CHINESE GLUTEN RESTRICTION STATEMENT (www.travsgoneglutenfree.blogspot.

com) The statement below states what gluten is in (wheat, omit MSG and Soy Sauce from the dishes, and requests free when possible, and when not, to bring some kind gluten-free. It also states that the bearer of this soy sauce with them, in case they want to use it. barley, rye, oats), asks to that meals be made gluten of meal that is naturally message may have their own

My Friend Shen (from Beijing) did an amazing favor for me and typed up the message below. It makes eating gluten-free in China so much easier! Sometimes restaurants end up bringing you boring dishes like unseasoned, steamed cucumbers (YUK!), but in my experience most of the time they’ll hook you up with some great food. If you are going to China, copy and paste the statement below multiple times on the same document, print it out and cut the paper up so you have a bunch of copies to stash all over the place. Keep a few copies on hand at all times, since sometimes the cook keeps it.

您好: 本人对麦类食品(大麦,小麦,黑麦等全部麦类)严重过敏。 请拜托厨房绝对不要添加任何味精或酱油。且不要有任何油炸食品或用麦粉加稠汤汁。 如果菜中需要用酱油,我有自备无麦类添加的酱油,请向我索取。 非常感谢您的协助。

CHINESE GLUTEN/MULTIPLE FOOD RESTRICTION STATEMENT This Statement was written by Shan, for our friend Melanie, who has multiple food allergies. The list includes: Gluten, Soy Sauce, MSG, Eggplant, Pork, Dairy Products, and Strawberries. When Shan comes back this fall (2009) I’ll ask her to translate the statements back into Chinese so that I can share them with you. 您好: 本人对以下食物严重过敏: --麸质/麦类 --酱油,味精 --乳制品 --猪肉 --虾类 --茄子 --草莓

--菠萝 --猕猴桃 请不要在菜中放入以上食物,非常感谢您的协助。 I hope these help as many people as possible have a better dining experience while in China! -Travis Sky Ingersoll