRP runs an advocates
area that is committed to and to unite A/PI communities program, a community
39 Johanna & Çağatay
Khadra Dance Studio
Roberto Divina ending domestic violence in against domestic violence. outreach program, and a 35 Mayette Almazan, m.d.
the Asian/Pacific Islander Through direct assistance, technical assistance program, 35 North American Motors
Richard Gervais communities. community engagement and providing bilingual advocates 7 Philippine News
DVRP’s mission is to address training of service providers, who speak a range of 48 Ramar Foods
The SF examiner
Dave Ceccarelli and prevent domestic violence DVRP strives to address and languages including 27 Richard Gervais Collection
in Asian/Pacific Islander prevent domestic violence in a Cantonese, Farsi, Hindi, 7 Rodel E. Rodis, Attorney
VOLUNTEERS communities in the manner that supports survivors Hmong, Japanese, Korean,
Alberic Rivera, Aris Garcia, 27 Sonia Delen
Carrie Doung, Chris Parado, Washington, D.C. metropolitan of domestic violence and Mandarin, Nepali, Punjabi, 37 Sony Florendo
Connie Zheng, Don Cain, area. DVRP’s goals are to promotes cultural competency Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese,
Elbert Chan, Franklin Ricarte,
Gary Cruz, Genevieve Dwyer, ensure that abused A/PI to meet the diverse needs of and Urdu.
Jo-Ann Agcaoili, Kevin Man,
Kevin Zhang, Leila Kang,
Michael Tomas, TJ Simbulan FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
Time Heals
Rape Sur vivor, 2009 I was crazy for several years. I
thought I was ruined for life.
I am joining “The Vagina Now looking back, I realize that
Monologues” to serve my fellow I am a woman changed for the
Filipinas and the community. I better. I was able to survive this
didn’t know that I would end up trauma and come out whole and
having a lot of fun, powerful retrieve the depth of my true soul.
experiences, and “aha!” moments. Now I know I am able to handle
The readings from women in with grace other challenges I will
Bosnia and Ukraine showed that face in the years
this kind of violence does really to come.
happen to women. What you hear Healing is a process and a
in the news really does happen in journey that takes its own time.
real life. I had forgotten the violent It gets easier with each season,
trauma I experienced 30 years ago. especially with the love of dear
It is like another lifetime. ones and family. Friends,
I revisited the experience again community, therapy and support
through the readings of “The from my spiritual mentors also
Vagina Monologues” and the help me with my own inner
poignant stories the cast shared spiritual healing journey.
with each other. Now looking back, “Healing is to have closure and
ut our past
Not much can be said abo
it is just like a bad dream. I am no to let go.”
Such a dark place it is
longer so identified with my past I am so grateful to be a part of
The ability to forgive is
painful experience, but I noticed the “The Vagina Monologues.” By my
scar is still there. At the time of the compels me
The courage to move on
participation in this important
ing miles away
trauma, it seemed impossible to uld hear the ocean churn
Sometimes, I swear I co
event, I am making a contribution
overcome its blows. I thought there to stop domestic violence and
was no way out of the darkness. making a difference. What an from my refuge
The grief was unbearable. There opportunity! My thoughts churn with
were no words to ease the pain. “Time heals all wounds.” But still...
My heart stays guarded
Even after a weekend of
V-Day FWN 2009
HAVE YOU E It’s so easy to laugh
VER WITNES til the pain engulfs you
---------- SED To shrug off the past un
---------- NC I tried to block it ger describe it
Yes, I was a v ---------- E? g tha t it doe sn’ t hu rt, while words can no lon
---- Preten din consent?
phoenix, I ros ictim. I was burned to th Do you have any remorse
for trespassing without
e fr e ed on my very soul
change what you’ve inflict
om the ashes co
to leave and
n ot . I escaped, emre but like a Nothing you do now can
b e ered
viding the moment it shatt
for help. I’m a fr a id powered
still growing. I leaned on friends and myself My spirit has been subdi
the essence of and learning family k up the pieces
who I am, wh how to go back For years, too weak to pic
ich is love. to can’t wash you away
Even the greatest floods
I grew up in a h However, I have grown tire
d of fearing
existed and I reaousehold where domestic I have decided it’s time to
fight back
degrading souls, lized the impact it has inviolence I will be silent no more d
spirits, and futu The finger that was used
to hush the rushing win
I ex pe ri en ce d em res. Will now subside
o ti on a l a b us e
for cleansing
The stage as my platform
h ea ri n g m y m w h il e I wa s gr
om a n d da d fig o w in g up. I w
wa s ve rb a ll y h ti n g ev er y si ok e up ang els
a b us iv e. My n gl e m or n in g. Standing with a cast of
w h a t ca us ed m om a n d da d My m o th er out into the light
me to m ov e a n ev I will call my skeletons
way fr om Mod er go t a lo n g. Th a t’s birth into a butterfly
Where the pain can finally
wa n t to br in g es to . N o m or
ev er y th in g to e h id in g. I
li gh t so a ll ca innocence
A place to restore lost
m y safe h a ve n h ea l. S a n Fr
n . I’m a su r v a n ci sc o is
iv or. I’m st ro ho me
Can now find her way
ev er y day. Th n ge r. I’m de te
e jo ur n ey is ve rm in
ry ed to h ea l s.
The audience as my witnes
Ta st in g free do h
m is br a n d n ew a rd . I do n’t wa n t to h ide a
h a ppy. I wa n to me a n d I lo n y m ore. Cast Member, 2009
t to fin d pe a ce ve it. I wa n t
. to be 07
S A N F R A N C I S C O B AY A R E A san francisco
v -resources
AASRA-Federation of Family Violence Prevention states, English & Spanish, with Support Network for
Indo-American Fund interpreter services in 140 Battered Women
800. 313. 2772 383 Rhode Island St., languages, local access to 1257 Tasman Drive, Suite C
510. 657. 1245 Ste. 304 shelters, information for Sunnyvale, CA 94089
South Asian Languages; San Francisco, CA 94103 immigrants 24-hour Help Line:
Women and Children 415.252.8900 800.572.2782
(Priority to South Asian); TTY: 800.595.4889 Next Door Solutions to Office: 408.541.6100
M-F intakes and overnight Domestic Violence Fax: 408.541.1333
emergency 234 E. Gish Road, Ste. 200
Haven of Peace Women’s San Jose, CA 95112 English & Español; Crisis
Asian Women’s Home Emergency Home 24-hour hotline: intervention, counseling, legal
Alameda County 2400 Moorpark Ave. San Joaquin County
CHILD ABUSE Superior Court 408.279.2962 services, emergency shelter
San Jose, CA 95128 7070 South Harlan Road Office: 408.501.7550
Berkeley Clerk’s Office 24-hour crisis hotline: French Camp, CA 95231 Tri-Valley Haven
510. 644. 8999
Alameda County Social 408.975.2730 209.982.0390 English & Spanish, 3663 Pacific Avenue
Services www.alameda.courts. 209.982.0396 Livermore, CA 94550 comprehensive emergency
Hotline: 510.259.1800 Asian languages; emergency 18+ years accepted; 35 space 800. 884. 8119
assistance services, shelters in
alamedasocial Filing for Temporary food, clothing & shelter for capacity; assist women with 925. 449. 5845
cities of San Jose & Santa Clara
24-hour confidential hotline vs. Restraining Orders women and children, food, clothing and counseling 925. 449. 5842
child endangerment Alameda County counseling, legal advocacy North American Islamic
La Casa de Las Madres Shelter for the Abused Cantonese, German, French,

4 5
Child Abuse Prevention Superior Court 1850 Mission St., #B
Family Court Clerks Asian Women’s Shelter P.O.Box 50515 Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi;
Council 3453 18th St., #19 San Francisco, CA 94103 Palo Alto, CA 94303 Emergency shelter for women
San Joaquin County 510. 208. 4935 24-hour Crisis Lines:
Restraining order application San Francisco, CA 94110 Helpline: 1-888-ASK-NISA and children of DV; 3.5 month
209. 464. 4524 877. 751. 0880 Adult Line: 877. 503. 1850 Or 888. 275. 6472 max stay
Emergency respite childcare, for self-filing Teen Line: 877. 923. 0700
415. 751. 7110
parenting classes, court- Alameda County Counseling & supportive Support and help to those Women Escaping Violence
appointed advocates Superior Court Various Asian Languages services: 415. 503. 0500 who only speak Urdu, Hindi, (WEAVE )
Family Law Facilitator’s Office Emergency shelter in Arabic, Farsi, Pushtu, etc 1900 K St.
Child Abuse Training & 510. 670. 5150 confidential location Emergency shelter & safe Sacramento, CA 95814
Technical Assistance No-fee court affiliated housing; Domestic Violence Safe Alternatives to Violent 916. 920. 2952
(CATTA) Center assistance with custody, child Building Futures with Response Team; Environments (SAVE) 916. 448. 2321
707. 284.1300 support, etc. Women And Children / Spanish, Mandarin, 39155 Liberty St., Sister Me Home Tagalog, French, Arabic Suite C310 Response team, temporary
Statewide resources against District Attorney’s Office 1395 Bancroft Ave. Fremont, CA 94538 housing, crisis counseling,
child abuse Domestic Violence Advocate La Isla Pacifica 24-hour hotline: employment services
San Leandro, CA 94577 Gilroy, CA
Oakland 866-A-Way-Out 510. 794. 6055
Family & Children Services 510. 268. 7276 24 hour Crisis Line: Office: 510. 574. 2250
City & County of San Francisco Contact: Ali 510. 357. 0205 408.683.4118 Woman Inc. 333 Valencia St., Ste. 450
Hotline: 800.856.5553 Bilingual services, emergency Spanish, Hindi, Tamil; Domestic Violence Shelter Spanish; Women and Children food, shelter up to 45 days, San Francisco, CA 94103

ghi jkl
Emergency shelter & longer 24-hour Crisis Lines:
Child Abuse Hotline, respite care, City of Fremont Community Overcoming drug and alcohol treatment, term housing, medical & legal 1.877.384.3578 or
parenting classes, counseling 510.574.2250 Relationship Abuse outpatient domestic violence assistance
Contact: Rodney D. Clark counseling, legal assistance. 415.864.4722
FamilyPaths (Formerly P.O. Box 5090 Saint John’s Shelter for
Parental Stress Service) Marin Abused Women’s Bilingual, bicultural services,
San Mateo, CA 94402 Services Women & Children counseling, legal referrals,
Alameda County Domestic Violence 24-hour Hotlines: 4410 Power Inn Road
Hotline: 800. 829. 3777 Response Unit / Elder Abuse 734 A Street support groups
800.300.1080 San Rafael, CA 94901 Sacramento, CA 95826 SF Police Department 650. 312. 8515 916.453.1482
Emergency respite childcare, 415.553.9225 Women’s English Hotline:
Legal Information Line: 415.924.6616 LESBIAN, GAY,
parenting classes, 24-hour 650-259-1855
support & resource hotline Women’s Spanish Hotline: Emergency shelter up to BISEXUAL, 415.924.3456 60 days TRANSGENDER,
Victim Services Division English & Spanish spoken;
San Mateo County Child San Francisco District Men’s Hotline: Shepherd’s Gate & QUESTIONING
Protective Services Emergency shelter, transitional 415.924.1070
Attorney’s Office housing, legal services, crisis 1660 Portola Avenue
Child Abuse Hotline 850 Bryant St., Room 320 Livermore, CA 94551 Community United
650.595.7922 response Emergency shelter, legal Against Violence (CUAV)
553.9044 925. 443. 4283 Eden Info & Referral
Provides comprehensive assistance, reeducation 888.216.4776 170A Capp Street
smc/department/hsa/home advocacy and support to DV classes for batterers

San Francisco, CA 94110

570 B Street Hayward, Fax: 925. 449. 3114
victims CA 94541 24-hour Crisis Line:
Office: 510-537-2710 My Sister’s House Emergency shelter, job training, 415.333.HELP (4357)
COURT SERVICES / Referral services, daily updates Sacramento short & long term programs Office: 415.777.5500
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE of shelter availability in 916.428.3271 Fax: 415.777.5565
OFFICES SHELTERS East Bay Stand Against Domestic
24-hour help line, provides Violence
24-Hour Emergency Shelter Emergency Shelter Program safe haven for battered Asian 1410 Danzig Plaza Maitri Hotline
Court Info 22634 2nd St., Suite 205 / Pacific Islander women and 234 East Gish Rd., 4700 International Blvd. Concord, CA 94520
Oakland, CA 94601 Hayward, CA 94541 children 888. 215. 5555 Ste. 200
courts/trial/courtlist.htm 24-hour hotline: San Jose, CA 95112
How to contact courts statewide 510. 534. 6030 National Domestic Violence 925. 676. 2845
510. 534. 9140 – Fax 888. 339. SAFE Hotline: 888-862-4874
by county, searchable by zip Spanish; 90-day stay, women Hotline 408.436.8398
code/city Women and children 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) Emergency shelter, transitional
and children of domestic housing, Adelante Familia for 408.436.8393
violence / homelessness 1.800.787.3224 (TTY)
24-hour access through all 50 Spanish speakers
South Asian Women

6 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
b ay a r e a

Network for Battered
Lesbian & Bisexual
Peer support / counseling
for domestic violence, Family
law, immigration domestic

violence issues, translation,
interpretation, transitional
housing and community

3543 18th Street, Suite 28
San Francisco, CA 94110
Napa, CA 94559
707. 259. 0579
707. 259. 1449 – Fax
Provides free legal services to
seniors, immigrants and
low-income residents of
Napa County
Napa Emergency Women’s
1141 Pear Tree Ln.
Napa, CA 94558
707. 255. 6397
For families ineligible for
assistance from other
programs, but too poor to
hire a private attorney.

Bay Women Against Rape
- Oakland
Hotline: 510.845.7273
510. 430. 1298
Serves rape and incest
Office: 415.281.0276 victims; Intake: M-F 10-3; 707. 252. 3687 10 free then sliding scale;
Support group 707. 252. 3069 – Fax Short-term counseling,
Contact legal advocate referrals, accompaniment to
Pacific Center Gabby Caro for help with hospital, court advocacy
2712 Telegraph Ave. restraining orders
Berkeley, CA 94705 The Sage Project Inc.
510. 548. 8283 1275 Mission Street

6 LEGAL SERVICES San Francisco, CA 94103
Group and individual 415. 905. 5050
counseling, narcotics
anonymous, HIV and Aids API Legal Outreach Recovery from sexual
group, social groups 1212 Broadway St., exploitation & substance
Ste. 828 abuse
Project Eden Oakland, CA 94612
22646 2nd St. 510.415.567.6255 Women Against Rape
Hayward, CA 94541 Walk-in Clinic Rm 1-4; ; 3543 18th Street
Office: 510.247.8200 Family, civil, and San Francisco, CA 94110
Counseling services for immigration law restraining 415. 861. 2024
LGBTQQ Youth orders, queer domestic
violence, Asian Languages 24-hour Crisis Hotline:
Sexual Minority Alliance 415. 647. RAPE
of Alameda County API Legal Outreach Counseling, support groups,
(SMAAC) Youth Center 1188 Franklin St., #202 legal advocacy
Alameda County San Francisco, CA 94109
1608 Webster St. 415. 567. 6255 San Francisoco General
Oakland, CA 94612 415. 567. 6248 – Fax Hospital
Office: 510.548.8283 Family, civil, and Trauma Recovery Center –

Support groups for immigration law; temporary Rape Treatment Center
LGBTQQ youth restraining order, Gay 2727 Mariposa St, Ste 100
Domestic Violence Project Crisis Line: 415. 437. 3011
SF LGBT Center 24-hour medical forensic
1800 Market Street Asian Women’s Home examination (SFGH
San Francisco, CA 94102 2400 Moorpark Avenue, Emergency Room), free
415. 865. 5555 Suite 300 services, Spanish / English) San Jose, CA 95128
Legal referrals, Temporary 408. 975. 2739
Restraining Order assistance Temporary restraining order
assistance; Counseling;
SF Network for Battered Serves all countries; 24-hour
Lesbians/Bisexuals crisis line, shelter; Works
415.281.0276 with translators to serve
various Asian-speaking
TEMPORARY Domestic Violence

Restraining Order Clinic
ORDER ASSISTANCE 137th St., Room 185,
Richmond, CA
The Cooperative 510. 965.4048
Restraining Order Clinic Restraining Order clinic held
San Francisco in Richmond Courthouse
415.252.2844 Mon & Fri 8-5 pm
Bilingual Service; Restraining
Order Assistance free of Law Center for Families
charge; Paperwork served to 510 16th St., Suite 300
batterer at reduced fee Oakland, CA 94612
510. 451. 9261
Legal Aid of Napa County 510. 763. 2169 – Fax
1001 Second St. Suite 335

washington, D.c.

v -resources
resources FROM THE District of
Columbia Coalition Against
Domestic Violence |

My Sister’s Place
P.O. Box 29596
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Center for Child Protection
and Family Support
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Community of Hope
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wa s h i n
Wendt Center for Loss and

4201 Connecticut Ave. NW,
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Fax: 202.624.0062

Whitman Walker Clinic
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Capitol Hill Group Ministry
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Friendship House
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Contact: Michelle Linzy or feedback@
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Fulton House of Hope
512 I Street, NW
24-hour hotline: 202.462.8686 202.232.7356 202.797.3500 Washington, D.C. 20003 Washington, D.C. 20001
Crisis Helpline (Mental 866.462.FLOC Fax: 202.232.1014 Fax: 202.797.3504 202.544.0631 202.682.1190
Health) 202.529.5991
Fax: 202.529.5984 Fax: 202.462.8369
888.793.4357 Georgia Avenue/Rock
rseabrook@ D.C. Rape Crisis Center Church of the Redeemer: Creek East Family Support
D.C. Crime Victims Grandma’s House PO Box 34125 The Women’s Center Northwest Church Family Collaborative
Compensation Program
1222 T Street NW Washington, D.C. 20043 1101 15th Street,NW,Ste.202 Network 4422 Georgia Avenue

4 5
Washington, D.C. 20009 202.232.0789 Washington, D.C. 20005 216 New York Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20011
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Legal Resource Center Safe Shores: The D.C. North Washington, D.C. 20001
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733 15th Street, NW, Ste. 315 202.638.2575 of Washington, D.C., Inc. 202.783.7343 Fax: 202.289.5425
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ghi jkl
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8 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
gTon, DC
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24-hour hotline:

St. Columba’s
Episcopal Church

Unity Health Care
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Ste. 401
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Fax: 202.462.6128
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Jacob Burns
Community Legal

Women & the Law
Clinic at American
Washington College
of Law
Fax: 202.274.0659
Emerging Concern:
Technology in Stalking
By Connie Zheng

4201 Albemarle Clinics at George
Street, NW Washington
Washington, D.C. LEGAL SERVICES University Law School
20016 Civil Litigation Clinic
202.363.4119 AYUDA Clinical Legal 2000 G Street, NW SEXUAL ASSAULT Latina Washington, D.C.

1707 Kalorama Road, 20052 D.C. Rape Crisis

hile “twitterers” revel in about their victims and to post threatening
St. Martin’s House NW 202.994.7463 Center
116 T St., NE Washington, D.C. PO Box 34125 following one another in real messages.
Washington, D.C. 20009 Legal Aid Society Washington, D.C. time and worried parents track “The Internet is a great resource for
20002 202.387.4848 of the District of 20043 their children’s whereabouts stalkers to look up their victim’s history,
202.332.7333 or Columbia Hotline: through GPS-enabled cell phones, a darker especially if that person is blogging,”
202.234.2399 666 Eleventh Street, 202.333.7273 trend is emerging from these technological Guillory said.
Fax: 202.234.3493 Bread for the City NW Ste. 800 202.232.0789 advances. Perpetrators of domestic violence In addition, stalkers send threatening
WeldegiorgisH@ 1525 Seventh Street, Washington, D.C. TTY: 202.328.1371 have increasingly turned to technology as text messages to victims’ cell phones, leave
CatholicCharitiesDC. NW 20001.4589 Fax: 202.387.3812 resourceful tools to stalk their victims, malicious messages on public sites like
org 202.265.2400 202.628.1161 turning the conveniences of technology into Craigslist, fire off barrages of unpleasant
1640 Good Hope Fax: 202.727.2132
Willis P. Green Manor Road, SE a double-edged sword used for malicious e-mails, and add GPS locators to victims’
SRO Facility and 202.561.8587 Men Can Stop Rape purposes. cell phones and vehicles to track their
Transitional Housing www.breadforthecity. 202.265.6530 “It’s nice to connect to people you knew whereabouts.
4425 Nannie Helen org Office of the Attorney www. 20 years ago on Facebook,” said Marc “They use a plethora of technological
Burroughs Avenue, NE General, Family mencanstoprape. Guillory, Assistant District Attorney. “But tools to engage in stalking behavior because
Washington, D.C. Catholic Charities of Services Division org then stalkers can twitter they are going to they need access and proximity,” Guillory
20019 the Archdiocese of Domestic Violence harm you and that if you talk to another said.
202.397.7886 Washington Unit man, you are dead.” Access and proximity are two critical

924 G Street, NW 1350 Pennsylvania Guillory is part of the Felony Stalking factors in stalking. With the advent of
Washington, D.C. Avenue NW, Ste. 409
20001 Washington, D.C. Prosecution and Threat Management unit, technology, stalking in effect becomes not
GAY, LESBIAN, 202.772.4324 20004 a task force in the San Francisco District only cheaper but easier.
BISEXUAL & Fax: 202.772.4402 202.727.3400 Attorney’s office that focuses only on “You can cyberstalk across the country,”
TRANSGENDER BishopJ@ stalking cases. Of all the stalking cases he Guillory said.
RESOURCES The Public Defender currently has on his desk, he said all of them With all these tools at stalkers’ disposal, Service for the involves technology in one way or another. Guillory and Stellini recommend people take
Crisis Intervention District of Columbia The prevalence of technology is similar proactive steps to protect themselves.
Line: Hotline Columbus 633 Indiana Avenue, in the cases over at the Domestic Violence Suggestions include getting a new phone
202.797.4444 Community Legal N.W. Response Unit (DVRU), a unit in the San number, keeping phone numbers unlisted,
Services, Columbus Washington, D.C.
Gay and Lesbian School of Law 20004 Francisco Police Department that changing e-mail addresses, and building
National Hotline The Catholic 800.341.2582 investigates domestic violence cases. a case against the stalker by documenting
888.843.4564 University of America 202.628.1200 In March and April, the unit received all stalking incidences to give to the police.
3602 John TTY: 202.824.2531 approximately 71 cases that involved “Don’t put personal information on the
The Lambda Center McCormack Rd. NE Fax: 202.824.2423 stalking. Of these cases, nearly 75 percent Web,” Guillory advised. “You have to
4228 Wisconsin Washington, D.C. involved technology, said Police Inspector assume that millions of people are going to

Avenue NW 20064 Victim Witness Arthur Stellini at DVRU. be able to find something about you. Such
Washington, D.C. 202.319.6788 Assistance Unit These cases contained an array of information becomes identification markers
20016 Fax: 202.319.6780 (VWAU) of the US technological tools. Increasing numbers of to find out about you. Information can hurt
202.885.5610 Attorney’s Office
877.2LAMBDA 202.514.7130 stalkers are using, a service you when it comes to stalking.” Domestic Violence that changes or spoofs what someone sees These proactive steps are essential,
Intake Center SAFE (Survivors on their caller ID display when they receive because the use of technology in stalking
Whitman-Walker D.C. Superior Court and Advocates for a phone call, Stellini said. will not be going away any time soon.
Clinic 500 Indiana Avenue, Empowerment), Inc. From Twitter, the free micro-blogging “I expect some use of technology in
1407 S Street NW Room 4235 D.C. Superior Court website that lets users send and read one every case,” Guillory said. “Technology
Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Domestic Violence another’s updates, social networking sites brings the whole world closer together, but
20009 20001 Intake Center like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, one consequence is it also brings crimes
202.797.3500 202.879.0152 500 Indiana Avenue, personal blogs, to the Internet in general, together and it brings crimes closer to you.”
Fax: 202.797.3504 Room 4235 Washington, D.C. stalkers use these tools to glean information

COURT WATCH Murder-Suicide before shooting himself in a their brother-in-law, 35-year-old “Crying female indicates
murder-suicide on March 29 in his Ashok Appu Poothemkandi; their that her husband has taken her
Leaves Widow Santa Clara home. Only his 34- sister-in-law, 25-year-old Suchitra passport and all documents,” the
in Critical year-old wife, Abha Appu survived Sivaraman; and the couple’s one-paragraph police report said.
the shooting massacre, sustaining daughter, 11-month-old Ahana “Two police units respond and
Condition multiple gunshot wounds, and she Ashok. contact the involved parties; Devan
By Co n n i e Z h en g remains in critical condition still at Signs of trouble in the family Kalathat and a female believed to
a local hospital. had surfaced last year when a be his wife.”
For reasons that still remain Among those found dead at the weeping Appu called Sunnyvale However, police found no signs
unclear, 42-year-old Devan scene were Kalathat and Appu’s police during a domestic dispute or threats of domestic violence and
Kalathat, a Yahoo engineer, killed 11-year-old son, Akhil Dev; their with Kalathat on July 15, 2008 resolved the dispute in15 minutes.
his two children and three relatives 4-year-old daughter, Negha Dev; from their Sunnyvale home.

THE MURDER OF Ramirez on October 22, 2000. capture for nearly six years. and ended on September 18,
CLAIRE JOYCE TEMPONGKO She was 28 years old. Finally, on June 15, 2006, with 2008.
Ramirez Sentenced When Tempongko returned
with her two children to her
the help of the FBI, Ramirez was
arrested in Cancun where he had
After deliberating for three
days, the jury split 6-6 between
to Second-Degree apartment in the Richmond District been living under an alias. In April first and second-degree murder.
Murder on October 22, 2000, Ramirez 2007, Ramirez was extradited After taking a week-long break,
By Co n n i e Z h en g was waiting after having broken to the U.S. During a preliminary the jury returned with a guilty
into her apartment. He attacked hearing in the San Francisco verdict, finding Ramirez guilty
Tempongko with a knife in front of Superior Court in November 2007, of second-degree murder. In
Claire Joyce Tempongko, a San
her then 5-year-old daughter and a judge determined there was December 2008, Ramirez
Francisco resident and Filipina
10-year-old son. The police found sufficient evidence to try Ramirez received a sentence of 16
American, became a victim of
her dead in her living room. for Tempongko’s murder. Trial years to life. His attorney
domestic violence when she was
Ramirez fled to Mexico after began on September 8, 2008, has not filed an appeal.
killed by her ex-boyfriend Tari
Tempongko’s murder and eluded nearly eight years after her murder,

A Witness to History: sentencing has been ongoing for Philippines, the rule of law also to all of the Filipino women,
Justice for Nicole Update the past three years. Due to the and justice are commanded by children and men who have been
Controversy highly contentious Visiting Forces
Agreement (VFA), Smith has
American interests and corrupt
politicians. The Court of Appeals
victims of sexual assault and
crimes by US military servicemen.
Surrounds Acquittal been in the custody of the U.S. has failed Filipino women Although the family of Nicole
of Daniel Smith Embassy instead of a Philippine worldwide. Instead of holding has been through enough and
prison. However, on March 12, Smith accountable of rape, the are tired of the trickery, Filipino
By R aq u el R ed o n d i e z
2009, a questionable recantation appellate court has repealed the women’s organizations from
by “Nicole” was released while justice that was already rightfully the Philippines to the U.S. will
Filipina Americans in the United in the same month, monetary won by “Nicole” and her family. continue the fight for justice for
States express our disgust and compensation and the termination After years of struggling and “Nicole” and all victims of sexual
anger at the news that the Court of her legal counsel casted doubt fighting with huge and broad crimes under U.S. occupation.
of Appeals in the Philippines on who prepared the content of support from Filipino organizations
has acquitted Lance Corporal the affidavit. like GABRIELA in the Philippines
Daniel Smith in the 2005 In this long and dirty case, and worldwide, Smith’s acquittal Raquel Redondiez is the
rape case of “Nicole.” Lcpl. U.S. and Philippines collusion from his legitimate conviction Chair of GABRIELA USA,
Smith was convicted of raping through loopholes in the VFA in 2006 is a betrayal to both a Filipino organization based
“Nicole” on December 4, 2006, have demonstrated that in the “Nicole” and her loved ones, but in San Francisco.
and legalities around custody and

Eddy Casco Casco to 18 years in prison for who they saw covered in blood the sentencing. Lagac gave a have to die. Her memory lives
aggravated manslaughter in 2008, while lying in bed, that prompted statement to the court on behalf on in us forever. We, therefore
Sentenced 18 as part of a plea agreement. Eddy Casco to call 911, but it was of Teris Casco and other victims of urge this honorable court to
years in Prison On March 30, 2008, Eddy already too late. domestic violence. impose the maximum sentence
for Murder of Casco pleaded guilty to the Community representatives “Good morning Judge. On as recommended by the state in
aggravated manslaughter charge, from the San Francisco-based behalf of all Filipinos who are the plea agreement. We further
Teris Casco admitting that he beat his wife Filipina Women’s Network (FWN), afraid to speak out against believe that such sentence will
Teris to death, and provided a Filipino American Health and domestic and intimate partner serve as a deterrent to batterers
Teris Casco, a young Filipina
gruesome account of the battery Human Services (FAHSI), and the violence and for everyone who fell and encourage victims of domestic
who was brutally beaten to death
and fatal injuries, including broken Philippine American Friendship victim to their abusers, we thank violence to come out, and speak
by her husband on January 20,
ribs in 20 places and a broken Committee attended the sentence the Court for the opportunity up, and no longer be afraid,” she
2007 after a night out celebrating
nose. It was only because of their hearing in a show of support to to have the Filipino American added.
her 33rd birthday, finally received
two young sons, who returned Teris Casco and her family. community be heard,” Lagac said.
justice as Superior Court Judge
from the baby-sitter and asked Nina Nguyen Lagac and April “Teris Casco – mother, wife,
Peter Vasquez sentenced Eddy
what was wrong with their mother Anne Tiamzon of FWN were at daughter, sister, and friend – didn’t Reprinted from The Filipino Express

10 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
Female Genital Mutilation
girls at once, the likelihood of transmitting HIV and other
blood-borne pathogens is sharply increased. Broken
glass, thorns, tin can lids, rusty or blunt knives, scissors
and razors are common instruments used to perform the
operation. Due to the pain of the procedure, victims often

go into shock.
emale genital mutilation, also known as where female genital mutilation is practiced, the numbers Victims of female genital mutilation face a variety of
“female circumcision” or “female genital of females in the U.S. who have experienced the practice short and long-term effects, including hemorrhaging,
cutting,” is the practice of partially or entirely or are at risk for it are rising. Although these females are benign nerve tumors, cysts, excess scar tissue, sterility,
removing the female external genitalia, or in a different country, cultural expectations and family labor complications, and sexual dysfunction. In partially
causing any other harm to the female genitals obligations that fuel this practice often remain unchanged. sealing the vagina, infibulation in particular causes the
for cultural or non-medical purposes. Although the Addressing the problems of female genital mutilation in retention of menstrual blood and urine, resulting in chronic
practice is most commonly done in countries in Africa, the U.S. is further complicated by language barriers. pelvic infections and urinary tract infections. Infibulated
hundreds of thousands of women and girls in the U.S. and Although female genital mutilation is commonly women, who must have their vaginal openings repeatedly
millions of females around the world are affected by this connected to religion, the practice itself predates most cut open and sewn together, find childbirth exceedingly
gruesome form of violence against females and gender major religions and is not associated with any one painful; giving birth often results in tearing around
discrimination that violate their mental and physical religion in particular. In communities where the practice the anus. Labor subsequently becomes prolonged and
health. is common, it is more of a social practice rather than a newborn deaths are not uncommon. Repeatedly closing
Female genital mutilation is mostly practiced on young religious one. Undergoing the procedure often means and reopening the vagina for childbirth and intercourse
girls between four and 15 years old. In countries such as upholding family honor and avoiding mockery and result in excessive buildup of scar tissue on the genitalia
Ethiopia, more than half of female circumcision incidences isolation from peers. These communities regard the of these women. Psychologically, victims often experience
are performed on infants under one year old. The World practice as a cultural tradition or an “initiation” into post-traumatic stress disorder, humiliation, a sense of
Health Organization estimates that up to 140 million womanhood. Girls must undergo the procedure to be betrayal by their parents, and depression when removed
women worldwide are living with the consequences of considered beautiful, modest, or feminine. If girls remain from their communities.
female circumcision, with another two to three million uncircumcised, they are viewed as unclean, masculine, Over the years, awareness of female genital mutilation
more at risk each year. The practice has been documented or unchaste. Female genital mutilation is often used to has increased with more and more laws passed to
in over 40 countries, predominantly in 28 countries in control a woman’s libido, preventing premarital sex or stem the practice. Over a dozen countries in Africa have
Africa. In some of these countries, up to 97 percent of all infidelity. For example, infibulation, a surgical procedure banned the practice. More than 16 states in the U.S. have
women have been circumcised. Female genital mutilation that partially seals the vagina, provides a physical barrier passed criminal sanctions against the practice, including
also occurs in Asia in the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, to intercourse. Some societies believe female genital California, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Texas, and
India, and Indonesia. A 2003 study by the international mutilation increases fertility. Wisconsin. In 1996, a federal law made the practice of
research group Population Council revealed that in No health benefits associated with female genital female genital mutilation against a person under age 18
Indonesia, 96 percent of families surveyed reported their mutilation have been identified and the women and a federal crime. Slowly, the outcries against female genital
daughters had undergone some form of female genital young girls who have undergone the practice are very mutilation have been heard and galvanized governments
mutilation by age 14. likely to suffer severe physical, sexual, emotional, and and organizations to take steps toward creating the day
Female genital mutilation occurs in the U.S. as well. mental trauma. Most girls almost never receive anesthesia when this abominable practice will be abolished in all
An estimated 168,000 women and girls in the U.S. had or antibiotics to treat infection. Medical treatment for corners of the world.
undergone female genitalia cutting or were at risk in victims is rare. The practice usually occurs in unsanitary
1990, according to the Centers for Disease Control and environments and, since it is not uncommon for the same
Prevention. With many females emigrating from countries cutting implement to be used multiple times on many Adrienne Aguirre is a writer living in San Francisco.

R emembering the C omfort W omen
On July 30, 2007 the U.S. House of Representatives
passed House Resolution 121, a resolution that called on
Japan to apologize for forcing thousands of women into
sexual servitude to its soldiers before and after World War
II. Most of these girls were taken from Japanese-occupied
China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and
Indonesia. They are now women in their 80s and 90s.
In 2009, the Filipina Women’s Network visited Filipino
comfort women at the LOLA Center in the Philippines.
Board Member Nini Alvero donated $1,000 on behalf of
FWN to Lila Pilipina, Inc., an organization of Filipino comfort
women, victims and survivors of rape and military sexual
LEFT: Board member Nini Alvero presents a check on behalf of slavery by Japanese troops during World War II, advocating
V-Day FWN to Richie Extremadura, president of Lila Pilipina. for justice and freedom for victims of domestic violence in
ABOVE: Nini visits with surviving comfort women in Manila. war and armed conflict situations.

Language Access for and legal interpreters can help battered
women attain a temporary protection

Domestic Violence Victims
order valid for two weeks against their
abusers, who risk arrest or fines for
contacting or seeing their victims.
BY BETSY LAU After the two-week period it is

possible to obtain a full protection order
battered immigrant woman to provide interpretive services and Francisco operates a toll-free 24-hour for a year or more. The nationwide
often feels linguistically and forms translated in multiple languages emergency help line for Asian women in Violence Against Women Act allows
culturally isolated from the for the Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, need of shelter and provides bilingual battered spouses to file for permanent
very people and agencies Korean, French and Amharic speaking advocates for over 30 languages residency without dependence on their
she seeks help from. 9-1-1 is residents. In October 2007, the City and and dialects. Abused women often abusers who are U.S. citizens. Perhaps
the only number she knows can help County of San Francisco announced worry about child custody, financial the most dangerous barrier to those
her, but when she calls she is unable government partnership with Language independence and attempts at seeking help with limited or no English
to communicate to officers. They do Line Services, a phone interpretation vengeance from their partner. Abused proficiency is their perception that no
not understand her and she does not service for over 170 languages. immigrant women have additional fears one will be able to help them. Lack of
understand them. She fears for her life Police officers receiving calls from of deportation and cultural judgment. sensitivity and lack of interpretation
but does not know where to go or who victims with limited or no English Bilingual advocates provide the from criminal justice officers enforce the
can protect her from a vengeful partner. proficiency can easily access the most comprehensive help to battered perception of isolation.
Among Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Language Line through phones immigrant women because they City governments are taking a step in
women, a call to the police signals a connected to the service. Although help abused women through the the right direction by training officers to
desperate plea for help against the the Language Line is ambitious, many entire process while possessing a full call third-party phone interpreters, but
abuser she no longer can protect with factors still mar the convenience of understanding of their experiences. in the long run cities will require a pool
her silence. phone interpretation: unavailable Advocates provide peer support, create of bilingual staff to facilitate language
interpreters, long wait times and a a safety plan, offer interpretive services, accessibility.
failure by police officers to call. help with family support, as well as refer
In life-threatening situations, calls language-appropriate shelters and legal
should always be made to the police. aid when available. The Asian Women’s Betsy Lau is a recent graduate of the
However, many proactive resources Shelter in San Francisco and the Asian/ University of California at Santa Cruz,
exist beyond law enforcement. The Pacific Islander Domestic Violence where she studied literature and history.
Claire Joyce Tempongko reported National Domestic Violence Hotline Resource Project in Washington, D.C. She loves to travel and learn.
her abusive ex-boyfriend Tari Ramirez operates a toll-free 24-hour help line are nonprofit organizations structured
to the San Francisco Police Department for women who are in need of local on the Multi-lingual
six times, only to be killed by Ramirez domestic violence resources or who Access Model (MLAM)
after law enforcement failed to charge
him. After Tempongko’s death in 2000,
simply need to talk. The hotline utilizes
Language Line Services to provide
that encourages face-to-
face interpretation from
the city formed the Justice and Courage interpretive services for non-English bilingual and culturally AND MYTHS

Project in 2001 to better combat speakers, and is susceptible to the same sensitive advocates.
domestic violence. One of the project’s problems. The help line requires some The complicated omestic violence is a pattern of
key goals is to provide interpreters who English to navigate and may discourage bureaucratic legal system violent and coercive behaviors
understand the victim’s language and callers with limited or no English and language barrier between individuals involved in
culture. understanding. deter immigrant women intimate or familial relationships.
Language access in metropolitan from understanding It involves the use of verbal, emotional,
Help lines designed specifically for
psychological, sexual, economic and/or physical
areas across the United States has immigrants’ use are better equipped to legal proceedings or
forms of abuse by one individual or group of
improved since the Justice and Courage accept calls from non-English speakers. completing un-translated individuals to maintain power and control over
Project elucidated the language barrier The “Peace in the Home” toll-free forms. The Asian Pacific another person.
problems in communication and hotline launched in January 2009 by American Legal Resource
comprehension. According to 2000 U.S. the city of Seattle features a menu Center in Washington, Examples of domestic violence can include:
census data, 19.7 percent or over one in 14 languages including Japanese, D.C. operates a criticizing, humiliation, pushing, shoving, hitting,
million APIs in the U.S. speak English Khmer, Lao, Mandarin, Tagalog, Thai multilingual legal help forced sex, rape, intimidation, name-calling,
“not well” while 5.1 percent or nearly and Vietnamese. The city-funded hotline line staffed by bilingual isolation, threats of physical harm, threats of
300,000 APIs do not speak English at connects callers to one of seven county law students who make deportation, economic control, verbal attacks,
all. In 2004, the District of Columbia domestic violence agencies offering referrals in Chinese, and threats to harm or remove children. Abusive
passed the Language Access Act Hindi, Urdu, Vietnamese behavior can include a combination of these
interpreters in the appropriate language.
behaviors or other controlling actions not listed.
requiring major government agencies The Asian Women’s Shelter in San and Korean. Advocates

u E v e r E x p e rienced
Have Yo Vio lence?

Or W it n e s s e d
e hell is wrong wi “What th
ed!” he yelled.
t wa s on e of m y this food you cook cut it...”
favorite meals –
an “I can’t cut it, I ca feel it
omelet of sorts –
made he mumbled. I co
only 8, I’ve
with eggs, mixed
with coming. Though
ough of these
onions, ground
beef seen and felt en
s coming
sp ic es . M y m other made si tu at io ns to know what wa
an d th m but he
zzling moons wi hed out to help hi
small circles of si ying pan. A small next. I reac ediately glaring at me
e fr stood up imm
crispy edges in th nly on the ow what the f--k
pot of rice bu bb le d so le m
sm ok e an d started. “You kn ye lled, “Is
wafts of gentle ,” he
next burner with here, the problem
ea ge rly at th e table wrong to o stup id to do anything...”
ng . I wa ite d th at yo u’ re
escapi d ngly at my mom
oons, napkins an He pointed accusi
– plates, forks, sp lle d “Not in
of ke tc hu p were ready to be ca
wh o fi na lly broke her silence.
bott le dad, t of our
usly, I eyed my e kids, not in fron
into action. Nervo r, with his empty front of th cried, helplessly dropping
reclining in the
chai dinner...” she what!” he scream
is ke y gl ar in g at me. I hoped utensils. “What,
bottle of wh t he he r intin g a cr ooke d
rough dinner bu stumbled, still po r. My brother
he would sleep th dy in g as he he
up, shakily, stea finger at my ge
ntle mot
didn’t. He stood hi s ba ld he ad . wn while I started to
bb ed looked only do
himself as he ru “It ’s diatribe, one
“Where’s dinner
?” he yelle d.
cr y. H e co ntinued his old
y . Like a
t he re ,” I an sw ered, knowing m I’v e he ar d since I was a child is to me
righ wn he has sung th
silent. He sat do horrible lullaby,
mom would keep ly ho ld in g ou are nothing
with both elbows
bent, ba re
si nc e I was a baby. “Y d grabbed an
in his chair and ,” he screamed an ed, with
himself upright o sl in ke d out but sh-t and rush
yelled for my br
othe r wh om elet in his hand
mother, still in he r y mother’s side
of his room. My e an d am azing speed, to m ce. It crumbled.
ked off the st ov to her fa
work clothes, clic to and rubbed it in to her soft
to br in g the tray of om el et
Pi eces fe ll as he pushed it in
ru sh ed
her, husky at ag
e r omelet and
the table. My brot sk in . H e grabbed anothe
down and my m
om hand and he
10, kept his eyes m y m other grabbed his
us. He smelled; hi
s her face and I
nervously served e sh ov ed it up and down I was being
d the aroma of th ed like
smell overpowere hu p and screamed. I scream ke up shaking
bo ttle of ke tc aliv e. I wo
S TAT I S T I C S Advocating Respect and Empowerment)
food. I lifted the wo rt h on gutted open ing how I got
k blot te st no t kn ow
plopped a whole in d trouble as I eyed in my bed, e everyone was.
•• Nearly one-third of women in the U.S. in Washington, D.C., conducted an
cate wher
my plate – it indi to cut his omelet. there and
anonymous survey from 2000 to 2001 to
report being physically or sexually abused r, 2009
examine the experiences of abuse, service d stru gg lin g – Cast Membe
by a husband or boyfriend at some point m y da
in their lives. needs, and barriers to service among
Asian women. Using a sample of 178
•• In 2005, 12.8 percent of Asian and
Asian women:
Pacific Islander (API) women reported
experiencing physical assault by an »» 81.1 percent of the women reported violence themselves, 64 percent said »»16 percent of the respondents reported
intimate partner at least once during experiencing at least one form of they knew of an Asian friend who had having experienced “pressure to have
their lifetime; 3.8 percent reported having intimate partner violence (domination/ experienced intimate partner violence. sex without their consent by an intimate
been raped. The low rate for API women controlling/psychological, physical, Smaller proportions of respondents partner.”
may be attributed to underreporting. and/or sexual abuse) in the past year. reported that their mothers (9 »»12 percent of respondents reported
»» 67 percent “occasionally” experienced percent) and sisters (11 percent) had that an intimate partner had hurt or had
•• 85 percent of domestic violence survivors
some form of domination or controlling experienced intimate partner violence. attempted to hurt them by means of
are women.
psychological abuse; 48 percent »» 28.5 percent of the survey participants hitting, kicking, slapping, shoving, object
•• The percentage of female murder
experienced it “frequently” in the past knew of a woman who was being throwing, or threatening their lives with a
survivors killed by intimate partners has
year. abused by her in-laws. weapon.
remained at about 30 percent since 1976.
»» 32 percent experienced physical or •• The National Asian Women’s Health »»27 percent experienced emotional abuse
•• 50 percent of the men who frequently
sexual abuse at least “occasionally” Organization (NAWHO) interviewed 336 by an intimate partner.
assaulted their wives also frequently
during the past year. Asian American women aged 18 to 34
abused their children.
»» Of the 23 women who reported not who reside in the San Francisco and Los continued on next page
•• Project AWARE (Asian Women Angeles areas in 2002:
having experienced intimate partner
continued from page 13

Abuse through the
Myth: Domestic violence does

Asian American Lens
not happen often.
•• One out of three women has
experienced physical or sexual abuse by
a husband or boyfriend at some point
By Chris Le
in her life.

Myth: Domestic violence only
affects lower-class, minority couple arrives home lent and “justified” abuse is condoned. of self, loyalty, and consideration to the
communities. after attending a party. This cultural contrast could be one of good of all people involved...these val-
The husband is quietly the reasons behind the relatively low ues may only support the minimization
•• Domestic violence can affect anyone
regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-
livid, having noticed his number of reported domestic violence and hiding of [abuse].”
economic status, religion, sexual wife fraternizing with another man in incidents among the Asian American Battered Asian American wives
orientation, or educational background. a way he deemed too friendly, almost community. fail to speak out to avoid risking the
flirtatious. Unable to assuage his jeal- Ever since the 1970s, when abuse separation of their household. Feeling
Myth: Batterers abuse their
ousy, he confronts her. She denies any hotlines and shelters were first es- the burden of family duty, they stay with
partners because of alcohol/drug
wrongdoing, stating she was just talking tablished, infrequent reports of abuse abusive husbands for the good of their
use or stress.
and having a good time. The situation by Asians led to the assumption that children. Some view reporting a partner
•• While substance abuse does lower escalates and he loses his temper and violence is not prevalent within Asian as an act of betrayal. Most of all, they
inhibitions and may increase the strikes her across the face. Immediately American homes. This assumption are afraid to defame their family name
severity of the abuse, domestic violence
regretful, he stares at his hand and then is wrong. within a society that, as Nguyen asserts,
is not momentary or temporary loss of
at his wife. He rushes to her, begging Surveys conducted by the Asian “does not allow disintegration of mar-
control. Domestic violence is a pattern
for forgiveness. Task Force Against Domestic Violence riage under any circumstances.” This
of power and control over another
Incidents like this are not rare. They concluded that, of 607 men and women silence and inaction stem from a fear of
occur every day in every city in all coun- of Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, South ostracism and being an outcast.
Myth: If she just leaves her tries. But the question is: is this a case Asian, and Vietnamese descent, 38 In the worst cases, abuse isn’t even
abuser, everything would be fine.
of abuse? percent reported knowing a woman viewed as abuse. Further studies by Yick
•• Leaving an abusive relationship is not It may seem straightforward, but who has been shoved, pushed, slapped, have indicated that Khmer and Laotian
easy. Many factors, such as economic the answer to this question varies with hit, kicked, or suffered other injuries women believe spousal abuse is com-
dependency, immigration status, ethnicity. from her partner. Thirty-three percent mon. Vietnamese women, on the other
cultural or religious perceptions, In a 2001 study conducted by said they knew a woman whose partner hand, appear more accepting of physical
children, love, fear, and a lack of Professors Pauline Agbayani-Siewert and insulted or humiliated her regularly. violence, believing it is to be tolerated
resources or support system, make
Alice Yick, 171 Filipino men and women But a deeper, underlying problem periodically.
this decision difficult for most abused
were presented with a scenario similar exists. Only a small handful of victims Asian American women are entering
to the one above. The results showed notify the authorities, let alone separate marriages knowing there may be a high
•• Statistics show that some women try to that, overall, while Filipino men did from their husbands. A study conducted probability of physical and emotional
leave abusive relationships six or seven not condone physical harm, they were by Professors Anita Raj and Jay G. Silver- harm from their partner. Violence to
times before they leave for good. “more likely to justify violence if the fe- man found that, out of 160 South Asian them is seen as common, so there is no
•• Studies show that violence often male intimate partner was found flirting women in the Greater Boston Area, need to make a fuss out of the ordinary.
escalates at the time of separation. with another guy or having an affair.” 40 percent reported being a victim of This mindset of acceptance needs to be
Often, when a woman tries to leave, an In a separate 2000 study with 289 domestic violence, but only 3.1 percent overcome. The problem is not merely
abuser increases his tactics to maintain Chinese American and 138 white col- of the abused ever took legal action ending the physical and emotional
power and control and to convince the lege students, Agbayani-Siewert and Yick against an abusive partner. abuse that is universal across all ethnici-
woman to return to the relationship. found that Chinese American students Domestic violence occurs in Asian ties. The difficult part is reversing the
Myth: Domestic violence is had a lesser likelihood of “defining American communities, but why are prevalent cultural perceptions among
accepted in Asian/Pacific Islander dating violence in terms of psychological there not more reports? Why do these Asian Americans of guilt and ambiva-
communities. aggression compared with their white victims remain invisible? lence toward seeking help.
•• Domestic violence happens in all counterparts.” Additionally, Chinese The root of this problem and of
communities and in every social group. American students were more inclined the disparate definitions of abuse may
Culture may be used to justify or than white students to warrant violence be found in cultural values. Tuyen D. Chris Le is a freelance writer, who
dismiss domestic violence. However, in cases of infidelity, nagging, and Nguyen, Assistant Professor of Human previously reported for the AsianWeek
the fact that domestic violence exists drunkenness. Services at California State University Newspaper. In 2007, he co-founded
in a community does not mean that all Agbayani-Siewert and Yick’s research at Fullerton and author of Domestic SportsCouch, a popular sports blog.
people from that community agree that provides a quick glimpse into an Asian Violence in Asian American Communi- He received his B.A. in English from the
it is OK to use violence in relationships. consciousness that has a different set of ties: A Cultural Overview, claims that University of California, Irvine. He lives
definitions for abuse, in which nonvio- Asian cultures “heavily emphasize denial in San Jose, CA.
Adapted from a publication by the
Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence
April 14, 2009

It is never late to make a change, to live life the way you

want to live it, to tend to wounds that are many years old, to
make a difference in other people’s lives. From Darkness to
I used to see violence as something physical, leaving DIARIES
marks, bruises, and scars on the body. But violence can do
all of these things and not have them seen. It’s on the inside,
BY P H I L I P A N D R E S , R . N .
the emotional and mental damage. It’s much harder to heal
the unseen. And as I found out, even when you think they

unpro ducti ve life.
are healed, they are not. You carry them with you and they ight years ago in 2001, I was living a very chaot ic and
r of a six-month -
affect your life from that point forward. I was 19 years old and a drug addic t. I was also the fathe
to a very rocky
Have I ever experienced violence? Yes. I used to consider old baby boy. My addic tion to meth amph etam ine led
t. Our relat ionsh ip turne d
the unhealthy relationship I had with an old boyfriend in relat ionsh ip with my girlfr iend, moth er of our infan
One day while I was high on
college as violent. It’s not as bad as what you would see into arguments that became horri ble every single day.
intim idate d her. I was
on the news, but there was definitely physical fighting.
drugs, I threa tened to harm her with a gun replic a which
nt couns eling . Howe ver,
incarcerated and was ordered to atten d anger manageme
Eventually, realizing that we brought the worst out of each
other, we broke up. That was the easier experience. It was couns eling . I conv inced
acknowledged, discussed, and dealt with. I was in such great denia l that I thought I did not need
myse lf that I did not
Age 5. How can a grown man touch a child of 5 years ed couns eling , misse d
gently, leaving no marks, and have it be violent? It is do anyt hing wron g. So why should I go? There fore, I skipp
tive peers and to do drugs .
attention given to an unsupervised, attention-starved child. my court dates, conti nued to surro und myse lf with nega
arres ted seven more times .
I’ve experienced orgasms even before I knew what they were. That vicious lifest yle of mine resul ted in my getti ng
isco Bay Area . Those
Was it wrong? Confusion. Silence. I was wanted in three diffe rent count ies in the San Franc
my mista kes, I got
Age 10. A foreigner claiming to be a photographer days were the dark est days of my life. I didn’t learn from
ated from frien ds,
complimented me and wanted me to go with him to his room term inate d from couns eling a couple of times; I was separ
to take my picture. Thank goodness I was too engrossed
famil y, and wors t of all, from my youn g son.
playing in the arcade at that time to be wooed by the offer.
life into a diffe rent
Thinking back years later, I realized what it could have Upon my last conv iction in 2003, I decided to turn my
rd enligh tenm ent was not easy.
been. I was ignorant, but lucky. direc tion towa rd enligh tenment. Chan ging towa
recor ds. I was not able to see my
Age 14. I didn’t know about date rape at that time, never I was unable to get a job because of my crimi nal d, I perse vered
getti ng disco urage
heard of the term. I was in shock and didn’t struggle so I grow ing baby boy on a regul ar basis . Inste ad of es in my life.
ome these hurdl
never thought of it as violence. He wasn’t even a date. He was and conti nued to believe that I will some day overc
a friend’s boyfriend who was 7 years older than me. I was ce group couns eling .
taken advantage of. Was it violence? Silence… I tried to become more invol ved with my dome stic violen
ed to shift my thoughts and
Silence… Ignorance… Silence. A deadly combination. With the help of my couns elor, Paulit a Malay, I learn
and to understand that
behavior from nega tive to posit ive, to respe ct others,
start s, finall y, I comp leted
Break the silence! any type of violen ce is unacc eptable. With stops and
back to schoo l. I atten ded
Two years later I learned about date rape. It was a relief to my Alter natives to Viole nce progr am. In 2004, I went
and gradu ated in 2006
be able to talk about it with a professional and to be assured
City Colleg e of San Franc isco for my pre-n ursin g class
ted at San Franc isco State
for my AA degre e with the highe st hono rs. I got accep
that it wasn’t my fault. People always assume that women
could have done something to prevent it from happening. . Last Decem ber of 2008,
Unive rsity for the nursi ng progr am in the fall of 2006
It’s shameful when it is “allowed” to happen. Victims don’t . I also got induc ted to the
I gradu ated with a B.S. in Nursi ng, Summ a Cum Laude
“allow” things like these to happen. They cope the best they ng. In Marc h 2009, I passe d
can to survive and live normally afterwards. Sigm a Theta Tau Inter natio nal Hono r Socie ty of Nursi
the Board Exams and I am now a Regis tered Nurse .
an advo cate again st
I have been drug free for almos t six years now. I am now
Thirty-one years later I found someone special, someone violen ce couns eling class
dome stic violen ce. I still visit Mrs. Malay’s dome stic
who won’t judge me and still accept and love me for who with the group’s participan ts. I also
I am, someone who I’d like to know the whole “Me.” For every now and then to share my exper ience
educa te my famil y and frien ds abou t dome stic
the first time I was able to share my earliest experience. see my eight-year-old son
violen ce and abuse . I now
I never thought it would affect me as much as it did to my nega tive peers
on a regul ar basis . I repla ced all
actually verbalize the experience. It was a relief, a big
burden lifted. I broke the silence and I am able to talk with posit ive ones.
about it more freely now, to share my experience and to Above all, I am now in a healt hy relat ionsh ip. I
help avoid the same thing from happening to others.
believe that as long as you surro und yours elf with
Violence takes many forms and can happen to anyone
at any age. Watch your children closely, educate them, nurtu ring and posit ive people, it is possi ble to
love them unconditionally, and give them the attention chan ge. As Mrs. Malay state d, I am living proof
they need every day. of that trans form ation .
It’s never too late to start. It is never too late to find peace
and happiness.
V-Day FWN 2009 For more on Paulit a Malay, see the Vagin a
Warr iors story on page 16.
By connie zheng and keesa ocampo

“Vagina Warriors: The New Revolution” celebrates new activists and Filipino community, and to the city of San
Francisco. In recognition of Rodel’s many
leaders who are working to end violence against women in the Filipino and achievements, Mayor Gavin Newsom has
Asian communities. Vagina Warriors are the women and men who have declared January 27, 2009 as Rodel Rodis
often experienced violence personally or witnessed it within their Day in San Francisco.
communities and dedicated themselves toward ending such violence through A role model, Rodel has enhanced the
image of Filipino and Asian Americans in
effective, grassroots means. The Filipina Women’s Network is proud to the U.S. He inspires Filipino Americans to
honor four individuals who personify such courage and conviction. They run for office and to come together to
have faced and overcome adversity in their lives and are actively involved
better the community. Of his many
contributions, Rodel considers his legacy to
in or heading efforts to end violence against women and girls. be his years of involvement with the
community, but his proudest achievement
is being the father of his three sons Carlo,
American to be appointed to a major Daniel, and Eric.
RODEL RODIS commission in San Francisco. Within a year,
Rodel was elected president of the GENEVIEVE JOPANDA
Considered the “Godfather” of the Filipino commission in 1988 and re-elected in
community, Rodel Rodis is a true Vagina 1989. As president of the commission, Genevieve’s definition comes from her
Warrior. He has and continues to devote Rodel sponsored a resolution that familiarity of different kinds of violence
countless pro bono hours in helping transferred 15 acres of land from the and the capable courage to communicate
women and girls in domestic violence South Balboa Reservoir to the City College through the issues. What makes her stand
situations and low-income clients. A of San Francisco. As the most congested out is her genuine compassion for people
talented and dedicated attorney, Rodel has campus in California, the acres became she meets and the energy with which she
over 28 years of legal experience in City College’s future site of the new pulls them up and forward. Gen is the
immigration, family law, and civil litigation.Performing Arts Center, the new Joint Use events coordinator for the Palo Alto
His injunction against the U.S. government Facility, and the new Science and Chamber of Commerce, with previous Clockwise from top left: Rodel Rodis, Genevieve
over the unjust and discriminatory firing of Technology Center. experience with companies like Zipcar, Jopanda, Paulita Lasola Malay and Liz Aguilar-Tarchi
non-citizen airport screeners is just one of Hertz, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her
Rodel’s many instances of fighting for Rodel has 18 years of service as a trustee peers know that the excellence she brings
equality. But Rodel is more than an to the San Francisco City College and to the corporate world is equaled by the
attorney. two-time president. In 1991, Mayor Agnos brilliance she holds in the community.
appointed Rodel to a vacant post in the Arts Exposition and Pistahan as its talent
He is an author, an educator, a performing City College Board. Rodel ran for general Gen began as a volunteer for the Filipina coordinator and executive producer for the
artist, a community leader, a role model, elections the following year and won, Women’s Network and immediately got Sine! Sine! Film Festival.
and a powerful advocate for fairness, becoming the first Filipino American to win involved with the “The Vagina
education, equity, and anti-domestic elected office in San Francisco. Rodel Monologues” and its board. The V-Diaries Clearly a jack of all trades, Gen’s
violence. Rodel has been a columnist for a continued to win re-elections in 1996, is her brainchild. Gen came up with the motivation has always been to break the
Filipino community newspaper since 1987. 2000, and 2004. During 1998 and 2002, idea of a playbill that was also an cycle of culturally ingrained myths and to
He co-founded the National Federation of he served as the President of the Board. attractive resource guide with an help women communicate and handle
Filipino American Associations and Under Rodel’s many years of leadership appealing cover backed by full content internal frustrations. In all that she does,
founded the Global Filipino Networking and service, he helped secure over $700 about anti-domestic violence. Since 2005, Gen works to connect people to elevate
Convention. In 2008, he captivated million dollars in grants and city bonds to Gen has been directing the annual stage the community at large.
audiences performing in the monologues fund the largest infrastructure construction production of the “The Vagina “You are your own cockblocker,” she said.
“The Closet” and “The Perfect Marriage” program in the history of City College. The Monologues.” “You have to believe in yourself first
in the Filipina Women Network’s funds enabled the construction of many
production of “A Memory, A Monologue, A new sites for City College, including the Gen is currently the President of the Young before anyone can believe in you.”
Rant and A Prayer” in San Francisco. new Chinatown/North Beach campus Filipino Professionals Association, a An emerging leader of the community,
expected to open in 2011. Politicians and member of the San Francisco-Manila Sister Gen’s youth and vitality have been
In 1987, Rodel was appointed by former City Committee, a member of the Filipino undeniable assets as she betters the
San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos to the San community leaders from local, state, and American Political Action Committee, and community with her passion and an
Francisco Public Utilities Commission national levels have lauded Rodel for his
lifetime of service to education, to the founding member of Citizen Hope. She unapologetic ferocity of standing up for
(SFPUC), becoming the first Filipino works with the annual Filipino American those around her.

16 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
emotional end to an infamous case that Asian in the field of domestic violence
....... tu .......
lasted nearly a decade, shaking up San treatment and prevention in San Mateo
Francisco law enforcement. She County. Through her work, Paulita strives 2008 Vagina Warriors
successfully prosecuted Tari Ramirez for to enable others to create better lives and Annalisa Enrile
the murder of Claire Joyce Tempongko, a to help them transform their relationships Ken Marquis
28-year-old Filipina, in front of her two into happy, healthy ones. Through the Ken Theisen
young children. years, Paulita has given to the community M. Evelina Galang
over 880 hours of workshops on Mona Pasquil
“I want to dedicate this award to the education, prevention and intervention of Nenette Flores
children of domestic violence,” Liz said. domestic violence and on providing Sonia Delen
“Often times, they are the silent victims.” culturally sensitive services. Justice Tani Gore
Liz has worked tirelessly for years to Cantil-Sakauye
In 1998, Paulita began her solo private
influence and shape law enforcement’s practice where she sees individuals,
tools against domestic violence in ..................
couples and families. Men and women
California. A former board member of the seek her expertise in cross-cultural and
California Partnership to End Domestic interracial relationships, anger 2007 Vagina Warriors
Violence, Liz is considered an expert in the management and in attaining healthy Al S. Perez
area of domestic violence prosecution and relationships. Bettina Santos Yap
trial litigation strategies. She has trained Elena B. Mangahas
attorneys, paralegals, police officers and Previously, from 1997 to 2002, Paulita Laureen Laglagaron
law students throughout the country in worked as a Filipino outreach coordinator Perla De Jesus
domestic violence, stalking and trial and bilingual community educator at the Rudy Asercion
litigation strategies. She has also trained Center for Domestic Violence Prevention Bincy Jacob
hundreds of police officers at the San (now called C.O.R.A.) in San Mateo. Krittika Ghosh
Francisco Police Academy in the During those five years, she focused her Venessa Manzano
investigation and collection of evidence in efforts on helping victims of violence and
domestic violence cases. in educating the community about ..................
domestic violence and its prevention.
Of all her achievements, Liz regards two to Along with founding the agency’s Filipino
be her most significant contributions. She Outreach Program, Paulita also established 2006 Vagina Warriors
is proudest of creating the specialized and facilitated a support group in Daly City Beverly Upton
mandatory police report that is now used for women in abusive relationships. Dorka Keehn
by the city police department for all cases Gloria Megino Ochoa
involving domestic violence. Previously, Although Paulita is a foremost expert in Imelda Oppenheim
police officers had been using a generic domestic violence treatment, she Jonah Oliverio
form. Liz also established a vertical acknowledged she fell into the field by a Ligaya Hattari
prosecution court for all misdemeanor touch of serendipity. She didn’t start Sarah Jane Ilumin
domestic violence cases – a critical concentrating in the field until 1995 Tess Crescini
ELIZABETH “LIZ” component in establishing trust and when she began facilitating intervention
AGUILAR-TARCHI cooperation – in which there is only one groups for Filipinos charged with
key initial contact person for all witnesses domestic violence misdemeanors. Since

Elizabeth “Liz” Aguilar-Tarchi has been an and victims. 1990, Paulita has served as a therapist at 2005 Vagina Warriors
Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco Pyramid Alternatives, a non-profit Kamala D. Harris
for over 22 years. Currently assigned to Liz grew up in the Los Angeles city proper organization in Pacifica. She leads three
as a So-Cal girl and one of six children in a board-certified batterers’ intervention and Giovannie Pico
the general litigation unit, she serves as Gloria Ramos
the unit’s hate crimes specialist. large family. After graduating from UCLA treatment groups. Two of these groups
in 1979, she moved north to pursue her Rita Villavicencio Schmidt
Previously, Liz served as the domestic are for Filipino men who are mandated Velma Roset Veloria
violence unit’s managing attorney for two law degree at the Hastings College of Law by the courts to go to counseling after
administrations and head of the narcotics in San Francisco where she fell in love with having been arrested for domestic
unit. Before her career at the district the Bay Area. After obtaining her J.D. in violence misdemeanors. Paulita has
attorney’s office, Liz worked at a civil rights 1982, she decided to make the Bay Area changed and transformed countless lives
firm and as chief aide to former San her home where she now lives with her working to teach offenders alternatives to 2004 Vagina Warriors
Francisco supervisor Jim Gonzalez. She husband and two teenage kids. violence. One such past offender, Philip, Blesidla Ocampo
found her passion in public service where accompanied Paulita when she received Cherie Querol Moreno
she put herself in the frontlines of fighting PAULITA LASOLA MALAY her Vagina Warrior award on April 25 and Clara Tempongko
domestic violence. stood as a testament to the lives she’s Genevieve Dwyer
With counseling experience that spans transformed. Since working with Paulita, Tisa Mendoza
A gifted attorney, Liz holds the record in over 30 years, for the longest time, Paulita he transformed his life and graduated Vangie Cononizado Buell
San Francisco for obtaining the longest Lasola Malay has provided comfort to Leni Marin
sentence, 100 years to life, in a case. summa cum laude from the San Francisco
countless Filipina women in domestic ..................
Despite her success in all the various units violence situations with her expertise as a State University with a degree in nursing.
she’s worked in, Liz found her niche in (Read his story on page 15).
marriage and family therapist. She is the
fighting domestic violence. Liz brought an only Filipina psychotherapist and the only

Men Against Violence
By Gladys Dodds

n April 11, 2009, Emmanual Batulan, Ben De Guzman, Jon Melegrito found some resonance with was casting male members for “The
Melegrito and other male cast members joined forces with the his character, recalling his own memories Vagina Monologues” in Washington, D.C.,
of his father who was a soldier during he initially ignored casting calls.
Filipina Women’s Network to perform in their production of World War II. “I didn’t think I would be able to do it
Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” and “A Memory, A “My father never laid a hand on my because it was a woman thing,” confided
mother, but there was a lot of mental Guzman, who had grown up in a house of
Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer” (MMRP), the first ever all- abuse,” Melegrito said, noting that all boys. “The only woman in my family
Filipino production at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Batulan, De Guzman and domestic violence could manifest in many life was my mother.”
forms besides the physical. “I am not However, when he heard that the
Melegrito discussed their thoughts and experiences in an interview. trying to rationalize his actions, but he production needed more men in the cast,
bore the psychological effects of war.” he decided to jump in. Casted to play in
Recounting his father’s explosive Edward Albee’s “The Perfect Marriage,”
temper, Melegrito spoke of how his De Guzman found the experience to be a
EMMANUAL BATULAN who portrayed a character that was both
mother kept quiet and suffered in silence, transformative process.
the oppressor and the oppressed in
“True.” accepting her husband for who he was no “I could feel the progression which
When Emmanual “Eme” Batulan first matter how terrifying his temper. was very trippy to experience,” De
heard about the “The Vagina Most of all, Batulan will remember the
time he spent with his fellow Filipino cast “I have forgiven him, knowing his scars Guzman said. He realized the production
Monologues,” he wasn’t sure what the of war,” Melegrito said. “But I always gave people the license to talk about the
production was really about. members. As Batulan ended his
experience with FWN, what will stand out wanted to have a conversation with him issue of domestic
“At best, I had the impression it was a about it. I wanted to ask those questions, violence in a very
show that talks about the female the most for him will be the time spent
working with a fantastic cast. connect the dots with his past, know why fundamental way.
anatomy,” Batulan said. “Instead, I he behaved the way he did, why my He discovered
learned it was about violence committed mother behaved that way, and how they a whole new
against women and girls.” JON MELEGRITO tried to overcome it.” world listening to
Performing in “Rescue” by Mark But Melegrito never got the chance to women candidly
Matousek and “True” by Carol Michele “No matter how miserable or do so. The elder Melegrito lost his talk about issues
Kaplan, he hoped the production would frustrated you are, you never have the memory, and the bonding and discussion that were usually
educate the public about such forms of right to do violence to another human with his father about his experiences in not within his
violence. being,” said Jon Melegrito. the war could never happen. earshot.
“Hopefully, they realize the gravity of Melegrito, Communications Director Melegrito began his own gradual “It’s very
violence committed against women all for the National Federation of Filipino transformation in understanding gender interesting how
over the world and do a self-analysis of American Associations, was one of several roles, a process that has helped his women talk to
their own relationships with women and male cast members who performed in relationship with his wife of over 40 years. each other and
girls,” he said. the Filipina Women Network’s V-Day As his FWN production drew to a close, how they perceive
Batulan also found the production to production on April 11 in Washington, Melegrito reflected on his experience and their bodies,”
be art that makes a powerful statement, D.C. A dedicated community activist and hopes. He hoped the provocative manner De Guzman said.
despite his slight discomfort, which he still celebrated writer, he had answered to of the show will bring awareness to the “Even some of the
has, with some of the words used. casting calls to support the campaign to commonly hidden secret in the Filipino plumbing stuff!”
“Using the word ‘puki’ in a public end violence against women and girls. community of domestic violence. He De Guzman,
forum still makes me uncomfortable,” Performing in “The Closet” written by hoped the positive waves made from the Executive Director
Batulan confided. “But I guess that’s Howard Zinn, Melegrito played a little boy performance will open up more of the National
really the objective – to make it an living the hard life of an immigrant family possibilities for other related initiatives Alliance for
in-your-face statement.” in the tenements during the Great to educate the community and challenge Filipino Veterans
“The production is art with a social Depression. His character witnesses culturally-accepted gender norms. Equity, works
conscience,” he added. domestic violence when his father slams a “The experience has been liberating to ensure that
Although Batulan is no novice on the piece of cardboard on his mother’s head. with a tremendous and affirming cast,” Filipino World War
stage, with years of experience performing “Some boys are raised thinking they Melegrito reflected. “What stands out is II veterans receive
dance and music with the Filipinescas are superior to women, because they seeing the women I’ve known for years their recently
Dance Company, Batulan said his model themselves after their fathers, and transform in a matter of weeks.” awarded
experience with this production was think it’s a normal attitude,” Melegrito payments
different. said. “With layers and layers of from the U.S.
“The range of emotions I had to conditioning, a lot of boys grow up with BEN DE GUZMAN government.”
muster was both challenging and at the that attitude society has deemed as
same time exhilarating,” said Batulan, normal.” When Ben De Guzman first heard FWN

18 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g

Interview with Cast Member: Fiona Ma
By Connie Zheng

n her fight against domestic cycle of violence.” Courage Oversight Panel. Through 2006,
violence, California Assemblywoman A passionate advocate for anti- Ma and the panel worked to create a
Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco) makes domestic violence, Ma currently serves as seamless criminal justice response to
her theatrical debut in the Filipina chairwoman of the Select Committee on domestic violence to ensure cases like
Women’s Network’s (FWN) Domestic Violence in the state assembly, a Tempongko did not fall through the
production of the “The Vagina position she’s held for the past two years. cracks again.
Monologues” on May 2 in San Francisco. The committee conducts public hearings In addition to her work against
Joining FWN’s first production that about domestic violence and educates the domestic violence, Ma dedicates herself
features an all-Asian American cast, Ma public about domestic violence statistics. to raising public awareness of issues
portrays a 72-year-old woman who Ma first became involved with important to the Asian American
reminisces about her “down there” in domestic violence work when she learned community.
“The Flood” monologue. of the murder of Filipina American Claire “I want to bring into the public
“I am honored to be part of the Joyce Tempongko in 2000 by her conversation topics that are considered
production to support the fight against ex-boyfriend Tari Ramirez. Although taboo in the Asian community, such as
domestic violence,” Ma said. Tempongko had reported Ramirez’s domestic violence, mental illness and
Ma has heard of Eve Ensler’s “The multiple threats and violent acts against elder abuse,” said Ma. “I have
Vagina Monologues” for a number of her to the police, law enforcement and responsibilities as a public official to
years and was intrigued by its content and the district attorney’s office had dropped talk about issues important to people,
message. When invited by Marily or disregarded many of these incidents. to inspire people to get help.”
Mondejar, president of FWN, to perform in Ma was appalled to learn that, despite Ma encourages people to open up
its production, Ma saw it as an all these reported incidents, Ramirez had about domestic violence and to lend
opportunity to raise awareness about continued to terrorize Tempongko up to a hand.
domestic violence. her murder. “If you see someone in a domestic
“I want to help in any way I can in the “Ramirez was still out there in the violence situation, offer assistance to help
fight against domestic violence,” Ma said. streets stalking her, threatening her,” the victim so he or she is not suffering
“Until we confront it, we cannot end the Ma said. alone,” Ma said. “Because domestic
The experience compelled Ma to join violence has no zip code, age, category,
the fight against domestic violence. Upon demographics, or ethnicity, it can happen
From top: Cast members Fiona Ma, being elected San Francisco Supervisor in to anyone at any time. It crosses all
Jane Kim and Hydra Mendoza 2002, Ma joined the city’s Justice and cultural and sexual boundaries.”

year-old affordable housing nonprofit that Jane is the past President of the San mother, pre-school teacher, community
also engages in community organizing, Francisco People’s Organization and a organizer and active parent locally and
education and planning. For six years, she past board member of the Asian American district-wide make her the best person for

oining the Filipina Women’s worked with over 200 San Francisco high Theater Company and the Stanford Asian this job,” Newsom said at the time.
Network’s campaign against school students developing youth Pacific American Alumni Club. In addition, Her work with the school district
domestic violence, a plight that leadership, advocacy and civic she has served on the Proposition H include serving as a community member
affects women, men, and children engagement through youth-initiated Community Advisory Committee, Women’s on a number of important policy-changing
from all walks of life, are Jane Kim community service projects. Previously, Foundation Community Action Grant committees and task forces like the
and Hydra Mendoza, two pioneers and Jane was a fellow at Greenlining Institute, Committee and the Full Circle Fund. Weighted Student Formula, Student
leaders in the Asian American community. where she advocated for a range of Assignment Task Force, Family Hardship
issues, including consumer protection, HYDRA MENDOZA Appeals Committee, Thurgood Marshall
JANE KIM access to higher education and universal Hydra Mendoza is currently a Community Task Force and the Citizen
Jane Kim is currently Vice President of life line issues, for low-income commissioner of the San Francisco Board Bond Oversight Committee.
the Board of Education in the City and communities of color and immigrant of Education. The first Filipina American Previously, Hydra served as Executive
County of San Francisco. She is the first communities. She is also a co-director and to be elected to the San Francisco Board Director of Parents for Public Schools.
Korean American elected in San Francisco. co-founder of Locus Arts, a volunteer-run of Education, she received the second Involved with the Japanese Community
Before being elected to the Board of venue in San Francisco that showcases highest number of votes in the November Youth Council and the Mayor’s Policy
Education as the top vote-getter in emerging musicians, writers, filmmakers 2006 election. In 2005, Hydra was Council on Children, Youth and Families,
November 2006, Jane was the Youth and actors. Now, in its ninth year, Locus appointed as Education Advisor by San Hydra is deeply committed to serving the
Program Director at the Chinatown has showcased over 450 artists and Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Lauding community and bettering education for
Community Development Center, a 28 reaches over 1500 audience members. Hydra, “Hydra’s personal experience as a our children and city.

A Pebble’s Ripple Effect Filipino events, some shunned me and
turned the other way.”
The word puki means vagina in
extent that the production is no longer
seen as shameful. Slowly but steadily, its
mission has become a success through
FWN’s journey in its campaign to end violence Tagalog and the production caused a the years, spurring community leaders
against Filipina women and girls. huge stir during its first year. from all walks of life to perform.
“The first time the play came out, it “Now the show is very well received,”
by gloria ramos
was such a taboo,” reflected Al Perez, Perez said. “We have more and more
graphic designer who has been involved women auditioning.

hen Marily met Eve Ensler and homes through its performances. Three with the production and its V-Diaries It’s exciting that the
Jane Fonda at a women’s trailblazing women in particular – Elena publication since their inception. “We production has come
conference in 2003, her life was Mangahas, Sonia Delen and Marily had a lot of negative feedback in our a long way. People
changed forever. Eve had just Mondejar – have been with the community on why we were doing a play get the message
returned from a trip to the production since day one and have been that dares to utter ‘vagina,’ considered now. Women are
Philippines where she met with the instrumental in making the productions by many as a vulgar word.” now more open to
Filipina comfort women, women who the success they are today. Now entering “It was a struggle to get our message talking about
had been forced into sexual slavery its sixth year of production, FWN’s received by the community,” Mondejar sexuality. They are
during World War II. Eve promised the performances have been a large success, said. “One prominent Filipina leader breaking the silence
“lolas” she will spotlight their story and inspiring spin-offs in other Filipino refused to touch our flyers and pushed and shame around
she did in 2006 with the V-Day Spotlight: communities and expanding productions my hand away when I tried to give her domestic violence
Justice for Comfort Women. nationally. But the path to such success one. She said she did not want to touch and are seeking help.
The Filipina Women’s Network has not always been such an easy road. something nakakadiri, or dirty. She It’s not such a taboo
launched its first production of Eve During its first year, FWN received little reprimanded me for putting on a show anymore and there’s
Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” support but much negative feedback with Filipina women calling out puki. less stigma. Our
with an all-Filipina cast in San Francisco from the Filipino community for She didn’t know what our production work has given the
in 2004. Brimming with vision, producing the “The Vagina Monologues.” and our message is all about.” whole community
determination and energy, FWN sought “I was called the vagina lady and puki Step by step, FWN worked to spread the freedom to talk
to bring awareness and urgency to lady,” said Marily Mondejar, president of its message, etching domestic violence
domestic violence issues in Filipino FWN. “When people saw me coming at into the public consciousness to such an continued on p.33

2004 2005 2006
» March 30 – » March 13: First » March 13 & 14: » FWN goes coast-to- at New York University.
First all-Filipina publication of the 2nd V-Day Filipina show coast! Two V-Day Two shows!
production of V-Diaries, FWN’s becomes ambitious! productions – » Presented the first Pinay
“The Vagina anti-violence resource Two English shows at San Francisco and Transgenders to read a
Monologues” in guide. Instead of a the Herbst Theatre! New York. poignant monologue
Taglish at the typical souvenir » Vagina Warriors » February 26: Two “They Beat the Girl Out
Herbst Theatre to mark program, FWN (6 honorees) shows in San Francisco of My Boy.”
Women’s History publishes a magazine » Marily Mondejar, (English and Tagalog). » FWN requires cast and
Month. 36 cast that captures the stories president of FWN, is » Launched “Usaping crew members to
members, 12 of domestic violence appointed to the Justice Puki” – the first Tagalog participate in anti-
production team survivors and advocates & Courage Oversight version of “The Vagina domestic violence
members. including resources of Panel of the San Monologues.” training to deepen
» “Handprints” – how and where to seek Francisco Commission » June 12-27, New York: understanding of
Men Against Violence counseling and help. on the Status of Joined Eve Ensler’s campaign and learn
collected signed 30,000 copies were Women. The panel two-week festival of intervention principles
pledges on canvas and printed and inserted has oversight “Until the Violence when faced with issues
paper that “These in The San Francisco responsibilities on Stops: NYC.” around domestic
Hands Will Not Hurt Chronicle, The Examiner, San Francisco’s » June 16: Tari Ramirez violence.
Women and Girls.” and the Bay Area system-wide response arrested in Cancun, » December 4: A witness
» Vagina Warriors Business Woman. to domestic violence. Mexico. to history – Justice for
launched (7 honorees). » March 13: Launched » FWN’s CourtWatch » June 24, New York: Nicole. Marily Mondejar
» Gloria Macapagal “Filipinas Against is created – Track Launched first attends sentencing of
Arroyo, President of the Violence” Campaign to domestic violence all-Filipina production U.S. Marine Lance Cpl.
Philippines, signed into support the family of cases involving of “The Vagina Daniel Smith in the
law the Anti-Violence Claire Joyce Tempongko Filipina women. Monologues” and “Nicole” rape case in
Against Women Law. who was murdered in “Usaping Puki” at the Makati, Philippines.

Smith was sentenced to

(JPWBOOJFT front of her two young beautiful Skirball Center
40 years in prison by

: ? 7 H ? ; I
(JPWBOOJFT children. for the Performing Arts
Judge Benjamin Pozon.

: ? 7 H ? ; I
13&.*&3&*446&]."3$)   4UPSZ


0 5 4 9 / 5 2 " / 9 & 2 ) % . $ 4 / 4 ( %

4 % 3 4 7 ) 4 ( / 5 2 1 5 ) :


20 0 5 4 9 / 5 2 " / 9 & 2 ) % . $ 4 / 4 ( %

4 % 3 4 7 ) 4 ( / 5 2 1 5 ) :

FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g

“Filipinas Against Violence” Campaign

ABOVE: The cast of the first FWN production of “The Vagina
Monologues,” with Eve Ensler. RIGHT: 2005 cast and crew.
2006 San Francisco cast;

2004 – 2009 2006 New York cast;
press conference with
Eve Ensler in 2008.
6 years
18 productions of “The Vagina
Monologues” and “Usaping Puki”

3 productions of “A Memory,
A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer”

2007 2008 2009
total funds raised through
April 2009 to benefit:
» FWN continues its » CourtWatch – » Courtwatch – » April 11:
coast-to-coast March 14: William September 29: Tari First V-Day 2004: (CORA) Community
campaign – Corpuz’s jury conviction Ramirez convicted of FWN show in Overcoming Relationship Abuse
(San Mateo County);
San Francisco and of first degree for second degree for Washington V-Day 2004 Spotlight:
New York. murdering his Filipino murdering Claire Joyce D.C. at The The Missing & Murdered Women
» Court Watch – wife was reduced to Tempongko. John F. Kennedy in Juarez, Mexico
January 22: Teris Casco, second degree by » Courtwatch – Performing 2005: West Bay Pilipino
28-years-old, battered Superior Court Judge December 12: Tari Arts Center. Multi-Service Center;
to death by her Jerome Benson. Corpuz Ramirez sentenced to Sold-out show! V-Day 2005 Spotlight:
husband on the night of was sentenced to 15 18 years in prison. » May 2: Women of Iraq: Under Siege
her birthday after she years to life. First all-Asian 2006: My Sister’s House –
told him that she was » March 26: FWN press American Women Sacramento’s First Shelter for
leaving him. conference with Eve cast for Battered Asian Pacific Islander
» March 30 & April 14: Ensler to protest Judge “The Vagina Women and Children;
New York shows held at Benson’s ruling to Monologues” The Outstanding Women in the
Nation’s Service (TOWNS) Foundation:
the Philippine reduce the Corpuz at the Legal Fund for “Nicole” Rape Case
Consulate to bring conviction to second Herbst Theatre. in Subic, Philippines;
anti-violence message degree. V-Day 2006 Spotlight: Justice to
closer to “home.” » April 4: Premiere of the Comfort Women
» Two shows (English and new show “A Memory, 2007: Filipino American Human
Tagalog). A Monologue, A Rant Services, Inc. (FAHSI) – New York
» Cecivim in collaboration and A Prayer” (MMRP). V-Day 2007 Spotlight:
with FWN holds first Men supportive of Women in Conflict Zones
anti-domestic violence FWN’s anti-violence
workshop for men. campaign are invited to 2008: Lila Filipina: Comfort Women
read for V-Day. Survivors in the Philippines;
» Courtwatch – May 6: V-Day 2008 Spotlight: Katrina Warriors –
Eddy sentenced to Women of New Orleans & the Gulf South
18 years in prison. 2009: API Domestic Violence Resource
Project (DVRP) – Washington, D.C.;
ASIAN WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE V-Day 2009 Spotlight: Stop the
Rape of Congo Women and Girls
TAMA NA! STOP! V-Day Filipina Women’s Network is proud to present
Asian Americans
Against Violence Eve Ensler’s

An Asian American community event in
collaboration with V-Day’s Global Campaign

And a Benefit Reading of

Change the Story of Women!
Join us as we raise funds and awareness to end violence against women and girls.

[“The Vagina Monologues”] is a work which is inexpli-
cably universal for women, and manage to be feminist
withoug being man-hating, entertaining without being
trite, and political without being earnest. April 11, 2009 – Saturday
FEATURING THE FIRST DIRECTORS 7:30 pm “The Vagina Monologues” with a reading of “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer”
ALL-ASIAN WOMEN CAST Genevieve Jopanda The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Terrace Theater
INCLUDING: Ken Marquis 2700 F Street, NW, Washington DC 20566
Nina Nguyen Lagac
ARLENE “BAMBI” LORICA Tickets $38 – $88 (VIP),, (202) 467-4600
EMILY MURASE (Washington DC)
Gloria T. Caoile May 2, 2009 – Saturday
Bambi Lorica, md 7:30 pm “The Vagina Monologues” – all-Asian American Women Cast
HELEN ZIA EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102
HYDRA MENDOZA Elena B. Mangahas
JAJA BOLIVAR Tickets $25 – $88 (VIP),, (415) 392-4400
Marily Mondejar
V-Day 2009 Spotlight: Stop May 9, 2009 – Saturday
LIA SHIGEMURA the Rape of Congo Women 7:30 pm “The Vagina Monologues” (Usaping Puki)
MAYETTE ALMAZAN and Girls; API Domestic
MITOS SANTISTEBAN The Intramuros, 101 Brentwood Drive, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Violence Resource Project;
NINA NGUYEN LAGAC Filipinas Against Violence Tickets (with Filipino dinner buffet) $28 – $68 (VIP)
SHEILA CHUNG HAGEN (415) 278-9410
Wa s H i N gt oN , D c
04|11 Musical Foreplay
Andrew Lorica, Christine Lorica
Deanna Pineda, Jeffrey Flores,
Maligayang Pagbati
Elena Buensalido Mangahas,
Marily Mondejar
FWN CourtWatch Update:
Teris Casco Domestic
Violence Murder Case
Reclaiming Cunt
Les Talusan (Tagalog),
Nina Nguyen Lagac (English)
Leia Lorica, Michelle Lorica Annalisa Vicente Enrile, Ph.D., m.s.w.,
A Memory,
A Monologue,
Welcome to V-Day Filipina
The Vagina My Angry Vagina /
A six-year-old girl
was asked…
A Rant and
A Prayer Women’s Network Monologues Ang Aking Puking Galit Marianne Celce Thomas,
Marily Mondejar Regine Biscoe Lee, Solita Wakefield
with Introduction / Vangie Ganuelas
THE VAGINA A MEMORY, A MONOLOGUE, Introduksyon Intro – The Woman Who
MONOLOGUES A RANT AND A PRAYER: Full Cast Intro – My Vagina Was My Loved to Make Vaginas
Writings To Stop Violence Village Happy
7:30 pm Against Women and Girls Intro – Hair Leia Lorica, Michelle Lorica
The kennedy Center
Estela Sanidad The Woman Who Loved to
for the Performing Arts
Terrace Theatre Monologues My Vagina Was My Make Vaginas Happy
Hair Village Junelle Cavero, Meggie Pleyto
Introduction: Words. Naomi Tacuyan Charmaine Manansala,
Words. Words. (Eve Ensler) Wilma Consul Intro – I Was There
Bambi Lorica MD, Gloria T. Caoile, The “Wear and Say” Lists In the Room
Nina Nguyen Lagac Leia Lorica, Marlyn Aguilar, Esq. Lullaby – Leia Lorica and Michelle Lorica
Melanie A. Caoile, Michelle Lorica Ili–Ili, Tulog Anay*
Celia (Edwidge Danticat) Regine Biscoe Lee, Solita Wakefield, Bambi Lorica, m.d. I Was There In the Room
Charmaine Manansala, Sonia Soriano, m.d., Sonia Aranza, Sonia Soriano, m.d.,
Jeffrey Flores Verna Samson Intro – The Little Coochi Verna Samson
Snorcher That Could
The Closet (Howard Zinn) Intro – The Flood Lucille Gonzalez Filipino Lullaby –
Jon Melegrito Melanie A. Caoile Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan**
The Little Coochi Bambi Lorica, m.d.,
Rescue (Mark Matousek) The Flood Snorcher That Could Christine Lorica
Andrew Lorica, Eme Batulan, Gloria T. Caoile Estela Sanidad, Iryll Umel,
Ernie Cordero, Hubert Santayana, Marlyn Aguilar, Esq., Meggie Pleyto, 2009 Spotlight
Jeffrey Flores The Vagina Workshop Regine Biscoe Lee, Solita Wakefield Ninotchka Rosca, Wilma Consul
Dawn Perlas, Iryll Umel,
UNTITLED (Nicholas Kristof) Junelle Cavero Intro – Say It 2009 Spotlight
Jason Garcia Ignacio Tessie Marfori Monologue: Baptized
Vagina Happy Fact Rozita Villanueve Lee,
True (Carol Michele Kaplan) Rozita Villanueva Lee Say It Gloria T. Caoile
Eme Batulan and Ernie Cordero Annalisa Vicente Enrile, Ph.D., m.s.w.,
Intro – Because He Liked Gloria T. Caoile SPEAK OUT
The Perfect Marriage to Look At It Marily Mondejar
(Edward Albee) Lucille Gonzalez Film Clip: Comfort
Ben de Guzman, Hubert Women in the Philippines CURTAIN CALL
Santayana Because He Liked to with Eve Ensler Cast and Crew
Look At It
Fur Is Back (Eve Ensler) Sonia Aranza WN CourtWatch Update:
Bambi Lorica, m.d., Comfort Women
Gloria T. Caoile Not-So-Happy Fact / Survivors in the V-Day Filipina Women’s Network
Isang Hindi Nakatutuwang Philippines is supported by V-Day, the
HANDPRINTS Katotohanang Puki Ninotchka Rosca Filipino American Arts Exposition
“These Hands Will Not Hurt Meggie Pleyto and the AsianWeek Foundation.
Filipina Women and Girls” Outrageous Vagina
Elena Buensalido Mangahas, Intro – Crooked Braid Fact / Update *Text: “Ili-Ili, Now Go To Sleep”
Marily Mondejar Christine Lorica Rozita Villanueva Lee, (Cebuano). P. Magdamo, Arranger
Vangie Ganuelas ** Text: “From The Cradle”
Men Against Violence Pledge Crooked Braid (Tagalog). Lucio San Pedro,
led by Robert Borje with all Estela Sanidad, Les Talusan, Intro – Reclaiming Cunt Composer; Levi Celerio (Lyrics)
Filipino men cast members Lucille Gonzalez, Melissa Long Dawn Perlas
Naomi Tacuyan, Tessie Marfori,
Intermission Vangie Ganuelas, Verna Samson

DC Cast & Crew Bios WasHiNg
2 0 0 9
ANDREW LORICA has three doting Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” where she
sisters who thinks he’s the coolest brother. A played Veruca Salt, and “A-Haunting We Will
member of the award winning Show Stoppers of Go” where she played the lead role of Norma
Churchill High, his singing and dancing is worthy Corwin. A consistent honor student, Christine is
of American Idol. A budding chef, Andrew enjoys a 2008 José Rizal Youth Awardee.
playing golf and traveling with his family. He is
happy to do his part to help STOP the VIOLENCE. DAWN PERLAS is an associate director
at a corporate research firm who moved
Arlene Marie “Bambi” to the United States from Manila in 1996.
Antonio-Lorica, M.D., FAAP, Outside of her professional persona, her
is a holistic pediatrician and a physician interests include music, art, writing, travel, and
entrepreneur currently working to incorporate food. She is thrilled to be part of the Filipina
alternative medicine into the medical curriculum. Women’s Network’s production of “The Vagina
A peace advocate, she serves as medical adviser Monologues” at the Kennedy Center.
for Asia America Initiative, committed to working
for peace in Mindanao through education, DEANNA PINEDA is “Made in the
economic development and community building. Philippines” — conceived in the P.I. but born in
She assisted in developing the first Cancer Washington, D.C. after her mother landed a job
Treatment for the Poor Program in Asia and at the Embassy, Deanna Pineda is president of
was a Chicago FilAm Hall of Fame Awardee in Muse Advertising Design in Arlington, Virginia
2008 for Medical Diplomacy. One of FWN’s 100 and is thrilled to be part of this production. BEN DE GUZMAN CHARMAINE MANANSALA CHRISTINE LORICA DAWN PERLAS
Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S., she Activist National AAPI Director, 2008 Jose Rizal Youth Associate Director for a
is passionately committed to effecting positive EMMANUEL “Eme” BATULAN is an Obama for America Awardee corporate research firm
social change by helping initiate and drive accountant/financial analyst who has performed
innovative solutions on globally-oriented issues, in major cities all over the world as a dancer
including health and development. A devoted soloist/musician with the Filipinescas Dance
mother of four accomplished children, Michelle, Company; at the UP Dramatic Club he played
Leia, Andrew, and Christine, she is very grateful the lead role in Wilfredo Ma Guerero’s “Three
to her loving, supportive, and understanding Rats” directed by Joonee Gamboa; he has
husband of 24 years, Dr. Victor Lorica.. appeared in “Ang Kiri,” “Panhik Ligaw” and
“Ang Daigdig ay isang Mansanas” all directed
Dr. ANNALISA ENRILE is the National by Sarah Joaquin.
Chairperson of Gabriela Network, an anti-
imperialist women’s organization and on the ERNIE CORDERO is a 72-year-old retiree
initiating committee of the Mariposa Alliance. who is a past president of the Ilocano Society EVANGELINE FABELA- GLORIA T. CAOILE HURBERT SANTAYANA IRYLL UMEL
GANUELA Senior Political Director, Financial Analyst National Field
Annalisa is currently an Associate Professor at Of America and Progressive Alliance of Filipino Board Secretary, Asian Pacific American Representative,
the USC School of Social Work. She believes a American Inc. In 2008 he was the Chair of Feed the Hungry; Labor Alliance (APALA) National Treasury
woman’s place is in the struggle! the Philippine Festival and was voted Most Tech Aide, UAW Employees Union
Outstanding Ilocano of the Year. He has
BEN DE GUZMAN has been involved appeared in the following productions “Walang
in local, regional and national organizations Sugat,” “The Dawn” and “Luto, Linis, Laba.”
serving Filipinos and other Asian Pacific
Americans in the DC metropolitan area for over ESTELA SANIDAD has been with the
10 years. He’s proud to have been part of the World Bank since 1975, and is currently
recent passage of legislation for Filipino WWII assigned in the Corporate Secretariat as senior
veterans and is more grateful for his family and coordinator for memberships and capital
friends than they can ever know. subscriptions. She is a graduate of the University
of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, with a LES TALUSAN LUCILLE GONZALEZ MARIANNE CELCE THOMAS marlYN T. aguilar, esq.
A California transplant, CHARMAINE bachelor of arts in economics (1968) and a DJ/Sound of Everything, Hospital Administrator Student Attorney,
ARIVAN MANANSALA lives bachelor of laws (1973). She is a member of Photographer U.S. Environmental
and breathes politics. Inspired by fierce the Board of Directors of Feed the Hungry, Inc., Protection Agency
grandmothers, mother, and sisters, Charmaine an all volunteer organization, which is a 501(c)
continues to work on behalf of Asian Americans tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organization
and Pacific Islanders and the working families. based in Washington, D.C. She is married to
Honored as one of the 100 Most Influential Mario Prado Sanidad, and they have three
Filipinas in the U.S., she most recently served children: Marc, Maritel, and Matthew.
as the National AAPI Vote Team Director for
Obama for America. Charmaine minored in EVANGELINE FABELA-GANUELAS ,
Theater at Smith College, so performing at the aka Vangie, is principally mom to EJ and
Kennedy Center has been a long-time dream. better-half to Ernie, both strongly supporting
Post politics, you can find her hanging out with her penchant for anything and everything she
turtles in the North Shore. can try her skills on. She dabbled in stage
performance as a cast member of “Luto, Linis,
CHRISTINE LORICA is thrilled to be a part Laba,” a QbD production. A World Bank retiree
of this production. She inherited her passion for but not totally retired, as she quickly points
the arts from her musical family. Christine has out, she is now a proud Union member and
appeared in many productions, including “Willy a UAW staff member. She is a product of the

24 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
gtoN, DC WASHINGTON, D.C. UST (BSMT) and AU, here in D.C. (MSOD). In
addition to being a CCD Teacher at SLCC, vice
president of OLM Praesidium of the Legion of
professional dancer with CityDance Ensemble,
his talent for dancing was discovered when
he was 12. In January 2001 and at the age of
Mary, board secretary of Feed the Hungry and 19, Ignacio moved to New York City where he
an Avon rep, the spare time she’s left with is continued his dance training with a scholarship
spent nurturing her passion for piano, bowling, at Ballet Hispanico, a fellowship from the Ailey
Who’s Who mahjong, travel, audio books, and more. School, and apprenticed for the Bill T. Jones/
in the Cast Arnie Zane Dance Company. He lived in New
Gloria T. Caoile is the Senior Political York until he moved to Washington, D.C. in
Director of the Asian Pacific American Labor November 2007. Jason’s résumé includes work
Alliance (APALA), a national organization of with several American dance companies: the
Asian Pacific American labor union members. Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, Diversity of
Student, Budding Chef Associate Professor, Holistic Pediatrician, A founding member of the Asian Pacific Dance, Cortez & Co., Zig-Zag Ballet, Connecticut
USC School of Social Physician Entrepreneur, American Women Leadership Institute Ballet, Verb Ballets, and the American Repertory
Work Coloratura Soprano (APAWLI), the only national organization Ballet. He also currently teaches dancing classes.
In 2008 Washingtonian magazine named
dedicated to nurturing and developing
leadership skills among Asian American and Jason Garcia Ignacio one of Washington, D.C.’s
Pacific Islander women, Gloria also served on Top 20 Showstoppers.
the boards of several civil rights groups
including the Filipino American Civil Rights Literature at the University of Maryland. He
Advocates and the National Federation of has appeared on stage in many different roles:
Filipino-American Associations. A wife to Ben, as a comedian, a musician, and an actor —
a mother to Melanie, a community activist, a forever exploring the various uses of spotlight.
mentor, a volunteer, a friend, a breast cancer An accomplished songwriter, he is thrilled to
President, Accountant & Past President, Ilocano Corporate Secretariat, survivor, and a women’s rights, worker’s rights, be a part of this production and expresses his
Muse Advertising Financial Analyst Society of America; World Bank and human rights advocate, Gloria is very sincere gratitude to his loving family for their
Design Chair, Philippine Festival passionate in engaging in projects that unwavering support.
empower the Filipino American community
nationwide. A community leader, she has been JON MELEGRITO is a proud grandfather
president of numerous organizations and has of Maya, two-year-old daughter of Desiree and
organized countless events globally. She has Jonathan Halcomb. Married to Elvira Perez for
received, among other awards, the Presidential almost 40 years, Jon grows ampalaya (bitter
Linkapil Awardee in 1997, the Achievement melons), loves to doodle and strum the guitar.
Award for Community Service from Filipinas A son of a World War II veteran, Jon writes for
Magazine in 2001, Filipina First Awardee from a union publication.
the Philippine American Foundation in 1999,
and TOFA in 1990. She was honored by the JUNELLE CAVERO is a nonprofit
Professional Dancer, Student, Staff Writer, AFSCME; Nonprofit Consultant Filipina Women’s Network as one of the 100
City Dance Ensemble University of Maryland Communications Most Influential Filipinas in the U.S. in 2007. strategist. Formerly an Indiana political director
Director, NaFFAA for President Barack Obama’s presidential
HUBERT SANTAYANA (his preferred campaign, Junelle has a master’s in public
stage name is Michael Sarmiento) is no stranger administration from American University and
to theater. A member of Tanghalang Pilipino a B.A. from New York University. She serves as
from 1984-1994, and Bahaghari Productions D.C. State Chair for the NaFFAA and has a 2nd
from 1994 to 1997, he has appeared as the lead Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. On her spare
actor in numerous plays directed by no less than time, she enjoys painting, playing basketball,
Didi Coronel and the late icon Sarah Joaquin and traveling.
and has served as producers in some of them.
Most notable among his performances was LEIA LORICA will graduate from Stanford
his portrayal of the lead, Pepe, in “Ang Kiri,” a University this June and is already making her
meggie pleyto melanie anne caoile melissa topacio LONG MICHELLE LORICA zarzuela. Since 1998 he sings the lead vocals for mark as part of the corporate communications
Entrepreneur, Director, Youth & AAPI Outreach Teaching Fellow, The Chosen Few Music Ministry and he performs team at Ruder Finn, Inc., a PR firm in New York.
Marketing Partner, Consumer and On-Line Director; Coordinator, New York City regularly for the FilAm Community. A fashion aficionado, she worked with both
Designer, Choir Director Group, Microsoft DNC Internships Vera Wang and Reem Acra as a PR and global
marketing intern. Prior to the crash of the stock
IRYLL UMEL is a national field
representative for the National Treasury market on Wall Street, she interned at UBS and
Employees Union in Washington, D.C. Her was offered a position at Morgan Stanley. She
involvement in the movement to end violence is currently the regional director of Foundations
against women includes her AmeriCorps VISTA for Education, a program for underprivileged
service at the Center for the Pacific Asian Family children in Palo Alto.
(CPAF), a Los Angeles-based shelter for domestic
violence and sexual assault survivors of APIA LES TALUSAN is a noted DJ, photographer,
background, and anti-trafficking work at the and musician. She’s performed widely
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking. As throughout the U.S. and Manila since 1996.
part of CPAF’s Lotus Café, she has performed She also runs the design line Les & Oscar
stories of survival. Iryll graduated from UCLA [formerly Space Weather] with her husband
School of Law and UCSD. Oscar Olmedo, making creatively unique clothing
and accessories. She’s taken part in various
Jason Garcia Ignacio was born grassroots initiatives and activist projects and
and raised in Manila, Philippines. Currently a also provides interpreting services throughout

DC Cast & Crew Bios
the area. She lives in Washington, D.C. and is MICHELLE LORICA is currently a New York City
the mother to Simon, who is her heart. teaching fellow, teaching high school biology to
underprivileged teens in Brooklyn. A graduate of
LUCILLE GONZALEZ is a hospital Georgetown, with a degree in biology, science,
administrator who has had no prior theatrical technology, and international affairs, Michelle
experience but is thrilled to help with V-Day and is also a dancer and an accomplished singer.
honored to be a part of FWN’s 2009 production Although she is passionate about her acting as
of “The Vagina Monologues.” a thespian at the Holton Arms and at the Mask
and Bauble Society of Georgetown, she has
UNDERWOOD Marketing Director, Author; Member, Associate,
at the Riverdale Elementary School who loves several times at the Kennedy Center, with Julie Deputy Director, Office Systems of Mariposa Alliance, NVG, LLC
to sing and dance. A figure skater, she has also Andrews, Yolanda Adams, among others, and as APIAVote Connecticut Gabriela Network USA
taken up modeling at the John Robert Powers a soloist, as part of a coalition of Georgetown
Center in Rockville. The daughter of Marilyn Choirs. This is her first time to be a part of “The
and Edwin Thomas, she is thrilled to perform at Vagina Monologues.”
the Kennedy Center and be part of “The Vagina
Filipina who calls two places home — San
MARLYN T. AGUILAR, Esq. acquired her B.A., Leonardo, Nueva Ecija and the U.S. island
M.P.H., and J.D. from the University of Hawaii at territory of Guam. She is currently APIA Vote’s
Manoa. Born and raised in Guam, she is a 2006 deputy director, managing media and partner
Presidential Management Fellow. She currently communications and assisting in field and SONIA SORIANO, m.d. TESSIE MARFORI VERNA SAMSON WILMA CONSUL
works as an attorney for the U.S. Environmental training programs. Naomi recently obtained Retired Physician, Consultant, Office Manager, Producer,
Protection Agency. Fluent in Ilocano, she enjoys her MPP at the UCLA School of Public Affairs; passion for dance World Bank International Monetary National Public Radio
traveling, yoga, and people watching. She is she graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. Fund (IMF)
excited to be a part of the FWN D.C. V-Day team. in Print Journalism and Asian/Pacific/American
Studies from NYU. Naomi remains committed
MEGGIE G. PLEYTO is the marketing partner, to empowering AAPI communities through
accounts manager, and interior designer of Sison her involvement in AAPI organizations at the
Homes-Sison Group, LLC-ReMax Allegiance. A national and local levels. She credits her Nanay
Communications graduate from the University Miren (lola) and her mother Ruth for giving
of the Philippines, Meggie has done workshops her the deep roots of home and family and the
with PETA-MTTL, an internship with ABS-CBN powerful wings of possibilities, and her husband
and went on a World Tour as member of the Ricardo for his steadfast love and support.
UP Concert Chorus. She is very much involved Backstage Manager Graphic Designer Executive Producer Production Manager
in Fil-Am groups in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. NINOTCHKA ROSCA is a Filipina feminist, CALVIN MATA DEANNA PINEDA ELENA MANGAHAS FRANKLIN RICARTE
She regularly performs with and conducts Fil-Am author, journalist and human rights activist Executive Producer, President, Muse Chair, Strategic Planning
Choirs in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. who is active in Gabriela Network USA, a Club Promotions by Advertising Design Little Manila Foundation Consultant
member of the Mariposa Alliance (Ma-Al), Calvin M
MELANIE ANNE CAOILE is director for the a multi-racial, multi-ethnic women’s activist
Consumer and On-Line Group, Microsoft. She center for understanding the intersectionality
holds a bachelor’s degree in management of class, race and gender oppressions, toward
from Boston College and an M.B.A. from the a more comprehensive practice of women’s
University of Rochester, New York. She is a liberation. Rosca is the author of short stories,
board member of Filipinos at Microsoft and novels, and non-fiction work. [One of her stories
Wider Opportunties for Women. She is an was listed by Raymond Carver in the 1986 Best
avid golfer, skier, world traveler, and enjoys the 100 Short Stories in the United States; another
challenges of scuba diving, mountain climbing, in the Missouri Review collection of their Best
parachuting and hang gliding. Published Stories in 25 Years while a third was
included in the Ms. Magazine’s “Best Fiction in
MELISSA TOPACIO LONG is a graduate of 30 Years”.] Twice Blessed, the second novel,
Lewis and Clark College, has a degree in English, won her the 1993 American Book Award for
speaks French fluently and is learning Spanish. excellence in literature.
She spent a year teaching English in France
and many summers leading student immersion Régine Biscoe Lee is an associate at NVG,
trips in France. She served as Youth and LLC – a political consulting firm in Washington,
Asian American and Pacific Islander Outreach D.C. Régine is a graduate of the University of
Director for the Washington State Democratic Washington in Seattle and a native of the island
Coordinated Campaign in this past election. of Guam. Régine continues to be involved in
She was coordinator of the DNC’s Internship the APIA community through various local and
program, where she recruited, interviewed, national organizations. She lives in Falls Church,
and managed up to 54 interns. She traveled Virginia with her husband, Andy and their
extensively in the past political cycle supervising daughter, Mia Isabella.
volunteers in managing thousands of people
who were engaged in voter mobilization. She is ROBERT E.A. BORJE is the Cultural Consul
passionate about women’s rights, and loves the at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC.
theatre and traveling. Prior to joining the foreign service, he has been

26 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
an advocate for violence against women as a
correspondent and producer for TV Patrol Manila
and ANC. He was recently conferred the Orden
cross-cultural communications from the University
of Hawaii and an M.A. in public communication
from American University in Washington, D.C. She
ng Lakandula, Ranggong Pinuno by President is married to attorney Danny Aranza and is the
GMA and Ranggong Kasugo by DFA Secretary proud mother of Aaron, age ten.
Albert Romulo for his contributions to Philippine
foreign relations. SONIA SORIANO, M.D. — a retired physician
who now finds all the time to pursue a lifetime
ROZITA VILLANUEVA LEE is producer of passion in dance, be it ballroom, ballet or
Polynesian Shows and has been performing Broadway jazz — is here to prove that it is never
as mistress of ceremonies and singer on the too late to learn something new and perhaps
Las Vegas Strip for the Imperial Palace Hotel even master it. “Sometimes, we have to go
Third Secretary and National Vice Chair, Senior Research Officer, President / CEO, Hawaiian Luau for the past 17 years. At the beyond our comfort zone”. Her only theater
Vice Consul, NaFFAA International Monetary Aranza Communications Capitol, both in Nevada and Washington, experience was in a high school plays and she
Philippine Embassy Fund (IMF) D.C., she is a known advocate for the Asian remembers loving the interaction between the
and Pacific Islander Americans and especially audience and the actors. She dedicates tonight’s
for the Filipino World War II Veterans. Most venture to her three grandsons, whose birth she
recently Rozita visited the State Legislature to was most privileged to have witnessed, and to
advocate for the Arts Council. Honored by the her husband, Dr. Cesar Soriano, who has always
Who’s Who Filipina Women’s Network as one of the 100 been most supportive of her.
in the Crew Most Influential Filipinas in the U.S., she serves
as either officer or board member on various TERESALINA GABRIEL MARFORI , or Tessie,
APIA Organizations and currently serves as the recently retired from the World Bank and now
national vice chair of the National Federation of serves as a consultant. Long-time resident of
Art Director Stage Manager Producer Filipino American Associations. Virginia, she is very active in the community and
AL S. PEREZ ARMAND RIVERA BAMBI LORICA, m.d. travels extensively. She is the proud mother of
President, Executive Producer, Holistic Pediatrician,
AR Productions SOLITA WAKEFIELD has been with the IMF two grown sons.
Filipino American Physician Entrepreneur;
Arts Exposition Coloratura Soprano since 1991 and is currently a Senior Research
Officer. Outside her busy and hectic work life, VERNA SAMSON was born and raised in the
she is president of the 700-member World Bank Philippines. She came to the United States in
Group IMF Filipino Staff Association (WBIFA). 1972 after a two-month European/USA tour
She is also on the Board of Feed the Hungry, Inc. with the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company.
Solita enjoys traveling and recalls her last stint She later enrolled at Strayer College, and upon
on stage with pleasure — Ladies Lunch directed graduation, landed a job at the International
by Reme Grefalda. Monetary Fund. She worked at the IMF for 34
years and is now in the process of retiring. She
SONIA ARANZA is an award-winning master and her husband, Butch, have been married
Producer Director Executive Producer Director facilitator and keynote speaker specializing in for 33 years and have been blessed with three
GLORIA T. CAOILE KEN MARQUIS MARILY MONDEJAR NINA NGUYEN LAGAC cross-cultural communications, diversity and children and now have four grandsons.
Senior Political Director, Team Manager, President, Filipina Marketing Director, leadership. She previously served as director
Asian Pacific American George P. Johnson Women’s Network Office Systems of of constituent relations for Congressman WILMA B. CONSUL directed and performed
Labor Alliance (APALA) Company Connecticut
Abercrombie on Capitol Hill. She has been recently in Rolling the R’s at Source Theatre. She
featured on the cover of Filipinas Magazine and is dances and teaches hula at Halau O ‘Aulani in
one of FWN’s 100 Most Influential Filipina Women Arlington. She’ll play Hannah in The Conversion
in the United States. The National Association of Ka’ahumanu at the National Museum of
of Professional Asian-American Women selected American Indian in May. She trained with TnT/
her 2002 Outstanding Woman of the Year and Teatro ng Tanan in SF, where she later became
she is featured in a book entitled Blueprint for artistic director. She moved to D.C. in 1999 to
Success with author Stephen Covey. She earned produce and report for National Public Radio.
two master’s degrees including an M.A. in

galler y warehouse
965 Natoma Street 1465 Custer Avenue
San Francisco CA 94103 (at Third Street)
tel 415 255-4579 San Francisco CA 94110
fax 415 255-0453 tel 415 642-1056

o f f h o u r a p p o i n t m e n t s a v a i l a b l e

Siwaraya Rochanahusdin (Men against violence) Heather Law
David Chiu, David Rodriguez,
Fiona Ma Rachael Domingo, Rosie Josue
7:30 pm with: Rachael Domingo, Rosie Josue, Heather Law WHO LOVED TO MAKE
HERBST THEATRE Aharon Wheels-Bolsa, Barbara Lynn Caliguiran VAGINAS HAPPY
Framm, Claudine Tong, Edo Amin, MY VAGINA WAS MY VILLAGE Rachael Domingo
Edwin D. Såles, Eric Bobrow, Eve VAGINA HAPPY FACT Jennifer Ong, Stacey Hoang
Lindi, Evelyn Luluquisen, Dave Gladys Dodds THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TO
Wedding Dress, Greta Fletcher, LULLABY – MAKE VAGINAS HAPPY
The Vagina Monologues is James Bianchi, Kerry Parker, INTRO – BECAUSE HE LIKED ILI-ILI, TULOG ANAY* Helen Zia, Lia Shigemura
a celebration of female sexu- Kimberly Theurich, Le’ema TO LOOK AT IT Bambi Lorica, m.d. with:
ality in all its complexity and Graham, Melissa Hernandez, Miko Lynn Caliguiran Siwaraya Rochanahusdin, Hydra
mystery. Based on interviews Nkungula, Phoebe Ackley, Riki INTRO – THE LITTLE COOCHI Mendoza, Heather Law, Lynn
with over 200 women about Juster, Sharon Maser Danaceau, BECAUSE HE LIKED TO SNORCHER THAT COULD Caliguiran, Jaja Bolivar, Christine
their memories and experi- Spiraleen Mason, Susan Levin, LOOK AT IT Sheila Chung Hagen Marie Tayaba, Rosie Josue, Sheila
ences of sexuality, The Va- Swami Isananda, Vladimir Emily Moto Murase Chung Hagen, Gladys Dodds
gina Monologues gives voice to Monologues” Alumni NOT-SO-HAPPY FACT THAT COULD INTRO – I WAS THERE
women’s deepest fantasies and Gladys Dodds Tricia Maristela, Heather Law, IN THE ROOM
fears, guaranteeing that no one WELCOME Christine Marie Tayaba Fiona Ma
who reads it will ever look at a Marily Mondejar, Elena Mangahas INTRO – CROOKED BRAID
woman’s body, or think of sex, Christine Marie Tayaba INTRO – SAY IT (FOR THE I WAS THERE IN THE ROOM
in quite the same way again. INTRODUCTION COMFORT WOMEN) Tricia Maristela, Mayette Almazan
“At first women were reluctant Christine Marie Tayaba, Gladys CROOKED BRAID Sheila Chung Hagen
to talk,” Ensler writes. “They Dodds, Jaja Bolivar, Lynn Rosie Josue, Channy Ith, Genevieve FILIPINO LULLABY –
Caliguiran, Rachael Domingo, Jopanda, Rachael Domingo, Sheila SAY IT (FOR THE COMFORT SA UGOY NY DUYAN**
were a little shy. But once they Rosie Josue, Tricia Maristela, Chung Hagen, Jaja Bolivar WOMEN) Bambi Lorica, m.d.
got going, you couldn’t stop Channy Ith Jan Yanehiro, Siwaraya
them.” The Vagina Monologues EXTRO – CROOKED BRAID Rochanahusdin 2009 spotlight
has now been translated into INTRO – HAIR Genevieve Jopanda INTRODUCTION
over 24 different languages. Genevieve Jopanda FILM CLIP ON COMFORT Mitos Santisteban
HAIR Jane Kim, Hydra Mendoza 2009 spotlight
Mitos Santisteban EXTRO – UPDATE ON monologue: Baptized

Intermission Jan Yanehiro
WEAR AND SAY Elena Mangahas
Christine Marie Tayaba, Jaja SPEAK OUT

s a n fran c isc o
Bolivar, Channy Ith, Gladys Dodds, OUTRAGEOUS VAGINA FACT: Marily Mondejar
Tricia Maristela THE VIBRATOR

05|09 Part One
The Vagina Workshop
Sonia Delen, Rae Almajose,
Rachael Domingo
The Little Coochi Snorcher
That Could
Nina Nguyen Lagac,
Jo-Ann Agcaoili, Rachael Domingo,
The Woman Who Loved to
Make Vaginas Happy
Genevieve Jopanda, Jaja Bolivar,
Rachael Domingo, Tricia Maristela,
Vagina Happy Fact Kai Delen-Briones Jo-Ann Agcaoili, Nina Nguyen
THE VAGINA Welcome Tricia Maristela Lagac
MONOLOGUES Marily Mondejar, Elena Mangahas Intro – Say It (For the
7:30 pm Comfort Women) Intro – I Was There
Intro – Because He Liked
INTRAMUROS Rae Almajose in the Room
Introduction to Look at It
Rae Almajose, Gladys Dodds, Gladys Dodds Rae Almajose
Jaja Bolivar, Rachael Domingo, Say It (For the Comfort
Tricia Maristela, Sonia Delen, Because He Liked to Women) I Was There in the Room
Jo-Ann Agcaoili, Nina Nguyen Look at It Jaja Bolivar Sonia Delen, Mayette Almazan,
WRI T E R S & TAGA L OG Tricia Maristela Gladys Dodds, Valerie de Leon
Lagac, Genevieve Jopanda, Jaja Bolivar
Elena Mangahas
Not-So-Happy Fact Film Clip on Comfort 2009 spotlight
Bernardo Bernardo Intro – Hair Tricia Maristela Women INTRODUCTION
Bettina Santos Yap Nina Nguyen Lagac
Byumi Gonzales My Angry Vagina EXTRO – UPDATE ON 2009 spotlight
Charmaine Mesina Hair Jo-Ann Agcaoili, COMFORT WOMEN SURVIVORS monologue: Baptized
Edna Murray Gladys Dodds Nina Nguyen Lagac Helen Marte
Elena Mangahas SPEAK OUT
Elson Mondalbo WEAR AND SAY Intro – My Vagina Was Outrageous Vagina Fact: Marily Mondejar
Jei Africa Rae Almajose, Gladys Dodds, My Village The Vibrator
Joy San Andreas Jaja Bolivar, Rachael Domingo, Rachael Domingo Trica Maristela Curtain Call
Kathleen Ben Tricia Maristela, Sonia Delen,
Leah Laxamana Jo-Ann Agcaoili, Nina Nguyen My Vagina Was My Village Intro – Reclaiming Cunt
Rita Asilo Lagac, Genevieve Jopanda Jennifer Ong, Gladys Dodds, Jo-Ann Agcaoili
Sarah Jane Ilumin Valerie de Leon
Intro – The Flood Reclaiming Cunt
Teresa Opaon Thompson Rachael Domingo, Sonia Delen *Text: “Ili-Ili, Now Go To Sleep”
Tessie Zaragoza Helen Marte Intro – The Little Coochi
Snorcher That Could (Cebuano). P. Magdamo, Arranger
The Flood Sonia Delen Intro – The Woman
Genevieve Jopanda Who Loved to Make ** Text: “From The Cradle”
Vaginas Happy (Tagalog). Lucio San Pedro,
Gladys Dodds Composer; Levi Celerio (Lyrics)
> Casting for ALL shows are subject to change

28 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
san fra nc
SF Cast i sBios
& Crew co
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ARLENE “BAMBI” A. LORICA, MD – Please FRANKLIN M. RICARTE’s name originates
Who’s Who see her bio in the Washington, D.C. section. from President Roosevelt. The motto he lives by
in the Cast is “no day but today.” His least favorite thing to
AL PEREZ is the founder of Creative i Studio, do is to swim in the ocean. His legacy is to live a
which specializes in translating marketing life without regret.
objectives into creative strategies. He is an
award-winning graphic designer, producing Elena Mangahas is a Journalism graduate
Holistic Physical marketing programs from Fortune 500 to of the University of the Philippines where she
Pediatrician, Entrepreneur start-up companies. Al is excited to be a part was also active in theatre production with
of “The Vagina Monologues” journey for the the University of the Philippines Repertory
sixth year as its art director. Company. From campus theatre she moved
into independent theatre productions until her
Channy Ith has lived in the Bay Area for immigration to the U.S. She settled in Stockton
about two years. Her last production before and continued theatre work leading to her V-Day
moving to the Bay was the lead role in “The involvement in 2004 to this day. Social service
Love of Three Oranges” at her junior college. is her day job and Elena serves as chair of Little
She is an experienced pianist as well as an Manila Foundation for historic preservation of
experienced student performer at San Francisco Filipino American history in America and the
State University. Filipina Women’s Network’s Board of Directors.
Elena was selected 100 Most Influential Filipina
CHANNY ITH CHRISTINE MARIE TAYABA Dave Rodriguez ELENA B. MANGAHAS Christine Tayaba is a Cardiovascular Women in the U.S. by the Filipina Women’s
Student, Theatre Cardiovascular Sales Realtor, Pacific Realty Chair, Sales Specialist with Abbott Laboratories. Network in 2007 and awarded Woman of the
San Francisco State Specialist and Investment Corp. Filipina Women’s Network
University Abbott Laboratories She is a board member of the Young Filipino Year for 2009 by the California Legislative
Professionals Association. Christine volunteers at Women’s Caucus.
the Animal Care Control of San Francisco and at
various community-based organizations through Dr. EMILY MOTO MURASE has served as
HandsOn Bay Area. Executive Director of the Department on the
Status of Women since 2004. Prior to her current
Connie Zheng is a writer living in San work, Emily served in the first Clinton White
Francisco. Her works have been published in House as Director for International Economic
AsianWeek and Hyphen. She received her B.A. Affairs, and later served in the International
from the University of California, Davis. Connie Bureau of the Federal Communications
has lived abroad in Japan, England, and China. Commission. Active in her community, Emily is
EMILY MOTO MURASE EVELIE DELFINO SALES FIONA MA GENEVIEVE V. JOPANDA She has taught English in Shanghai at a school a Founding Sister of the Asian Pacific American
Executive Director Artist, Writer, Singer Assemblywoman Events Coordinator for migrant children and recorded the English Women’s Leadership Institute. She currently
San Francisco Department and more (District 12) Palo Alto Chamber of audio guide to the Museum of Soong Ching Ling serves on the Parent Teacher Community Council
Commission on the Commerce in Shanghai. Her website: of the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program
Status of Women at Rosa Parks Elementary School. She is also
DAVE RODRIGUEZ It took a while for Dave a member of the Lowell High School Alumni
Rodriguez to search for his passion in life, but Association Board of Directors.
when he found it, there was no turning back.
Born and raised in the Philippines, an engineer Evelie Delfino Såles Posch is a multi-
by profession (Mapua Institute of Technology, talented, multi-faceted sacred song singer/
Manila; Computer Science, California State writer, recording artist, drummer, dancer, Pranic
University at Sacramento), a businessman by healer and practitioner, choral director, storyteller,
occupation (EcoCyber Systems Technologies), educator, scholar, and magical activist whose
Dave’s passion falls under the field of performing talents have flourished for over four decades,
GLADYS DODDS HEATHER LAW HELEN MARTE HELEN ZIA arts. It may sound like a crazy combination but spanning the traditions of her ancestors and the
Managing Associate Research Associate Educator Journalist, Author, Activist rest assured – he knows exactly what he wants. progressive edge of ceremony, world music and
Partners in Business Association of Asian San Francisco United
Systems Pacific Community Health School District dance today. She performs, directs, or conducts
Organizations DON C. SANTOS is a retail fragrance specialist, with numerous musical groups, including the
hair stylist, and make-up artist. In the Philippines, Mahal Ensemble and Kistmat-Mahal Kirtan
he followed his two passions to earn a BSBA in Ensemble. She teaches classes in women’s
Business Management and Cosmetology, which spirituality. Evelie founded the Babaylan
led to a variety of beauty-related ventures. Now, Emerging: Apprenticeship and Mentoring
that he’s in the U.S., he continues working in his Program.
chosen fields as a retail fragrance specialist for
high-end brands and as a freelance hair stylist Fiona Ma is the Assemblywoman of
and make-up artist. Don additionally studied California’s 12th District. The district includes
for and received his diploma in Cosmetology San Francisco, Daly City, Colma and Broadmoor.
here in the U.S. This year’s production of the Ma, as the Majority Whip, is responsible for
Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Television Host, Singer President, Vice President, “The Vagina Monologues” in San Francisco ensuring the passage of crucial legislation to
Education Advisor, Jan Yanehiro Inc. San Francisco marks Don’s fifth year of support for FWN’s improve public education, expand healthcare
Commissioner, Board of Education important work. access and protect our environment. At the
SF Board of Education start of her second term, Ma was appointed
to key committees including Higher Education,

SF Cast & Crew Bios
Revenue and Taxation, Housing, generation Chinese American, she has Locus Arts, a volunteer-run venue in Filipino Heritage Night (festival). Ken MAYETTE ALMAZAN,m.d. is author
Agriculture, Labor, and Public Safety. Ma been outspoken on social justice issues San Francisco that showcases emerging lives happily ever after in San Francisco of “Bipolar Spectrum Disorder: Fighting a
serves as the Chair of the Assembly Select ranging from human rights and peace musicians, writers, filmmakers and actors. with Al Perez, his partner of 19 years. Disease with a Thousand Faces.” She has
Committee on Domestic Violence where to women’s rights and countering hate Jane is the past President of the San over 20 years of outpatient and 15 years
she has worked on legislation to protect violence and homophobia. She serves on Francisco People’s Organization and a Lia Shigemura has worked in the of inpatient psychiatry practice in private,
victims of domestic violence. From 2002 the board of directors of the Women’s past Board member of the Asian American field of civil rights, diversity and inclusion public, state hospital sector. Currently,
to 2006, she served as a member of the Media Center and was one of 79 people Theater Company and the Stanford Asian for many years in the public, private and Dr. Almazan maintains a fulltime private
San Francisco Board of supervisors. in North America who carried the Olympic Pacific American Alumni Club. Outside of non-profit sectors. Lia, who has been outpatient eclectic psychiatry practice
Torch in San Francisco. She has been work, Jane has a black belt in Tae Kwon active in the fight to secure domestic where she is the President, CEO of
GENEVIEVE JOPANDA is the events married 3 times to Lia Shigemura and Do and plays bass guitar. She completed partner benefits in corporate America, Specialty Center Inc. in Fair Oaks, California.
coordinator for the Palo Alto Chamber knows that, one day, same sex couples her undergraduate degree at Stanford current leads diversity efforts for ABM
of Commerce, with previous experience and all relationships will be treated University in Political Science and Asian Industries, Inc., a national facility services Mitos Santisteban is President of
with companies like Zipcar, Hertz and the as equals. American Studies. company with over 110,000 employees. ABS CBN Foundation, with over 25 years
San Francisco Chronicle. Gen is currently She served as National Program Director of philanthropy and community outreach
the President of the Young Filipino Hydra Mendoza is the commissioner JENNIFER ONG, o.d. has been with the Japanese American Citizens expertise. Appointed as President and
Professionals Association, a member of the San Francisco Board of Education, practicing optometry in the East Bay League, was on the founding Board of CEO in 2006, Mitos has been involved
of the San Francisco-Manila Sister City the first Filipina American to be elected area for more than 10 years and is a the Asian Women’s Shelter; was board with the foundation since 1998. Since her
Committee, a member of the Filipino to the San Francisco Board of Education. trustee of the California Optometric chair of the API Wellness Center and arrival in the United States as a political
American Political Action Committee and She is also Education Advisor for San Association. In addition to her role in for Horizon’s Foundation, which both exile from her native Philippines in 1979,
founding member of Citizen Hope. She Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Before optometry, Dr. Ong has been a very serve San Francisco’s LGBT communities. Mitos has played a strong role in the
works with the annual Filipino American being appointed to her position in active member of the community. She A third-generation Japanese American Filipino-American community. She was
Arts Exposition and Pistahan as its talent the summer of 2005, Hydra served as has volunteered for organizations such from Hawai’i, her father, a retired state chairperson of the Northern California
coordinator and executive producer for Executive Director of Parents for Public as Habitat for Humanity, the Hidden Villa judge, flew from Honolulu to officiate Movement for a Free Philippines,
the Sine! Sine! Film Festival. Schools. Hydra has a background in Nature Conservation and British Trust for her first wedding ceremony to Helen Zia supporter of Filipino Catholic Affairs,
Business Administration as well as early Conservation Volunteers. She has also in 2004 when he was 87 years old, and as well as a member of the San Mateo
Gladys Dodds is Resource Manager Childhood Development. Hydra resides been an Earthwatch volunteer research noted then that “judges sometimes make County Commission on Mental Health.
with a consulting firm. A mother of two in San Francisco with her husband, Dr. assistant, taking her to Australia, Costa mistakes.” Lia -– who has never acted Together with husband, Joseling, Mitos
strong-minded children, she spends Ricardo Alvarez, and two children, Ashoka Rica and Merida, Mexico. before – hopes the California Supreme lends her leadership and organization
most of her days managing their days. and Santiago Alvarez. Court does the right thing and upholds skills to social, civic and youth services
When she is allowed out of the house, JO-ANN AGCAOILI was born and the Constitution by striking down Prop. 8. via the St. Andrew’s Parish in Daly City,
she dabbles in writing, salsa and samba Jaja Bolivar is a comedienne, singer raised in the Philippines. She graduated Calif. Mitos helps members of the Bay
dancing. With no prior theater experience, and a television host of Adobo Nation, from San Francisco State University BA LYNN CALIGUIRAN is a Program Area business community by facilitating
Gladys is honored to be involved in V-Day. The Filipino Channel’s premier lifestyle Psychology. Jo-Ann is the Assistant Vice Manager in Sales Acquisition Integration seminars on the Philippines and Filipino
She hopes her mother, Helen, now an magazine show which airs globally every President for Business Support at Banc of at a network communications equipment culture to companies interested in doing
angel in heaven, is proud of her. Gladys’ Sunday at 6:40 pm on TFC and every America Leasing. She has supported and company, and an Operations Consultant business there.
participation is in honor of her mother’s Saturday at 11am on KTSF. She dreams of volunteered in past productions of FWN for Owen Photographie. Lynn is a first-
memory and strength. a utopian society where people drink milk since 2004 and believes in V-Day and generation American-born Filipina that is NINA NGUYEN LAGAC , a refugee
tea boba all day! FWN to prevent and stop violence against exploring her ethnic heritage. She hopes from the Vietnam War, was raised
HEATHER LAW , a native of Hawaii, is women and girls her involvement in this production will help Buddhilic in historical and brave Cavite.
thrilled to be joining FWN’s production Jan I. Yanehiro is the president of raise awareness and convey the message to True to her Caviteño and Saigon roots,
of “The Vagina Monologues.” Heather is Jan Yanehiro, Inc., a media and marketing Kai Delen-Briones Kai is one of the end the violence against women. she comes from a long line of strong
a public health researcher and activist. strategic planning firm. She spent original cast members of the 2004 FWN women, and she consistently stands for
The majority of her work has focused on fourteen years as co-host of KPIX TV’s “The Vagina Monologues.” She is also MARILY MONDEJAR is president of what she believes in. She has been a
violence among women and children. “Evening Magazine” program and has the producer of the Pistahan Festival and Filipina Women’s Network. Under her staunch advocate of the plight of women,
She also studied acting at Tufts University been active in entrepreneurial pursuits, an active volunteer for Richmond Aids leadership, the fledgling organization children and the environment. A theater
in Boston. In her free time, she enjoys including being a founding partner of Foundation and Avon Walk for Breast operating ad hoc since 1996 grew from enthusiast, she loves expressing herself
random artistic endeavors such as Fair Advantage, which provides college Cancer. She is thrilled to be part of this 50 members in 2002, to over 5,200 list through the arts. She is currently the
burlesque theater, dancing hula, and and career guidance seminars for young amazing production 6 years running. members today. She initiated the Filipinas marketing director for Office Systems
capoeira. women; and as a founding partner of Against Violence campaign in 2004 to of Connecticut, based in Hartford. Nina
Thriving Together, a business that seeks KEN MARQUIS was a child actor raise awareness of the domestic violence is the youngest daughter of U.S. Army
HELEN MARTE is an educator at the to inspire women in business, transition, with credits including “The Waltons” problem in the Filipino community. She Philippine Scout Veteran Philip and
San Francisco Unified School District and family and finance. She received her and “The Addams Family Halloween serves on nonprofit boards including pho-bulous Mai. She is also a proud mom
was involved with FWN’s “The Vagina degree in Journalism from the California Reunion.” More recently, Ken’s the City of San Francisco’s Justice and to two-year-old shih-tzu named Joey.
Monologues” in 2008. State University, Fresno, and has behind the scenes producing/directing Courage Oversight Panel. She was
co-authored two books. activities include theatrical plays & recently appointed by Mayor Gavin RACHAEL DOMINGO is a young
Helen Zia is an award-winning veteran pageants, television (live and pre-taped) Newsom to the Sweatfree Procurement Filipina-Spanish American looking to
journalist and Fulbright Scholar. She is Jane Kim is currently Vice-President production, and outdoor cultural/music Advisory Group, which evaluates the make a difference in the world in as many
the author of “Asian American Dreams: of the Board of Education in the City festivals. Credits include “The Vagina city’s implementation, administration, and ways as possible. She is a law student
The Emergence of an American People,” and County of San Francisco. She is the Monologues” (stage), Ginoong Pilipinas enforcement of the Sweatfree Contracting at the University of California, Davis and
and co-author of “My Country Versus first Korean American elected in San (stage), Flawless de Mayo (stage), Ordinance. She’s the co-chair of the San has various interests, including riding
Me,” about the persecution of Wen Ho Francisco. Before being elected to the The Journey: Stephanie Reese (stage), Francisco Friends of the Commission motorcycles, doing hair and make-up,
Lee, who was falsely accused of being Board of Education as the top vote-getter MSNBC’s “The Site” hosted by Soledad on the Status of Women. Marily is an dancing, talking, and – her favorite –
a spy for the PRC. She is a Contributing in November 2006, Jane was the Youth O’Brien (national TV), “Digital Cam organizational change practitioner, image spending time with the people she loves.
Editor to “Ms. Magazine,” where she Program Director at the Chinatown Film Festival” (national TV), “TechTV’s consultant and career coach. She’s proud
was formerly Executive Editor. Her work Community Development Center and HDTV Special” (national TV), “The of her two wonderful boys and three RAE ALMAJOSE is an ad layout clerk
has appeared in numerous publications, a fellow at Greenlining Institute. She Screen Savers” (national TV), DARPA grandsons. at the San Francisco Chronicle. She
broadcasts, and documentaries. A second is also a co-director and co-founder of Urban Challenge (corp TV), Pistahan graduated from the University of
Main Stage (festival), and the SF Giants San Francisco.

30 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i l p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
san francisco san francisco

Optometrist, Assistant Vice President, Student Diversity Director, Program Manager, President and CEO, President,
Family Eye Care Bank of America ABM Industries Cisco Systems Inc. Specialty Center Inc. ABS CBN Foundation

Marketing Director, Dispatcher, CHP; Ad Layout Clerk, Theatre Actress; Legislative Aide, ROCHANAHUSDIN Senior Vice President,
Office Systems of Marketing Assistant, San Francisco Chronicle SFSU Student Supervisor David Campos Community Organizer, Banc of America Leasing
Connecticut eRepublic City and County of Save the Thai Temple
San Francisco

Who’s Who
in the Crew

STACEY HOANG TRICIA MARISTELA VALERIE DE LEON Art Director Sr. Graphic Designer Graphic Designer
Development and Board Member, Dentist, AL PEREZ ALBERIC RIVERA CARRIE DOUNG
Marketing Officer, Healthy Ways Millbrae Smile Center Principal, Graphic Designer Student,
Eden I&R Creative i Studio San Francisco State

Production Assistant V-Diaries Editor Production Assistant Hair & Makeup Artistry Executive Producer Playwright Production Manager
Writer Retail Fragrance Specialist, Chair, Founder, Strategic Planning
Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist Filipina Women’s Network V-DAY Consultant

Photographer Production Assistant Director Director Executive Producer Production Coordinator Photographer
Principal, President, Events Coordinator, Team Manager, President, Banc of America Leasing Special Education Teacher
Amaze Studios Genevies Corporation Palo Alto Chamber of George P. Johnson Filipina Women’s Network

C O N O C I MIENT O Not being able to reach my
full potential as a person.
Losing control and being
SF Cast & Crew Bios
WHAT DOES YOUR you have. a victim again. ROSIE JOSUE is a performing artist and writer guest in ABS-CBN’s TV episode of Adobo Nation
NAME MEAN? Boyfriends and husbands Realizing you are just existing
Sun Goddess. come and go, but real friends graduating from SFSU as a double major in “Big Time Ka Na” segment originally aired on
and not leaving. psychology and criminal justice. She an avid July 19, 2008. Sonia is one of two original cast
Flower. last forever.
Beheaded French queen. The more you know, the lesser LEGACY community activist, often times using acting as members of the FWN productions of “The Vagina
St. Catherine. you fear. Legacy is to affect people a means to illustrate challenging issues while Monologues.” Sonia graduated from the University
Honeybee. in a positive way through promoting social awareness. Some of Rosie’s recent of the Philippines, and enjoys golf, traveling,
Jesus in Hebrew. ADVICE PARENTS SHARED entertainment and to productions include “Troy: The Gates of Hell” at classical music and flower arranging. She lives
Star of the sea. WITH YOU make them dream and do San Francisco State University and FWN’s “The in San Francisco with her husband, Christopher
A French Catholic saint. Always be your own woman something about it! Vagina Monologues” in 2008. She is currently Fitzsimmons and their three boys: David, Justin and
Funny fixes everything performing in the Diwang Pinay showcase with the Matthew.
PERSONAL MOTTO Don’t expect others to think FILIPINO CUSTOM AND Babae organization and “Turning a Negative into a
There’s nothing you can’t and act like you TRADITION YOU WANT Positive” for the Create Social Change organization Stacey Hoang is a Development and Marketing
recover from, so just do it. Always be doing something TO PASS ON Officer at Eden I&R, a nonprofit information and
Live life to the fullest – creative or you will rot into Big parties with lots of SHEILA CHUNG HAGEN is the legislative aide to referral services agency based in Alameda County.
you never know when it’s the system. food, family, and friends. Supervisor David Campos of the City and County of Prior to receiving her graduate degree in Public
your last day. Pray. The history of our families, San Francisco. In 2008, the city appointed Sheila as Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon,
Embrace the invincible the struggles, and the stories Immigrant Rights Administrator. Ms. Hagen was the she served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer
resilience within you. ONE THING PEOPLE CAN’T to help future generations former Director of the Bay Area Rights Immigrant for a provincial and national chamber of commerce
Let it flow. GUESS ABOUT YOU understand the foundation Rights Coalition, a non-profit community based in Mongolia. Born in Vietnam to Chinese parents,
Live life at a 10. I’m half Filipino… and half their family is built upon. organization. she grew up in Sacramento and currently resides in
Do what brings you joy. Filipina. Bayanihan. San Francisco. She is an avid outdoorswoman and
Learn to let go. I have a big tattoo. My parents used to wake us Siwaraya Rochanahusdin is active in enjoys hiking.
What doesn’t kill me only I’m a pianist and I enjoy up as children by tickling us, the Save the Thai Temple collective, battling to
makes me stronger. playing Bach. waking up early and filling keep the Berkeley based buddhist center from Tricia Maristela is an inspirational Filipina
Treat others how they want to the home with the aroma of closure. She was co-organizer of Indie Rock to who was born and raised in the Bay Area. Her
be treated. GREATEST FEAR freshly cooked pancakes every the Rescue: Tsunami Benefit for Foundation for parents are graduates of the University of the
Think beyond yourself. Failing to learn and grow Saturday. Women and former manager of the spoken word Philippines. She has been a member of FWN since
Do the best you can with what from my experiences of pain. group Proletariat Bronze. Her play excerpt “Waking 2000. She is an active Board Member of Healthy
Dreams” has gone up at Asian American Theater Ways, a non-profit organization, serving Daly City
Company, Kearny Street Workshop, and Bindlestiff and outlying communities. Her expertise in child
Studio. She has co-written for the film Bampinay development contributed to her success in providing
and is an alum of the Thai Cultural Center’s dance social services, counseling, and education to
and music programs. By day she works at a non- children and families in the Sacramento and Central
profit policy and advocacy organization crunching Valley. Tricia recently returned to the Bay Area
numbers. She likes hugs and belly laughter. and continues to participate in local community
Sonia T. Delen is Senior Vice President at
Banc of America Leasing, a subsidiary of Bank of VALERIE DE LEON received her degree in dental
America. She heads the Transaction Management medicine at the University of the East, College
unit of its Global Investment Bank/Large Corporate of Dentistry, Manila, Philippines in 1994 and
group. Sonia is President of the St. Gabriel School graduated with Honors . She also passed the
Board and member of the Board of Directors of Philippine Boards as one of the top 20 licensees.
the Philippine International Aid and served on the She took her post graduate training at the
Boards of Support for Families of Children with University of California Los Angeles and passed
Disabilities and the Blind Babies Foundation of the California boards. She is committed to dental
San Francisco. She is a member Filipina Women’s excellence and is passionate about providing her
Network (FWN). In 2007, Sonia was selected as patients with the best possible dental experience
one of FWN’s 100 Most Influential Filipina Women she can give them. Valerie has a daughter and two
in the United States. She currently appears on sons. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the sport FWN 100 channel as part of of indoor badminton and her hobby is singing. She
FWN’s mentoring series; and was the featured used to sing in a band called The New Minstrels.
in honor of our late mother
Consuelo T. Delen
On Mother’s Day &
First Year Death Anniversary
August 16, 1915 –May 10, 2008
f o r e v e r i n o u r h e a rt s

With love,
Aqui S. Delen Children
Ester Delen
Sonia Delen & Chris Fitzsimmons
David, Justin & Matthew
Delza Delen-Briones & Hermie Briones
Kai, Katrina & Kimberly

32 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
t h e va g i
na mono
Trailblazers from
Day One – I Am An lo g u e s
Asian Am
From left:

No more hiding. I want to bring everything to light so all can heal.
Elena Mangahas,
Sonia Delen and
Speaking erican
Out Aga
Marily Mondejar

keep on truckin’
even through
bumpy roads.

PEBBLE’S RIPPLE EFFECT The success behind FWN’s movement against
continued FROM page 20 domestic violence rests on dedicated individuals
who donate their time, energy, heart, and soul
far too long,
about domestic violence and what we all need year after year, and continues to do so because It has exis ted for
tely no sense
and there is absolu ition of Every single person
to help those who need to get out of abusive they see their work’s impact on countless lives.
situations.” “I continue supporting this group because I tra d
in continuing the
deserves to live y
Now in its sixth year, FWN performances can see the vision materializing,” said Dr. Bambi
breaking peop le, br
have gone national, spanning the West and East
peacefully and enjo
Lorica who co-produced the Washington D.C.
Coasts in New York and Washington D.C. Its production in 2009. “I want to do my part. I g hope.
lives, and breakin
satisfying, healthy
performances have totaled 21 in number, with have three daughters, and it’s a world I want to
six Tagalog versions of “The Vagina Monologues” change for their future.”
and three “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant,
and a Prayer,” a groundbreaking collection of
“The performances benefit our only Asian
Until we confront it relationships.
we cannot end this ,
domestic violence organization in the D.C.
monologues by world-renowned authors and metropolitan area that serves survivors in
playwrights. For the first time in FWN history, Tagalog and Cebuano and the V-Day global cycle of violence.
the previous all-Filipina show features an all movement. The production has sealed a sense We are not victims.
Asian American cast on May 2 at the Herbst of filial camaraderie in a group of strong leaders We are survivors.
Theatre in San Francisco. A pebble cascading a dedicated to ending violence against women
ripple effect, what started as one performance and girls,” said Nina Lagac who directed the destruction
in 2003 has blossomed into something much Washington D.C. production and was assistant I have witnessed the
man being.
violence does to a hu
bigger. The organization continues spreading director for the New York production in 2008.
its message against domestic violence to new “A kinship exists among the growing alumni
e cycle
audiences, because domestic violence is a plight of our cast and crew members that is inspiring I want to help end th s
so it NEVER ha ppen
that affects all genders, ages, ethnicities and and breathtaking,” said Sonia Delen who has
locations. FWN’s success has inspired many other been involved with the production since it
organizations to follow its model, spurring plans
of spin-offs in Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Seattle,
started in 2004. “A beautiful, unbreakable bond
of love and compassion permeate this ‘family’
to anybody again.
and Los Angeles.
No o ne sho uld b e ne .
that unselfishly contributes to ending domestic
In addition to “The Vagina Monologues” violence against women and children, and I wan t to be
suf fering a lo
productions, FWN also creates an annual individuals as a whole.”
anti-domestic violence publication called the “These little things we do really make a big h appy and I wan t
V-Diaries, a publication that helps victims by
empowering them with the knowledge to get
impact,” Perez said. “Now on our sixth year, to f ind pe ace .
we have reached out to our Asian brothers
out of their domestic violence situations. Perez and sisters. We hope the Filipino model will
recounted an instance of a friend who was in be adopted by Asian communities highlighting
a domestic violence situation but didn’t know the cultural traditions that sometimes serve as I’m a s
ur vivor
what to do. After reading about support groups barriers to resolving violence at home. We want to heal . I’m s
ever y d tr onger
and resources in the V-Diaries, she managed to to pass the torch and we hope the brave souls ay. Th . I’m d
Ta s t i n g e eter min
get a restraining order against her husband. of the first Asian American show will take on the freedom j o ur ney i ed
“The V-Diaries is really saving people’s lives,” challenge.” I love i is bran s h ar d.
Perez said. “People call and tell us they read t and I d new to
Going forward, FWN invites more that fre want to me and
it from cover to cover. It is a tool that allows communities and organizations nationally and edom h e lp othe
people to either get away from a domestic
rs feel
globally to join its mission in ending domestic
violence situation or to empower someone by violence against individuals.
the articles we publish. These stories resonate “When more global communities participate
m e t h ing be shared
I t ’s s a t n e e d s t o t e d a g a i n .
and impact people in a positive way not just here in this effort, we truly become one voice,”
in the Bay Area, but all over the country.”
Delen said. t h
is n o t
so it 45
Free Battered Women from Prison
armen, a Latina from Los boyfriend’s violence, abuse, or threats from abusive partners, after being Prison for Women. “If all these
Angeles, started dating a were presented to help the prosecutor forced by their partners to commit or activities are not done exactly as
young man when she was or the court understand that she confess to crimes, and after being ordered, you will be punished. In an
18 years old. Her boyfriend participated in the crime out of fear. held responsible for their abusive abusive home all the above rules
slowly began to isolate Carmen pled guilty to first-degree partner’s violence against their apply. The one difference is that most
Carmen from family and friends. He murder to avoid a sentence of life children. Many trauma survivors turn of the punishment is physical abuse,
monitored her phone calls, took away without parole and was given 25 years to drugs or alcohol to cope with the where in prisons most of the
her car, and demanded her paychecks. to life in prison. Today, she has served abuse, and then get caught up in the punishment is verbal abuse. There is
When his behavior escalated to include over 19 years in prison. legal system on drug-related charges, much difference between the two.
physical violence, rapes, and threats to The vast majority of the over 11,000 prostitution charges, or for robbery. One just heals faster than the other.”
kill her and her family, she had no idea people incarcerated in California’s Courts use dangerous myths and Many survivors never have a
how to escape his abuse. When women prisons survived physical, misconceptions about domestic chance to explain how the abuse
Carmen’s boyfriend forced her to sexual, emotional, and economic abuse violence to they survived
accompany him on a home robbery, she by an intimate partner before they charge from their
complied out of fear. He killed a woman entered prison. Hundreds are abuse survivors with intimate
at the scene and injured another survivors like Carmen who are serving crimes. In partner was
woman. When they were both arrested life sentences for their responses to this particular, relevant in
and charged with first-degree murder, abuse. Many survivors are arrested after women of their case.
no information about Carmen’s defending themselves or their children color, If such
transgender information
people, had been
homosexuals, known at the
D i m a l a n ta C l a r k , l l p immigrants, time their
and poor cases were
people who prosecuted,
are domestic they possibly
J. Erick Dimalanta violence would not
Attorney at Law survivors are repeatedly and have been charged with the same
(510) 451-2604 systematically disbelieved, crime, convicted, or sentenced so
discounted, and further victimized by harshly. This may be especially true
999 Commercial St., Ste. 104 436 14th Street, Suite 1305 the criminal legal system. for those convicted before courts
Palo Alto, CA 94303-4909 Oakland, CA 94612-2717 Once convicted, these abuse began allowing expert testimony on
Tel: (650) 468-1267 Tel: (510) 451-2400 survivors find themselves going from domestic violence in criminal cases,
Fax: (650) 391-2315 Fax: (510) 451-2424 a prison created by their partners to but it also applies to many survivors
one run by the state, where tactics of who are being convicted today. control used by prison staff mirror
the abuse they experienced at home.
Survivors speak of how control Free Battered Women works with
tactics prison staff use against people domestic violence survivors
in prison (and in jail, immigration incarcerated in California state
detention centers, youth detention prisons and seeks to end the
centers, and other countries around re-victimization of incarcerated
the globe) parallel the tactics used by survivors of domestic violence. We
their abusive partners to gain and work for the freedom of domestic
maintain power over them. violence survivors like Carmen
“In prison you are told when to (a pseudonym). We believe in
sleep, when to get up, when to eat, survivors’ rights to tell their stories
what you will eat, how much you and to have this information be
may eat, when to go to work, which considered in court sentencing.
way you will walk to get there, what Please join us in the movement to
clothes you must wear and when to free battered women from prison.
return home,” explained Ellen R., a For more information,
survivor incarcerated at Valley State visit

34 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
the support needed (legal, financial, a lover’s quarrel, a fair fight between

Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships social, housing, medical, etc.) to escape
and live freely from an abusive
MYTH #4: It really isn’t violence
when gay men fight. It’s boys being

Lesbian, bi and gay survivors of boys. A man should be able to defend
omestic violence in the Lesbians, bisexuals and gay men who battering may not know others who are himself.
gay, lesbian, bisexual and have been abused have much more lesbian, bi or gay, meaning that leaving MYTH #5: The batterer is always
transgender (GLBT) difficulty in finding sources of support the abuser could result in total isolation. bigger, stronger, more ‘butch’. Victims
community is a serious than heterosexual women who are The GLBT community within the area will always be smaller, weaker, more
issue. The rates of domestic battered by their male partners. may be small, and in all likelihood feminine.
violence in same-gender relationships Victims often believe that in order to everyone the survivor knows will soon MYTH #6: Lesbian and Gay domestic
are roughly the same as those of use existing services (such as a shelter, know of their abuse. Sides will be taken violence is sexual behavior, a version of
domestic violence against heterosexual attending support groups or calling a and support may be difficult to find. S and M. The victim actually likes it.
women. As in opposite-gendered crisis line) they must lie or hide the Anonymity is not an option, a MYTH #7: The law does not and
couples, the problem is likely gender of the batterer to be perceived characteristic many heterosexual will not protect victims of same sex
underreported. Facing a system that is (and thus accepted) as a heterosexual. survivors can draw upon in “starting domestic violence.
often oppressive and hostile toward Or it can mean “coming out,” which is a a new life” for themselves within the MYTH #8: It is easier for lesbian
those who identify as anything other major life decision. If lesbians, bisexuals same city. or gay victims of domestic violence to
than “straight,” those involved in and gays come out to service providers leave the abusive relationship than it is
same-gender battering frequently report who are not discreet with this Same Sex Domestic Violence: for heterosexual battered women who
being afraid of revealing their sexual information, it could lead to the victim MYTHS are married.
orientation or the nature of their losing their home, job, custody of MYTH #1: Only straight women
relationship. children, etc. This may also precipitate get battered. Men are not victims of
Additionally, even those who attempt local and/or statewide laws to affect domestic violence, and women never Courtesy of AARDVARC (An Abuse,
to report violence in their alternative some of these changes, depending on batter. Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and
relationship run into obstacles. Police the area. MYTH #2: Domestic violence is Resource Collection), a non-profit
officers, prosecutors, judges and others If GLBT victims are financially more common in straight relationships organization dedicated to combating
to whom a GLBT victim may turn to for intertwined with their partners, such than it is in same-sex relationships. family and relationship violence,
help may have difficulty in providing the
same level of service as a heterosexual
victim would receive. Not only might
personal attitudes toward the GLBT
community come into play, but these
providers may also have inadequate
as each paying a rent or mortgage and
having “built a home together”, they
have no legal process to assist them in
making sure assets are evenly divided,
a process which exists for their married,
heterosexual counterparts. N o r t h
MYTH #3: It really isn’t violence
when a same-sex couple fights. It’s just

A m e r i c an
sexual violence and child abuse.
For more info, visit

M o t o r s
levels of experience and training to Telling heterosexuals about battering
work with GLBT victims, and flimsy or in a GLBT relationship can reinforce the 132 98th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94603
non-existent legal structures to use in myth that many believe in that lesbian, (510) 635-9191
rendering justice on behalf of the victim. bisexual and gay relationships are
Although much advancement has dysfunctional. This can further cause the Romeo Antonio, Jr.
been made in the provision of services, victim to feel isolated and unsupported.
the enforcement of the law, and the The GLBT community itself is often not
Proprietor O
equality of protections available to supportive of victims of battering
those in GLBT relationships over the last because many want to maintain the
decade, there are some important facts myth that there are no problems (such Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sat. 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
to know about abuse in same sex
relationships. Romeo Antonio, Jr.
as child abuse, alcoholism, domestic
violence, etc.) in these relationships. 510
In many ways, domestic violence in As long as the community continues
lesbian, bisexual and gay relationships to place priority on pretending gays
is the same as in opposite-gendered and lesbians don’t experience abuse, Mayette Almazan
relationships, but there are several resources will remain scarce, and
important aspects in which same-sex outreach will continue to suffer. THE BIPOLAR SPECTRUM: FIGHTING A
domestic violence is unique. Receiving support services to help DISEASE WITH A THOUSAND FACES
Emotional abuse for someone who is one escape a battering relationship is
GLBT may involve “outing” their sexual more difficult when there are also Price: $49.95 + $6.00-tax, shipping and handling
orientation at work or to family or oppressions faced. Battered lesbians Book order c/o 916-962-0021
friends. and female bisexuals automatically or
we b s i te :
Local resources for domestic violence encounter sexism and homophobia,
in the GLBT community are often scarce and gay and bisexual men encounter Despite its prevalence and impact on society, there continues to be little
and many traditional domestic violence homophobia. Lesbian or gay people of public knowledge of Bipolar Disorder. It is indeed a treatable illness, and
the road to recovery begins with education and awareness. A learning
services lack the training, sensitivity, and color who are battered also face racism. guide for patients and families as well as allied professionals.
expertise to adequately recognize and These forms of social oppressions make
address abusive GLBT relationships. it more difficult for these groups to get

ABOUT V-DAY must end now. Body, which she performed on

• A spirit: We believe women should Broadway, followed by a national tour.
-Day is a global movement spend their lives creating and thriving Both The Good Body and The Vagina
to end violence against rather than surviving or recovering Monologues are now being performed
women and girls that raises from terrible atrocities. throughout the world and have been
funds and awareness published by Random House. In
• A catalyst: By raising money and September 2006, Eve’s play, The
through benefit productions consciousness, it will unify and
of Playwright/Founder Eve Ensler’s Treatment, premiered at the Culture
strengthen existing anti-violence Project in New York City. O.P.C., her
award winning play “The Vagina efforts. Triggering far-reaching
Monologues.” In 2008, more than 3,400 newest work, will debut this summer at
awareness, it will lay the groundwork NY Stage and Film at Vassar College. In
V-Day events took place in the U.S. and for new educational, protective, and
around the world. To date, the V-Day 2006, Eve released her first nonfiction
legislative endeavors throughout the book, Insecure At Last: A Political
movement has raised over $60 million world.
and educated millions about the issue Memoir, and co-edited A Memory, A
of violence against women and the • A process: We will work as long as it Monologue, A Rant and a Prayer, an
efforts to end it, crafted international takes. We will not stop until the anthology of writings about violence
educational, media, and PSA campaigns, violence stops. against women. Both were published by
with V-Day organizers around the world Random House. Eve’s film credits
launched the Karama program in the • A day. We proclaim Valentine’s Day as to make a difference. DRC has been
Middle East, reopened shelters, and include an HBO film version of The
V-Day, to celebrate women and end called the worst humanitarian crisis in
funded over 5000 community-based Vagina Monologues. She also produced
the violence. the world and the widest interstate war
anti- the film What I Want My Words to Do To
• A fierce, wild, unstoppable movement in modern African history. Fueled by the You, a documentary about her work
violence exploitation of the country’s rich natural
programs as and community. with women in prison, which won the
Join us! resources by foreign and local armies Freedom of Expression Award at
well as safe and private enterprises, the war has
houses in Sundance and was shown on PBS. Eve
directly affected the lives of 50 million has written numerous articles for
Kenya, Congolese. Since 1996, this conflict has
South SPOTLIGHT ON caused more deaths than any war since
Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire,
Dakota, Egypt, and Iraq. In June 2006 WOMEN OF THE Huffington Post, Utne Reader, as well as
World War II, either as a direct result of a regular column in O Magazine. She
V-Day launched the V-DAY: UNTIL HE DEMOCRATIC fighting or due to disease and
VIOLENCE STOPS festival in NYC, which has won many awards including a
malnutrition. Five million people have
invited thousands of New Yorkers to REPUBLIC OF lost their lives as a result of the conflict.
Guggenheim Fellowship in Playwriting
stand up and join V-Day in making New CONGO With your help, the women and children
and an Obie in addition to a number of
honorary degrees. Eve is currently
York City the safest place on earth for who bear the burden of this war can
women and girls. In 2008 V-Day Each year V-Day increases awareness working on a film version of her play
reclaim a life of safety and dignity. Necessary Targets and a new book of
celebrated its tenth anniversay in New by focusing on a specific group of For more information on the Stop
Orleans with over 30,000 activists women in the world who are resisting monologues, I Am an Emotional
Raping Our Greatest Resource, Power To Creature, to be published by Random
attending V TO THE TENTH. violence with courage and vision. In The Women And Girls Of The Democratic
The V-Day movement is growing at 2009 V-Day’s Spotlight Campaign will House in 2010.
Republic Of Congo Campaign, please
a rapid pace throughout the world, in highlight the atrocities being committed visit
112 countries from Europe to Asia, against the women and girls of
Africa and the Caribbean, and all of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). HOW TO STAY
North America. V-Day, a non-profit
corporation, distributes funds to In the DRC Rape is used as a weapon
grassroots, national and international of war to torture and humiliate women Ensler WITH V-DAY
organizations and programs that work and girls. This systemic sexual violence
to stop violence against women and Eve Ensler is a playwright, performer For more information about V‑Day, the
and femicide not only destroys women
girls. The ‘V’ in V-Day stands for Victory, and activist. She is the award-winning global movement to end violence
and young girls but also entire families
Valentine and Vagina. author of The Vagina Monologues, against women and girls, please visit
and communities. Survivors often suffer
which has been published in 45 the V‑Day web site at
in silence, fearing stigma and ostracism.
In addition to the severe psychological languages and performed in over 120
V-Day Mission impact, many survivors are left with countries. She is also the founder/artistic
Statement genital lesions, traumatic fistulae and director of V-Day, the global movement 2009
other physical wounds, as well as to end violence against women and
girls, which has raised nearly 60 million
V-Day is: unwanted pregnancies and sexually
• An organized response against transmitted infections. Local response to dollars and recently celebrated its tenth V-DAY
violence toward women. support survivors is hindered by a lack anniversary at the Louisiana Superdome SUPPORTERS
• A vision: We see a world where of resources. There is near total impunity in New Orleans in April 2008. Eve’s
for these crimes as perpetrators almost plays include Necessary Targets, Dramatists Play Service / GLAMOUR /
women live safely and freely.
always walk free. Conviction, Lemonade, The Depot, LUNA / OPEN SQUARE Foundation /
• A demand: Rape, incest, battery, In 2009 V-Day and UNICEF, together Floating Rhoda and the Glue Man, Shawn & Shane / Vosges Haut Chocolat
genital mutilation and sexual slavery with UN and NGO partners, are working Extraordinary Measures and The Good / W Hotels

36 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
Filipinas Against Violence

nding abuse against Filipina Francisco prosecutors once again to WN works on ways to during the V-Day FWN shows in San
women and girls is a major rethink the city’s system for interrupt the cycle of violence Francisco, New York and Washington
concern for the Filipina safeguarding victims and counseling against Filipina women and DC and distributed nationwide;
Women’s Network (FWN), their abusers. William Corpuz just girls by linking violence to the (2) anti-domestic violence training
because domestic violence is completed 39 weekly counseling source that feeds it: gender workshops; (3) anger management
widespread in the Filipino community sessions before he slit Marisa’s throat inequality. FWN multiplies the power of workshops for men and boys. The cast
and it is a violation of basic human in their home shared with her parents its strategies through the Filipinas and crew members are invited to
rights. and one of their two young children. In Against Violence advocacy campaign participate in anti-domestic violence
Filipinas Against Violence campaign May 2007, a jury of his peers convicted and collaborations with other women’s trainings to strengthen the growing
was started in 2004 to raise awareness William Corpuz of first degree murder. groups, domestic violence agencies, numbers of trained advocates and peer
of the domestic violence problem in the San Francisco Superior Court Judge faith-based organizations and with the counselors in the Filipino community.
Filipino community. In collaboration Jerome Benson reduced the jury’s local Philippine and U.S. governments.
with V-day, the all-Filipina cast of the first-degree murder verdict to second- Collaborations
V-Day FWN productions is a grassroots degree murder and sentenced Corpuz Raising Consciousness FWN draws attention to the serious
campaign that provides the Filipino to a lesser sentence. Since 2004, FWN has collaborated domestic violence problem in the
community a venue for the discussion “In California, as the law stands with Eve Ensler’s V-Day organization (a Filipino community by partnering with
of the cultural, power and control today, a man who kills his wife will global movement to stop violence domestic violence agencies in San
issues around violence. V-Day FWN is receive a lesser sentence than a person against women and girls) empowering Francisco, New York and Washington
produced annually in San Francisco who commits murder during a rape or and celebrating women and their DC: the California Partnership to End
(since 2004), was in New York in robbery,” said FWN President Marily sexuality with a festival of theatre, Domestic Violence (CPEDV), the
2006-2008 and now premieres in Mondejar. comedy, and the spoken word Domestic Violence Consortium, the San
Washington, D.C, “Why should a domestic violence highlighted by the all-Filipina Francisco Commission on the Status of
According to UNIFEM, one in three case be treated as less important under performances of The Vagina Women, CONNECT, APICHA, Filipino
women will suffer some form of the law? We need to change the law to Monologues. 2006 marked the first organizations, local governments, the
violence in her lifetime, becoming part send batterers away for a long time so Tagalog version (Usaping Puki) Philippine consulates, professional
of an epidemic that devastates lives, that women in abusive relationships performed in the U.S. women’s associations, faith-based
fractures communities and stalls feel safe about coming forward.” organizations and for-profit
development. Despite some progress On March 14, 2008, members of Filipino Men Against Violence corporations.
on this issue over the past decade, its FWN were in the courtroom when San At “The Vagina Monologues”
horrendous scale remains mostly Francisco Superior Court Judge performances, we ask the men and CourtWatch
unacknowledged. New dimensions Jerome Benson reduced a jury’s boys in the audience to imprint their FWN tracks domestic violence cases
include the global trafficking of women first-degree murder verdict in a hands on paper and canvas and pledge involving Filipina women. Attending
and girls. domestic violence case to second- “These Hands Are Not Going To Hurt court hearings, sentencings, police
The 2000 murder of a Filipina degree murder. Filipina Women and Girls.” ride-alongs, leading awareness sessions
woman, 28-year-old Claire Joyce Although Judge Benson said the at police academies, and staffing DV
Tempongko, witnessed by her two murder of Marisa Corpuz, mother of PREVENTION hotlines are just a few of the activities
young children, prompted the two, was “a bloody, brutal, gruesome Interrupting the cycle of violence is FWN members and V-Day FWN cast
investigation of San Francisco’s and savage killing,” he stated that he vital; stopping violence before it starts, and crew, currently participate. Bringing
citywide response system to handle had no choice but to reduce William is crucial. FWN responds in three ways: the voices of advocates together bring
domestic violence. Ironically, there is Corpuz’s sentence to second-degree (1) the publication of the V-Diaries, an our issues center stage.
no Filipino in the commission that has murder because the evidence did not anti-violence resource guide distributed
been tasked to implement the support a finding of deliberation. Judge
investigation’s results. Benson explained that he was
Kamala Harris, now San Francisco’s
District Attorney, said in an article in
constrained by limitations in California’s
laws on homicide to rule as he did. Signature Dishes of the Philippines
Asian Week (Dec. 5, 2003), “Our city “What started as a grassroots by Sony Robles Florendo

desperately needs a change in our campaign in the Filipino community has
criminal justice system. I can sum up now become a statewide initiative to » Simple,innovative and easy to prepare recipes
appropriate for today’s life style
why I’m running for district attorney
with the story of one Filipina American’s
make California a safer place for
women and girls,” said Eve Ensler, Learn about » More than 200 pages of recipes,food history
life: Claire Tempongko.” Kamala Harris author, playwright, and founder of Philippine signature and narratives about the recipes and people’s
ran on this platform and this statement
is posted on her campaign website.
V-Day. “We need more groups like the
Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) to dishes and its acceptance of Filipino food
» $24.95 plus tax wherever applicable (+ $4.95 S&H)
Another Filipina woman, 32-year-old mobilize communities, saving lives, one many variations.
Marisa Corpuz, was killed by her woman at a time. It makes a world ADOBO, SINIGANG, LUMPIA, Info/order: 410-685-0088 | email:
husband, William Corpuz, in September without violence truly possible.” GINATAAN and more!
2004. Her death has prompted San

Filipina Women’s Network
P. O. Box 192143
San Francisco, CA 94119
Phone: 415. 278. 9410
Fax: 415. 840. 0655

Mission Statement Fundraising Events, Corporate Sponsorships and Naming Opportunities
Established in 2001, FWN’s Partner with the Filipina Women’s Network and support Filipina women, America’s
mission is to enhance public
perceptions of Filipina women’s untapped source for leadership and talent.
capacities to lead, change biases
against Filipina women’s
leadership abilities and promote
the entry of Filipina women into FILIPINA WOMEN Filipina Women’s FILIPINA VOICES: Changing
positions of leadership in AGAINST VIOLENCE Network Magazine the Face of Power in
corporate, government, and Campaign to end violence against Filipina Annual publication about the nuances of America
nonprofit sectors. women and girls in collaboration with Eve Filipina culture, empowerment articles, Our speakers will engage us in conversation
Ensler’s V-Day organization. career strategies and highlighting the and story-telling ala “The View”:
FWN achieves its mission through accomplishments of Filipina women in the
public education forums that All-Filipina women benefit production of U.S. Publication date: Annually in the Fall. To • Being Filipina savvy in the workplace:
“The Vagina Monolgues” (TVM) performed in place an ad, call 415.278.9410 or go to more, better, faster
heighten Filipina women’s English and Filipino (“Usaping Puki”). • Developing a purposeful career or
visibility, research on Filipina Presented in March annually in celebration of business: what about family/personal life?
women’s issues, leadership, skill Women’s History Month. Two coast-to-coast “Kaibigan ng FWN” • Culture, leadership, presence: how to play
building and career development shows (San Francisco and New York) Community Partner Fund the game
programs for Filipina women, and Endow research projects and educational • Lessons from the trenches:
influencing popular culture. COUNCIL OF REMARKABLE programs about the Filipina American words of wisdom
FILIPINA WOMEN experience. Call 415.278.9410 for naming • The state of the world:
Goals 2008-09 Womantoring Circles – creating a community opportunities and for sponsorships. how it affects our families and
Increase financial assistance of Filipinas helping each other succeed and communities
capabilities to ensure that FWN cultivating future community leaders. Power Lunch 2008:
Sponsor a womantoring circle. Call Remarkable Filipina
educational programs and events 415.278.9410. Women FWN Professional
are accessible to Filipina women Development Series
of all socio-economic “V-Diaries:” Anti-Violence Make ME a Filipina Millionaire The series is based on the 12 Life Challenges
backgrounds. Resource Guide Forum for Empowerment adapted from the work of
Annual publication designed to provide a Schein, Farren, Hudson and Kaye. FWN
Increase FWN’s network of Filipina voice for domestic violence survivors and In support of Make Mine a Million $$$$$$ workshops and seminars are designed around
women business owners and Filipina women and girls in abusive Business, a program of Count Me In for these life areas which represent the diverse
those employed in corporations, situations including a resource list of Women’s Economic Independence, needs of FWN members. Workshop
government and nonprofit domestic violence agencies, shelters, legal facilitators are invited specialists who
organizations and utilize the and counseling services and law enforcement Filipina entrepreneurs will share their contribute their knowledge for the
offices. Publication date: Annually in March. journey - how they reached their first million advancement and development of FWN
database as a leadership pipeline Call 415.278.9410 to place an ad or go to dollars in business, as they work their members and Filipina women. The
for corporate visibility. passion, achieve their dream and share their Professional Development Series can be
prosperity with those who need it. taken by anyone regardless of education,
Endow the Filipina Leadership Filipina Women Who work experience, age or life situation.
Development and Womantoring Could Be President
Program. Emerging Leaders program for Filipina
women. Building the Filipina community’s
Generate operating funds for the pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the
establishment of a national odds that some will rise to the position of
headquarters and research library president in all sectors. Sponsor a
“presidential candidate.” Call 415.278.9410.
to house our historical collection
documenting the achievements of
Filipina women in the U.S.
How to reach the Filipina Women’s Network • P. O. Box 192143, San Francisco, CA 94119 • Phone: 415 / 278. 9410 • Fax: 415 / 840. 0655 •
The views and opinions of advertisers and contributors expressed in this publication do not necessarily state or reflect those of Filipina Women’s Network.
© 2008 Filipina Women’s Network. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be published without the expressed written permission of the publisher.

38 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g
annual asian
celebration Two Stages
T hi rd Saturday Every May
Arts and Crafts / Food
Traditional and Pop
Culture / J Cars
SATURDAY,MAY 16, 2009 Big Prizes / Karaoke
11am-6pm, Civic Center to Little Saigon Carnival Rides
and Games
Free Admission Thai Kickboxing
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