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Kata Pembukaan: • Tuhan Menjadikan Segala Sesuatu Indah Pada Waktunya, Indah pada saat ia mempertemukan , Indah saat

ia menumbuhkan kasih, Dan indah saat ia menyatukan kami dalam ikatan pernikahan kudus • Berkat Kasih dan karunia Tuhan, Kami mengharapkan kehadiran dan doa restu Bapak / Ibu / Saudara / I pada pernikahan putra putri kami

Kata Mutiara : • There’s a miracles that happens when two people say “ I Do “ and from that moment forward. Live a dream that’s shared by two. It’s a miracles of sharing only marriage truly brings, made up of daily kindness and thoughtful ‘little’things. A closeness built on friendship on living live together. A miracles called marriage . A love that last forever • I do I Promise to love you from now on To love you with all my heart From now on we’ll be together till death do us part I promised to be your everything. This is my vow to you Finally the day has come for us to say ‘ I do ‘ • From this moment on in God faith ,hope and love we’ll share forever as a partner , a lover, a friend while enjoying a new colorful unforgettable memories . A long the journey of lifes. This our vows from now and forever • Life without you is life without love. I am kneeling in front of you for uniting our love Being your eternal love is the best thing in my life Feel you, breathe you, need you is the magic of love Know you, found you is the mystery of love I feel the magic , no more mystery Today Tommorow Forever

Always with you • We maybe two different people . all my love. a partner of life like you All my heart. a soulmate.• I thank God for giving me a best friend.we walk life’s path two what god has prepared for us . but we share the same dream together . for the rest of our lives I’ve fallen in love many times .