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The small mixed breed feline stands around 5'10".

His slender frame is that of t he rex breeds yet it's fur follows the longhair genes. His large ears come from possibly another species as they ar e almost rabbit like in nature. The felines arms keep the shape of his body in a thin contour coming to large le ngthy fingers with claws at the end. His fur is almost a solid brown though the tip of every hair is silver giving hi m almost a fuzzy outline. The small body is contrasted by his powerful legs strengthened from lots of runn ing, as if it's a constant hobby. He has two lengthy fluffy tails that sway behind him as he moves, preferring to keep them at a semi upward curve. His preferred clothing is short sweatshorts with a light hoody to match. Simple yet comforting. He often has music on an mp3 player with earbuds hanging around his neck if he's not listening to h is music.