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Use of Field-symbols vs Work area

To use the Field-symbols against the Work Area for Internal table processing. We’ll also measure the difference between both of the techniques.

Internal table processing is essential part of any ABAP program. Generally, we use the explicit work area to process the internal table like appending & modifying records. We can reduce the time and improve the performance of the program by using the field-symbols. Check out Code Snippet ABAP Field Symbols usage to know basics from usage from declaration, append, insert, read, modify to check using IS ASSIGNED. Also check out ABAP Field Symbols usage – Advanced use to know bit more advanced usage of Field-Symbols. When we use the LOOP construct with the explicit work area, system need to engage the resources to put the required record in the work area, process it and move it back to the table if the needed. This additional processing time could be saved by using the field-symbol. By using the field-symbols we can save this additional time and improve the performance. Field-symbols are similar to dereferenced pointers in C. While using the field-symbol, system uses the same memory allocated to that particular field in the record instead of moving it to work area and processing. More on field-symbols can be found at: Field-Symbols on SAP Help. This code snippet shows how to use the field-symbols to process the loop with time measurement.

Demo to measure performance
Check out this demo application to measure the performance while using Field-Symbols and workares.