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Crafting the Brand Positioning Richa Tiwary Sneha Drolia Shouvik Gupta Utkarsh Goyal Marketing Strategy Segmentation Targeting Positioning S T P 10-2 ght © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall Positioning The act of designing a company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market. Brand Positioning Frame of Reference Points of parity / difference Brand mantra Competitive Frame of Reference Identifying Competitors Analyzing Competitors Analyzing Competitors Customer Ratings of Competitors Points of Parity / Difference Points of Parity POP Points of Difference POD Point-of-Difference Criteria Desirable Deliverable Differentiating Brand Mantras Maza – “bina guthliyon wala aam” Disney – “fun family entertainment” Brand Mantra Criteria: • Communicate • Simplify • Inspire Establishing Brand Positioning Communicate Internally Category Membership • Category Benefits • Compare to exemplars • Product descriptor Points of difference Points of parity Constructing a Brand Positioning Bull’s-Eye Conveying Category Membership • Announcing category benefits • Comparing to exemplars • Relying on the product descriptor Examples of Negatively Correlated Attributes and Benefits • Low-price vs. High quality • Taste vs. Low calories • Nutritious vs. Good tasting • Efficacious vs. Mild • Powerful vs. Safe • Strong vs. Refined • Ubiquitous vs. Exclusive • Varied vs. Simple Differentiation Strategies Competitive Advantage Sustainable Leverageable Customer Advantage Means of Differentiation Employees Channels Image Services Service Differentiation Reliability Resilience Innovativeness Emotional Branding Lovemarks • Mystery • Sensuality • Intimacy Emotional Rational Emotional Branding Share of Market Share of Mind Share of Heart Alternative Positioning Approaches Brand Narratives / Storytelling Brand Journalism Cultural Branding